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Moved to Act


Fucking alarm. I reach over to my side table to hit the snooze button, groggy and slightly hungover, it takes a few tries- but after flipping from beeps to AM radio I silence the room and roll over onto my back.

Shit. We're moving Miko's brother today. Why'd I say yes to this. There are about 1,000 better ways to spend my Friday off. Shifting slightly, the light sheet I'm under tangled up my cock, providing just enough friction to pull out its full, hard length.

Meh. Fine, I'm doing this.

Pushing the sheet aside I wrapped my hand around my 7" cock, sliding the foreskin down and gripping at its base. A pearl of cum dribbled out from the pink head. I thought of my girlfriend Miko.

Japanese and Irish parents had created a stunningly beautiful girl in Miko. Tall and rail thin, Miko's pale skin was decorated with tiny freckles, the most precious collecting across the bridge of her nose. Her small pert breasts may have barely required a bra, but her delicate waist curved into the most glorious ass I've ever sunken my teeth into.

My hand moved rapidly over my cock as I thought about Miko's cunt. The pouty pink lips, always with a glossy sheen. The roughly trimmed thatch of burgundy pubic hair that held her funky aroma. I imagined burying my face into her pussy as I quickened my pace, shooting a mess across my hairy belly and chest as I moaned out loud.

I inhaled and let out a deep breath, feeling warm cum trickle down my side. Looking around for something to clean up with I thought- okay, NOW I can concentrate on shit today.

* * * * *

I pulled up to the house in the Uhaul, Miko's brother Phillip and his girlfriend Ying were shuttling boxes from the garage to the curb. Stopping for a minute, Phillip strode over to shake my hand and thank me for the help. The two of them were moving to a newly built condo loft downtown, and didn't really have many friends who could drive a truck. They had asked their older sister if I could help, and between my scheduled day off and inability to say no to my girl- here I was.

Miko was inside for the moment, catching up with her mother, so I got to work with the other two right away. Phillip and I were just about to heft a couch into the truck, when a spirited, raspy voice called out.

"There's my mens,"

I shot a glance to the porch while balancing my end of the sofa against my shoulder. My Miko stood tall, wearing a stringy tank top over a pink sports bra, and tiny white booty shorts. She wore a wide smirk behind big round sunglasses, and surprisingly to me, had cut her hair into a bob of curls. I shoved the end of the couch into truck with a thud and slowly sauntered towards her. She met me at the end of their walk.

As tall as she was, I nearly stood a foot taller than Miko, and was a burly contrast to her lithe form. Broad shouldered, bearded, and with a thick pelt of fur from my neck to my nuts, I was the beast to her beauty. I looked down at her smiling face, her sunglasses sliding down the bridge of her freckled nose, her playful eyes darting up to meet mine.

"Ooh, someones sweaty, I'm going to pass on the hug sweets," She tilted up on her tippy toes and gave me a quick peck on the lips. "Thank you baby. I know Phillip appreciates it, but I really, really love you for this. I promise to make it worth your while." She ran a single finger from my lips, down my chest and stopped short just above my belt buckle. Giggling, she turned and started to eye the smaller parcels that were strewn about the lawn. I tried to keep my mad, stoic face on - but she made it hard to feign anger. Bending over slowly for my benefit, I made out the lines of thong, and stood there for a lifetime memorizing its path. Phillip called out to me and took me out of the moment. I turned back to the truck, and got back to work.

* * * * *

As in the case with all moves, there was a bump in the proverbial road - Ying's cousin had graciously donated a dining room table to the young couple, but naturally, instead of being located along the way, Ying's cousin lived in a neighbouring suburb. I listened to the directions, silently steaming. We agreed to split up, the guys in the truck, the girls in the Civic. Phillip kept thanking me as we drove forty minutes further away from the city, and we made small talk about mortgages and insurance. Pulling up to another nondescript suburban house, Phillip and Ying went inside the house, and I waited, staring at the car Miko was in.

Almost as if on command, Miko popped out of the passenger seat, and looked back at me in the truck. She gave a cutesy wave, and opened the trunk. She leaned forward slowly, sticking out her ass for me, and made like she was rummaging around for something. I watched intently, noticing that her shorts were riding low, and I could see her thong peaking out, straps slung around her slender waist. She wiggled slightly, and turned while closing the trunk. She held two large, cold bottles of iced tea in her hands, and gave me a questioning look. I stuck my arm out the window and waved her over. Miko sauntered over, holding the bottles against her chest.

Popping up on the running board, she hung over the open window and offered me both bottles, one for Phillip she stated. I accepted, and stowed them in the cup holders. When I turned to look at her, she had gripped the window frame and leaned back with her arms fully extended. Her nipples were like diamonds, nearly cutting through the sports bra and tank top. She had purposely iced herself for my benefit, and at this point, was damp with her own sweat.

"You haven't said anything about my hair," She pouted.

"I like it, I was just - surprised," I responded, taking a swig of ice tea.

Miko gestured for the bottle, and I passed it to her. She took a gulp and swallowed, holding it to her lips for a few seconds afterwards, deftly using her tongue to swipe a few remaining drops along the glass before handing it back to me. I stared at her, and she pushed her sunglasses to the top of her head to silently return my eye contact. She grinned, and forced me to break a little. I pursed my lips and looked straight ahead.

"Uh huh, Mr. Mad guy over here eh'?" She giggled, and I poorly tried to hide my grin. She reached through the window and groped my dick through my shorts. I yelped and jumped in my seat.

"Mik, stop!" I laughed and tried to squirm out of her reach. "Your brother!"

"Oh, are you thinking about my brother and getting wood? Is that it?"

"Heh, Mik - if your brother had an ass like yours -"

"Oh yeah?" She laughed at me before turning to look at the house. Phillip and Ying were coming out with a bundled up dining table. "Well, here's my brother's ass - why don't you come out and give him a hand?" Mike hopped down to the sidewalk, leaving me to adjust before stepping out to open up the back of the truck.

* * * * *

The two vehicles had split up, with the girls retrieving some food, and Phillip wanting to grab some cleaning supplies. We were just within the city limits now, and rush hour had thankfully died down. My mood was a bit better, but still looking forward to the end of the day. The sun had begun to set, and I could almost taste the beer, my babe, and my bed. Phillip and I had just swung into the Home Depot when Miko texted me. I put the truck in park at the back of the lot where there was space to manoeuvre., and Phillip popped out of the cab to make the long walk to the store. I logged into my phone and pulled up Miko's text.

— Is my brother looking at your phone right now? —

I texted back, telling her he was walking into the Home Depot. The next message I got was a picture, well, a few pictures actually. The first one was a mirror selfie of her, standing in one of those large handicapped/family bathrooms, with her shorts undone, and her biting a finger coquettishly. The second, was close up around her midsection, missing the shorts and showing me her pussy lips pushing out the cotton of her panties. I adjusted my cock in my pants and flipped onto the next picture. It was a close up of her hot ass, the tail of her thong sunk between her incredible cheeks. I barely had time to react before she texted again.

— Show me your cock —

I blushed, alone in the truck. Looking around, I saw nobody. I reasoned that I was up high enough, and was far enough away from the entrance for anyone to catch me, and unbuckled my seat belt. I glanced around quickly again before popping the button of my shorts, and unzipping. I looked around once more before yanking the front of my briefs down under my balls, my cock sprung out and slapped against my stomach. I took the picture, and felt my heart in my throat when I thought I heard someone approaching. I tucked myself back in, put myself back together and sent the pic.

— Lovely —

I closed my eyes and bit my lip. Miko was fucking killing me today.

— Thats mine right? —

I smiled to myself, a million devious thoughts colliding in my head at that moment. Snapping me back to reality, Phillip opened the truck door and slung a shopping bag between the two seats. I turned the key and started the engine up, making small talk.

"Hey dude -" Phillip interjected. Shit, what did he see?

"What man?"

Phillip nodded over at my door.

"Forgot your seatbelt?"

Shit. Phew. Okay. I laughed it off, and clicked the buckle into place before pulling out of the parking lot to our final destination.

* * * * *

"This is ridiculous!" Phillip exclaimed, pacing about the loft with his phone to his ear. We had gotten into the condo alright, but had discovered that the previous owners had taken the light fixtures from the kitchen and living room. With the sun having set, the only available light in the unit came from range hood, and the hallway bathroom. Phillip had started by calling his realtor to find out what happened. Miko, Ying and I stood around the island in the kitchen, poking around at the take-out. In the dark, it was easy to watch the going ons in the building across the street. Folks milled about on a rooftop patio, while people with light fixtures sat comfortably watching TV.

Ying was mildly upset at the lighting issue, but was tired and just wanted to start moving furniture. I had started to move some boxes while everyone hung out trying to figure out what to do. Coming up in the elevator, I stepped off just as Phillip and Ying were heading down.

"Hey man, Miko's staying put, but we're going to run out to Walmart to buy some cheap lamps, don't worry about moving more stuff just yet, we'll be back in about twenty minutes, and then get this done. I'm so sorry man, just hang out, enjoy the AC, we'll be back"

The two of them disappeared in the elevator, and I walked down to the unit with a box of books in my hands. The door was held open with a shoe, but slammed shut after I accidentally kicked it down the hall. It was indeed pretty dark.

Walking down the hall, I came to the open concept kitchen, finding miko sitting atop the granite island. She wore a deviant grin, and looked at me - seemingly waiting. In that instant, every part of the day played back in my mind. The frustrations and anger became urgency, and I suddenly felt the weight of the next twenty minutes on me. I stooped to place the box on the floor, drawing my eyes up Mikos swinging leg, to her consenting eyes. Her gaze began to transform me, quickly stripping away all conscious thought, and drawing me closer.

I stepped into her body, and she wrapped her arms around my neck as our lips smashed together. I pulled her onto me and moved around the island until I could flip her onto the granite face first, reaching underneath her body to yank away the button on her shorts. She gasped, and I wrestled the tight shorts from her midsection down to her ankles. From my knees, I was at eye level with her ass, the thin strip of her thong wedged tightly into her sweaty crevice. I stuck my face in between the cheeks to jolt her with my tonge, pulling back momentarily to tear the thong away in shreds. I returned to her ass, stiffening my tongue to stab away at her hole, making her squirm and squeal.

I stood, fumbling with my belt, before pushing everything down my legs. The shorts fell to the ground with the thud of my belt buckle, my briefs caught just below my knees. Without thinking, I drove my 7" cock into her pussy until i felt the resistance of her hips against the island, I withdrew to her cries, and plunged back in. All of her teasing and toying had lead to this. She always knew how to pull out my primal side with her flirtatious, scandalous behaviour. I grabbed a handful of her curls and drew her head back as I thrust forward - a guttural moan poured from her lips as she cried out "harder!". I obliged by pummelling her from behind. Her hands slapped the granite as she cried out for more. My body was starting to feel the strain, and I fell on top of her, still pumping my cock into her pussy, i grabbed her hips and increased my pace.

My mouth hung behind her ear, and I told her I was going to cum, almost pleading for permission. She raggedly hissed out her response, but it was too late, I felt my balls tighten as my legs began to shake, and I came in uncontrollable spurts. I grunted loudly into her ear, and haphazardly continued humping at a slower pace. We remained still for a minute or two before dislodging, I dropped to my butt and laid back down on the hardwood floor catching my breath. Miko slid off the island, and straddled my body. She rested her head on my furry chest, and coiled her arms and legs around me. We lay like that for about ten minutes before she spoke.

"Hey, did you lock the door?"

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