Moving In Pt. 02


"Good. I hope he can be civil with you. He's your father and always will be." Stacie said. "Did you get everything else you needed to get?" she asked.

Ted noticed a change in Stacie's tone when she asked the last question.

"Yes, Mom, I got everything I need," Jen replied with a huge smile.

The rest of the evening was quiet. They watched a couple of movies, all snuggled up with each other. About ten o'clock Stacie got up and said, "I'm tired. It was a long, slow day at work. I'm going to bed."

"I'm tired too. Guess I'll hit the hay," said Ted.

"You guys are lightweights," said Jen. "I'm staying up a bit longer."

Ted retired to his bedroom, took a long hot shower, and then crawled into bed. He set his alarm for eight in the morning as he thought he should go in and do some volunteer work this week. He did it occasionally to get out, and knew that his help would be needed this time of year. It'd do him good, and he could pick up a few things they needed. He turned off the light on the nightstand and rolled over.

He was about to drift off, when he heard someone walk into the room. He looked up, then sat up. He wasn't sure, but he thought it was Jen coming to the side of the bed. "Hello?" he said.

"Hi, Pee-paw. Glad you're not asleep yet. I'm going to turn on the light, is that OK?" she asked.

"It's fine," he replied.

She bent over and turned the lamp on. Ted looked at her and nearly did a double take. She was decked out in some extremely sexy lingerie. Jen had a black lace bustier, with pink trim, some matching black and pink panties, and black thigh-high nylon stockings. She looked fabulous. It was hard for him to even think of her as his grand-daughter.

"You like it?" she asked, as she placed a small packet on the nightstand.

"Oh, yes, you look so sexy," he replied. He could feel his cock starting to stir.

"I bought it today, just for you. Can I leave the light on?" she asked. "I would like to be able to see things tonight."

"It's good," he answered.

She pulled the sheet off of him. He was dressed in only a pair of briefs, and his cock was getting stiff enough to tent the front, a fact that was not lost on Jen. "Scoot over," she said softly.

He did, and Jen laid down slowly next to him. "Tonight I'm with you, Pee-paw. Do you think that'll be OK?" she asked.

His mouth was already dry. He tried to swallow, but couldn't. "It's OK," was all he could say.

Jen lay on her side next to him. Her breast nearly spilling out of the bra portion of the bustier. She ran her top leg up and down his legs. It was driving him crazy. She began to caress his chest, making circles across it and brushing his nipples every so often. "Mmmm," she quietly murmured, and blew softly into his ear.

His senses were being overloaded. The touching and sounds, the sight of her, and her smell. She smelled fantastic. The only sense not being used was taste, and he couldn't wait to taste her. He laid back and enjoyed it all.

Jen bent over and kissed him on the lips. At first it was a soft, close-lipped kiss, but soon she parted her lips and used them to pull on his. Ted thought it was magnificent. Just as he was enjoying that, she began to run her tongue across them, and it didn't take long before she was exploring his mouth with it. Their lips moved across each others, and their tongues danced.

She broke the kiss, and moved her way down his neck, nibbling on his ear while breathing into it. She continued down his neck and made her way to his nipples. She sucked on them. Ted moaned, enjoying the pleasure. Jen's activity progressed, just as she had been told by Stacie. She was getting a huge thrill pleasing this man.

With her free hand, she began to gently caress his dick. Ted felt her softly move it up and down his shaft. Then she sat up, and hooked her fingers under the waistband of his underwear. "Lift up," she said.

When he did, she pulled the underwear up and over his fully erect cock, then pushed them down to his thighs. She bent over and kissed the tip of his penis, and allowed her tongue to flick across his pee-hole. She could taste the salty pre-cum that was already flowing, and relished in it. Jen ran her tongue up and down his shaft a few times.

She sat back up, then stood up, and removed the underwear from Ted's legs. "Won't be needing these for a while," she said, as she flung them across the room. Ted started to sit up, but Jen gently pushed him back down, saying, "Relax."

Standing in front of him, she began to massage her breasts through the bustier. She rubbed them up and down, then would squeeze them together to accentuate her cleavage. Jen dropped one had to her crotch, and began to rub herself there, while continuing the breast massage with the other hand. After a few moments, she softly said, "Oooh, I'm already getting wet."

With that, she grabbed the waistband of her panties with both hands, and pushed them down. They dropped down her stocking-clad legs to the floor and she stepped out of them.

"Wow," said Ted. He took in the sight. She was simply gorgeous. She was completely shaven. Her bareness looked delicious, and he was sure he could smell her sex scent. It was driving him crazy with desire.

Jen rubbed her fingers along her vaginal lips. A simple, sexy rubbing motion. Then she turned around. Ted looked at her perfect ass. It was just like Stacie's, he thought. She slowly bent over, and pushed her butt towards him. Her legs were separated just a bit, just enough to show her pussy between her thighs and butt cheeks. He thought he could see them glistening. And her tiny pink rosebud of an anus was just beautiful.

"Come here," he said.

She turned toward him. "Ted, will you lick my pussy?" she asked. "That's want I want, if you want to do it."

"I can think of nothing else I rather do," he replied. He motioned for her to come towards the bed. At the same time, he sat up and moved out of the way, gesturing for her to lay down. When she did, he laid down beside her, and just as she had done, began to kiss her lips. He let his hand caress the exposed portions of Jen's breasts, and played with her nipples through the lacy material.

He then moved his hand down to her belly, and drew circles around her navel. By now, Jen was moaning into his mouth. He broke off his kisses, and sat up.

"Eat me, Pee-paw, please, eat me now," she cried.

Ted still wasn't used to the sex-talk, especially when it was mixed with the term Jen used as grandfather. But hearing what she said, Ted knew he was in full control now. He scooted down the bed, then gently pulled her leg to the side so he could lay between her legs. The nylon material felt great against his body, but he was beginning to focus on pleasuring her now. He repeated the same motions he had done with Stacie. He was sure she had described it in detail to Jen. She would be expecting the same, and he was not going to disappoint her.

He began by kissing the insides of her thighs, moving his kisses up and down, going higher each time. At first, it was mostly on the stocking-covered portion of her legs, but soon he was merely an inch from her pussy. The smell of her sex was strong. It was intoxicating. He began to softly kiss her genitals, moving from one side to the other. Then he drug his tongue up one side of her labia. The taste was fantastic, and again, he thought of how much it tasted like Stacie.

He continued to lick her, slowly and gently at first. But each time, he went a little quicker and applied just a little bit more pressure. Jen was now moaning loudly, and her hips were starting to rock back and forth. When he would lick up her pussy, she would rock and try to get his tongue to make contact with her clitoris. However, Ted was not ready to give her that yet. A little more teasing was in order.

Ted moved his head a bit lower, and moved his tongue's attention to the lower part of her. He flicked it across the bottom of her vaginal opening, then let it drop even further. When he brushed his tongue across her rosebud, she gasped. "Oh, yes, do that again," she cried. He noticed that her breathing was getting more rapid, and her cries and moans were even louder than before. He teased her anus a few more times, then went back to her pussy.

Again, he flicked his tongue across the bottom of her vaginal opening a few times. "Oh," was all Jen could say. Then he took a breath, and drove his tongue into her vagina. He moved his head back and forth, holding his tongue firm.

"Oh, yea, fuck me with your tongue," Jen cried, even louder.

He obliged her a few more times, then began to move his tongue around insider her. By now, her body was writhing and her hips moving up and down. He could see her hands roughly caressing her pubic area.

He removed his tongue and pulled it up to her clitoral hood. There he let it rest. There was some motion from her body movements, but he tried his best just to push on the clitoris. After a few moments, he began to flick his tongue across the clitoris. Softly at first, but each time applying more and more pressure and intensity. It was driving Jen crazy. Her hips began to buck more, and he could hear her breathing quicken. Her fingers were wildly writhing across her pubic region and he knew she was close.

He surrounded her clitoris with his lips and then rhythmically pulsed his tongue across it. It only took a few times. Jen moaned deeply and loudly, "Ooohhh yessss," as she thrust her hips upward and grabbed his head with her hands. He pulsed a few more times, then stopped. She held him there for a few moments, then released her grip on the back of his head. He moved up and kissed her navel. Ted moved from between her legs and laid down on his side next to her.

Waiting for her breath to resume a normal rate, he watched her lying there. Her eyes were closed. Her chest rose up and down, but otherwise, she was still. She looked at peace. When he was sure she had recovered, he leaned towards her and kissed her cheek. "I love you," he whispered softly into her ear.

"I love you too, Pee-paw," see said softly. "Thank you, that was unbelievable."

Ted continued to watch her. He had to catch his breath as well. It was work to some extent. He just noticed how hard he was. But he was content. Even if that was all for the night, he had enjoyed it.

He was about to doze off, when Jen sat up. She turned to Ted. "Stay there," she said. She leaned back a bit and reached for his cock, feeling it's extreme firmness. She sat back up and retrieved the small packet from the nightstand. She tore it open and removed something.

"Is that a condom?" Ted asked.

"Yup," Jen answered. "You said we have to play it safe." With that she turned toward him, bent towards his dick, and put the condom on the tip. Then she rolled it down the length of his shaft. Ted started to sit up, but Jen stopped him, placing her hand on his chest and gently pushing him down on his back.

"You've done enough work for tonight. Now, it's my turn," she said. Jen threw her leg over his body and straddled him across his belly. She began to slowly move her ass down towards his cock until his cock pressed against her. Ted decided to lay still until she got her position down. He'd let her get things going at first.

He felt her rock her hips a bit to adjust the angle, and felt her slide along his cock. She did this a few times. It felt great to him, but he knew that things were about to feel much, much better. Ted felt his cock head catch a few times at her orifice, but she was still so wet, that his slid by it. He was about to help out when she got the angle just right the next time, and he slid into her. It was amazing how her body gripped his cock head.

She then sat up on him, and began to slowly lower down, impaling herself on his penis. "Oh, Jeez, Oh Jeez," she kept on saying. Ted felt the tip of his cock push against the hardness of her cervix, but she still kept on lowering herself. "Ohhh, Peeeee-paaawww," she cried. Finally she bottomed out.

Jen stopped there for a little while, letting her body become accustomed to the size of his cock. Then she began to move up and down. Slowly at first, but then her movements began to increase in speed. She would rise to the point where only the head was in her, then let herself drop down until she was pressed against his body. She began to breath fast, and grunt loudly with each downward thrust. It was a low, guttural sound, that made Ted believe it was coming from deep within her.

As she picked up the pace, he watched her. Even though she was still wearing the bustier, he noticed her breasts bounce with each thrust, Her face was starting to become somewhat contorted. Ted figured she was lost in the lust of the moment. It was obvious she was concentrating on what she was feeling.

Soon Jen began to almost cry "Oh," with each downward movement. She started to rock her pelvis in conjunction with her up and down movements. The motion began to bring Ted to the edge. If he hadn't been wearing a condom, he would have had his orgasm minutes ago.

Jen's movements intensified, and her vocalizations became louder and louder, raising a bit in pitch each time. All of it together pushed Ted over the edge and he began to spurt his semen into the condom. "Mmmmphhh," he moaned.

At the same time, Jen cried out "Oh my God, Ohhhhhh yeaaah." She thrust a few more times and then stopped.

Ted could feel her body shaking. He reached up and held her. "Are you OK?" he asked.

"Oooh, yes, I'm very OK," she answered. She continued to sit on him, letting her body slowly recover from the intense orgasm. After a minute, she asked, "Are you ready?"

Ted nodded, and she scooted up and forward, letting his still hard cock fall out of her. Ted was amazed he was still hard. It had been incredibly sexy and exciting to him.

Jen lifted herself off of him, and went into the bathroom. Ted could hear her running water, then she returned with a washcloth. She gently removed the condom, being careful not to spill any of the semen, and then softly washed his cock off with the washcloth. "That's nice, thanks for doing that," he said.

"It seemed the right thing to do. And I didn't need to use one of your towels since we used a condom," she replied. She finished wiping him clean, then took the condom and the washcloth back to the bedroom. Ted heard more water running, then she turned off the light and came back to bed.

"Pee-paw, that was beautiful. It was better than I thought it could be," she said.

Ted was about to reply, but she interrupted him with a "Shhhhh," and turned the lamp on the nightstand off. She then laid next to him, with one arm draped across his chest. In a minute she was asleep.

Ted listened to her soft breathing for awhile. He thought how much he was going to miss her when she went back to college. He had been wrong. Life with Stacie and Jen was great, but life having sex with Stacie and Jen was even better. Soon, he fell asleep as well.

The next morning he woke up before the alarm went off. He got out of bed and turned the alarm off. Ted stood there for a moment, taking in the beauty of his grand-daughter laying in bed, peacefully asleep. Then he went into the bathroom, closed the door, and took a quick shower. He finished getting ready to go out. When he exited the bathroom, she was still asleep in his bed. He pulled the sheet and blanket up over her, leaned down, and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

Stacie was in the kitchen when he got there. She was getting ready to leave for work. "Coffee's made," she said to him.

"Great, I'm ready for some," he said. He poured a cup and sat down at the table.

"Sounded like you had a great night," Stacie said.

Ted noticed she was smiling. That was a good thing. "Yeah, neither of you two are quiet lovers. Not that I'm complaining," he said.

"I'm glad it worked out. I was afraid that you might freak out about it," she said.

"I probably would have, but she handled it perfectly. Did you know about the lingerie?" he asked.

"Yes, I suggested it. It's hard for a man to argue once you've got his engine running," she replied.

"Well, that's what happened," he said. "You about ready to leave for work?"

"In just a few minutes, after I finish the coffee," she said. "You look like you're going to get out too."

"Yes, I'm going in to do some volunteer work this morning. I felt like I needed to get out of the house," Ted said.

"Well, be careful," Stacie said. She got up, rinsed her cup out, and headed towards the door.

"See you later," Ted hollered at her.

Ted sat there sipping his coffee. He was not on the clock, so could take his time. He thought about last night. Then he went to his office and got a piece of paper and pen. He wrote a brief note for Jen.


Went in for the morning to do volunteer work. Back after lunch.

Last night was perfect. Thank you.

Love you so much,


He made his way to the shelter where he did his volunteering. He mostly just did odd jobs, checked over the facility to see if anything needed addressing, and solved computer problems when they came up. He also helped with the occasional client. It was mostly older women working at the shelter. Wives and widows of retired husbands. He guessed most of them did it to get away from their husbands or for something to do.

There was one woman of Ted's age. She was long divorced. Not unattractive. Just a little too forward. He had talked with her a great deal, and it was obvious she was one of those needy women that most smart guys steer clear of. Her name was Debra, and he was never sure if he should call her Debra or Debbie or what.

"You're looking good this morning. You have a glow," Debra said to him as he walked in. She usually sat at the reception desk, even though they had a person who did that full time. "Have a good Christmas?" she asked.

"A great one. How about you," he replied.

"Oh, it was the usual family thing. What did you do?" she pried.

"Just spent the day with my daughter and grand-daughter," Ted said.

"Your daughter? Oh, you mean your step-daughter. That's right, they're living with you now, aren't they? I bet it was tough for a bachelor like you to have her move in with you," she said.

Ted hated when people made the distinction between daughter and step-daughter. It was petty, and he thought it said a lot about them. "Nope, not at all. In fact, it's been real nice having her there," he said. His tone indicated he was a little annoyed at her questioning. He didn't give her a chance to respond and headed to the director's office to see what needed to be done.

"See you later," she hollered after him. "Maybe we can grab lunch together."

"My ass," he mumbled under his breath.

There was not much to do. One of the computers wasn't working, so that needed fixing. Usually it was some idiot who downloaded a virus, or uploaded some incompatible software. The place didn't have the budget for an IT person, let alone any decent means to control what people could do on the workstations.

He had just finished bringing the computer back to life when his phone rang. He looked at the phone. It was Jen calling.

"Hi Sweetie, how are you doing?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm doing great. Better than I have been doing in a long time," she answered.

"What's up? Everything OK?" Ted asked.

"Yeah, everything's good. I just wanted to call and say thanks for the note. And of course to say thank you for last night. I'm so glad it worked out the way it did," she said.

"If anyone needs thanking for last night, it's you. It was very special," he said. "You doing anything today?

"No, just going to recover from last night. You want me to make something for lunch?" she asked.

"Thanks, but no. I'm going to pick up a few things and can grab something at the deli. Want me to get you something?" he asked.

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