tagIncest/TabooMoving Back Home

Moving Back Home


It was my third night back home. I had been sharing an apartment near school with Janet, my girlfriend of 3 years, until I came home to the sound of her getting off on someone else's cock one night. I was crushed, We had been together since senior year of high school, and she was the only woman I had been with. We were both virgins till our first time on Prom Night. I had been thinking about proposing, now I'm glad I didn't. So here I was, 20 years old and living with my mom again. Dad had left when I was about 12, so it was just me and her. Mom had taken to wearing a bathrobe around the house, and I don't think she had anything under it. I would find myself wondering at times if she had been going naked while I was away, and only wore the robe because I was around.

I was getting very horny, not having had sex in over a week when I was used to it almost every day. I hadn't jacked-off thought because every time I started to my mind went back to Janet, and then I would start crying. I went down the hall to the bathroom and Mom was just leaving it, still tying her robe shut. Definitely didn't have a bra on.

I went in and relieved myself. As I was leaving I saw something on the towel rack. It was a light pink pair of Mom's panties. I got a little hard thinking about how I used to sniff her panties when I first started to masturbate. As I looked at them I saw that there was a fairly large dark, damp spot on the crotch. I was getting harder by the second as I thought about whether Mom was leaking a bit or if it was something else. I picked the panties up and smelled the damp spot. Nothing but the scent of an excited woman. Mom must have been touching herself through them.

By now I was fully hardand my pants were painfully tight. I undid my jeans and pulled them down, sitting down. I held Mom's underwear to my face and breathed in deeply as I started to play with my cock. I hadn't done this in a long time and it had me very excited. I was stroking slow and hard, letting my Mother's scent overtake me. I began to lick and suck on the damp spot, getting near to the release I needed.

"This door never did latch right."

I was stunned. The door had come open part way, and I had just been caught masturbating while licking my Mother's panties.

"Are you enjoying yourself Jason," she said sarcastically. I started to stutter, trying to think of something to say. I must have been blushing very red, I felt I was about to die of embarrassment.

"Mom I--"

"Don't feel bad Jason, most boys do that sort of thing. I knew you did when you used to live here. I'd seen you once or twice."

I wouldn't have thought I could be any more embarrassed, but now I was. "Mom," I said, "please don't be mad. I was just--"

"I'm not mad hun," she said as she stepped into the room, "in fact I left those there thinking you might find them."

Embarrassment turned to pure shock! I really looked at her for the first time since she'd announced her presence. She was a bit flushed herself and her robe was hanging open. She was nude beneath it, and so wet that I could see it glistening on her thick bush!

"You looked like you needed a little help getting some release Jason," she cooed. "I could use some too."

"What are you saying Mom," I asked, not believing it could be what it seemed. I started to stand up, and realized that I was still very hard. She dropped her robe to the floor and stepped close to me. I backed up. Mom sat on the seat and spread her legs wide.

"I'm saying, Jason, that its been a long time since anyone ate my pussy, and you seem to like the taste." She had a very naughty look on her face as she said this, and started to tease her clit.

I wasn't sure what to do. Standing there with my pants around my knees, and very aroused, looking at my naked Mother pinching her nipples and touching her slit.

"I won't be the only one enjoying it," she said as she reached out and took hold of my stiff rod. My knees buckled and I found myself kneeling just inches from her, I could smell her now. She put her hand on my head and pulled me toward her. As my lips met the hair of her snatch I opened my mouth, pushing out my tongue. My Mother's juices tasted better than I had imagined. As I licked her she moaned and cooed. I moved a hand toward my cock, feeling I was about to explode.

But Mom pulled my hand back and said, "Just concentrate. On what you. Are doing. Jason. I'll take. Care of that. When you are done." She was drawing the breath to speak in gasps. She put her hands on my head, pulling me tight against her dripping sex. Her moaning got louder, almost constant. I worked my tongue in and out of her, dragging it across her clit. Her legs tightened on the sides of my head as I felt her start to shake, her moans loud and sharp between gasps.

I didn't stop. In a minute or two she settled, breathing fast and deep. I looked up to her face, and she bent to kiss me deeply, licking her fluids from my face. Mom stood up, bringing me with her. She turned us till we had changed places.

"Sit." I did.

She pushed me so I was leaning back, my stiff cock pointed straight up. The she kneeled between my legs and smiled. Still smiling Mom opened her mouth and licked from my balls to the tip of my penis. She looked into my eyes as she did it again, this time taking the head into her mouth and sucking it all in. If she had moved right away I would have cum right then, but she didn't. Mom kept her lips at the base of my shaft, teasing. She slowly pulled up, sucking the whole time, until only the head was in her mouth. I groaned with pleasure. Mom kept going down and back up slowly, sucking hard. I could feel that I was about to go and said so.

I swear that at hearing me warn her she giggled around my hard cock. She sped up more, and in a short time I was shooting into her mouth. Mom didn't stop, I could feel that she was swallowing. This was an ecstasy that I hadn't felt before. As the spasms of my cock stopped, Mom took her mouth off of it and looked up at me. She rose up and kissed me. To my shock I could taste and feel something that could only be some of my cum as Mom pushed it into my mouth. I swallowed on reflex. She pressed against me, still kissing me deeply. Then she stopped, smiled at me, and walked out of the bathroom without picking up her robe. I took my pants the rest of the way off and followed.

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