tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMoving into My New Apartment

Moving into My New Apartment


This all started with my dad, Robert, asking me if our neighbor, my high school basketball coach, Frank Weber, could help me with my move to the local university. Coach Weber was my high school Basketball coach and had been our neighbor for the last 10 years. He saw my talent as a basketball player. He worked with me to ensure I would go to a college to play ball and make the Pros. He saw at a young age I had talent and we bonded over it, before I ever went to high school. My last year of high school I had gotten scholarship offers for 2 universities. One in California at a small school and then for the Local Uni. I was ready to sign and go to California. But Sami, coaches Yoga wife said at one of our backyard cook outs that I should go local. She told me that she was going to get her Masters in Nutrition at the Uni. And, it would be fun to have a friend there too. Literally she talked my parents into this as a great way for Dad to ensure I got the education I needed. Damn as a young guy you want your freedom.

After 3 kids, me, Joe, 18 at 6 ft 3in. My sisters Julie is 21 and Barb is 22. I really should just call them snitches 1 and 2. They loved to make sure their brat brother was always in trouble. But Dad and Mom said as long as no one got hurt or the cops were not involved then most everything would be ok. My parents always worked a lot but now, loved the thought of their new no children at home lifestyle.

I did have the choice to stay at home and commute about 45 each way daily to school or move into the dorms. I took dorms. Sorry mom and dad but what I want most is my own space. Well, we got a letter on housing that said I was 3rd on the waitlist which had a few hundred trying too. School coaches informed me that they knew about myself and a few other scholarship residents and, they got Housing to move me up the list from middle because I was a freshman on scholarship. Problem was last year returning waitlist students also got on the list before me. So, I told mom that I did not want to live at home but by the school so I could save the 45 commute. My mom Shirley and Sami had a coffee meeting over this. Sami said she knew of a place by the school which would work as housing for me. My mom with Sami found this apartment which was close to school. Right behind Natasha with Bull and Squirrel Food and Drink Pub.

Off I went with the Weber's at the start of the school year. Coach wanted to check out the ball program and ensure I was set for study tutoring and practice schedule. Dad had to go to Atlanta for a convention, Mom was going with him. Kind of a post kid honeymoon. You would think this was weird to not have my parents take me but I was set on going alone. Coach and Mrs. Weber told me that morning since I was out of High School, the Weber's wanted to be known as Frank and Sami. Sami then came up to me leaned in and gave my cheek a kiss. Sami lingered a little longer after the kiss. I could smell her perfume. She had never done this before. I turned to her and she was just looking at me, smiling.

The apartment was not a very fancy place but it did have some great pluses. You got to park in a closed garage for one car with a storage locker in it. All apartment front doors faced the pool area, bed rooms were in the back of the apartment so you saw the drive alley area. A lot of the other tenants were grad students so ages were mostly well over 22. Sami mentioned she knew some of the other tenants. Frank told me this was a place to sow your oats and no one got hurt kind of place. Everyone looked out for each other. Frank told me that they knew 2 tenants in the complex, Martha and Yuri. Sami walked up to my left ear and whispered that Martha and Yuri were smart and quite open about friends and relationships. As a young person, you hear things but never really know if you are getting the true idea but really hope that would include me somehow.

As we got there a delivery truck was waiting. 2 guys told us that they had furniture for the apartment, living room and bedroom plus a desk and chair. Sami said that she had other items coming to set up the apartment. Frank said he was going to the office to get the keys of my apartment, and would be right back. Sami said that she and I were going to set up the apartment. Frank came back about an hour later. He looked worn out but was happy. After a few minutes he announced he was going to school to visit the coaches and would be gone most of the day. An hour later the delivery guys were gone. Sami gave them a $20. Martha showed up and was she sweet looking.

Martha was as Sami described her. "A Porcelain dream and built for more fun than you could know". Martha stood about 5ft 8 inches. I was to find out later while listening that she was a 36c with 26 waist 36 hips, sandy blond brown hair. Martha mentioned she had gotten a boob job a few years ago. She went from 34b saggy tits to this bomb shell. Martha, also, lost a lot of weight after some new meds for her thyroid got her healthy. The downside was she lost the excessive weight and her breast lost their volume. Sami expressed that she was a 34d. Her yoga was her miracle cure to old age sagging. She had a 24 waist and 34 hips. They included me in their conversations of about everything. Sami mentioned that all four of them would get together every so often for a night of debauchery.

Other things that came out with these 2 women, like if I needed extra funds, Yuri, Marthas' husband would fix me up as a Bouncer next door at Natasha. Yuri was the Assistant General Manager of the Bar Restaurant. Yuri kind of controlled the chaos at the complex with finding work for the grad students there. The bar was the college neighborhood establishment. The cops always cruised the parking lot. Not too many problems because of this relationship. So no problems every invaded this place.

While working on the kitchen we heard some loud voices and then a big splash. I was ready to outside and see what happened. Martha said it was about that mid-day pool fun with most of the summer tenants. I asked what she meant. Martha just looked at me and then to Sami. Finally, Sami said she kept this one under wrap so my parents would not exclude this place to move into. I had that dumb freshman look on my face. Martha quipped up "Oh this is going to be fun. Let's go check out what is happening."

By the pool about 10 people were out there. Martha said "We should go down and introduce you to them." Out the door we went. Being on the second floor it was not a long walk but you did have to go the corners to get to the stairs. As we came around the corner to the gate of the pool. Martha mentioned directly to me, "We are all over 18 and adults. So this may not be your tea but for others they love this life style." As we went in not much looked out of place. Everyone was in the pool and having a lot of fun.

I then began to understand something was misconstrued. Girl's tops were on but weirdly. Like they were all loose and facing backwards. All their tits were showing and damn they were pretty nice looking. Even a few girls had nipple piercings. I slowly turned to Martha and Sami and they looked at me. Martha, smiled and said she had her suit on so she was going to join in. It was then that all came to light. She took her clothes off and had a bikini on. She then took off her top and redid the ties so everything was backward. Her tits were out there in front of all of us and she looked gorgeous. Martha looked at Sami and said, "You explain our lifestyle to him."

So I looked at Sami and did not know what to say. Sami began to explain. The policy here was that everyone had to have proper attire on, per state law. But not how we had to wear it. So this place began this new policy that women would wear their clothes but they had the choice to wear it any way they wanted too. Men could alter their choice of swim attire to gain freedom or another way to let their dicks be free in front too.

So everyone was getting into the pool for a round of pool piggy back wars. 2 guys came out of the pool to get a beer and had their dicks sticking out semi hard. Martha said girls on back and guys were the ponies. Sami asked if I wanted to join in the fun. I did not have a bathing suit. Sami said use your underwear as she was adjusting her top and dropping her shorts. Sami also had on a blue lace thong. Was she looking sexy as hell? Someone shouted out, "We have a racer on the track." All the guys ask who her stud was. Sami responded back with 'this young pony' kissing me on my cheek. Martha walked up and said "Joe, you got balls and better have a dick with that or I may have to move you out tomorrow". What!!

Martha then squatted down and pulled down my shorts and underwear. She then leaned forward. She took my dick and started to give me a blow job. She sucked me till I was half hard. And then she just stopped. Looked at me and said she would finish that big boy later but I had win the fight first.

So the rules were simple. We all know the rules. Knock everyone off their horse. Winner got to choose who he wanted to have sex with but their rider got any pony she wanted for the victory celebration. And, the fucking was to be right on the chaise loungers in front of everyone. The two guys who were out of the pool, were now getting in. One said that they wanted to win another round with Martha or Sami. Sami told me that she had recently lost with Yuri as her pony. Frank had also lost and won with Martha a few times. Martha ask if I could win because she wanted my dick. She said I was not too thick and close to 7 inches. Martha looked great with the backward bra fix. Fuck did she have great looking tits.

Well everyone was in the pool. All the girls had mounted their ponies' backs. Sami leaned into my ear and said she too got to choose a stud to fuck. Sami told me that Bob and Sam, the two guys who were out of pool, were fun but fast shooters. We had to beat everyone so that she got who she wanted.

As we started almost everything was allowed, except, no outright hurting each other. I assumed that tripping was going to be the norm and I was right. I almost went down fast but spread my feet some and got stable. Sami was rubbing those wonderful tits on my back as she held on to me with a near death choke hold. She, also, had her legs wrapped around my torso just as tight. Her yoga training did us well. We eventually won, it took about 4 minutes. I was exhausted and happy.

As we won Sami came out of the pool, did not even break stride. She just took off bra and blue thong. Man she had such a beautiful pussy. Shaven with a tuff above her clit. Yoga really did her right. She grabbed someone's towel and laid them down. Next she called this guy with black rim glasses to come lay down. Started to give him a blow job to get him hard. Sami stopped for second and asked Martha to get some lotion. Martha handed a bottle to Sami. Sami then looked at me. Stood up and walked up to me. Said that her and Frank wanted me to know that she and Frank did this often, and I was going to enjoy her often, like every day. Sami then said she love to get her asshole fucked well. Martha told me that the stud was Martin. He loved to fuck women asses. Martin was not huge penis guy but you could see he had a larger than normal head of penis. Sami was now lubing up Martin and her asshole. She slowly sank down on that dick and within a minute she was riding him hard.

Sami mouth took over asking to be fucked hard and rip her ass with a new wide hole. She spewed that she needed to get wide for few new dicks she wanted back there. Sami was staring right at me with a smile, and said, "I am going to ride you for all your worth big boy".

I looked around at the others from the pool. I looked at Martha and ask about her. She said she was not shy and would do me, but wanted someone else's juices on my dick. I asked her who she would like to enjoy. Martha said Sami or anyone else there would make my victory worthy.

I looked at both Martha and Sami, "You guys are not making this easy."

I ask the group of girls who wanted this man meat. 3 girls stepped up and said for me to pick one or they would rip off my balls. OUCH!! But this short, 5 foot tall, dark red head said she would like have some young fresh guy, who had not been fucked over by the group yet. Becky was her name. She had small titties, like A's at the most, and had the sweetest dark areola around those stiff nipples. Rest of Becky's body was hot too, wonderful looking hip and ass shape. Martha was mentioning to me that Becky would give me a hell of a ride.

I ask Becky how she wanted to do this. She looked me straight in eye and said, "Lube me and ram me. You can do almost anything. Pull hair, spit on me, spank me, and give me a golden show afterwards. But no crapping." Becky asked me to lay down and she wanted to mount me. Holding my dick in her small hand she asked if I can fuck her ass like Sami was getting. Becky said she also has an itch in her ass and liked my dick. Bet I could do her well. Martha walked over to us and grabbed my dick and started to jack me off with lotion on her hand. Said lube is a must for ass fucking.

Martha told everyone there I was moving in and my dick looked like it could do some backdoor spearing.

Becky smiled and then just started squatting down over me. She smiled and told me that she loved this moment in life. New dick entering her for the first time and not knowing how much fun we were going to have. Becky had no restrictions. She talked to everyone around us. She was telling them that I was filling her up nice. And, this was not going to be the last time we are going to be together.

I soon looked around and seamed everyone was pairing off. It was a full out fuck fest going on. I heard the gate clashed but just didn't care. Next thing, as I was enjoying my first ass fucking, was Frank standing in front of me. Martha was pulling down his slacks and started to suck his dick. He was trying to get naked. Frank asked how I liked my new home. Frank saw me fucking Becky's ass and asked her if he could do her next. Becky said, "Yes."

Frank smiled and said, "Ok."

Frank looked over saw Sami. And asked how good of a fuck I was. Sami said, "Not yet but will be spending the night with Joe. And, I will tell you in the morning." Frank let me know that he had a vasectomy when he was young because he did not want children. Married Sami because she did not know if she wanted kids but, now in her late 30's, she was starting to ask if it would hurt them if she had a kid. Frank said that they agreed it would be good. But he was not able to do the deed. Frank said that they agreed that I and my dad would be prime candidate to make their baby. And, since I was not fixed, I had a green light to knocking up Sami. Frank said it was ok for me and as well as my dad to fuck her anytime.

Now I had context to the Father/Son talk a few months ago that dad had with me. I had to know who I was sleeping with and know what I wanted. During that talk my dad told me that I had to know about my sex life. Liked he found out that he was lucky to have kids. See he had low sperm counts. He has a strong drive to chase my mom but they were lucky. I now understood so much today. My father was screwing the neighbors' wife. I wonder if mom knew.

Becky was really trying to get me off. She was riding me with vigor. Her neat pussy and nearly tit less had me interested. She was pulling on her nipples and kept asking me to pinch them hard. Becky wanted to be abused and punished. She wanted to do everything that would give her pleasure. I could feel my body getting ready to cum. I told her that I was going pop. She told me to let it go. I did not stop my energy was building up. I could feel she knew how to squeeze that ass. I was really feeling that need to burst my cum. Man it felt like a I was going to explode.

And then the world just stopped as I was on the verge of cumming. My body was screaming out to let it fly. I wanted to pull out and cum on her asshole or her face. But my dick did not want to leave this asshole. I loved this feeling. I hope fucking in the future would be as exciting. I looked up to Becky and she was getting off me. I closed my eyes for a moment and felt the explosion. Gawd this was great.

Sami crawled over to me and spoke about their plans for me. I asked if she wanted to have a baby. She looked at me and asked if that scared me. I told her I did not know. She said that they did not know if the true father or Franks name would be on the birth certificate. She knew that I would be wanting to fuck many girls. Did I know that she has been setting me up to be the stud of the university? Sami primed many girls who I went to school with did they know that I was the surprised stud. Seems with her yoga workouts with many athletes at our and other schools she has been talking me up. A lot of them would do bi action with her and she would then sell them that if they want a quality fuck or group action that they should seek me out.. She told them that she loved to have me fuck her so she could have a young stud. So many thought that would be great and would she share me with them. She told Frank of how she was getting pussy on the side. And, this led to the plan to fuck her and bring in others.

Who knew that this was more than just moving into my new apartment.

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