tagErotic CouplingsMountain Paradise

Mountain Paradise


They'd been driving for an hour up the mountain side, slowly climbing the winding switch-back curves, over logging roads rutted like washboards. The rode was rough, their bodies were shaken, and neither one gave a damn. They were where they had longed to return to, as close a place as either one had ever found to paradise. Finally the pickup crested the summit of the mountain, and he found a place to pull off to the side of the road. They stepped together from the truck and he moved behind her, enfolding her in his arms. They stood in silence breathing the cool mountain air, so clean and crisp, and stared out over the valley below. The moonlight broke through the scattered clouds, washing the entire mountain range in a pale lavender light, turning the ponderosa pines a deep purplish green. Below on the valley floor the temperature was cool and comfortable, but up here there was the hint of a winter's chill, and the promise of a midnight frost. September in the mountains, there was nothing quite so perfect.

They held each other, lost in the moment, keenly aware that they were the only living things walking on two legs for 20 miles around. Looking out they could not even see the lights of the nearest town. Complete seclusion. She leaned her head back on his chest and he bent to kiss her. A sweet and gentle kiss, an embrace of the lips, speaking volumes about the depths of their love, while not belying the passion they still held for each other. She broke the kiss with a sigh and melted deeper into his chest. As she turned to thank him for bringing her back to the mountains she loved, he silenced her with a finger placed to her lips. He shook his head gently and motioned for her silence.

There was no need to spoil the peacefulness of the mountain with words which need not be spoken. He knew what this meant to her, and she didn't have to thank him. She smiled and nodded. He reached into the truck and retrieved a sleeping bag and a flash light. Taking her by the hand he lead her off into the towering pines, leaving the road behind. She looked back at the disappearing road and he could sense her concern at getting lost in the dark. He stopped and kissed her gently on the forehead and silently mouthed the words, "Trust me."

She nodded again, smiling shyly. He'd grown up in these mountains and knew what he was doing and after ten years together, her trust in him was complete and unwavering. She held firmly to his hand, enjoying his strength and relishing in the feeling of security. The only sounds breaking the night were the sounds of crickets, their footsteps on the undergrowth of the forest floor, and the occasional hoot of an owl. Some women might feel uneasy wandering around the wilderness at night, but not her. She was totally at peace.

They walked for a good five minutes until he found a spot he liked, a small clearing in the trees with just enough opening to allow them to see the sky above. Silvery moonlight poured through the clouds, illuminating the clearing with its lavender glow. Dew covered the ground and moonlight reflected off the misty droplets, causing the earth to sparkle in a diamond dance of color. He turned off the flashlight and laid out the sleeping bag on the damp loam.

He looked over to where she stood, gazing up at the night sky. He could see the soft white wisps of his breath in the chilly mountain air. She didn't seem to care, or even notice, that the temperature was over 30 degrees less up here than in the valley they had left an hour earlier. She was smiling, aglow with the wonder of this untouched wilderness. He walked over to her and kissed her again. She encircled his neck with her arms and pressed her body to his. They stood there with lips locked in a tender embrace and tongues dancing in an intricate ballet, lost in their own world with no distractions to intrude on the connection of their hearts.

He was just beginning to wonder if the cold would dampen her desire, when he felt her hands slide up the front of his shirt. She slid her palms up his stomach to caress this chest. As she did, his shirt rose and the chilly air brushed across his exposed flesh. The shock of the chill combined with her touch was electrifying. He unzipped the light jacket she had worn and she let it slide from her arms to the ground. He took off his own and laid it shell out, then placed hers on it so that it would not soak up the dew from the forest floor. He drew her back into his arms and kissed her again. He spread his kisses across her cheeks and down her neck to her luscious throat. Slowly his hands came up to cup her full breasts.

Her head tilted back as she accept his touch and soft moan escaped her mouth. He move back to her mouth and kissed her parted lips once more. His hands began to unfasten the buttons of the sweater she wore, slowly exposing her flesh to the night air. Her lace covered nipples hardened, straining at the thin fabric of the bra which contained them. He slid the sweater from her arms and carefully tossed it onto his jacket. He turned back and she returned the favor, slipping his shirt over his head and added it to the pile. Her hands then slid behind her back and she removed the bra.

Their mouths met once more as he enfolded her in his arms. They relished in the feel of each other's skin, barely noticing the iciness growing in the air. His hands came around to caress her chest, each struggling to contain one of her huge, supple breast. Her nipples were like rocks as he dropped his mouth to capture one between his lips. Gently he suckled at her breast, his tongue dancing across the taunt nub. Her hand caressed the back of his head and a soft moan escaped her lips. He continued to gently caress and massage her tits, switching back and forth between nipples. Her nipples, now slick with saliva from his attentions, grew even harder as the chilly breeze caressed them and sent lightning sparks down her body to her loins.

He slowly knelt, kissing his way down her body, starting between her breasts, licking his way through her considerable cleavage, circling her belly button and ending at the top of her jeans. He kissed his way along the belt line, his hands now on her ass. She ran her fingers through his hair, pressing his lips to her flesh. Through her jeans he could feel the heat of her pussy as it pressed against his bare chest. Slowly he brought his hands around, unfastened the denim and slowly slid down her zipper. He untied her shoes, removing them and her socks, having her step onto the sleeping bag as he did. He then slowly slid her pants down her thighs, taking with then the lacey thong she wore beneath. His hands caressed back up her calves, her thighs, and her smooth round ass. The chilly air raised goose bumps on her ass and the tender flesh of freshly shaven mound as she stood naked in the mountain moonlight. She sighed as she felt his hot breath on her pussy, and forgot the cold as his tongue slid up across it. She parted her legs and lifted one over his shoulder as he knelt, giving him better access, and steadied herself with her hands on the back of his head. He gently drove his tongue into her folds, lapping at her slit in long strokes, savoring her wetness. He sucked at her nether lips, causing them to swell with her excitement. Her juices flowed freely, covering his chin as he lapped at her font. He drove his tongue deeper into her folds, tantalizing her inner lips and sliding past the opening to her vagina. He then slowly licked the length of her slit until his tongue found purchase at the base of her clit.

She gasped as he took her clit in his mouth, sucking and licking, slowly at first, but ever faster. His hands massaged the round cheeks of her ass and pulled her closer into him. Her back arched as if to push her clit deeper into his mouth. She entwined her hands in his hair, crushing him to her, locking his sucking mouth to her swollen nub. Her cry split the night as the orgasm took her. Her body spasmed and she fought to keep her balance. After a moment he released her clit and relaxed his grip on her ass. He lightly stroked he curves, and gently tongued her slit once more, lapping up as much of her feminine nectar as he could. Slowly she became aware of their surroundings once more.

She looked down into his sweet face as he lovingly licked her pussy. Around her crickets chirped and the night air had grown still. A calm washed over her as all her cares left fade away and nothing remained but her lover and the pleasure they brought to each other's lives. The peace combined with his luxurious tongue made the heat in her loins flare once more. She had to have him inside of her.

She brought her leg down and cupping his chin, directed him up from his knees. He kissed her breasts, licking the length of her cleavage on the way up. She kissed him passionately and deeply, savoring the warm delicateness of his lips. She then knelt on the blanket and removed his pants, adding them to their pile. Reaching up she gently stroked his semi erect cock. It flared to life with the lightest off her touches. As it started to stiffen, she engulfed the head with her lips. Sliding her lips down the shaft she took all of him into her mouth, her tough swirling around as she sucked with a hard, steady pressure. His cock continued to grow as blood rushed to fill it and she reveled in the feeling of him growing in her mouth. When he was rock hard she withdrew.

He slid from her mouth with a wet pop. She looked up at him erotically and started to lick the length of his shaft. When he was sufficiently lubricated she began stroking his cock gently, dropping her head to lick and suck on the balls hanging below. His head dropped back as she moved her mouth still lower to lightly flick her tongue over the spot just below his sack. She knew exactly his spots, just as he knew hers. She licked back up his balls and took his cock once more in her mouth. She opened her throat and took the full length of his dick. She ran her tongue over the underside while throat muscles milked the head and her hand gently massaged his balls.

He bit his lip and ran a hand through her silky hair. She began to fuck him slowly with her mouth, one hand caressing his balls, the other gliding along his shaft. Her tongue played along the underside of his shaft as she moved her full lips up and down. She closed her eyes, lost in a dream world, oblivious to the cold and everything else as she concentrated on pleasing her lover. She was brought back to reality as he touched her face and pulled her up to him.

She rose to her feet still gently stroking his prick. He looked into her eyes and mouthed the words, "I want you."

She licked her lips, and silently replied, "I'm yours".

Gently they lowered themselves to the sleeping bag, the ground cushions by the soft loam beneath. She rolled him over on his back and straddled his waist. She bent forward to kiss him and gasped as the lips of her pussy opened and her inner folds were exposed to the night chill. The thrill shot through her body and she began to drip like a water facet. Sliding back she felt his hard cock press against her. She adjusted her angle and pushed back, driving his cock home into her sopping, waiting vagina.

He sighed as his cock was engulfed by the velvety softness of her. One of the often overlook things about being with the same lover for ten years is that your bodies adapt to one another. Her pussy was tight around him fitting him like a glove, maximizing both their pleasures. They knew exactly the right angles to take, the spots to touch, the ways to bring each other to the height of pleasure. His hands cupped her huge breasts, squeezing them gently and pushing her upward. She responded to his request, sat straight up and drove herself down on his cock. He plunged deeper inside of her making her gasp in a mix of pain and pleasure. She sank as deeply as she could, the head of his cock just brushing the back wall of her vagina. He rotated his hands in large circles, hands splayed, his palms grinding on her nipples which were now hard enough to cut glass.

She leaned back further and snaked a hand around to fondle his balls. His right hand dropped in kind, his thumb finding the slick nub of her clit. She ground her hips into him and his thumb danced across her clit. He could feel her shaking as she neared orgasm. He replaced his thumb with two fingers and strummed her clit furiously. She came hard, both hands reaching up to cupping her breasts and biting her lip to keep from crying out again. He could feel the wetness of her juices running down his balls, chilled by the night air. He let her regain her composure, then sat up and kissed her.

Their kisses took on a feverish pitch now, burning with their desire to please and be pleasured by each other. He pulled his knees under himself and knelt, his firm cock still buried inside her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Slowly he rocked her back and forth on his cock and dropped his face between her breasts. She cradled his head, pulling him to her and using her arms to crush her breasts against the sides of his face. His hands softly caressed her ass, then traveled up the small of her back and finally around to once more cup her tits. She leaned back driving herself further down the shaft of his cock and gyrated her hips. He cupped her ass once more, holding her up and pulling her to firmly too him. She reached a hand down and began to caress her clit, still soaking wet and protruding well out from beneath it's protective hood. She looked into his eyes and licked her lips, knowing that he loved watching her touch herself. Her shaved pussy and exposed position gave him an incredible vantage point to watch from as his cock stretched the lips of her slit and her fingers danced on her clit. Her nipples pointed to the sky and were the first to sense that something was amiss.

The first snow flakes had gone undetected by either of them, so intense was their passion. Finally one flake fell softly onto her nipple, sending a shiver down her body. Her pussy tightened around his cock as her whole body twitched from the shock. All around them soft flakes of snow fell. Neither had been aware of the clouds which had extinguished their moonlight, or of the gently falling snow. The temperature was just cold enough for the snow to form in the highly humid air, but warm enough that it was a fluff sticky snow. The flakes were huge, the size of quarters and they fell with the lightness of falling goose down. They stopped all motion and savored the moment.

He looked into her eyes and could see the rapture on her face. One of the things she loved best about the mountains was the snow, so different in texture from the icy powder of the plains where she'd grown up. Here the snow fell straight down in thick, fluffy clumps. It wasn't wind driven, and you could enjoy it without having to fear frost bite from the bitter wind. She giggled as a flake landed on her nose and quickly melted. She spread her arms taking in the wonder of it, relishing as the flakes caressed her body like a hundred chilled feathers.

He reached up a hand and gently ran a fingertip between her breasts, over her stomach caressing her clit and continuing as far as he could down her moist slit. She responded with a slow gyration of her hips and cupped her breasts in her hands. She squeezed her breasts hard, humming with pleasure and slowly ground against him as he teasingly slid his finger up and down her slick cleft. When she could take no more, she looked at him with fire in her eyes and waggled a finger, beckoning him to come to her.

He gently laid her down and slid his body on top of her. She dug her heels into his ass and capturing his face in her hands pulled him into a passionate, burning kiss. He pulled away and straightened up to get a better angle for penetration, her mouth still working breathlessly to kiss him as he retreated. The head of his shaft for purchase in her notch, and he thrust forward, softly and slowly, savoring the feeling of entering her. She gasp in pleasure and a smile spread across her parted lips.

Slowly and firmly he rolled his hips, never withdrawing more than an inch. His pubic bone ground hard against her clit, sending shivers through her pussy and up her spine. She squeezed her breasts and tugged at her taunt nipples, licking her lips and moaning. The snow fell all around them and she had the whimsical feeling of making love in a snow globe. She looked up to see the snow accumulating in his hair, in his beard and knew that it was likewise dusting her hair and thick eye lashes. It was sex in a fantasy world and she felt like a fairy tale princess being ravaged by her prince charming.

But the princess wanted more of her prince, she needed him deep inside of her. She put a hand on his chest to stop his motion and wordlessly lift a leg higher up his back. He knew what she wanted, and gently pulled out of her. She felt a keen pain of loss as his exit left her feeling empty and unfulfilled, but she knew it would not last long. He took first one leg then another and lifted them over his shoulders, taking the time to kiss and lick the inside of both calves. He caressed the back of her thighs all the way down to her smooth round cheeks and drug a finger up the crack of her ass. She realized that her wetness had coated her entire nether regions and run down to soak the crack of her ass. She felt a keen thrill as his finger glided upward, and another electrifying jolt as he gently caressed the tight ring of her asshole. He smiled at her and continued his upward motion, drawing through her folds and flicking past her clit. She couldn't wait much longer and he knew it.

He positioned his cock back at the entrance to her canal. He placed his hands behind her knees and pressed them to her chest. She spread her legs hungrily and grasp his arms, giving him a look which spoke louder than if she had yelled it, "don't tease me." Slowly he buried himself in her deliciously hot pussy. Sinking to the hilt as far as he could go, he push on deeper, the skin around the base of his cock stretching in protest as he tried to coax his cock to sink even further than his normal length would allow. He felt himself brush against the back wall of her pussy and slowly withdrew his full length. When just the head stay within the rim of her cunt, he thrust back in. Slowly he stroked in and out of her. The snow continued to falls and the ground was now white with the accumulation. He felt her grow even wetter and began to pick up the pace of his thrusting.

Her head rolled back and she started to pant, moaning his name. She gripped spasmodically at his forearms digging in with her nails. With each thrust she could feel the juice being forced from her pussy and running in a tickling stream down over her asshole. Finally she felt his cock swell, growing slightly in signal of his pending eruption. She reached out and began to frantically finger her slick clit, willing him to thrust harder into her.

He crashed into her depths and could feel her pussy spasm as she frigged her clit. She milked his cock with every delicious thrust until he could take no more. Arching his back he buried himself in her to the hilt and release his seed. She cried out as she felt his cum shoot into the back of her cunt and it sent her over the top of her own orgasm. Her pussy spammed milking explosion after explosion of cream from him. She was filled to over flowing, and she could feel his cum running out of her and down over her ass. He pulled back and gave a few more slow, deep, wet strokes, milking even more seed his cock, and sending one more orgasmic shudder through her body.

He collapsed into her waiting arms, and she enfolded him in a loving embrace. They lay there holding each other, their breath slowly coming returning. Their lips met in yet another kiss, this time gentle and tender. He reached out and grabbed an edge of the outstretched sleeping bag, pulling it over them as they began to feel the chill in the air. They lay there wrapped in the down filled bag, the soft felt lining caressing their skin. They relished in the feel of each other's skin, soaking up the warmth. He brushed the snowflakes from her hair, and kissed them from her lashes. She snuggled down into the sleeping bag and closer to him, her fingers playing with the curls on his chest. He kissed her forehead and held her tightly, then glanced over the landscape which was already covered by nearly half an inch of snow. Somewhere nearby were their clothes, likewise covered. He'd have to find them before too long, but not just yet. Neither of them were in any hurry to leave this place. Together they lay backing in the glow of their love, lost in a true winter wonderland. Ten years and the sex was still incredible. Who says marriage gets boring?

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