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Moving Day


Chris and I have finally found our dream house, and it is moving day. Our dream home is a two-story, four bedroom house with a Jacuzzi off from the downstairs bedroom and a beautiful lake behind the house.

We are sharing this house with another couple, and they are helping us move today. They are a very good-looking couple, and I have already been checking out the nice-sized bulge between the guy's legs. I am thinking that this will be great fun living with Trish and John. It's going to be like having your own live-in playmates.

We've been moving all morning and have all gotten to know each other a lot better. We decide to take a break for lunch and try out the Jacuzzi. So we order pizza and head for the Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi is in the middle of this elaborately tiled room. There is a well-stocked bar conveniently placed within arms reach of the Jacuzzi. We all start slowly slipping out of our clothes. I catch a glance at John's muscular body and also confirm my thoughts of him having a big cock. Oh, Yes! I want that inside of me bad.

Chris starts to mix a vodka and orange juice for Trish and myself and he also grabs John and himself a cold beer. He then slips into the Jacuzzi with the rest of us and we all relax and eat our pizza and drink our drinks.

After a few drinks we are all talking and relaxing and becoming closer, I feel John take his feet and begin to rub the inside of my thigh. I shiver a bit as he begins to allow his foot to rub over my pussy and once in a while he slips his big toe into my hole and tickles my clit. I am filled with pleasure so much that I almost scream, but as I begin to John pulls me forward and muffles my scream by kissing me deeply and hard, thrusting his tongue into my mouth.

My hands then begin to explore downwards and rub across his nice huge and very hard cock. I glance over to Trish and Chris and they have begun to explore each other as well. Chris' hands are below the water playing with Trish's warm mound and her hand is steadily working on his cock.

At just that time John lifts me up and impales my pussy with his rock hard cock and I moan out in pleasure. As I begin to slide up and down his pole I again glance over and see Chris and Trish slide out of the Jacuzzi and go into the adjoining bedroom to have fun of their own.

John is fucking me like crazy and I am screaming like mad. His cock is so hard and feels so good. He drives deep into the core of me and sends my body into spasms. I tremble and quiver and he just keeps going on and on driving my body wild and making my senses overfill with pleasure. It goes so deep inside me that it almost hurts and after a few minutes waves of orgasm come over me and I come all over his cock.

John lifts me up and we slide into the bedroom just in time to see Trish coming all over Chris' face. I have to get some of this action so I crawl over on the bed and just as Trish gets off of Chris's face I slide onto his face. He begins to lick and tease my clit and I am once again writhing with complete pleasure. His cock is stiff and wanting attention so I turn myself around and ride his face while I take his lovely cock into my mouth and begin to suck on his cock like crazy. His cock twitches in my mouth and I can feel the head swell against my lips. My tongue slides over it teasing the tip and lapping at its sweetness.

Chris then pulls me off of him and lays me on his back and begins to fuck me. His cock slides in easy and fills me completely. After a while I am coming on his cock and he fills my pussy with his hot seed.

All this time John and Trish have been on the floor fucking and sucking on each other. Trish's moans have filled the room. John had his cock in her ass and she was loving it. I watched them for a moment getting more turned on and then got in the floor with them and fingered Trish's lovely pussy while John fucked her beautiful ass. Chris crawled behind John and fucked his ass while we were all having our fun.

The fucking goes on for hours. Sometimes I am fucking Chris and sometimes I am fucking John. Sometimes I am eating Trish's pussy while I am being fucked and sometimes I am having my pussy eaten while either Trish or one of the guys get fucked in the ass by the other.

Trish and I even fuck each other with a double-headed dildo and the guys take turn sucking each other off. It is a very eventful evening and at the end of it all we all curl up together in the California king size bed in the bedroom and fall asleep.

Needless to say we don't get everything moved that day, but we all sure had a whole lot of fun.

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