As we sit in the back of a darkened theatre, a heroine bound and gagged on the screen, I look down as I feel your hand making its way up my leg. I glance over at you to see a mischievous smirk on your lips, as you lean in and whisper, "I want your cock." I feel your bite follow your words as you nibble my neck.

Your hand finds my rapidly hardening member, and begins to stroke it through my shorts. I moan softly and my eyes roll back as I feel my lust filling my mind. I reach down and draw the zipper down, releasing my cock from its constraints.

You seem surprised at first and audibly gasp, as I take your head and push it down onto my cock. I relish the feeling, as you take as much of me as you can. I run my fingers through your strawberry blonde hair, and apply pressure lightly to the back of your head to 'encourage' you to take more.

Your slurping sounds grow ever louder, your one hand around my shaft, and the other rubbing through your jeans, as you lose yourself in your lust . I ignore the movie as you are proving to be much better entertainment. The sight of your head bouncing up and down in my lap is infinitely more pleasurable than the celebrities on the screen.

Eventually I want more than just your mouth, and pull you off. A trail of saliva links my cock to your mouth and your hungry glazed eyes look like they know what is next.

"Slide down yours jeans," I command with a soft growl.

You nod and unzip as I turn you to face the rest of the audience and the screen itself. You and the heroine gasp simultaneously, her from the realization that she has been betrayed, and you from the feel of my cock spreading your pussy wide. I pull you down fully on my shaft and let you grind your hips back into me until I let you go and grab your hair.

"You like fucking in a theatre don't you?" I ask somewhat rhetorically.

"mmmmm" you just moan in reply and grind on my lap.

"You want everyone here to see what true slut you are."

"Oh god yes!" you gasp as your delicious ass slides down into my lap.

You feel my cock spread you wide every time you slide down along its shaft. I thrust up to meet you, your moan masked by the woman on screen gasping as the relatively tame sex scene plays out before your eyes.

I feel you getting more excited, nearing an orgasm. I grin and pull your head back as another soft moan escapes your panting lips.

"Are you getting close?" I whisper into your ear as you grind down on my cock.


I pull hard on your hair and say, "Its a pity you aren't allowed to. At least not until I allow it."

"Oh god... please let me... let me... COME!"

"SHHHH!" a woman from three rows up half turns.

"Not yet my dirty little slut" I whisper even softer.

"Oh ggggod.... we are .... OH.... going to get... seeeeen!" you say as you bounce up and down.

"Don't pretend like you wouldn't enjoy all these fine people seeing what a good whore you are." I whisper as I slide a hand up your shirt and cup your breast.

"Oh yes!!... Yes Master!... UUUGH... I want them to see.... see the slut you've made me!"

"What a good little slut!" I say as I move my hand from your breast to your clit, to push you over the edge.

"I am... soooo close... please ... let me come!" you whisper pleadingly.


"I ... am coooooming! Oh GOD... yesss" I feel you start to shake and just massage your clit all the harder. We get lucky and a gunfight keeps everyone from turning around and seeing our compromising position, as you have a mind numbing orgasm.

"What a naughty slut, I told you not to come. Now you are going to have to make up for that." You just turn your head around as a smile spreads across your lips.

"I'll make it up to you right now Master," you climb off me and kneel in front of me again. You take my cock, slick with your juices, into your mouth one inch at a time.

"Oh yesss... you are a well trained little slut." I manage to gasp as you engulf my entire shaft.

The movie doesn't last much longer, but neither do I. As the closing credits start to play I let loose with a moan. Your eyes smile up at me, over my still twitching cock.

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