Mountain Hiking


"The others are asleep, so I took the chance and came in. I didn't think you'd mind," came a gentle whisper, but was it the same whisper as last time?

The girl was now lying on her back next to him, legs slightly parted, while her hand continued to hold and stroke his erection. Her very position was shouting take me, I'm yours, and her hand was tugging softly, encouraging him to come to her.

"This time," thought Don, "I'm in control."

He rolled over suddenly, laying the full length of his body over the girl, his hands reaching for hers and moving them above her head, holding them there with one hand. He lay there for a moment, enjoying the feel of her under him, hearing and feeling her breathing, sensing her excitement, mixed with a tinge of fear at his sudden reaction, but not saying anything or trying to stop him from doing what he wanted to her.

His free hand slipped down between their bodies, feeling for that sensitive juncture between her legs, testing it gently, feeling the moist heat rising from it, an enquiring finger meeting with a slight gasp and a slight upward pressure. Knowing that she was ready, her very coming to his room probably causing her pussy to start to heat in anticipation, Don didn't bother to prolong the foreplay. His hands distended her lips and then he was driving deeply into her, plunging his full length without any delay.

His willing victim gave a small cry, her spread legs rising and crossing around him, eager to hold his invading erection deep within her.

He lay still on her, enjoying the feeling of mastery as he pinned her to the bed, holding her helpless while she could feel his cock swelling deep within her. Still holding her, he slowly withdrew, pulling slowly back until the tip of his cock was barely touching her, then back, driving home rapidly, emphasising her helplessness to prevent him from ravaging her small body. She gasped, clinging, twisting, and as he started to slowly pound her into an even deeper submission, he could feel her body rising, meeting him halfway, admitting her need and demanding he satisfy it.

He released her hands, feeling her arms drop to his head, hands tangling tightly in his hair, holding on while the beast within raged its fury. His hands were grasping her breasts, his head dropping down to harshly suckle them knowing that he would be leaving bruises, and knowing that neither of them cared.

Driving home within her. This time he was making the running, sweeping her before him, pushing her to the edge and over, feeling her total submission as she gasped and shuddered with her orgasm, then feeling himself spending his seed for the second time that night.

The pair of them lying back afterwards, relaxing, enjoying the lassitude that came as the aftermath. Separating, content to be next to each other.

"Damn it," he thought, sleepily. "I'm really going to have to turn the light on." Then realising that there was no need, because it was morning and he was alone.

He could hear the girls moving about, in and out of the bathroom, and then heading for the kitchen in a chattering rush, while he lay there lethargically.

Don sighed, rose and dressed, then headed to the kitchen to meet the girls and to see their reaction when he came in. Jennifer was cooking omelettes, Sandi and Andrea were sitting at the table, smiling at him.

"Jennifer said that she'd cook breakfast for us," said Andrea. "She says it's the least we can do by way of thanking you for your help."

They ate breakfast, the girls chattering amongst themselves but Don somewhat quieter. How should he broach the subject of the nights activities? How could he?

They had barely finished their breakfast when the doorbell rang. Surprised at someone turning up so early, Don glanced at the clock as he headed to the door, and was surprised to see it was past ten. "Guess we all slept later than I thought," he mused. "Not surprising as most of us seemed to be up most of the night."

Admitting his visitor, who turned out to be Jennifer's mother, he turned and called for Jennifer. Shortly after she was dressed and leaving, leaving him wondering "Was it her?"

Even as Jennifer and her mother were leaving, another car was drawing up to collect Andrea and Sandi. They, too, quickly dressed and departed, giving him a thank you kiss on the way out.

As they drove away, Don watched, pondering the quandary he was now in. He had definitely had sex twice last night, but did he screw one girl twice, or two girls once? And which one, or two as the case may be.

They had thoughtfully let him their phone numbers, but if he called and arranged a date with one of them, would they be offended if he suggested they sleep with him, or would they be offended if he didn't?

It was an interesting puzzle, he decided. It would be equally interesting finding out the answer.

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