tagLoving WivesMountain Hike Turns into Danger

Mountain Hike Turns into Danger


Recently my hot wife, Maggie, and I decided to take a long weekend getaway to the mountains of North Carolina about three hours north of our Atlanta home. After arriving on Thursday evening and having drinks and dinner we had a hot night of steamy sex in our hotel. On Friday morning we decided to take advantage of the late spring weather which featured low humidity, bright blue skies and warm but not too hot sunshine. By hiking on Friday we hoped to avoid a lot of people on the trails as the weekends are usually quite crowded, especially at this time of year.

We both love nature and if we cannot be at the beach, we like the natural beauty of the mountains in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. Whiteside Mountain (North Carolina) is over 4000 feet in elevation and getting to spectacular views is about a 2.5 mile hike. It is not very difficult and while there is an increase in elevation it is not taxing so we loaded a day pack with water, wine, cheese, salami and fresh baked bread.

Knowing the mountain and the main trails we decided to leave the path used by most and took a short cut to a beautiful and commanding view of the valley floor several hundred feet below the brow of the mountain where we decided to have our picnic. We settled in to a private location and spread the thin blanket on the soft ground overlooking the rocky outcropping.

We silently drank in the view and enjoyed the warm sunshine on our faces. Maggie is a huge sun lover and never misses an opportunity to drink in the warm rays on her incredible body. I suppose it is worth mentioning that she is 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs 115 pounds with gorgeous 39DD breasts on her petite frame. Her skin tone seems perpetually tan due to her Native American roots. She has short dark hair, dark brown eyes and a perfectly formed "tea cup" butt perched on top of beautiful legs. Oh yea, she is also a bit of an exhibitionist so she asked me if I thought it would be safe to take off her blouse (she never wears a bra) so she could sunbathe topless on the rocks. I told her that was one of the reasons we chose this out of the way section of the mountain and suggested that she "go all the way" and take everything off. She loves nude beaches and rarely misses an opportunity to take it all off but she was concerned about the popularity of the mountain even though it was Friday.

Once we finished our lunch and she relaxed after a couple glasses of wine, she stripped off her top exposing those beautiful breasts. She also took off her shorts leaving only her bright red string thong covering her fur covered sex. She carefully moved to the ledge of the overlook and took the thin foil blanket with her. She spread it out and laid down on her back to soak up the sun. She looked extremely sexy and quickly closed her eyes while she soaked up the rays.

After a couple of bouts of pre-cancerous melanoma I elected to remain in the shade of a pine tree and soon drifted off to a dreamy, relaxed state...not sleeping but more like meditating and enjoying the perfect temperature. Birds were chirping, the sun was warm and we both relaxed and soaked in the perfect setting.

After twenty minutes or so I heard voices, male voices somewhere in the distance. Maggie heard the voices too and looked at me. I made a SHHHH, quiet sign with my finger over my mouth. She remained on the rock outcropping undaunted by the fact that someone might see her almost nude. She simply did not let little things like that worry her.

The voices (we could not tell how many) were clearly male and they were getting closer. We remained quiet and still hoping they would not discover us. However, that was not to be. Three strong looking, young, white males appeared in the clearing just to the right of our picnic site. One of the young men said, "Well, well...what have we here?" Maggie remained calm and in her position as I quickly rose to meet them.

They were in their mid-twenties and all quite fit. Two of them were nice looking college-types and the third one was not quite as handsome but he was very tall. They all looked like athletes. I waved as I got up and greeted them.

"Hey guys, you kind of broke our solitude. What brings you to this part of the mountain?"

The largest of the men, about 6 feet, 2 inches tall and about 225 pounds spoke first. "We don't like crowds so we decided to explore this side of the mountain. Looks like we made an excellent choice. The view here is spectacular." He never took his eyes off Maggie who remained on her back acting as if we were still the only ones on the mountain. Her gorgeous breasts are captivating and all of the men locked their eyes on her and nothing else.

"Looks like we found ourselves a party, fellows. Let's break out a couple of those beers and settle down here for a while."

At that point I became concerned and said, "Hey guys, do you think maybe you could move a little farther down the trail here so we can have our privacy? We really wanted to chill and spend some quiet time here on the mountain."

All three men moved threateningly towards me. I told them we did not want any trouble and they quickly assured me there would be none if we just let them have a good time and stay at our site for a while.

I became increasingly concerned and asked them once again to please give us our privacy and move on down the mountain. At that point I decided to take a more personal approach.

"What are your names?" They responded, "Will, Tom and Andrew." I responded that our names were Jack and Maggie.

Tom looked at me and said, "Your wife is pretty hot. Is she a good fuck?"

I smiled at him but did not like the tone of his question. "Why do you ask?"

Tom smiled and said, "Well, we thought you might like to share her with some really horny young studs."

Again, I tried to look unconcerned and replied, "Why would I do that?"

Tom looked again at Maggie who heard everything but never acknowledged their presence. Tom licked his lips and said, "We are betting that your wife might want to have some fun with us. She looks pretty hot...and maybe a little horny too. She is definitely hot.

I told them that we were happily married and really wanted our privacy. At that point Will started walking towards Maggie holding a beer in his hand. I started to get up but Tom put his arm out and looked at me eye to eye and said, "Don't do anything stupid. You are outnumbered by three guys a lot younger and stronger than you." I decided to let Maggie handle this as she is never intimidated or concerned when it comes to men.

Will walked over to Maggie and sat down beside her. At that point she finally acknowledged his presence and said, "May I help you?"

He said politely, "Yes ma'am. I think you can." She sat up and said, "And how would I help you today?"

"Well, I think it would be mighty nice if you fucked me and my buddies right here on this mountain."

She smiled, undeterred. "And what's in it for me?"

He smiled and said, "Oh, I'd say about a hundred orgasms." He was cocky and very smooth. At that point he put the beer down and ripped his shirt off over his head revealing six pack abs and a modestly hairy chest. He had clearly spent a lot of time in the gym.

She smiled and said simply, no thanks.

Will did not like that comment one bit. He looked at Maggie and said, "Well, we might just have to take what we want if you don't give it up willingly."

Maggie said, "Would you excuse me while I talk to my husband?"

She got up a strutted towards me knowing that all eyes were on her lovely and sexy frame. Her cute little ass twitched as she sauntered towards me knowing all three men were staring lustfully at her gorgeous body.

She sat down beside me and smiled at Tom. "Honey, these guys are kind of cute and they have already seen me almost naked. Maybe we could just let them have some fun and then they will be on their way."

Tom, who heard everything, looked at me and then Maggie. "You should listen to her. We don't want to hurt anybody but we sure do like the way your wife looks. We can bring her some serious pleasure and promise not to hurt either of you if she will just give up some of that lovely pussy to three serious horn dogs."

I looked at Maggie and said, "Do really want to do this?"

She smiled and said, "We have never done a gang bang before and you know you love to watch me fuck. Why not just given them what they want then they will go away and leave us alone. You know you are a voyeur and I don't want them to hurt you."

At that point out of nowhere Tom moved over to me and pushed me to the ground pinning me flat on my back. I am not a small guy at 6 feet and 200 pounds. However, he stayed on top of me and said, "Look Jack, we don't want to hurt you...but we will. We want some of this pussy and we will not hurt her or you if you don't do anything stupid. Got it?"

Tom looked at Andrew who had remained silent while drinking his beer. "Bring me that rope in the knapsack." Andrew got up and retrieved the climbing rope and handed it to Tom who remained on top of me. The two of them grabbed my arms and drug me the short distance to the pine tree where I had been quietly contemplating life only moments earlier.

They quickly tied me to the tree with my arms bound by my side. I looked at Maggie and she smiled as if to say, don't worry.

I was deeply concerned but outmanned and outgunned by the 3 younger men. Maggie strolled over to the tree and leaned down to me. "Don't worry, Honey. I've got this. Might even have some fun so just go with it. I don't think these guys will hurt us so I am going to have some fun. Try not to worry."

Maggie knows I am very protective of her and never want her to be at risk. However, on this occasion I felt like these guys were not psychopathic, only horny. Maggie walked back over to Tom and said, "Okay, what happens now?"

She was standing over him as he remained seated. He smiled and looked up at her and suddenly reached up and grabbed the sides of her thong. He quickly pulled them down her lovely legs and Maggie simply stepped out of the thong. Tom looked directly at her dark, hairy pussy and said, "Go get your husband to warm you up a bit."

Maggie strutted over to me and stuck her pussy in my face as I was seated and tied to the tree. She said, "Get me ready and then I am going to blow their minds."

She squatted down and put her pussy squarely in my face and then spread her labia with both hands. I stuck my tongue out and started lapping at her pussy while the three men hooted and encouraged Maggie on. Meanwhile, they all started taking off their clothes as I continued to lick Maggie's dripping pussy. She was already getting extremely wet.

I licked her clit and stuck my tongue in her pussy while she ground against me getting hotter and hotter. At that point I could tell that Maggie's inner slut was about to blow some minds. Maggie climaxed at least twice while I performed my tongue magic in her vagina.

Tom said, "Okay, Maggie. Get that cute little butt over here. It's show time." He could easily see that she was hot and more than ready.

Maggie sexily strolled over to Tom while catching a quick glance at the three naked men. All three had very impressive cocks and all were fit, young and virile. Maggie licked her lips and tried to decide where to begin.

Tom made that decision for her as he grabbed her hand and forced her to her knees. He grabbed his love stick by the base and it stood straight out at least 8 and ½ inches and very thick. Maggie knelt down on someone's shirt to pad her knees and went straight to work on his cock. The other two men stood beside them stroking their cocks to full hardness. Maggie couldn't help but notice the other two cocks were even larger than the one lodged deep in her throat. She was determined to give Tom the blow job of his life as she gulped the entire length of his cock down her throat. She bobbed up and down slurping and moaning as Tom rolled his head back and moaned, "Noooooo..."

He erupted down her throat after less than three minutes of Maggie's expert blow job. He spewed his cum deep into Maggie's mouth and she never missed a beat. After 5 or 6 spurts Maggie moved off of his cock. The two men watching hooted and howled at how quickly Tom had climaxed.

"Wow, great staying power, Tom. How long has it been since you had a blow job?" They laughed and moved closer to Maggie for their turn.

Maggie stood up and said, "When do I get to have some fun?"

Will then pulled her towards him and kissed her deeply He led her to a large boulder sticking out from the brow of the mountain. He turned her around and told her to bend over. She did and he quickly stuck his impressive cock straight into her dripping pussy. His cock was easily 9 inches long and as thick as her wrist. She pushed back against him and he soon established a rhythm pounding into her at a furious pace. Tom watched and smiled at me as I sat there spellbound by her performance. She was awesome.

Will soon blurted out to the group, "Oh my God. Her pussy is amazing. I'm going to cum. Holy shit. She is awesome." And with that, he jammed his hard cock as deep as possible as we all watched his ass muscles clinch in what was obviously an orgasm deep inside my wife.

Maggie was playing with her clit as she began to moan loudly. She came too before he had finished his climax. She had coaxed two climaxes from these young studs within less than ten minutes.

My cock was rock hard in my shorts and I squirmed uncomfortably against the tree as I watched Maggie perform. She seemed completely at ease and perfectly willing to let these young studs have their way with her. She had already had multiple orgasms and it was clear that she was not done yet.

She stood up, smiled and said, "Okay, what's next?"

It was at that point that she noticed Andrew's extraordinary cock. This tall, lankly fellow (we later found out that he played college basketball and was 6 feet, 10 inches tall) had a cock that looked like it belonged on an animal. It was at least eleven inches long and almost as thick as a soda can. It had a large, plum shaped head that was an angry reddish color with large blue veins on either side of this massive cock. Maggie looked at his cock and then at me with a slight smile and look of disbelief on her face.

Andrew looked at Maggie and said, "Go get your husband to clean you up so I can give you what you know you want."

Maggie sauntered over to me looking so sexy and hot. She squatted down and said softly, "Clean me up Honey so I can go have a little fun with the big cock on this guy." She stuck her pussy in my face again and I licked her slit for a good three minutes. It smelled of hot sex and Will's cum and it was dripping wet. I licked her to two climaxes as she ground her pussy onto my face with gusto. She was hot as a firecracker and eager to be fucked.

While I was slurping Maggie's sexy vagina the men were busy arranging a little bed on the ground using all the clothes that littered the site. Finally Andrew yelled at us. "Enough of that you two, get over here for the main event."

Maggie smiled dreamily at me. "See you shortly darling. Have fun watching this."

Maggie walked over the Andrew and reached for his cock. It was hard and straight and sticking out menacingly in front of him. She started by stroking it gently and then harder trying to insure it was at full firmness when he entered her. She is great at hand jobs and knows just how to handle a cock.

Andrew pushed her shoulders down and she went to her knees never letting go of the massive prick in her hand. Once on her knees she reverently opened her mouth and guided the giant cock into her waiting and wet mouth. She slowly eased it in deeper and deeper. She was determined to take it all but every man watching her knew it would be impossible to take the full length of his cock in her throat and mouth.

Maggie is not only an excellent cocksucker but is also very determined at whatever she does. She kept moving around, changing the angle and taking his cock deeper and deeper. Finally she had the entire cock deep in her throat. No one spoke a word as she simply stayed completely still with that cock embedded in her throat.

Finally she moved back and let the cock slide all the way to the tip of her lips teasing him with her incredible ability. All of us looked on with a sense of awe and respect. Incredible woman. Phenomenal blow job.

With that she grabbed the base of his cock and started sucking in earnest taking only about half the cock in on each thrust while using her hand to stroke him. At that point Andrew pulled back and said, "I'm not winding up like Tom. Let's get on the ground here so I can show you how a real man fucks a woman like you."

Maggie held on to his cock as the two moved over to the makeshift bed. She laid down on her back and waited for him to move on top of her. Tom moved in to position and told Andrew to wait a minute while he got her ready for his cock. He spread her legs and leaned down to lick her pussy. It was dripping and ready. After only a few seconds of licking her clit, she climaxed loudly and spread her legs even wider with her feet planted firmly on the ground. She pushed up into Tom's lips and came again and then again. She was so hot and ready.

With that Andrew pushed Tom aside and told him it was his turn. Tom moved to the side and Andrew quickly lined up his man meat to her waiting vagina and pushed the large head between the outer lips of her labia.

In spite of how wet she was, he met with some resistance because his cockhead was so large. She spread her legs even wider as he pushed harder and eventually got about half of his cock inside her. She raised her head so she could watch the enormous cock disappear into her depths. He kept pushing into her until the entire length of his cock was inside her. Again, all the men watched in awe as this pornographic scene played out right in front of our eyes.

By the time his cock was fully inserted Maggie's toes were in the air and curled in a deep and long lasting orgasm. Her body shuddered like she was attached to electrodes and Andrew respectfully stopped his fucking motion as her climax subsided.

Once she relaxed a bit Andrew whispered in her ear loud enough for us to hear. "Are you ready for some real fucking now?" Maggie simply said go for it stud.

For the next fifteen minutes Maggie and Andrew put on an erotic fuck show that rivaled any porn movie ever seen. She must have climaxed fifteen times. Some were long and loud. Others were soft and silent. But it seemed she never stopped cumming. After fucking in the missionary position for a long while Andrew told Maggie to turn over and get on all fours. Once she assumed that position she reached between her legs and found her clit, which she started stroking as Andrew pushed his cock into her from behind.

He quickly plunged all the way to her depths causing her to cry out not in pain but in a moment of unbridled pleasure. He rammed his cock in over and over and Maggie responded by cumming again and again. She was a total fuck machine and he was too. Finally he announced that he had to cum and she told him to go ahead and give it to her. He rammed in deep and held still while he emptied his balls into Maggie. His cum spewed out from the sides of her well filled pussy as she coaxed one more climax while stroking her clit.

Andrew rolled to the side spent for the moment. Maggie collapsed in a heap but she was smiling and relaxed as the "freshly fucked" look on her face was quite obvious. Finally Tom suggested that she have me clean her pussy up so they could have some more fun. Maggie staggered to a standing position and strolled over to me looking dreamy and satisfied.

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