Moving My Sister-In-Law


She looked at me as I helped her off her knees, she kissed me again and I could actually taste my cum which only seemed to increase the excitement level I already was at the peak of.

It was exciting to have done something like this in public and with my wife's sister, the Taboo feeling, knowing you shouldn't and then the guilt hit me.

"Cindy, we can never ever let Lisa find out about this. It would kill her! I cannot believe we did it, I have never been unfaithful to her before and don't know how I let it happen!"

The shame in my voice could have been heard a mile away. ""Don't worry, this is our secret and always will be, and thank you. I can't believe the size of your load, My God, I thought it was going to choke me!"

I had pulled my pants back up and zipped them then stuck my hand in my pocket to get the trucks key.

"Don't bother with a key, I have mine, I just wanted an excuse to get you out here!" She laughed as she started back to the hotel.

I stood there a minute thinking about what had transpired between us and what I would say to Lisa if she asked why it took so long for me to get Cindy's bag.

It turned out I had nothing to worry about, Lisa was fast asleep when I got back. I sat in the chair they had in the room and thought about what had happened.

True enough I had always had the fantasy of fucking Cindy, but Never expected anything to happen, it was just a fantasy.

And even if I didn't instigate what happened, I was still just as guilty for not stopping it. And Yes, I did enjoy it, Damn did I enjoy it!

It seems that cock sucking runs in their family because they are both excellent at it.

I had to give it to Cindy, I don't know the last time I came that fast since I was a teenager and a smile came across my face as I thought about her on her knees, looking up at me, her blue eyes staring at mine.

The lust you could see in them as she inhaled my cock. Damn, I was getting a hard on, but I couldn't wake Lisa up to use it, I am sure she would smell the sex on me even if it had just been a blow job.

I had some beer so I opened one and sat watching TV for a few minutes and thought I may as well go take a couple more hits off the joint I had, so I crept out of the room so as not to wake Lisa, even if she was a heavy sleeper there was no sense in making anymore noise than needed.

I went out to the truck and heard a noise behind it, preparing to find a thief breaking into it I rushed around the corner of it to surprise the thief and perhaps give me a jump on him or them.

Cindy screamed out as I did, and I nearly shit my pants when she threw the small bag she had in her hand at me.

"Damn Cindy, what in the hell are you doing out here? You scared the crap out of me!" She sat on the bumper of the truck, her legs weak from the fright I had given her.

"You? Damn, I think I pissed my pants!!! You scared me half to death if not more!" I sat beside her letting my legs catch up to my heart; I reached in my shirt pocket and got the joint then lit it up.

Cindy's eyes popped wide open. "I didn't know you smoked pot!" she said with surprise in her voice.

"Well, I don't do it a lot but I like it now and then to take the edge off." I took a deep toke and held it in as long as I could then exhaled slowly, feeling it hit me quickly I took one more small toke then put it out.

Sitting on the back of the truck we talked a bit about what had happened and what would not be said to anyone.

Cindy not wanting anyone in our family to know about this as much as I did, we agreed that as much as we both enjoyed it we had to keep quiet about it all.

I asked if she wanted a hit, she said no that she had already had 3 wine coolers and was feeling pretty good already and that she never had enjoyed pot.

I was sitting beside her enjoying the buzz when she leaned against me again, her perfume was intoxicating and not being in a sober state of mind, and I told her so.

I got up and got her bag that she had thrown at me off the ground then handed it to her, shut the truck and locked it then walked her to her room which was 4 doors past ours.

"Come on inside, I'm not really sleepy." Cindy said to me, and like an idiot I did. "Could you give me a little massage?" she asked.

"Sure, I guess so." I replied to her. She lay face first on the bed and I put one knee on each side of her body and began at her shoulders, I have to say it wasn't some scam to seduce me; she had some serious knots in her shoulders and upper back.

"No wonder you have so many headaches Cindy, Your back is full of knots." I told her as I massaged her back. "I know, but I can't afford to pay someone to do it for me, so I just deal with it.

"Mmmmm, you have some magic hands for sure, that feels soooo good." I let my hands have their way and was stoned so it didn't matter anyway.

She had just enough meat on her to let my hands dig into her, I had been doing her back about 10 minutes before working down her thighs. It just seemed the natural thing to do, nothing sexual, just a massage.

And as I said I was stoned and actually forgot who I was giving the massage to. I worked my way down to her feet then back up to the upper thigh including the inside of her legs.

I noticed that she spread her legs wider the higher I went so I just kept going; I finally touched her shorts where I could go no higher.

"Wait a second." She said, "Get up." I did and she rolled over and undid her blouse buttons and took it off, she had no bra on so I just sat there like an idiot staring at her breasts.

Then she removed her shorts, she had on some pink panties, cut high on the hips then she lay on her back, "OK, Now finish this side too." and she closed her eyes leaving me to do as I wished.

I just started at the top of her shoulders and worked down again this time with a much nicer view. Her breasts are larger that Lisa's like I said and the nipples stood out even more now than from what I had seen earlier.

I reached over and grabbed both of them then squeezed then lightly. "Mmmmmm, that feels so good, don't stop!"

"In for a penny, in for a pound." I thought to myself, we had already had oral sex so I kept on playing with her tits, rolling her thick nipples between my fingertips before leaning over and kissing her this time.

Her hands wrapped around my neck and she pulled me to her closely. I could taste the wine coolers she had drunk as I am sure she tasted the pot on my tongue as we kissed.

I stopped kissing her then looked into her eyes as she stared into mine, then lowered my head to the nipples that were begging to be sucked.

Her hand held my head to her chest as I sucked like a new born baby getting his first meal. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and I humped it against her thigh before moving down further.

I got to her panties and grabbed each side; she raised her hips up as I pulled them off her and threw then to the side.

I glanced down and saw that she did not trim her bush, it was thick and curly and I couldn't wait to stick my face in it. I didn't wait long, she had not had time to take a shower and I could smell the days sweat and urine on her.

It did not detract me from my intentions and I kissed her pussy, something that I had wanted to do since the first time I had seen her.

My fingers opened up her pussy and I licked her from bottom to top. "Oh Fuck, that feels so wonderful!" She cried out as my tongue ran up her wet slit to her clit.

Her legs shook when I licked her clit and I felt her legs close around my head.

I felt her body shaking as she had her first orgasm from someone other than herself in a long time. She cried out softly as the waves of pleasure washed over her entire body.

Her nipples standing out even further now as she came. I tasted her juices as they ran out of her thick pussy lips and down the crack of her ass. I saved all I could as I licked her from top to bottom once again.

"Come here and fuck me!" She told me, "I need that cock in me; I want that cock in me now!!!"

I slid up her body, mine on top of hers, our sweaty body's slick as her hand went to my cock and inserted me inside her.

I pushed forward, her hips raised to assist me as I slowly pushed inch after inch in her.

Now I am no Hung dude, but I do what I can with the 6 inches I have and have had no complaints so far, at least not to my face.

The look on her face was worth a Thousand Dollars as she finally felt a mans hard cock enter her extremely tight and wet pussy.

Lisa was not loose by any means but Cindy had her beat by a mile with the tight pussy she had and I intended on taking full advantage of it and her.

I stopped once I was fully inside her to enjoy how she felt, her eyes looked into mine as she said, "Fuck me, Make Love to me I don't care which, I don't care how you treat me. Treat me like a whore or a wife or lover. I just need this so badly right now I don't care. If you only knew how much I need this!"

I answered her softly, "How do you want me to treat you, your wish is my command." I smiled.

Our hips started moving at the same time as we looked into each others eyes, our lips met in a gentle kiss, I think we both knew this was going to be a Make Love not just a fuck.

Her fingers ran soft trails down my back until they reached my ass cheeks and then she grabbed them to pull me as far inside her as I could get.

I could not get over how wet and tight she was, it was almost like fucking a virgin and she like Lisa had also given birth to two children.

Her thick thighs wrapped around my back as she lifted her legs higher, my hands on her shoulders I pulled her to me with each thrust of my body.

I sucked on her earlobe, running my tongue all around the edge of her ear as we slowly made love, my fantasy finally realized.

I could not have had a fantasy that turned out as good as this one as we began to move faster as our passion level was now getting as hot as we were.

I felt my cock as I nearly pulled it all the way out, just leaving a bit of the head inside her before shoving it back as deep as I could.

Her breath would leave her body as our hips met, mine just getting deeper as I was putting forth more effort.

"Ron, I'm coming now, Please fuck me harder, fuck me faster, Oh fuck yes make me come now Ron."

My hips moved faster and harder as her eyes closed, her breath was as hurried as our hips as they slapped together.

I rose on my elbows, not only to let her breath easier but to watch her breasts as they shook on her chest from the motion of our bodies and the bed.

I felt myself wanting to cum but wanted to make her cum more than the one time.

I had no idea if this would ever happen again and I wanted it to be good not only for me, which it already was, but to make sure she knew she had been made love to.

I succeeded, she cried out loudly, "Yes, Fuck Me you son of a bitch, Oh Fuck I'm coming again, oh my God YES!" Cindy went wild as this orgasm hit her, her hips raised off the bed pushing my body upwards at least 5 inches as I now fucked her hard.

Her legs let go and she put her feet on the bed to push against me, her dripping pussy was making sloshing noises as my cock slammed in again and again. Her head shook side to side and her fingers nearly ripped the sheets as she came.

I slowed my pumping to let her catch her breath a bit after she had came and her eyes opened, "My God Ron, I have never cum that hard in my life! No wonder Lisa married you, I would pay for that cock if it came with you attached."

I just grinned and resumed my thrusting; her pussy had lost some of the tightness since she came but not enough to make me lose interest in fucking her now.

""Now, It's my turn Cindy, no making love, I want to fuck you and fuck you hard!" "Oh yes Do that, show me what you got!" She grinned at me.

Well I did everything I could do to show her my best, I reached under her shoulders and pulled her tightly towards me.

Her hot breath now on my neck, our bodies slick with sweat as I pounded her with my hips. I was close now and knew I would not last much longer.

I felt it begin at the tips of my toes and build upwards to my crotch as we no longer even tried to pretend we were making love, this was now just a flat out fuck and a good one I must say.

"Now Cindy, that's right fuck me harder now! Oh hell yes, this is sooo good, Make me cum now Cindy. I want to fill you up; I want to hear you scream, Fuck Me!!!"

She did and I did fill her up with what I had left saved up in my balls. I felt her body shake when she felt my hot cum explode into her hungry pussy. Her eyes closed tightly as she had one more small orgasm as my spunk shot in her.

I stopped humping her and lay my head on her shoulder our breath coming in gulps, both of our hearts pounding against the others though our chests.

I could have fallen asleep lying there, but knew I had to get cleaned up and go to my own room where my wife was laying there asleep.

Shame and disgust hit me but also the satisfaction of making my deepest fantasies a reality. And as long as she didn't find out what could happen, a huge smile came to my face!

I rolled off Cindy, lying on my back catching my breath and letting my heart return to a semi normal state when she leaned over and kissed me.

"I know this was wrong, but it is something I have wanted forever, I hope you won't hate me or what we did. I can't remember when I have had such great sex.

My Ex was never much of a lover, one that would pop a nut and roll over leaving me to my own means. Something I got very good at."

I could see the hurt in her eyes as she spoke of it and it nearly broke my heart. Cindy is a good person and deserves so much more out of life than she has gotten.

I kissed her tenderly and she kissed me back, "I have to say Cindy, as great as the sex is with Lisa I would have a hard time remembering when we did that with as much need and passion.

And I thank you!" With that I got up and went to her shower, knowing I could never go my own room smelling of her sex.

I was just rinsing off when Cindy came in the bathroom and sat on the toilet just watching me through the semi clear shower curtain.

I nearly jumped back into the shower wall when I opened the curtain and saw her sitting there a smile on her face. She got up and handed me the towel then got the spare and helped me dry off.

Once dry, I went back to get dressed and looked at the clock, it was nearly 1:30 A.M. "Shit Cindy I have Got to get back to our room."

I had been gone nearly 2 hours and was in deep shit if Lisa woke and I wasn't there.

I had no excuse or reason to be gone that long. I kissed her a quick goodbye kiss and rushed to my room.

Easing in like a thief in the night I got beside the bed, Lisa still sleeping soundly I thought as I got undressed quietly and slipped into bed. I snuggled over to her Lisa said quietly, "Did you enjoy it?

How the fuck did she know? I was busted and knew there was no way to deny it although I tried, with no success.

"It alright, Cindy and I have discussed it and she really needed that and I am happy you were the one to give it to her, not some asshole in some bar. Thank You!"

With that she kissed me with as much passion as we had ever had before rolling over and going back to sleep, her back against my stomach with my arm around her holding her breast.

We arrived in Washington State with out any more sexual escapades with Cindy and I, nothing was ever mentioned about it although my mind reran every moment of it over and over the rest of the trip.

We got her settled in her new apartment and as she let us out at the Airport they hugged tightly both of them with tears running down their faces as they said their goodbyes.

I smiled at them then Cindy came to me, gave me a hug and a tongue filled kiss goodbye. "I want to thank you both for the gift you gave me, I know I can never repay you, either one of you." the last part was aimed at Lisa.

I grinned and said, "Welllll, there are always the holidays!" They both punched me in my arms, one on each side, but no one said it wouldn't happen.


Authors Note: This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! ;-) Thanks, mustanger7up

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