tagTransgender & CrossdressersMovie Star Gone Astray Pt. 04

Movie Star Gone Astray Pt. 04


As I clocked out for the day, I practically ran to my car. Not only was I ready to get out of this dirty kitchen, I was running to see him.

It had been two weeks since Dustin and I began our relationship by fucking on his living room couch, and I was in heaven. Every minute that I wasn't at work or doing something at home for my parents was spent looking as feminine as possible at his house. We were still working on the movie with Adreann and Johnny so I was playing that character while we polished up the script, but a good chunk of the night was just the two of us curled up somewhere.

Okay, maybe that wasn't all of it. We fucked like rabbits. And I had a feeling tonight was going to be no different. Dustin's parents were going to be out of town again, Johnny was going to a party and Adreann would be at a summer cheerleading camp for the next week so we had the house to ourselves. The opportunity wasn't lost on us.

I parked on the curb in front of his house and grabbed the small backpack full of what clothes I had stolen from the box in the downstairs storage room of my house, as well as some things from Dustin's parents' room. I'd probably try to find something new to wear from around the house, but it was nice to have this bag just in case. I knocked on the door and heard the call to come in.

He walked out of the kitchen as I closed the door behind me. I was pleasantly surprised when he grabbed me by the waist and kissed me. That was quick. This was a side of him I'd never seen before we began our relationship, and it was a pretty big turn-on that he was so into it.

Apparently, I had been a little more focused on my thoughts than the kissing, because he pulled back after a few seconds.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing," I said, changing my voice to the more feminine tone I had been working on when we were alone. "I wasn't expecting such a warm welcome yet. I haven't even put on makeup."

"Oh you don't have to do all that stuff for me", he said. "I know that's probably a lot of extra work."

"I know", I said with a smile, "but honestly I like it. This might be weird but being a girl just feels... right. I've never cared much about who I was or how I looked before now. It's... something I want to explore."

"And", I said, quickly planting a few more kisses on his lips, "how I dress seems to get you pretty hot and bothered. And I like you that way."

His hands drifted down and he grabbed my ass. "When you're happy, I'm happy", he said.

I made my way downstairs to the master bedroom. Normally I couldn't be in here very long, just to grab some clothes to wear for whatever piece of the movie we were rehearsing, but today I had all the time I needed. We were sleeping in here tonight and I wanted everything to be perfect.

I stepped into the small attached bathroom and turned on the standup shower. By this point I was shaving my whole body every three or four days and had just done it this morning, but I stunk a bit from working. I stripped and ran my hands over everything to check and was pretty satisfied with how smooth I was. I had knicked myself the first few times. By far the worst place to shave was my ass, but even that was nice and cleaned up now. I stepped in and started scrubbing myself down with the soft bath sponge hanging from the shower rack. There were a few different shampoos and body washes and I picked out the most feminine smelling ones I could find.

Once I was out and dried off, I started going through the makeup on the counter. Thanks to Adreann and a lot of practice, I was getting really good at this. I was going to need my own stuff sooner or later, but the thought of going out and being seen buying it was terrifying. So many thoughts and worries I played around with while I applied my foundation and a touch of blush.

Could I go out as a girl and shop? It sounded so scary and freeing at the same time. If someone noticed me in this small town I might die of shame. There were still plenty of the assholes from my graduating class around who hadn't gone off to school yet. Or a friend of my parents might see who I am. As I finished applying mascara I took a step back and tried to see if I could spot some flaw that might give me away.

Was this really me? I smoothed out a smudge of foundation near my lip. After the past few weeks I was starting to get used to how I looked, but it still amazed me how different I looked. Adreann had even plucked my brows just a bit the day before so I looked like a real girl from the neck up. I dropped the towel from my waist and looked myself up and down. I almost had the right figure, if I wasn't near flat chested.

I looked at the dick hanging just limply from my body. I had the idea to tuck it and wondered how it would feel to have girl's parts. The bare patch of skin above my crotch pulled a bit tighter as I hid myself. I twirled in front of the mirror. Now all but the hair on my head looked like a young woman. Even Johnny wouldn't recognize me now. Thinking about Johnny made me remember that day and I got a little hard between my legs. I grabbed my ass and spread it in the mirror.

God damn, it felt good when Johnny and Dustin were fucking me. I didn't know what would come of all this or how far it would go but I knew there was a different version of myself inside me. Maybe the real version of me. And that part felt most powerful and feminine and real when pleasing a man with my body. I wanted to explore that feminine side now.

Heading into the walk-in closet I started looking for something to wear during tonight's festivities. This time there was no rush for me to grab and go so I took advantage.

For as straight-laced as I thought Dustin's parent's were, it was still a bit surprising that there were so many sexy things to wear in here. A few corsets with matching panties and stockings, some more of the small strappy things I loved to wear, a couple lace nighties with super plunging busts that I'm sure would barely cover me. I found something in the back that I hadn't seen before. As it was hanging it touched the floor and looked like it was all fishnet. I pulled it off the hanger and started looking it over to see how to put it on. I put my feet through the top and and started inching it up.

The legs were like regular silk stockings and ended mid-thigh with two straps going up the waist. There was no crotch, the straps met by rounding up just above my crotch and I could tell my ass hung out of it too. The skirt, if you want to call it that, was just a small ruffle that hung off my hip. A lot of criss-crossing fishnet went up my torso and the arm sections, which ended with more silk and a ring around my fingers. There was a weird open part that went just under my chest that I realized was some underwire, like a bra but without cups. As I adjusted it everything got really tight and the outfit dug into me.

Did... did this thing give me boobs? I walked out and looked at the full-length mirror on the door and my jaw dropped. This outfit actually lifted up what little breast I had. I played with it a bit in disbelief. This was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I turned around and saw my bare ass and more fishnet all up my back. I could swear this was lifting that up too. I looked like I belonged in a porn flick. It was almost too good to be true.

As I stood around playing with myself, a noise from upstairs brought me back to reality. Oh right, Dustin was upstairs getting dinner. I needed something over this. I went back in and found a high-waisted skirt but couldn't find something I liked to go with it. I settled for a small long sleeve top. As I was looking through shoes I found a small box marked "Toys". I couldn't resist at this point so I opened it up.

Sure enough it was full of sex toys and porn. I rifled through it for a minute. There was a gag, several different dildos. I pulled one out that was huge and had a weird head. Some writing on the base said it was a horse dick. I was a little disturbed but also still turned on. How do you fit this gigantic thing inside yourself? I set it aside. Next I found a small plastic thing that had a pointed tip and a flat part at the other end. Is this what a butt plug looks like? I'd never seen one before. This was probably a bad idea, but I wanted to wear it. I grabbed a bottle of lube and went back to the bathroom to run it under hot water and soap. After a few careful minutes lubing myself up, I slowly stuck it in. I straightened myself out and walked back to the mirror to look at the finished product.

I liked this. I looked pretty from here. There was just one problem. I was pitching a tent under this skirt. Taking a few minutes to calm down, I searched through the porn for one with girls I liked on the box and got it ready in the dvd player in the small tv on top of the dresser. I put the box of toys away and slipped some flats on my feet. Nervously ready.

Dustin caught me as I came up the stairs.

"I was about to check up on you. You were down there a while. I just ordered some pizza." He looked me up and down. "Damn, you look good."

I felt a little red in my cheeks but thanked him. I took his hand and we went to the living room.

Since we had a little time, Dustin had an old slasher film on for us to watch. Horror was some of our favorite stuff and we had a good collection of remastered old movies. I smoothed my skirt under me as I sat down and became very aware of the plug jabbing into my ass. To make it more comfortable I leaned into Dustin and folded my legs so I was more or less laying on him. He didn't seem to mind and put an arm around me.

As we sat and watched opening credits, I was hit again with the thought I kept having these past few weeks. We're a couple, aren't we? Neither of us had come right out and said it, but I'm becoming his girlfriend and he's my boyfriend. I guess we hadn't needed to say it. Still, I was nervous and excited. This was a date.

At one point in the movie, these two teenagers were alone in the cabin and started making out as they do. I had a hand on Dustin's knee and I slid up his leg a bit. He took the hint and put a hand under my chin to turn my face to his. As we forcefully kissed our tongues wrapped around each other. I wasn't wasting any time being coy as I groped his crotch. I love feeling him already hard through his shorts. He starts planting hot kisses on my neck which bring a low moan from my lips.

We both jumped in surprise as a woman in the movie screams and the doorbell rings almost simultaneously. Straightening ourselves up and trying to act casual, Dustin answered the door. Our friend and classmate Luis was standing in the doorway holding a large pizza. Like us, he was working a summer job before taking off for college.

"Hey bro", Luis said as he handed the box over to Dustin. They small talked for a second as they swapped some change. Luis noticed me sitting there.

"I didn't know you a girlfriend around here."

Dustin sounded nervous. "Uh, yeah. This... is..."

"Hi, I'm Natasha. Nice to meet you," I said with a smile as I stepped over to shake his hand. I don't know why I went with that name. It seemed stupidly obvious. But if Luis saw through my voice or my makeup or any part of my act he didn't show it.

Just then his cellphone rang. "That's another delivery, gotta take this. See you guys later." And he left.

We sat back on the couch and ate in silence while the movie played.

"Not gonna lie, I'm amazed that he couldn't tell who you are," Dustin said as the credits rolled. "Even your voice sounds right. To everyone in this town, you could be my hot new girlfriend."

I looked at him very sarcastically. "Little forward of you, don't you think?" I held that gaze for a second before winking at him. He laughed at that.

I threw my leg across his lap and climbed on top of him.

"Now, I think we have some unfinished business."

I locked lips with him and our tongues met again. No more need to play coy. I wanted him now. Needed him. His hands grabbed my waist and I couldn't help but grind against him. After a few more minutes of this we pulled ourselves off the couch and made our way downstairs to the master bedroom.

As Dustin sat on the bed and started undressing, I walked into the closet. I quickly dropped my skirt and shirt and adjusted my chest just a bit to push it up as much as possible. I stepped out to meet him.

"Holy shit," he said as I twirled and tried to dance in front of him. He was fully nude and as soon as he saw me his cock sprung to attention.

I walked over to play the dvd. On the screen was a beautiful young redhead in a bikini dancing and touching herself in front of a pool. As I watched, a muscular guy in swim trunks came onscreen and they started making out. I walked back to Dustin again and tried making the most feminine, sexy voice I could create as I took his dick in my hand.

"You ain't seen nothing yet."

He started to squeeze my breasts while I stroked him. He bent down just a bit and lightly pinched one of my nipples, then the other. I moaned and pushed them at him. At this point I couldn't wait any longer and playfully shoved him down on the bed.

I planted several kisses on the head of his cock which caused him to shiver a bit. Looking up at him as I took it in my mouth, I went down as far as I could. Coming back up brought a groan. I stroked him again for a second and then took it slowly in my mouth. As I started bobbing my head, I was in bliss. His cock tasted so good. I was hard myself, moaning softly and grinding against my plug.

After a few more minutes of slurping and sucking he started to climb off the bed. He bent me over and I arched my back expectantly, so ready for what was coming. I thought he would say something when he noticed the butt plug, but instead he started playing with it, pulling it out and reinserting it a few times. He found the bottle of lube I had used earlier and started squeezing a huge amount on my hole and on his dick. Hearing moaning that wasn't mine, I looked at the tv to see the redhead bent over almost like me, one knee on a chair as the man was slowly moving in and out of her.

I didn't have much time to admire what I was watching because Dustin placed his tip against my hole.

"Are you ready?" He asked but already knew the answer.

"Yes. Give it to me, please baby," I begged as I wiggled my hips and pushed back into him.

Maybe there was a little too much lube because he shot all the way inside me as I backed up. I let out a sharp gasp as he basically impaled me with his huge cock. Any pain I might have felt though was drowned out by the pleasure. He pulled out a bit and then buried it in me again, and as he put a hand on my back I could feel the bristles of his short pubic hair rubbing my ass. I loved that feeling of being filled by him.

I reached with one hand to spread my cheeks and Dustin apparently took that as a sign because he started to fuck me hard. My loud moaning was punctuated by the fast slapping noises made by our bodies. He reached one arm around my neck and the other grabbed my tits as he pulled me to stand. He was breathing in my ear and lightly pinched my nipple as I arched my back further and basked in the now familiar feeling that came with him hitting my prostate on every thrust. I couldn't withstand much more of this without bursting.

He slowed for a moment and let go of me. I fell onto the bed.

"Please don't stop," I begged him.

He put his hands on my hips and rammed me again. I gripped the sheets and pushed back against his building pace. I look back at him and bite my lip. He gives me a look that is a mix of pleasure and knowledge. He knows the feeling welling up inside me. He knows that I crave it.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" I said with a long, drawn out scream as he pounded me even faster and I came. I couldn't see between my legs but knew that as my limp little dick swayed a steady drip was pouring from it. The hot waves of my orgasm washed over me so hard I felt I might faint as he held me tight and just kept fucking me for dear life. Almost like he knew, he slowed down as my shivering and screaming subsided and he finally pulled out of me with a small pop.

I turned and put my arms around his shoulders and placed several kisses on his lips before he pushed me back onto the bed. I spread my legs eagerly and wait for him. After squeezing another healthy amount of lube out he pulled me slightly off the bed and held my hips as he penetrated me.

The warm feeling returned almost immediately. He's going to make me cum again already. My breath quickened as he leaned back just a bit and filled me with it. Not even a minute later I felt it build up and boil over. As I moaned out loudly again and looked down I saw my dick had almost shrunk into itself but was still dripping another steady stream of my cum all over me. I felt my eyes roll back and I shivered in spite of the hot rocking of this orgasm, which somehow felt even better than the first one. He reached up and squeezed both of my breasts as he kept humping me hard and fast.

I watched as a bead of sweat dropped down his chest. He was really giving it to me hard. I knew he'd finish up soon at this rate but God, I didn't want him to. He could fuck me til I passed out and I'd love every second. Nothing beat this feeling.

He suddenly pulled out of me and motioned to have me turn over and crawl up the bed. I got into a spot where I was looking straight at the tv. The guy was sitting in the shallow end of the pool and the girl was riding him, the splashing of water in time with her lusty sounds. As I lay on my stomach and watched, Dustin crawled up and then straddled me with his hard dick resting on the crack of my ass.

Just as I was about to ask him not to tease me with it, he shoved it back in my little hole. I squealed with pleasure as he resumed his crazy pace. I wanted him to take me, to claim me right now with his cum. I could feel the warmth building up quickly again, spreading from where he was prodding me all through my body. He put his hands on my shoulders and started riding me really hard. I screamed out loud as I dribbled more cum in a small pool beneath me and rocked back against him while more waves of heat swept through me and I came undone under him.

The most powerful feeling I had ever experienced was coursing through me for the next couple of minutes as I looked back at Dustin to see a look in his eye that could only mean one thing. He was breathing very heavily as I encouraged him until at last he threw his head back and I felt what I was waiting for. I moaned along with him and clenched myself as I felt the warmth of jets of cum flood me, filling me up just as he'd been doing from the beginning. He kept thrusting for about a minute as he emptied his balls in me and then with one last hard thrust he was done.

He fell back into the pillows as he pulled out of me. Tired but clearly as satisfied as I was. I lay there for a moment and watched the end of the porn scene, as this big buff man blew a load on the redhead woman's face, which she eagerly licked up. I got up for a second to stop the dvd player and find a towel to clean up with before crawling into bed, between his legs. I lovingly kissed the tip of his cock again before crawling up and kissing him on the lips for a second. As I lay in his arms he nearly feel asleep.

I had some thoughts in the back of my mind as we drifted off. Things I wanted to ask him. If I could really be his woman, where we were going with this relationship, what everyone else would say and think of me coming out. Could I really change my whole identity? But as he held me all those fears went away. Maybe none of that matters. I quickly fell asleep.

I woke up sometime later to find it almost pitch black in the room. Dustin seemed to be fast asleep behind me, with one arm draped over my belly and breathing deeply in my ear. He also seemed to be what was waking me: I could feel his hard dick poking my asshole again. I was starting to see a pattern here.

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