tagLoving WivesMovie Night Ch. 01

Movie Night Ch. 01


(MFM, public, based on a real event but embellished)

- Mr & Ms Screwloose

All this happened a looong time ago, in the early 70s, when "free love" reigned and all was forgiven in the morning. There is no actual organ-to-organ sex in this story, just a lot of playing around, so there is no need for safe-sex warnings. But here's one anyway: If you are having sex, do it safely. The only exceptions are (1) sex inside a serious, long-term, monogamous relationship, and (2) sex with yourself and your imagination. Even then, be sure to keep your vibrators clean. :-)


Deep Throat, when it came out, played at ordinary, suburban, neighborhood movie theaters. Not slimy XXX movie theaters. It moved from Times Square theaters to mainstream venues and gave a lot of people the chance to see real porn without having to venture into the nearby big city to find it.

I went to see this movie with my super-sexy girlfriend at the time. We had been together a couple years at that point. Who knew that we would get married later and stay married forever? At the time, she was just my adventurous, sexy honey. And not innocent. We had already had a threesome, well, a couple actually, so we were not all that conventional sexually. On the other hand, this was the era of free love. "If it moves, fondle it" was the watchword of the time.

This movie was all the rage at the time. We planned to see it that weekend at a very nice theater near campus. A few days before, I hatched a plan for a little adventure. I asked a friend of mine to meet us at the theater but pretend it was just an accident, that he was going to the flick alone because his girlfriend was a stick in the mud. I'd ask him to sit with us. He and she have met before but only briefly. He's really good looking, much better than I am, and I think she finds him attractive. In modern terms, "a hunk." And I wanted him to make a pass at her.

"Huh?" he says.

"Yes, I want you to make a pass at her. Hey, it's a sex movie after all, so we'll all be feeling sexy. I'll be playing with her, anything she'll let me get away with, and you should join in. I'll make sure that she's dressed appropriately to allow us to get at the 'fun bits.' Fondle her. Over clothes, under clothes, wherever. You want to do this?"

"Jeez, of course I want to, but what if she objects. She doesn't know me. She isn't on a date with me. She's out with you. I'm almost a stranger."

"I'll see that she doesn't object much. She won't make a scene or anything."

"Okay. Suppose I do try to feel her up. How far do you want me to go with this?"

"As far as you can get her to go. Do anything to her that you want to -- that she'll let you do. I'll warm her up and you join in. I think we'll have a fun time."

"You aren't kidding about this? You really want me to try to seduce your girlfriend? You aren't kidding me? This isn't some sort of joke? You aren't going to punch me out for touching her, are you? Is this a setup?"

"No, I'm completely serious. Hands on flesh. I want to see it. It's a setup for *her*. Free pussy for you, if you can get to it."

"Man, I have a rod just thinking about it. She is really a slinky babe. . . . Okay, I'll do anything I can do. I'll be all over her. Anything she'll let me do. I get to play with that fine pussy? You're really sure?"

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever you can get away with. Touch anything, feel anything, get into anything, kiss anything. Short of screwing in public that would get us arrested, no limits from me. No limits except hers."

Comes the night, I ask her to wear a dress so we can, um, play a little, and she's fine with that. She has a shirt dress that buttons all the way down the front. Perfect. Modest when fully buttoned, but can be made as risque as one wants in just a few seconds. I can unbutton a few at the bottom and a few at the top to make it easier to see her lovely legs and her perky breasts. See and feel.

The plan works as expected, we bump into my friend in the lobby. She recognizes him. I ask him to join us. Of course I have her sit in the middle. Boy-girl-boy, what could be more natural. The theater is only a third or half full, not crowded, so there's some privacy.

The movie starts and, yeow, this really is porn. Despite the nice theater we're in, this is an explicit sex film. The critics weren't kidding. Higher production values than the black and whites that get projected on sheets, but explicit as hell. Sex organs all over the place, and the most explicit contact. Not the usual "wham bam thank you ma'am," just as it says. If you haven't seen Deep Throat, do. It's pretty tame by twenty-first century standards, but a lot more interesting. Plenty of fucking and sucking. More plot than you find in most new stuff. And humor.

I have my hand on her leg, which we almost always do at movies. I make sure that her legs are not crossed so I can feel her thighs. I unbutton one, two, three buttons up the skirt to give me better access to her legs, feeling up her thighs while Linda Lovelace is blowing up a storm on the screen.

She leans over to me, whispers, "Your friend is touching me."

I see that the back of his hand is just touching the outside of her leg. "Barely. So what. This is a very sexy movie. Aren't you turned on by this? Go with it."


"Let him have a feel. It's just a leg. He's just being friendly, sitting next to such a sexy babe." Nudge, nudge. I know -- I hope -- that "just a leg" leads to other things, like "between legs."

Something funny happens in the movie and the audience laughs. I take the opportunity to reach further up her thigh, pull it toward me so I can reach inside it. I run my hand inside her delicious thigh, further up, up toward the goodies. Unbutton another button. I pull her leg toward me, away from the other one, pull them apart. I'm almost up to her crotch now. My fingers brush against the gusset of her panties. Her knees are well apart and there is no obstacle to my touching her sex through the sheer cloth.

He has moved his hand to her other leg now, too, and is already well above her knee. I see that he is stroking his fingers up her thigh, then down inside it. She's a little tense, maybe, with a strange man's hand on her, but she doesn't object or try to move it off. I unbutton one more. Now her dress is open within an inch or two of her panties. I reach up to her panties, which are now hot and damp. I lay my hand down over the fabric covering the lips of her sex and she slouches and moves her hips a little toward my hand, involuntarily. I glance down to see my hand on her crotch. His hand is about halfway up her leg now, and she is not resisting.

If I lean forward just a little, I can see her panties. Pink. I'm sure he can see them, too. She's unbuttoned and opened and letting us look and feel. Yum.

She whispers to me again. "Honey, he is really touching my leg now. His hand is on my leg, and going up."

"Yes, I see. Mmmm. Looks hot. Isn't it fun?"

"He is going to go right up my leg to feel me up. He's going to want to touch me like you are. You know, all over, everywhere. Feel my. . . ."

"Good. Good idea. You know I love to feel you there. And you love it, too." Boy, I hope he feels her there. I hope we both get to feel her, top and bottom, inside and out, but that's a bit much to hope for in this relatively public situation. We all know that she's an adult, she could just remove his hand by herself and close her legs if she wanted to, but she hasn't.

I reach over with my other hand to her breast. She jumps a little, I think because she thinks that people might see. She lifts her arms and hands to cover mine so no one can really tell where my hand is. I feel her breast near me. The nipple is rock hard. She is really turned on because it's not cold in here. I subtly unbutton her dress so I can get under it and inside her bra. God, I am as turned on as she appears to be, my dick is as hard as her nipples.

I decide to let this evolve a little further. I'll leave them alone for a few minutes. I tell her I have to go to the head.

"Don't leave me alone. He's running his hand up my thigh. He wants to feel me all over. He's trying to get between my legs. Do you want that? Do you want him to feel me up like that? Do you want me to let him between my legs? What if he gets up to. . . ."

"You'll be okay, just go with the flow, have fun, whatever you want." Or words to that effect. "I really have to go."

I get up and go quickly. And then come back five minutes later and sit in the row behind them to watch what is happening.

Her hands have a firm grip on the armrests. He is making progress toward her sex, and she is not fending him off but not cooperating much either. Her legs are still apart, relaxed, open so he can feel what he wants. How far will she let this go? How far will he be able to get her to let him?

He proceeds stroking up her thigh, and after a minute or two has got all the way to her panties. He plays with the elastic at the legbands, finally cups her crotch, runs the tips of his fingers up and down her lips through the sheer fabric. Now she does react. She slouches down in her seat to push her hips forward, opens her legs as far as the theater seats will allow. Oh, wow. She is opening her pussy for him, deliberately, so he can get to it. No words are exchanged but the meaning is clear.

He slides his other hand onto her left breast, then unbuttons more of her dress from the top. Almost all the buttons are undone now, save a couple at her waist. He doesn't push the dress aside to open it completely. That would be too conspicuous and others would notice. She is still shielding his hand on her bare breast from the sight of others. This is already much further than I expected she would allow. She must be very turned on by now, by the movie, by my playing, and now by this relative stranger molesting her.

He takes one of her hands, puts it on his pants over his hard-on. She lets it sit there. Surely she can feel his cock pulsing through his pants. His right hand covers her pussy over her panties. Still no objection. Then he boldly goes up to the waistband and down inside her panties onto her sex. She whimpers a little and her hips move up. She grips his cock through his pants and holds it, squeezes and relaxes, kneading his stiffness just as he is rubbing her sex, beating him off slowly through his pants. I can see his fingers moving up and down splitting her labia, then one finger bends and goes into her. Into her sex, into her hole. Her hips jump up to meet his finger, pushing her fuck-hole further onto that probing digit. He is finger fucking her in and out, in and out. Her sex tube must be gushing right now. I think, Hey, that's my pussy you're fucking there! Now I am jealous. He's got his finger wet and I haven't yet.

She is breathing hard and moving her hips to fuck back onto his fingers. Pumping her cunt up to his hand. And she is gripping and stroking his cock and he is breathing hard, too. This is real sex now, mutual masturbation, both of them trying to bring the other one off. They are both hotter than a pistol.

She raises one hand to her mouth and bites it, I think to avoid making noise as she comes. Ohmigod. She has just had an orgasm with a stranger's hand in her cunt. Here, in the theater, in public. Wow! My dick is harder than steel. So is his, I'm sure. She is still gripping it and pumping it and stroking, and his hips are jerking, too. But he grabs her wrist and stops her before he comes in his pants there in the theater. He removes his hand from her panties, pats her on the pussy, pulls the dress together to cover her, and explains that he, too, is going to the head. Obviously he is going to finish what she started, just in a way that won't ruin his clothes. A wet spot on the front of his pants would be very embarrassing leaving the theater.

I wait a minute and then I come back to her. She has rearranged her dress to about where I left it.

"Where were you for so long?"

"I didn't feel good, something I had at dinner I guess. Sorry I took so long. What did I miss?" I was referring to the movie, but I'm sure she thought I meant something else.

After some hesitation, "Just more amazingly over-sized anatomical parts. And she really has some talent there. The movie lives up to its title. Look at that." Sure enough, some huge phallus is being deep-throated on the screen. I don't care much. It's pussy I want.

We finish the movie in much the same fashion. Me playing with her legs, up to her pussy but over the panties, just rubbing hard and strategically up and down splitting open her labia. I try to get under the legbands of the panties but not much. I figure pushing the panties to the side or taking them off completely would be a little too obvious, someone might notice, though I'm sure that part of the audience has already done so. And then him feeling her legs and brushing and pressing on her pussy, we sort of alternate. She's letting both of us play with her boobs and sex. We try to keep her at a constant state of high arousal.

As the movie comes to an end, we button her up to some degree of modesty so we can all stand up and leave without too much embarrassment. He and I both have tents in our pants, but she is mostly covered.

She and I didn't talk about it later. She never told me anything about letting his hand in her pants, or letting his fingers into her cunt, or actually coming on his hand.

That is, until I wrote down this story and she read it.

It's thirty years later, she gaped at the story. "You set me up for that? To have your friend feel me up like that? You rat! He used my body as a fuck toy. And you watched the whole thing!"

"Yes. I did. I'm sorry, Sweetie. But, boy, wasn't it fun?"

"Yes, it was fun. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. You're still a rat for tricking me like that."

And then she told me the story as she remembered it.

(Continued in chapter 2.)

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