tagHow ToMounted During Deer Season Ch. 02

Mounted During Deer Season Ch. 02


For those who haven't read part 1, I will recap the day's event as it unfolded. I was in the woods hunting, received a text to meet at the car. When I arrived at the car, my buddy's girlfriend was waiting for me. We drove to a motel, where the rest of my hunting group was partying it up. Phil, Joe, Mike and Bob were all being sucked off by women I didn't know. I was stripped down by Bob's girlfriend and treated to a sponge bath and then a blowjob that blew my mind.

"There, that should take the edge off so you can enjoy the rest of the day with all of us."

It took me a moment to get past the fact that my friend's girlfriend had just deep throated me to orgasm with all my other buddies getting sucked off in the next room.

"Yeah, I didn't see that coming, Thanks Rachel, that was amazing. Bob is one lucky guy."

I stood and we shared our first kiss. It wasn't the first time a woman had kissed me right after swallowing my cum and so the familiar taste coupled with her lips, wasn't bad.

She asked me to sit up against the headboard and then went into the other room and got drinks for both of us. She returned with not only the drinks but eight more naked people that were already groping and fondling each other.

Everyone climbed on the bed and began where they had left off in the other room. Bob was being sucked on by a plump brown haired girl named Denise. She was attaching his cock with an impressive enthusiasm, utilizing both hands while bobbing on him. Her breasts were large and swaying with her head bobbing, pink nipples rock hard.

Phil had this fiery red head named Mindy sucking on his cock. Her red shoulder length hair accented the reddish aereolas and darker nipples of her c cup breasts. She was bent over him in a sixty nine and I was treated to a view of her completely shaved pussy and sexy ass. His tongue was working her clit in a back and forth motion, while laying next to me near the head of the bed.

Deb was going down on Joe as he layed on the bed. She was bent over him from the side, which was allowing Samantha half hanging off the bed, who was under her to lick her pussy. In the meantime Mike's cock was sliding inside her from behind as he stood next to the bed taking her doggie style. Samantha would stop eating Deb out, pull Mike's cock out of her soaking wet pussy, suck on him and then put him back inside her so he could start fucking her again.

The entire scene was something I had only seen watching porn and never figured I'd be witness to, let alone a participant in. Everyone was being licked, sucked or fucked and hands were feeling everywhere.

Bob and Denise got off the bed and headed to the hot tub and Rachel joined Denise in sucking on bob as he sat on the edge. Both women in the water, were alternating on Bob. They stopped together at the head of his cock and kissed each other. Denise looked over at me and motioned me to come and join them.

I got in the tub behind her, pressing up against her, while feeling both her and Rachel's asses. Denise wiggled her ass and pushed back against me while I reached under her to feel her large breasts and tease her nipples. My hand sliding down further to find both pussies very wet and both accepted my fingers causing moans to escape both of them. As Denise pushed back against me, my cock slid inside her and the warmth and tightness felt incredible.

Despite just cumming only a short while before this, I knew this was not going last as I felt that all too familiar feeling building inside me. Rachel motioned that she wanted some and as the girls continued on Bob, I slid out of Denise and into Rachel. Not wanting to leave Denise out, I slid three fingers in and found that spot that drives most women crazy. This allowed me to get it together and slow things down in an attempt to not cum too soon.

Denise started shaking and her fingers joined mine and she started attaching her clit. Due to her position, her nipples were grazing the water and all that sent her over the edge, cumming violently. After a few minutes, he caught her breath, and got of the tub.

Looking around the room, the only ones still occupied were Bob, Rachel and I. Phil was passed out along with Joe, Mike and Samantha on the bed. Mindy was finishing a beer while rubbing her clit, watching us. She put the bottle down and headed for the hot tub. Rachel pulled off me and spun around. This allowed Bob to take her from behind and take the air out of her as he went balls deep on the first stroke.

Before I had a chance to move or anything Mindy's lips closed over me and started sucking on me. Leaning against the side, this allowed me to start twisting and pinching her nipples, which only encouraged her further. I had to stop her because I was going cum and through all the action, she still hadn't had a cock buried in her. We moved around to the other side of the tub near Bob and Rachel and the girls started kissing and feeling each other. In the meantime I slowly slid inside her and took my time sliding all the way. Words could not describe the way she gripped me and it almost felt like I was being milked by her contractions. She apparently was enjoying the sensations as much as I because she came hard not long after I had entered.

Bob came enjoying the view of the girls kissing and playing with each other's breasts and nipples. His orgasm set off Rachel's and she slid off Bob's cock with cum dripping out of her and into the water. She spun around, leaning against the other side of the tub and Mindy started licking her clit and the remnants of Bob's cum as it oozed out between her labia. This started Mindy's orgasm, and Rachel moved down and took her right nipple between her lips and started sucking on it. It felt like vise clamped down around me and thoughout her orgasm, I couldn't move.

I knew this was going to send me over the edge and she must have sensed it also. She spun around, and sucked me into her mouth just as I started to cum. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss over me as I pulsated between her lips. I was truly spent and as I composed myself, was treated to watching the girls kiss and share my cum.

I hope you can sympathize with me and my disappointment, when I woke up, still in my deer stand, phone ringing, with Bob on the other end wondering if I was going to come back to the house for dinner and cards and a massive hard on.

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by Anonymous

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by Optimus981208/11/18

Been there!

Definitely a hot story and one I can relate to! Had many of these types of fantasies while in my stand. Might have even ruined a hunt or two by jacking off to them while I was still in the stand lol

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by mightyminer08/11/18


That was a hell of a twist! lpol I can see it happening though. Spent many a boring hour in a stand

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