Movie Madness


The lights are off and the film begins, but my mind isn't on the action taking place upon the screen. I glance over at your profile, silhouetted by the flickering light coming from the projectionists room above.

I lean in against you and begin running my nails lightly over the back of your hand. I sit up and brush my lips softly across your neck and then move up to meet your mouth as your head turns towards me.

Our tongues dart together as I begin to run my nails along your denim covered thigh. The heat and moistness of our mouths mesh together passionately as our ardor is roused. I dig my nails in slightly as I reach your inner thigh and begin tracing the outline where body meets leg.

I lower my fingers and lightly press against the growing bulge in your crotch, kissing you harder. I begin to trace the outline of your cock through the thin material and feel you hot and hard against my hand.

I feel your hand on my bare thigh, pushing up the skirt that I'm wearing so you can feel the soft skin beneath. I turn to check that no one else is able to witness what I'm doing and then slowly unzip you, masking the sound by coughing.

I slip my hand inside and find the swollen part of you, taking it in my hand. I begin to rub slowly with one hand, still kissing you and run my thumb over the tip of your cock in slow small circles. I speed up the stroking action slightly, putting a little more pressure on the head.

I feel your fingers rise high enough to discover that I'm not wearing panties and then I smile. Your thumb finds my clit and I moan softly into your mouth in response.

I continue squeezing and rubbing your cock slightly faster and harder as my tongue dances with yours. I can feel that you're close to cumming, so I slow down and then move my thumb back to the head. I draw quick little circles around it, gradually pressing harder as I can feel you groan against my lips.

My breath catches in my throat as I feel your finger slip inside me, probing the wet slippery cavern within. I begin whispering the things I'd like to do to you as my thumb continues to press against the tip of your aching dick.

Your fingers speed up within me and we kiss to conceal our little moans of pleasure. I begin to speed up my hand as I nibble your bottom lip. I continue squeezing and rubbing your cock, slightly faster and harder.

Your fingers delve inside me deeper, harder and faster and I wriggle slightly in my seat, opening my legs wider. Your thumb finds my clit and I have to bite down hard on my lips to prevent a moan of pleasure from escaping.

I can feel that you're again close to cumming and move my hand as fast as I can, while my thumb presses against the head of your rigid dick. I can feel you writhing slightly in your seat and it brings a wicked smile to my lips.

I pretend to knock my bag on the floor and lean over to retrieve it. I run my tongue once quickly over the tip of your cock and suck you into my mouth for a few seconds. I pull back and rub you as hard and fast as I can.

I whisper into your ear that I want you to cum all over my hand, as you bring me closer to orgasm. As you cross two fingers and plunge them hard into me I feel myself shudder and go over the edge as the delicious friction created overwhelms me. I wriggle in my seat as the convulsions pound from my pussy to the rest of my body and bite down hard to stop myself from crying out.

I kiss you hard, letting you groan into my mouth as you shoot your load in shuddering spurts over my fingers. I continue to rub and squeeze as you do so, keeping my hand moving quickly as you coat my hand with sticky cum. You finish and with a final quiet groan you settle back in your seat.

You look over at me and with a slight smile I raise my fingers to my lips and begin to lick the tips clean. I dip each into my hot wet, tight mouth, sucking on them and moaning quietly in pleasure as you watch.

When my hands are clean I pretend to drop something again and lean over, running my tongue over your dick, cleaning it. Then, I sit up, rest my head on your shoulder and watch the end of the movie.

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