tagIncest/TabooMoving In Pt. 02

Moving In Pt. 02


Got a few requests to continue the story, but I was going to anyway. The situation and characters are too good not to. So here's part two. Enjoy.


Ted woke the next morning, but both Stacie and Jen were gone. As he took his usual extended time to wake up, the memory of last night's events replayed in his mind. He smiled, got up, and made his way to the bathroom. It was already 8 o'clock by the time he showered and finished his other morning rituals.

He walked back into the bedroom. While Ted was making the bed, all the issues related to his having intimate relationships with both his step-daughter and grand-daughter flooded his thoughts.

The first thing that came to his mind was the inherent possible conflict when having sexual relations with two or more women. He wondered about what it would do to the mother-daughter relationship. Would jealousy raise its ugly head? Would they be able to remain as close as they had been? He had only just learned how close they were; how much they shared with each other.

Then came the thought of how difficult it would become to keep something like this secret. Ted figured there would always be something different in the way he acted towards the two, and the way he talked to them. Would friends and other family members begin to suspect? And if so, surely their reaction would be negative. He could handle being ostracized by friends and family, but he was concerned that it would be hard for the girls to deal with.

Even if it worked out that everyone, or even just Stacie, was alright with the risks, and decided to continue their relationship, would they be able to accommodate the secrecy that such a relationship would need?

He had just finished making the bed when his mind snapped back to the present. 'What was that smell?' he thought to himself. He recognized the odor of freshly cooked bacon and coffee that had spread to his bedroom. He knew that the girls had been busy cooking a Christmas breakfast. He grabbed a set of scrubs to put on and made his way to the kitchen.

Both Stacie and Jen were busy getting breakfast ready. "Morning Ted," said Stacie. "Need some coffee? Breakfast is almost ready." Before he could answer she poured him a cup and handed it to him. "The half and half is on the table," she said, and returned to finishing what looked like scrambled eggs in a skillet.

"Thanks, and good morning," Ted mumbled. He sat down and fixed his coffee, staring at the girls moving around the kitchen. Stacie was dressed in her usual 'lounge-around-the-house" pajama bottoms and a loose baggy t-shirt. He couldn't help but think how great she looked in something even so concealing to her figure. Jen, on the other hand, being younger, was dressed in a plain white t-shirt. It might have been a size too small, as it hugged every contour of her body. Her nipples were quite evident. She wore no pants, not even shorts. Only a pair of pink panties. They weren't thongs, but did expose the bottoms of her cute little butt cheeks.

"Pee-paw, you want to put your tongue back in your mouth before I trip on it?" Jen asked.

Ted snapped back to and noticed Jen was smiling. He realized he had been caught staring at her panties. "Sorry. It's just that you two look so beautiful this morning," he said. He watched as they both made their way to the table carrying plates of food. Everyone sat down, and they all filled their plates.

It was Stacie who broke what felt like a long silence. "Merry Christmas. I'm so happy I'm here with the two people I love the most," she said.

"Me too. Merry Christmas Mom. Merry Christmas Pee-paw," Jen replied.

"Merry Christmas to both of you. I love you both so very much, and I'm glad you're here with me," said Ted. He took the time to look at each of them. They finished their breakfast and the girls took care of cleaning up. Ted thought how nice it was to have that done. He truly thought it was great having Stacie and Jen living with him now. Not just because of the sex. Yes, that was a super-sized bonus to the situation, but the company made things better than when he lived alone.

They moved to the living room. Ted hadn't decorated for Christmas, and with all of the changes going on, neither did the girls. There were a few presents on the coffee table. Ted turned towards his office, retrieved his gifts for the girls, and placed them on the table next to the others. They exchanged their gifts. Everyone was thrilled with what they had received.

Afterwards, Ted was watching and listening to the girls chat about their gifts. He watched them show each other all the goodies. After they had finished, he picked up all the wrappings and took them to the kitchen trash can. He filled his coffee cup, and returned.

"Stacie and Jen, can we talk about what happened last night?" he asked them.

"Sure, Ted," Stacie replied. "I was wondering when you would get around to asking."

"I'm not sure how to start, so I'll just go with whatever comes to mind." He was a little nervous; unsure of how to jump into things. He didn't want to skip over anything important, but hadn't really thought about making a plan of attack. He was about to begin when Jen spoke.

"Pee-paw, Mom and I planned the whole thing out last night after you went to bed. We were hitting the egg-nog pretty good, and when that ran out, we both started drinking Jack and cokes. I think we made them a bit too strong.

"Anyway, I just came out and asked Mom what it was like to be with you. She told me everything - how great of a lover you were. I pressed her and she filled in the details. So I kind of started getting a little horny. I guess it's been a while for me. I just came out and asked her if I could, well, you know, have you."

Stacie chimed in, "That's when I told her I didn't think you'd let her. I told her I didn't think you would feel comfortable having sex with your grand-daughter. I think I know you fairly well. I mean, it took some work to get you to become intimate with me."

"That's certainly correct," said Ted. "I wouldn't have gone for it. If you remember, It took the two of you pinning me down to let it happen last night."

"Yea, Mom was right," continued Jen. "Anyway, between my dry spell, us talking about it, and all the egg nog, I was pretty horny. I asked her if there was anyway we could trick you into doing it. At first she said it would be right, but I kept on coming up with different ideas. None of them seemed to be the right way, as far as Mom was concerned. I started to get a bit sad, and just came out said it wasn't fair that Mom could have you and not me.

"I guess she took pity on me, or maybe it was all the booze that let her inhibitions down, but she came up with the idea of her distracting you, and me sneaking in. But she said I would only be able to give you a blow job. We worked out some signals so I'd know when to jump in. Then we waited a while so that you'd be asleep when Mom started."

"I wasn't thinking straight, Ted," Stacie said. "Sorry about that, but she can be very convincing. And I have to admit, I was getting fairly horny myself with all the talking about it."

"Ted," said Jen, "I want you to know that I didn't want to have to trick you, and I felt a little guilty this morning about doing it that way. Just a little." She paused, smiling to herself. "But Ted, you have a wonderful cock, and Mom's right, your cum is really pretty good tasting."

Ted was having trouble dealing with the frankness of the conversation. It was hard enough for him to hear Stacie say things like "blow job" to him, but now his grand-daughter, who still called him "Pee-paw," was talking about blow jobs, his cock, and how his sperm tasted. It stunned him, and only after a while could he think of anything to say. "Well, it wasn't very fair. But I have to say that after I got over the shock of it, and after realizing there was little I could do to get out of the situation, I did enjoy it. It was a very nice Christmas gift."

"Yea, I guess I did a pretty good job. I mean, you blew your load, right?" Jen said.

He still wasn't dealing with all the realistic talk of their love-making. He guessed it was like mother, like daughter. He thought it must be due to their sharing everything since Jen's puberty.

"Jen, I'm still not very comfortable with that kind of talk," said Ted. "I wish..."

"Pee-paw, what do you want me to say?" Jen asked. "Fellatio? Ejaculation? Really? What's the difference?"

"Well, Sweetie, you're still my little grand-daughter, and it's going to take some time for me to get used to that kind of talk, let alone come to terms with what happened last night. Actually, I'm still trying to deal with what's going on between Stacie and me," said Ted. He turned to Stacie and smiled at her.

"How about this," said Jen. "Why don't we agree to be up front, candid, and totally honest with each other. Just like Mom and I are. That way there's no confusion, no secrets, and every one knows what is going on and how everyone feels about it."

"Sounds like a good idea to me," said Stacie. "It's worked well for Jen and me." Both of the girls looked at Ted, waiting for his response.

He thought about it for a few seconds. In this situation, with all of them living together, and with Jen and Stacie already sharing all their information, it seemed the best plan. Not a great plan, but not a bad plan. "Agreed," he said.

With that, Jen got up and nearly hopped over to Ted. She threw herself in his lap and gave him a huge hug.

Ted was surprised by that. But it was nice. She felt nice. Her pert breasts pressing into his chest felt nice. And it felt good to hold her in his arms. He realized that she was no longer just his little grand-daughter. Certainly after what had happened the night before, there was really no going back to the way things used to be. Not that he felt he had to become her lover as well. He just knew he could never only think of her as his innocent grand-daughter.

Jen pulled away and Ted watched her move over to sit by her mother. He was feeling the effect of two cups of coffee, so he got up and went to the bathroom. He took his time. He felt he needed every available moment to process all of what had happened. He thought he certainly hadn't indicated his approval of Jen repeating her performance, or even doing more. He had just agreed to openly talk about things. Surely that was the safest way to keep things in check.

He made his way back to the living room, where the girls where chatting away. "What are you two talking about now?" he asked. "Remember, no secrets."

"Oh, Jen was just telling me how much she wanted to make love to you, and asking how I felt about it."

'Damn,' Ted thought to himself. In that instant, he knew that he was not in control of the situation at all. Yes, he probably had veto power, but he was going to be continuously bombarded with the sexual endeavors of two beautiful women. It was going to be difficult if not impossible to hold things in check as he thought he might be able to.

"Well, how do you feel about it, Stacie?" he asked. "I guess I need to know how you feel about our relationship. What do you think we have together?" Ted was thinking that if he turned the issue back on her, that maybe he could get help from her in slowing down Jen's advances.

"Ted, what you and I have is very special to me," Stacie began. "I've loved you as a father as long as I can remember. And I love you as a woman loves a man for nearly a couple of weeks. I know we can't get married, and I don't expect that. I know I can't demand that you be monogamous with me. I want to think that you'd be faithful to me, and I know I will be faithful to you. If you went out and had sex with some other women I'd be hurt. Some one other than Jen, that is.

"I know she loves you like I do. Maybe not as much as I do, but I think very much the same way. And I know she would never do anything to hurt me, nor would I do anything to hurt her. So in a maternal sort of way, I can understand her needs and desires, especially since I've already experienced them.

"So, because Jen and I have such a close relationship, it's easy for me to empathize with her, and to not be angry or jealous with her having a relationship with you. Normally, it would be difficult for me to share you with anyone, but I can see myself sharing you with her."

Ted looked at Stacie for a while, searching into her eyes for a hint of any lack of confidence in what she had just said. Then he looked at Jen, who just nodded. The girls knew they had to wait for him to speak now.

He went though all the scenarios in his head in just a few moments. "OK," he began. "Here's the deal." As was his usual way, he began to make a mental list of the issues, and he presented it this way.

"Number one. We have to totally respect each other. If someone gets upset or has their feelings hurt, they have to let the other two know about it right away. We can't let anything fester and grow out of control." He looked to both of them for an indication of agreement. They both nodded.

"Number two. You girls cannot, repeat, cannot let me get you pregnant. Understand?" He turned and looked hard at Jen. "It absolutely cannot happen." He waited for Jen to acknowledge what he was saying. She finally nodded. Her delay caused him some concern, and he made himself a mental note to follow up on that point at a later time.

"Number three. If either of you find someone else, and want to leave our relationship to build a different one, I want you to know that I will be totally OK with that. You're both young, especially you, Jen, and you deserve the right to find someone you can marry and live a normal life with. Furthermore, Jen, when you're away at college, you should feel free to live your life as you want. The only thing I ask is that you practice safe sex, which I would want you to do even if we we're not involved. And even though it is highly unlikely, should I find someone, I expect the same consideration. Is that agreed?" Again, he waited for them to agree.

"Number four. Threesomes sound like fun, but I'm not a young man. While it may be OK once in a great while, if we're doing it all the time, it'd likely kill me. So you two will need to work out when things happen, and you'll both have to be alright with it. It's not that I'm ever picking one of you over the other, it's that you two are allowing me to focus on one lover at a time. Don't ask me to resolve any difference of opinion. That would be unfair for all of us. And I'm going to need some nights off. Is that understandable?" He asked. Ted looked at both Stacie and Jen to see if they were following him.

"I think we can work that out, don't you, Mom?" Jen asked.

"And lastly, number five. This has to remain a secret. You can not talk to anyone outside of us three about what we have together. And when we are out with each other, we have to talk and act like father and daughter as well as grandfather and grand-daughter. Because we're no related by blood, some might consider it acceptable, but most will not. And I'm not sure where we stand on a legal basis. So we have to be good actors. Alright?"

Both Jen and Stacie nodded in agreement.

"Can you two think of any other, well, rules that we should put into place?" asked Ted.

"No, I think that covers most of it for now, right Jen?" said Stacie.

"Alright, then," said Ted. "I think that I can agree to this."

Both Stacie and Jen stood up, but Jen jumped over to Ted and gave him another hug. This time she kissed his neck. Soon after, Stacie joined in for a group hug.

They spent the rest of the day together. Ted halfway watched a couple of football games, but mostly he thought about the agreement he had forged. The girls had retired to the kitchen, presumably to talk things through on their end. Later he heard some activity, which he assumed was them putting together a light dinner. They enjoyed a nice Christmas day and evening together. They all went to bed alone. It was the first time since Stacie had slept with Ted that she didn't join him in bed. He'd have to ask her about that then next day. But they all enjoyed a good night's rest.

Stacie had to work the next day, and as usual, Jen didn't get up till late. Ted had just finished his morning computer routine, and ran into her in the kitchen. "Good morning, Jen," he said to her.

"Morning Pee-paw," she said, as cheerful as ever. She was already dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. "I'm going to go to the stores today with a few friends and see if we can get any good deals."

"Have fun," he replied. "I couldn't stand the crowds."

"That's is the fun part, watching all the people." she said.

"Uh, Jen?" Ted started. "Your mom didn't sleep with me last night. Did she say anything to you about it?"

"It's about what you said yesterday. We have to share you. So when I'm home from school, she's not going to sleep with you every night. It wouldn't be fair. And you said you needed some nights off. Mom didn't think she could give you that if she was in bed with you," she told him.

"So, do I get a copy of the schedule?" he asked.

"Nope," Jen replied. "You just have to take whatever may come." She smile to herself at her little pun.

"OK, guess that's the way it'll be," he said. "Be careful out there. It'll be busy, and a lot of people won't be paying attention."

"I will. See you later. Love you Pee-paw," she hollered as she went out the door.

Ted spent the day cleaning up around the house, or at least trying to. The girls had been doing most of that. So he did a few fix-it jobs that had been on his growing list. Soon it was late in the day, and he heard one of the girls' cars pull up. It was Stacie.

"Hi, sweetie, how was your day?" he asked her.

"Quiet at work, but the roads are a zoo. Did you have a good day?" she asked.

"Great. I got a few things done," he replied. "Hey, I asked Jen why you didn't sleep with me last night, and she told me about your agreement."

"Oh, good," she said. "I meant to say something to you about it this morning, but I got a late start and you weren't up yet. We both thought that when she's home from school, it's the only fair thing to do."

"I have to admit, I kind of missed you next to me," he said.

"I missed you too," she said as she moved to kiss him. It was a light kiss. Sexy and loving, but no tongue play. "Jen called and said she's going to pick up some food for tonight so we don't have to cook anything. I'm going to go grab a shower before she gets home."

Ted relaxed with a bourbon in the living room, catching the local news show. In a few minutes, he heard Jen pull up. Figuring she'd have a number of bags, he went out to help her.

When he got to the car, he grabbed a couple of the largest bags and then followed her back to the house. "What'd you get for dinner?" he asked.

"Oh, some Italian food. I just felt like some pasta tonight. That OK?" she asked.

Ted nodded. She put the carryout bags on the counter. "I'm going go take a shower. I feel kind of grimy," she said. She grabbed her bags and left for her bedroom.

Ted took the food out of the bags, and arranged it on the table after setting it. He opened his last bottle of wine and let it breath on the counter. He then relaxed in the living room, waiting for the girls. After about thirty minutes, they made their appearance and everyone had a great dinner. The conversation was light.

"Jen, how'd the day go with your friends and the mobs?" Ted asked.

"We had fun, and I got some great stuff. Mom, I saw Dad there. He looked like hell," she said.

"Everything go OK?" Stacie asked, with a note of worry in her voice.

"Yea, we said hello's and he asked how my Christmas was. How school went, you know, just the usual pleasantries," Jen replied.

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