tagIncest/TabooMovie Night Ch. 10: Tammy's Place

Movie Night Ch. 10: Tammy's Place


Authors note...my apologies for the delay in writing...i had been struggling with a suitable solution to the question of how to resolve the "Tammy" question, and finally prefaced it to at least my own satisfaction in chapter 9, to realize it here.

Given someone actually in this position, this seems at least plausible, all things considered.

Again, I appreciate the feedback, so please do leave any comments.


... "the day after" my Riley experience, when we confirmed she, too, is pregnant.

The other kids had left for...let's see...a sleep-over, basketball tournament, and a birthday party, respectively. Tammy and I had slept in, but I heard "the girls" downstairs, and better yet, smelled the coffee.

I've been here before...that morning with Riley and Petra came back to my memory quickly...No robe this time, but the shorts and T-shirt thing seemed appropriate, given the late-summer heat. Noticing Tammy had already gotten up and dressed, I presumed she was downstairs with them. A quick tooth brushing, and away we go!

I was met in the kitchen with not three, but all FOUR of the girls at the table, clean, dressed, and a very stern-looking Tammy, hair and makeup done, same shorts and raggedy T-shirt as yesterday, and seated amongst them. Tammy at the front right side, just to my right where I sit at the head of the table, with Susan to her right, furthest away from me. Petra across from me at the opposite end, Terri to her right, across from Susan, and Riley directly across from Tammy, to my left. Looking things over, I noticed that everyone had the same fashion statement as I did...shorts...T-shirts...pretty sure Susan wasn't wearing a bra, and by the looks of things, those were starting to expand a bit. Come to think of it, all 4 girls were looking, well...a little more voluptuous up top than before. Wow.

I admit it. I was staring. Fuck, those are nice. Susan caught me glancing, and smiled back.

"Good morning, Daddy" I heard in chorus, as all four girls couldn't have timed it better. Smiles all around, except for, of course, Tammy.

"Sit down, o.k., we need to talk with these girls, o.k.?" Tammy was all about business, and best to just accommodate her if we are going to have any sort of day today, so I did. Interestingly enough, it was me...as in..."I" was the one... the nervous one...all 4 girls were strangely...well...calm? WTF? Really?

I know to just go with the flow sometimes, and given Susan's words to me last night, that was going to have to happen here, now. Somehow, the girls calmness gave me mine. I saw with my cup already full.

"O.k., so what's up, Tam?" was all I could get out, after a very satisfying sip of coffee.

"I'll get right to the point, o.k., and she was looking around the room at faces. There's a distinct lack of blood in this house lately." We all paused. She continued "as in...I've noticed that no one...as in "NO ONE" used any tampons OR pads in the last 2 weeks." With this statement, all the girls looked at each other, not smiling, not frowning, just...well...looking at each other, but their collective gazed move to Susan. Kinda weird, actually. A little bit "scary movie" freaky...it definitely didn't fit with Tammy's comment, that's for sure.

Tammy noticed that her statement didn't have the intended effect, so she dug in harder "I tend to notice these kinds of things, so...what's going on? Either all of you have suddenly gotten "the shot", or something else is afoot?"

Susan dropped the bomb. Sipping her coffee, she began "Well, Mother...that would be because we're all pregnant."

The half-sip of coffee I had taken stuck on my tongue, choking me, partly going back into the cup, and then half-projecting over the cup and onto the table. The look on Tammy's face was like mine, a mixture of disbelief and "you're pulling my leg, right?", which is almost what Tammy said, but in a whisper "Susan. You're kidding me, right?"

Susan had her eyes locked on her. Turning her chair slightly to meet Tammy's gaze, I saw the determination rise up in her...polished...sharp...and being wielded with a calm, steady hand. "No, Mom, actually, I'm not, and now that we finally know we're ALL pregnant, well, we're ready to tell you, plus answer any questions."

It takes a lot to unnerve Tammy; I know this from experience, but this was approaching that.

"What do you mean you're pregnant? Wait...you're ALL pregnant... what do you mean 'now that you know you're ALL pregnant'...? What's THAT supposed to mean?

Tammy was searching for a handle on the moment, and I was gripped by the discourse, silent, examining Susan's body language, tone, and method. I desperately wanted to see how this was going to play out, as she had clearly been masterminding this very moment deliberately. All the other girls...Petra, Riley, Terri...we were all quiet, watching...listening...learning, I suppose, but it was deliberate.

Susan leaned forward, put her hand on Tammy's knee, and said "it means, Mom, that we're all pregnant. Uh-Right now. It means that we've all planned on getting pregnant. It means that we've all succeeded in getting pregnant."

Tammy's face flushed, then lost all it's color.

"What? Wait...When? Why? With Who?" She was at a loss for sentences, but had effectively communicated that she had questions that needed answers. To both our surprise, Susan was composed, and wasted absolutely no time countering correctly "Pregnant, just this last month, because we all decided we wanted to, and Dad."

I felt the blood drain from my face, even if Tammy missed the reference. I was pretty sure it was going to be made clear enough in WAY too short a time. THIS was Susan's plan? Like THIS? Holy fucking shit. Decorum, she has none.

"Dad?" Tammy replied. "Who's the Dad?"

"My Dad, Mom. Your husband." Susan continued.

"He's your father, Susan. Who's the Dad?" she asked again, her mind clouded. Susan rolled her eyes, leaned in even further, and spoke softly, but directly into Tammy's widening abyss, speaking slowly, "Mom. He's MY father, yes. He's MY Dad. But he's also "the" father...and he's also "the" father for all of us", and Susan held up her fingers making the quotation marks as she spoke.

"Your father. He's THE father, Susan? Are you sure? For all of you?" and Tammy was surveying the nodding heads and smiling faces around the table, now barely whispering as she spoke. The question was absurd, but no one said so, given the gravity of the moment. Susan replied in almost a whisper herself, but with a slight smile "I'm pretty sure we'd know that, Mom, don't you think? After all, he's been in bed with each of us numerous times for the past several weeks, and since all of us missed our period two weeks ago, well, I really don't think there's any question on this point."

You could have heard an owl's feather drop onto a pond. The silence was roaring. Tammy turned to me, and again, in a whisper, asked me:

"Can't be."

"Is this true?"

What happened next was clearly unexpected.

I opened my mouth to answer, when I saw briefly, but mostly felt Tammy's right palm sweeping through space as she stood. The slap was slow-motion hell, and it snapped my face and neck so far to the right, I thought I might become an owl myself. The blow moved me off my chair, and I half-stood, half-squatted out-of-place, nearly behind Tammy's chair. Tammy was beginning to shout at me, but surprised and a bit dazed, I couldn't make it out. My eyes, straining to focus, finally met with Susan's, who actually winked at me. It was surreal. I felt the anger rise up in me. THIS is bullshit. Words, lady. Words.

Still...not a single other girl took any other action. No words, no one left their seat, nothing. Watching Susan's face, I saw her rise up, and from behind her, tapped a raging Tammy on her left shoulder. Tammy finished shouting something at me, and when she turned to face Susan, she was met with the same fate I had just received. Susan coiled her own right hand and let loose the mother of all slaps onto Tammy's left cheek, sending her reeling to the floor in front of me, crashing into the refrigerator at the 90 degree corner of the kitchen where it and the countertop join. I thought for a moment that Tammy had been knocked out. She was kneeling on the floor, both hands on the tiling, her head hanging down, and Susan advanced the 2 steps to kneel next to her, on her left side, but in front.

Lifting Tammy's head with her left hand under her chin, Susan spoke directly into her eyes "Mother, I love you dearly, but you will NEVER again, IN ANY MANNER, lay a single hand on the father of our children. If you do, I will bitch-slap you so hard you won't remember your own name for a month. Do you understand me?"

Tammy was wide-eyed, still trying to understand the moment "You...you HIT me. Susan, why did..." but as the words came out, Susan interrupted her brashly "I struck you because you disobeyed me, Mother. When I told you earlier this morning that we had something to talk over with you, YOU told me you'd keep calm and composed. Striking my father, and the father of our children is hardly being "composed" now, is it?"

Tammy began her reply "Susan, I..." but Susan had already wrapped her right hand full of Tammy's hair, and pulling it back hard, stretching and exposing Tammy's neck and throat firmly, moving her left hand down around her throat, squeezing tightly, interrupted her "...and when you tell me you're going to stay composed, I expect you to STAY THE FUCK COMPOSED. Do I make myself clear, Mother, or do I need to go further to help you understand?"

I saw it in an instant. Susan was done being part of the litter, and was asserting herself as the dominant female. She was onto becoming the queen, and this is how it was going to happen, right here, right now.

With one hand on Tammy's throat and one still in her hair, she continued "Now, I can understand slightly your surprise at this news, Mother, but really, is it all that much of a surprise for you? I mean, do you actually think you could ignore Daddy's needs that long with the four of us constantly around him, coming of age, and NOT pay?this price? Seriously. You're either completely naïve, or absolutely cruel."

Tammy was gasping for air, and Susan continued "Now, I'm going to let you up. You're going to rejoin us at the table, and you WILL remain civil, do you understand?" Tammy nodded just enough, and Susan relented. Tammy began to stand, and Susan took a half-step back. As Tammy straightened out, she spoke, not so much "at" Susan, but "towards" her.

"Susan, if you ever strike me again...", and that was all it took. As she glanced over her left shoulder again to view her in a vain attempt to regain control of the situation, she again received Susan's right hand open slap, this time so forcefully that her head bounced off the refrigerator and she was back on her hands and knees again.

Susan pounced down to her, her voice full of the authority of a drill sergeant, but not shouting, just solidly in control "You Fucking little Mother Bitch, I'll strike you whenever I GODDAMNED feel like it, and you won't say a GODDAMNED thing about it, UNDERSTAND. That's it, Mom, I see you'll need this lesson the hard way, so let me make this crystal clear." Kneeling down, Susan again gathered her right hand full of Tammy's hair, and yanked back. Tammy was barely comprehending any of this, her senses having been reeled by the combination of Susan's hand and the refrigerator. Susan pulled back, again stretching her neck even more, and moved her left hand to Tammy's T-shirt top. Inserting her hand and gripping tightly the top neckline, she surprised even me as she jerked the material down, easily ripping the old, flimsy top cleanly down to her Tammy's navel.

Susan lowered the same hand to Tammy's bra top, and unfastened the front clasp, allowing both of her breasts to spring free, heavy with the weight of her maturity. I noticed her distended nipples, now engorged, and wondered if this was part of the 'fight or flight' thing. This was somehow connecting inside pieces of Tammy, but she didn't realize it. I mean, why would being bitch-slapped make your nipples that engorged, unless...? Tammy was bewildered, and Susan spoke to her again "Now, Mommy BITCH, you WILL stay on your hands and knees like this, so help me God, and if you so much as move, you will pay a price all day long for it."

Tammy was beginning to perspire a bit from the strain, her eyes flickering from Susan's face to mine and back, searching for something that wasn't there. I was standing tall now, directly to Susan's right...Tammy's left, and slightly behind. "Dad, hand me a washcloth, please," Susan spoke.

I made the mistake of pausing.

Susan looked at me and more slowly, but with added emphasis, added "I will not ask you again."

o.k. Follow her lead. Got it.

I went to the sink, wet a clean, white cloth, and handed it to her. Susan pressed the damp material to Tammy's face and began coarsely rubbing her lipstick onto the cloth "This comes off, Mother. Can you see me? I'm removing it. You no longer get to wear lipstick in this house, understand?" Tammy's head was beginning to clear, and she nodded only slightly. "What, Mother?" Susan asked "I can't hear you?" Tammy spoke as Susan relaxed her head forward "yes, o.k." was all that came out.

"Ok, what, Mother?" Susan replied, her lips now close to Tammy's ears. "Rule #1 today; when you address me, it's 'Mistress' to you Mom, whenever we're alone here, never Susan, do you understand me?" and Susan yanked her head back still further, now pulling the nipple of her left breast firmly down and twisting it slightly.

This got Tammy's attention "OW! OUCH! O.k., o.k. Yes...Ma'am. Yes, Mistress."

Susan went on "Rule #2 Mom; when we're together like this, you only speak when spoken to. Now, you don't seem to believe or appreciate this situation, Mother, so let's make it crystal clear to you, shall we? See these girls at this table?" Tammy nodded. "Each of them has been taking turns with your husband for the past month and then some...MY father...ensuring he impregnates us. Do you understand that?" Again, Tammy nodded, but her eyes watering up. "Good. So don't fucking ask 'if we're sure'. You bet your ass we're sure."

"Now look at me, Mother," and Susan turned Tammy's head to face her "YOUR husband, MY father, the man we all love...we each seduced him...we all did...and he also got ME pregnant, which by the way, was the plan he knew about and openly participated in, isn't that right, Dad?" and now Susan was looking at me.

I nodded, but also spoke "Yes, Pumpkin, that's all true."

"Now, Mother," and Susan was looking back at her, I'm going to show you what this all means to you. Stand up, go get your purse, and return here...and you have exactly 30 seconds to do so. If you have a change of heart and fail to return, you will never see these faces in this house again." Susan released her grip, and pulled Tammy to standing, her breasts now clearly on display "and you are NOT to adjust your clothing, do you understand me?"

Tammy made the mistake of hesitating as she surveyed everyone. "Mother, do I really need to make any of this MORE CLEAR to you?"

"No, Mistress" and Tammy left the room. THIS was the moment of truth, and we all were anticipating the outcome. She returned in well under 20 seconds, purse in hand. Giving it over to Susan, her eyes were still searching mine for help, but Susan intervened "Back down on the ground, Mother. On your knees. Now."

Tammy's gaze met mine, and saw clearly the anger I had in the moment, and probably a little of the satisfaction I felt at her treatment by Susan. Again hesitating just a moment too long, Susan took not even a half step advance towards her "I swear to God, Mom, if I tell you to do it, then you do it now", and Tammy quickly took a knee, then another.

Deafening silence again as Susan pilfered Tammy's bag. She pulled out two tubes of the red lipstick, and placed them on the table. "Rule #3, Mother: You are forbidden to wear lipstick in this house. You're clearly unaware of how it works with Daddy, so that's our job now, and I'm going to show you why. First things first, turn and face Dad. Now." Tammy spun on the floor as a dog would, quickly, and obediently, resting on her palms and her knees.

Susan calmed a bit "First question for you, Mom. Who's do you want to see?"

Tammy clearly didn't understand the question, or I'm pretty sure she would have answered differently.

Looking up, she began "Susan, why..." but Susan cut her off. "O.k., Mother, good choice. I'd love to. Now, you'll sit and watch." Susan, in her loose, white gym shorts, her grey T-shirt, stepped out of her sneakers, pulled her hair back and adjusted the band in her hair.

"Petra. Here, please. Now."

"Riley, here."

Susan was pointing out locations on the floor. Petra and Riley nearly leapt from their chairs, taking Susan's orders and kneeling in place on the floor next to Tammy, Petra on Tammy's right side, wrapping her left hand through Tammy's hair, similarly stretching it back, keeping her head straight towards me. Riley just behind Petra, at Tammy's hips. Petra looked up and smiled at Susan, then me, and said "o.k., go ahead, Sus."

Kneeling down in front of Tammy, Susan spoke firmly "You're going to watch us, Mother. You're going to watch what Daddy gives us, and what you will no longer get. You can ask any questions you'd like, and we'll answer, but you are NOT to interrupt." Susan stood and turned to face me, directly in front of Tammy, and standing straight, uncapped the red lipstick tube, staring into me, and gracefully applied the cream to each lip. She had perfected the act to extract my lust, and in an instant, I knew she meant business. In a single motion, she lifted her shirt and let it hit the floor. Her breasts had already begun swelling, fully showing her C cup now, her aerola's deepening in pink and brown. So very sexy, and despite the stress of the moment, but I wasn't thickening. Not yet. Stressful.

Tammy found her voice "Susan, you can't do this. You..." but the moment she began speaking, in a flash, Riley had pulled Tammy's shorts down with her panties, and her left hand landed so hard across Tammy's ass that she shrieked, her mouth hanging open thereafter, but no sound coming out. We were all startled, except Susan. Riley spoke on Susan's behalf as Petra again craned Tammy's neck back "You are not to speak, Mrs. D. when Mistress Susan has told you not to. What the fuck don't you understand about 'you can only ask questions'? Let's try this again."

Susan's eyes locked with mind, and she smiled at me, defiant, having never looked back to them, knowing what had just played out behind her. Without even a look back, she reached behind her, extending her hand to Petra, who took the lipstick tube, tossed it to Terri, who pocketed it, then stood, and moved around the table towards us all. Susan took the half step needed to reach me, and wrapping her right hand around my neck, moved her head to my left ear, away from Tammy. She pushed her hand on my abdomen "don't move, Daddy. Not a muscle, do you understand? If I ask you a question, you just answer me, o.k.?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

In the blink of an eyelash, Susan went from Mistress to Seductress, and her whole being softened and melted against mine.. "Oh, Daddy," she continued in a whisper, "Isn't this an interesting twist, hmmm...?" and she began kissing my ear, nibbling on my earlobe, and then kissed my neck at my jawline. "This is going to work, Dad; I told you to trust me, right? I am so fucking hot for you just don't know" and Susan's left hand began to slip down my shirt, toying with my waist-band. Louder now, she spoke so Tammy could hear "I want to feel it again, Daddy. I want to show Mommy how I make it grow, o.k.? Can I touch it?"

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