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Movie Day


Sally and Dan had been our best friends since they moved in next door to us over five years ago. We had all spent many a pleasant evening together, playing cards, sharing movies, just talking. In the summer we had all spent weekends swimming in your pool.

I had noticed Dan admiring my wife Sue on many of those weekends but I couldn’t blame him, since I found Sally quite attractive as well.

Our son and their’s were best friends as well but now they were both off to College and it was much too cold to share the pool. I think we all missed those obnoxious teenage boys and their noise and their friends.

Sue and I had noticed that the two of them had begun to do things without inviting us ever since the school term started and our sons had left for college. It wasn’t that we were less friends, just that for the first time they were spending more time without inviting us. Once they even had a party and had not only failed to invite us but made it clear that we were not welcome. They had not upset us but our curiosity was aroused.

This Friday seemed more normal. The snow was on the ground but we brought the steaks and Sally cooked them. They supplied the movie. Damn chick flick but still, the company was good and the movie OK if not to our male tastes. Sue enjoyed the movie but she seemed fidgety all night.

It was still early when the chick flick ended. It wasn’t surprising when Dan said that it was time for a guy flick. What surprised us was that it was a porno. I saw the bemused look on Sally’s face as Dan got it out but then we didn’t know what it was.

I had never watched a porno with Sue and so I watched her more than the movie. At first I thought my wife would complain, but there was no comment from her. Instead I saw a flush on her face. It was obvious that Dan was aroused and Sally watched with that same bemused look on her face.

The four of us all made light hearted comments about the action and I was surprised at how much Sue got into the spirit of poking fun at the action. I was even more surprised that she also got into the spirit in a physical sense. I jumped when her hand reached out to touch my thigh.. then stroke upward to find my cock through my pants. I wasn’t really sure if she was feeling aroused or if she was just checking on me.

The excitement coursed through us all. I saw that Sue was aroused and both Dan and I had obvious hard ons. Then Sally got up from her chair and she looked at Dan. "You think they’re ready for one of the special ones?"

Sue almost whispered. "Go for it Sally, I think I’m ready." I looked at Sue. She obviously knew what was going on but I was clueless. Later Sue told me that Sally had briefed her completely while they were cooking dinner and there had been snippets of the information exchanged over the last several months..

Dan changed the tape and well what can I say. The opening scene showed our host and hostess sitting on the very couch that Sue and I occupied now. The difference was that they were naked!

On the tape Sally and Dan began to make love. It was a wonderful sight, much more loving and tender than we had seen on the earlier tape but there was something nagging me. The photography was not as crude as I would expect although I didn’t realize what was bothering me at the moment. I was too shocked to pull Sue to me but she snuggled close and then unzipped my pants. I recovered quickly and had my hands inside her blouse.

Out the corner of my eye I noticed that our hostess was now seated in front of her husband and softly licking his now exposed cock. I had no idea where this was going but I knew that we were all getting more and more aroused.

I was half watching our hosts fuck on the screen and half given to the excitement of Sue’s ministrations to my cock and watching our hostess give our host a masterful blow job. The desire was burning in me. I wanted my wife, or maybe I wanted Sally.

Sue sensed that I was on the edge and she stopped for a while to make sure I didn’t cum in her hand. When my arousal dimmed slightly she started again. She whispered in my ear, "I want to suck the juice right out of your cock but I want to see this movie too." I could only grunt in reply.

After half an hour of the screen presentation, the on screen Dan pulled his cock out of his wife and blasted all over her belly. Then he sank back. For half an hour, the only audio was the sound of the two of them making love but now a new voice spoke up. That voice told me everything about why there had been a nagging in me.

Sally pulled her mouth from her husband and giggled. "This is the part Dan loves the most."

A voice on the tape spoke up. "Time to pay the photographer!" The voice didn’t belong to Dan. It was another male voice. The tape obviously cut out for a second and when filming resumed, it was a picture of Sally still naked and laying on the couch. A sock flew through the frame and Sally giggled on the tape. "Come here tiger I want some fresh cock." There was a huge smile on her face and then the camera moved to show a strange man, now naked with a large erection and a big smile.

He closed on Sally and the two of them fucked hard and passionate. Sally obviously turned on by the stranger and he by her. When he came, the tape went blank.

I was in shock. Sue had not expected the stranger either. I may have been shocked but my cock was still hard as a rock.

Sue was obviously aroused. Sally smiled at us. "How would you two like to make a movie like that?"

My hard on told my story but I was a little surprised when Sue said, "Sure. I want to do it right NOW!"

I looked at her and smiled. Dan had obviously had the camera and a fresh tape handy because it was only seconds before he had it out.

All of us quickly stripped naked. It surprised me how easily Sue bared her body. She was ready for this!

As we began, our Host filmed the action but he also directed us. It was strangely arousing to have someone telling us how to make love. He wanted some foreplay. He wanted some film of me eating Sue and he wanted to film her cumming when I ate her and Sue obliged, thrashing in a monumental orgasm. Then he wanted some film of her giving me a blow job. And then we fucked. It was amazing how passionate we were. Even when Sally told me gently that I had to move my knees further apart so they could film my cock going in and out of my wife’s pussy. I had never been so aroused. Sue exploded in an orgasm like I had never seen before and moments later I managed to withdraw from her pussy in time to blast all over her pubic mound. Something I had never done before.

They filmed our tender kisses after that. After a few minutes Sue surprised me again. She looked up and asked if she could pay the photographer too. It shocked me. It surprised me. It excited me.

Sally watched me and saw the enlivened excitement on my face. Then she smiled. "Only if I get to pay the star too."

Sue smiled back. "Of course but we get a copy of that tape."

Sally Took over the camera as Dan moved to my wife’s side. She directed me to her side and filmed with one hand while the other caressed my newly hard cock with the other. For the first time I watched another man suck my wife’s tits, and her clit and then her suck his cock. I could not take my eyes off my wife’s face as Dan entered her for the first time. I watched his cock thrusting in and out of her and mine pulsed in Sally’s hand.

If I had thought that Sue’s orgasm moments before had been wild, she was practically an animal as she withered in orgasm around Dan’s cock and I was proud of the way she had done him. I was also enthralled with the blast that Dan spurted on her.

Then it was my turn and Dan directed me to fuck his wife. I was excited and worried about Sue’s reaction but I need not have worried. Sue definitely got into the spirit of the evening. She was giving me direction along with Dan and it was obvious that she was enjoying the evening. It was so strange feeling my cock in the first new pussy in 20 years. It was exciting to listen to my wife giving me direction although I only half listened, lost in the excitement of a strange fuck.

When the movie was over we rewound the tape and began to watch it. It wasn’t long before we were all aroused once more. The "pros" our neighbors then came to us.

Sally took my hand and Dan Sue’s. They laid us on the floor on our backs. Sue and I kissed as I felt Sally’s pussy slowly slide down my dick and from Sue’s reaction, I knew that Dan was inserting his cock into her. It was strangely exciting. Holding Sue’s hand and kissing her while other people fucked us and we both exploded in tremendous orgasms as our hosts did the same.

After we had all satisfied each other, we sat around naked and talking for a while. Strangely we were all comfortable and relaxed. Half an hour later my wife squeezed my hand and told our hosts that it was time to go.

I was worried about Sue’s reaction but I should not have worried. We were barely in our own home when Sue kissed me passionately. We rushed to the bedroom and hurriedly stripped naked. We took our time first discussing all that had happened and getting aroused again. Then we made hard passionate love and we talked some more and made slow tender love. We fell asleep in each others arms and awoke in the morning aroused once more.

I don’t know where this will lead but I sure like how it started.

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