Moving Back Home


My father can eat pussy. That is all I thought to myself. He looked up and me and said that he needed to get me ready for his dick. He first put his pointer finger in his mouth and then his ring finger to wet them. I have to start with two fingers baby if there is any way you hope to fit my dick in your tight little snatch, he said. I didn't care and I let him know. I sat back and spread my legs as far as I could. I took my four fingers and stuck them into my pussy. In and out as fast as I could for thirty seconds.

As I removed my own fingers my father quickly replaced them with his. It was entirely new feeling. Have your own fingers inside your pussy is one thing but having the fingers of someone else, let alone your father, is an intense feeling that sent me over the edge. I began to shake and felt light headed. My first orgasm hit me like a brisk wind but my father didn't stop to let me enjoy he just kept pushing his large fingers into my tiny hole. As I got closer to a second orgasm my father stopped. He stood up and completely removed all of his clothes. He took the wetness from his fingers and rubbed it up and down his huge cock. My father was waiting to fill me up with 13 inches of 52 year old meat. The same dick that had helped bring me into this world was about to take my virginity and show me how to fuck.

My father sat down on the chair still in the middle of the kitchen. He looked me in the eyes and said, sit on it baby that way you can control how much you can take. I hopped down from the counter and removed my clothes as well. I walked up to my father and kissed him deep. I reached behind my back and grabbed a hold his huge prick. I whispered in his ear, I can't wait to be filled with this dick.

My father shivered as I felt the pulse in his dick increase. I turned around and bent over in front of my father. I looked up at him from between my legs and smiled. I backed into and sat of my dad's stomach. I looked down and realized that his dick was just about to my tits as I sat on him. How am I really going to get this inside of me?

My father pushed me up and I felt the tip of his dick spilt my pussy lips. Now or....well we can try again later my father said. I grabbed his dick and said. Now. Only now. My father placed one hand on my hip and the other had a firm grasp on my left tit. It hurt but I was sure he didn't want me to run away.

I took his dick and lined it up with my cunt. I put the head close to my opening and could feel the heat. I rubbed it back and forth and wetted it as much as I could. My father bucked and soon the tip was inside of me. I rocked back and forth lubing not only my pussy but daddy's dick. I pushed back and soon about three or four inches where inside of me. It started to hurt but my father grabbed me tightly and whispered to push it on through. I stood up a little so that just the head was in me.

Then I sat back and took as much as I could. I know it wasn't all in there but I felt like I had a baseball bat in there. I stood up again and my father had had enough. Both hands moved to my hips and he pulled me back in. I braced myself and let out a moan that I am sure one of our neighbors had to have heard. My father began to pull me in and push me out at a decent pace. As I got most of it in there I stopped my father and told him I had it from here. His hands moved back to my tits and I started moving up and down. I bent down and looked. I watched as first 8, then 9 and 1o inches when in and out of my pussy.

I had to get it all in there. I got close and took it all the way out. I sat on my father again and pushed his dick against my pussy. I looked my father in the eye and said that his dick belonged to me now. He had better be ready to fuck me each and every day now. He was fine with that. He told me that my mom had stopped fucking him about 2 years ago and he had been cheating on her. No more I said. I promise this pussy can keep you faithful. With that I stood up and put his dick back inside me. It took me three more times up and down but I had his entire cock in me. Up to my belly and practically splitting me apart but I was taking it.

As I relaxed I got more into it. Up and down on his shaft. I couldn't stop watching my own father's dick going in and out of me. Each time with more and more of my juices of his dick and starting to drip down his balls. I kept riding my father for another ten minutes. I couldn't believe how long he was lasting. But as I looked back I realized that he was in heaven. Just enjoying the view of a great 18 year old toned piece of ass jumping up and down on his dick. I turned around to face him. Quickly put his dick back inside me and pushed my tits in his face. My father liked them as his hands went down under my knees. He lifted me up and down off his manhood. He was so strong he was lifting me completely off his dick and letting me slide right down back on.

He was finally getting close when my father told me to stand up and lean against the kitchen sink. He told me he wanted me tits hanging in the water as he fucked me from behind. Come to find out my father was a huge ass man. As I bent over the sink the water was now cold and my nipples were hard once again. My father entered me from behind and grabbed my cold wet tits at the same time.

Unlike on the chair my father was in complete control this time and was doing his best to open my pussy so that I wouldn't again have a problem fitting him in ever again. His hands moved from my chest to my hips as I positioned mine again the back of the sink and held on tight. My father began to grunt and soon I realized I was about to cum again. As I began to shake my father pulled out and turned me around. He shoved his dick in my mouth as my hands moved to my pussy. I finished myself off as I sucked on my father.

Dad pulled me up and said he was close to cumming and wanted to finish himself. I bent back over the sink and reached behind my ass from under my stomach. I found my father's dick and quickly put it back inside me. He took it out and laughed. You got yours twice baby, he said. It is time for daddy to cum. He pushed me down and again his hands were on my tits. He was in as deep as he had been so far and not letting up. Thrusting relentlessly the sweat from his face trickled down my back.

As he drew closer he lifted one of my legs and behind to flick my clit. I was close again to cumming which was a nice gesture of my father. As I began to feel him go faster and faster I turned and told him that I wanted it in my mouth. I want to taste your cum daddy. Please daddy, please. Baby, he said there is no reason to beg I was expecting you to anyhow.

He pounded my pussy for 2 or 3 more minutes before he pulled out. I bent down and immediately one hand went to my pussy and the other my dad's dick. He pumped his cock the same way my brother did. How cute I thought.

As he worked his cock I again brought myself to orgasm. As I began to cum my father did as well. I looked up as my father told me to open wide. The first spurt hit me directly in the forehead and the next in my hair but soon after I was milking the rest into my mouth. It was just so much I started to drool and soon it was on my chin and my tits.

My father collapsed on to the chair and let out a happy sigh. There was a big smile of his face but I wasn't done. I crawled over to the chair and took that huge cock back into my mouth. At first my father thought I was just cleaning up but I had every intention of making him cum one more time. I licked up and down and told my father how great I though the sex was, how big his dick way, how hard I had came, you know everything a man wants to hear I figured.

Next thing I know my father was rock hard again. This time I was making it my mission for him to cum quickly. I licked the shaft up and down and even let him titty fuck me. Soon I tried to fit the entire thing in my mouth and my dad was getting close. He put his hands on the side of my head and began to thrust his dick in and out of my mouth. I took both hands and put them around his dick so that he wouldn't choke me with it. As I felt him start to tense up I moved on hand and put as much as I could in my mouth.

As my father came for the second time I was hoping for a little less but it seemed there was more cum then the first time. All that cum hit the back of my throat I knew that there was a lot of backed up cum my father was planning to release on me. I didn't mind. I just kept sucking and swallowing as my father filled my belly with the same juice that had made me.

His dick fell limp in my mouth. I sat back and looked up at him. Daddy, I didn't want to be selfish. I got three from you and you got two from me. You can have one more of those before Tom and mom get home. He smiled. I smiled and stood up.

I am going to take that shower now dad.

Too be continued.....

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