Movie Mischief


I've always felt something was missing whenever I went to the movies. I'm starting to think you are what might be missing. I hope you enjoy my fantasy, and who knows, maybe one day you'll help me make it a reality.

It was a long, painfully slow day at work for both of us. You dealt with a constant barrage of emergencies all day, and I suffered inane employee babble and arguments over pointless and irrelevant things. Day in and day out it was always the same. Night after night we were always too tired to stay conscious enough to physically enjoy each other in even the simplest ways. There was a silver lining to this comatose day, however, and neither of us could wait. It's been so long since we've been able to spend some real quality time together, and tonight we're going to take advantage of it.

Having arrived home a couple hours before me you walked inside and immediately kicked off your high heels and made your way to the kitchen. You threw your purse on the counter then made your way upstairs. The bedroom door opened and in front of you was our big, soft, comfy bed just calling your name.

"He won't be home for a little while, maybe I'll just take a little nap..." you thought tiredly to yourself.

Not bothering to get undressed you crawled into bed, pulled the thick warm sheets over yourself and curled up with your favorite pillows, falling asleep almost instantly. I pulled into my side of the garage, made my way inside and took my shoes off. I noticed your shoes were tossed aside like you usually do after an overly eventful day at work and wondered if you might be too tired or aggravated to go out tonight, maybe both. I made my way toward the kitchen and laid my briefcase next to your purse. I didn't see you anywhere, nor did I hear any movement throughout the house. I cautiously made my way upstairs and saw our bedroom door partially open. Gripping the handle I slowly pushed the door open and saw my sleeping beauty dreaming peacefully. Smiling to myself, I made my way next to the bed and very careful sat next to you. I leaned over and kissed your head gently then sat back up and ran my fingers lightly through your hair as you slept with your back to me. You shuffled and rolled over, resting your cheek on my thigh.

I whispered softly "I missed you too, my heart."

The whole drive home I couldn't wait to pull you into my arms. I've been dying to have you against me, my arms around you, and my hands groping your gorgeous ass. I needed to breathe you in all damn day and just let the frustrations of life peel away from me, but when I saw you sleeping in our bed I was just as happy being able to sit next to my baby. I dozed off quickly afterwards only to awaken an hour later to a very pleasant sensation below. I opened my eyes and looked down only to see my lover's hand playfully rubbing my crotch. I looked at you and grinned, feeling myself growing at your touch. I winked at you then flexed my cock against your hand, causing your hand to flinch in surprise.

"Oh! That startled me!" you said as we laughed together, then continued "Do you still want to go out tonight? Maybe see a movie?"

"Absolutely baby," I said. "We'll leave as soon as we're both ready."

I reach down and slap your sexy ass playfully. You smile and jump out of bed, throwing the sheets aside and rushing into the closet. I adorned my usual black hoodie and cargo pants while you wore an adorable blouse and a long flowing summer skirt. We collected our things and made our way to the garage. I kissed your soft lips then opened the car door for you, but before you could sit down I wrapped my arms around you from behind and pulled you back into my chest and kissed your neck.

"Mmm..." you moan softly as you tilt your head to the side and offer your neck to me.

I bite your neck firmly and suck gently on your pinched skin, then relax my bite and kiss you again. I take my arms away from your hips and press one hand to your ass, giving you a playful squeeze then guide you into the car and close the door. I walk around to the other side where you've lovingly opened my door for me. I sit down and close the door, put my belt on, and start the car. As we begin driving, you shuffle toward me and lean your head against me, wrapping your arms around mine and sigh happily. We definitely needed this time together.

We pull into the theatre parking lot and make our way inside. After a few minutes we eventually agree on a movie, purchased our tickets, and made our way to the concession stand. After finally getting passed all of the movie-going obstacles, and armed with an assortment of munchies and drinks, we finally make our way into the theatre. I open the door for you and follow closely behind as my eyes stay fixated on your sexy ass while you walk down the aisle on the search for the perfect seats. Once we got settled in with the drinks in the cup holders and the popcorn in the empty seat beside you, I put my arm around you and stroke my fingertips along your arm while watching the previews on the screen. You shiver slightly and nuzzle tighter into me, relaxing after a hard day's work and enjoying the gentle touches. I notice you continually looking at me out of the corner of my eye.

"Hmm... I wonder what my sweet little vixen is up to," I momentarily ponder to myself.

I smile at you and kiss your lips, then refocus my attention back toward the screen. The lights begin to dim and the main attraction starts playing. With the theatre now pitch black except for the shine of the screen, and under the cover of dark and overly loud speakers, you reach down and take the bottom corner of your dress in your fingertips, pulling it upward and draping it across my lap. Curiously, I begin to look down to try and get a glimpse of what you're up to but as soon as my face lowers just slightly, you lift my face back toward the screen.

"No peeking!" you say with an adorable giggle and mischievous grin.

I shrug submissively and go about watching the movie with an intrigued smirk across my lips. You begin to slip your fingers underneath the part of your skirt that blankets my thigh and stroke your fingers across my pants. Suddenly, I let out a muffled groan as your hand clasps my crotch and squeezes firmly before rubbing your palm into my clothed cock. I lower my head once more in a faint attempt to witness the pressured sensation felt between my thighs.

You whisper teasingly "No, you're not allowed", and re-adjust my facing again.

I let out a sexually frustrated groan of protest but do as you say and glance back at the movie. With a sparkle of victory in your eye you immediately grab my zipper and pull it down painfully slow, keeping an eye on me to see if I'm following your wishes to keep me blind to your actions. I lick and tug and bite down on my lip ring in delicious agony as you reach your hand inside my pants and massage the head of my cock through my boxers with your fingertips. I hear the bag of popcorn rustling next to you and look over to see you snacking on the crunchy treat.

A hopeful thought crosses my mind now, "her attention has finally shifted off of me... maybe I can sneak a peek now..."

I keep my face centered but lower my eyes and see you are watching the movie now. With a mischievous smirk across my lips I watch my pants moving up and down as you stroke me and begin moving my hand toward the opened underside of your skirt in hopes of returning the hidden favor. Unfortunately for me, your hand is quicker than my eye and as soon as my fingers touch your skirt your hand flies across your lap and slaps mine.

"Don't you DARE! This is my time to enjoy you. Now sit there and watch the movie while I stroke you," you say sharply as you grin and bite your lip looking at me.

I speak out quietly "God damn it, I want my fingers inside of you!" but you ignore my protest.

You squeeze the tip of my cock then pull your hand down my shaft hard and tight, making me bite my lip ring harder to keep from moaning out loud. I try pulling my hips further back into the seat to try and escape your grip but you clench your hand tighter and follow my motions, jerking my cock as I attempt to turn the tables in the tug of war going on in my pants. Frustrated with my disobedience you lean over me, put your free hand on my chest and push me back against the chair. I look at you in surprise as you kiss me deeply while caressing your hand in short, quick thrusts up and down my solid thickness. I relax and give into your position, wrapping my arms around you and kissing you hungrily, pushing my hips into your jerking fist and dancing my tongue around yours.

With your hand continuing to keep me pressed to my chair, you take your hand out from my pants and begin standing up. You lift your skirt with your hands and shuffle in front of me as if to switch to the seat on the other side of me. I spread my legs and press them on either side of my seat to give you more room to walk, completely oblivious to the fact that my throbbing pole is sticking out from my pants. You pause in front of me with your perfectly shaped ass in front of me, then bend over slightly, reach your hands behind you and pull your panties to the side. Sliding your hands up slightly you spread your creamy ass open and lower yourself toward me. I place my large hands on your cheeks and guide you down. Just as your hot tight opening kisses the tip of my cock you roll your hips and tease your hole back and forth over me, making my hips buck underneath you in a failed attempt to impale myself inside of you.

"You like that baby? You feel how hot my tight hole is for you, my hard devil? Oh god, you want me don't you?" you say with an innocent smile.

Just then, you push your hips back and drop your deliciously wet pussy hard onto my cock, feeling you split open around me as you take my stiff horn deep inside of you. You squeeze one of your breasts so tightly in your hand to keep from moaning as you lift and drop your quivering hole up and down my pulsing shaft. Your dress drops around us as you place both of your hands on the arms of the theatre chair and ride me feverishly with short controlled pumps, trying to keep from having someone hear us. I feverishly lift my hips into you, bucking into you as you fuck yourself on my stiff spike.

I reach my hand around your thigh and underneath your skirt, snaking my fingers between your thighs and whip my fingertips back and forth across your budding little clit, rubbing the wet slick tip faster as you fall back against me and turn your head, grabbing onto my earlobe with your teeth. You bite down and tug hungrily as you grind your hips into me, your juices threading down my cock and kissing my tightening balls. Suddenly you grab my hair with one hand and turn my face to yours, making love to my tongue with yours as you moan into my mouth. Your dripping wet pussy chokes my cock tightly as you push your hips down and bury my burning cock within you, making yourself cum all over your painfully silent lover.

I reach my hands up your chest and grab your luscious tits in my hands, squeezing them tightly and massaging them in my warm palms as you shiver against me. Reaching my hand underneath your shirt I clasp my fingers around your nipples and pull on them firmly, still desperately attempting to fuck myself with your silky slick pussy.

"I'm gonna cum, angel!" I groan into your ear.

You push yourself off of me before I have a chance to keep you from moving. I give you a pained look of sexual agony. You reach a finger out and press it to my lips. I look at you curiously as you lift the arm of the chair between us and take your seat beside me. Leaning down toward my lap you grip my cock with your other hand and suck the head into your mouth, milking me with your lips as your tongue laps and swirls all over me. I throw my head back in pure ecstasy as you polish my tip with your perfect mouth while pumping my shaft with your tightening hand. Feeling my cock throbbing hard you let go of my rod and take me completely into your throat, sucking and clenching and convulsing your throat around me as I fuck your mouth. I slide my fingers into your hair and guide your head up and down on me as I feel my balls tightening. You feel the quickening spasms running through my cock and push your mouth down completely on me, vacuuming me harder into your mouth, creating the most delicious suction as I flex my cock and shoot stream after stream of my hot creamy load into the back of your throat.

You lift your lips, careful to suck every drop out of me then lay back against my chest as I place my arm around you, both of us trying to hide our quickened breathing. I tuck myself back into my pants and zip up then lean down and kiss your soft beautiful lips. Brushing your hair back I look into your eyes and smile gently.

You sigh happily and say "what a perfect night."

"It's not over yet my love." I take your hand in mine and continue "we still have dinner reservations."

To be continued...

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