tagIllustratedMr. and Mrs. Right

Mr. and Mrs. Right


Diary Entry: November 26th

Author: Randy Right

"Mmmmmm...I love to kiss you..." I spoke between soft pecks at my lover's plump lips. She smiled through our kiss and slowly reached upward grasping at my neck with her palm. She rubbed her thumb along my jawline gently while she pressed her lips to mine, opening her mouth slightly as if to entice me a bit. My tongue poked out of my mouth as it parted, tracing the edge of her pouty lips before letting my tongue slip inside to greet hers. Once inside, our textured muscles rubbed along one another's as we kissed more passionately, my body heating up even more as we held one another in our all too familiar lover's embrace. Mrs. Right guided her hand gently up and down my lower back and pulled me firmly against her torso as she embraced my tongue with her own, sighing softly as she relaxed for the first time all day.

I loved this moment...that long awaited sensual embrace that came only after all the worries of the day were put to bed. I felt her pull me closer, thereby pushing her curvy body into me. I smiled and broke the kiss momentarily, whispering to her, "You always get me so hot, Baby. And wearing that sexy little outfit only makes it worse. I mean...you can see your nips right through this top, you know." I giggled and kissed her again as I ran my fingers down her face, over her neck and collarbone before tracing down her ample cleavage. I thumbed her nub now, feeling it already swelling slightly. She felt the cool wisps of air against her neck from my nose as I exhaled with relief, feeling my strong hold on her as I held her tightly. She sighed deeply as she felt my fingertips begin to tease her already slightly hardened nub, reaching up and grabbing my other hand before gently lowering it to the rim of her jeans, resting my thumb between the fabric and her soft skin just above the button and zipper.

"Nobody...and I mean absolutely nobody, has ever been able to turn me on quite like you can," she said and returned his kiss passionately while running her own fingernails up and down my lower back from under my shirt. I smirked at her in my own way, loving that I could turn her on so much. I pulled at her top, tugging the sheer black fabric down on one side and exposed her lovely, full breast. I kissed down her neck leaving wet remnants of my lips as I moved towards her exposed nub. I suckled it and nibbled at it as my hands began to work at her jeans, unbuttoning them slowly while my tongue circled her nub over and over again. She looked down with her large brown eyes and watched my tongue as it traced around her hard nipple. Her breasts heaved with her now shaky breath as she shifted her hips and moved closer to me in order to allow better access to her jeans. Her body was aching for me already as she ran her fingers through the short hair on the back of my head, gently pressing my mouth harder to her ample breast, wanting me to suck at her harder still.

"I just can't help it when I'm with you, you bring out the animal in me," she huffed quietly, nimble digits reaching down and helping me as I fumbled with her button. I burned at her words, my insides teeming with increasing amounts of lust for my wife. I bit down on her nub and pulled my head back, stretching the supple and tender flesh as I unzipped her tight jeans and with her help, peeled them over her curvy hips and down her thick thighs. I let her nipple pop out of my mouth as I stood up and lifted my own shirt off.

"I want you so bad...am I pulling out the sofa bed?" I asked as I motioned toward our hide-a-bed couch nearby.

My wife smiled as she kicked her pants to the side of the room and answered with a quick retort, "Well now... that would all depend on where you'd rather fuck me. In the living room or in our bedroom. You tell me what we're going to do," she replied with a wink.

"I think we'll have more room on the bed. Why not get your sexy ass upstairs?" I asked and gave her a head nod toward the door leading out of the room. As she turned and headed toward their destination, I bit his lip and admired the sight of her fine, shapely ass and legs from the rear. "Goddamn that's a great view," I spoke to myself and followed after her but not before stepping out of my own jeans and leaving them behind.

Once in the bedroom, my lover climbed onto the bed and bent over in front of me, spreading her large, round ass cheeks apart and exposing her already sopping wet pussy. She waited anxiously for me to enter her, her mind reeling with anticipation before she felt me grabbing her ass hard. As I lined her up to me, teasing her hole with my tip, she looked over her shoulder and whimpered, "Mmm, don't tease me babe, give me that rock hard cock...I want to feel all of you deep inside of me."

I wasted little time seeing how ready she was. I grinned slyly at her then reached out and grabbed her shoulder with one hand, using the other to guide my dick into her juicy hole. I grunted and hummed with pleasure as I felt the way her cunt swallowed me whole. She was so fucking wet and warm. I closed my eyes and let every inch of my shaft fill her until her ass was pressed against my thighs. "Fuuuuckkkkk," I moaned as she pushed off of my thighs and started to bounce against me. She spread her ass farther apart as she felt every single inch of my thick, rock hard cock dwelling deeper and deeper into her tight, warm, wanting cunt.

"Fuck Babe...I've needed this all fucking day. The feeling of you sliding in and out of me with such ease and all because of how incredibly fucking wet you make my cunt." The sound of my lap slapping against her ass while she pumped her pussy against me just increased her wetness and she used that dripping wet hole to milk me, tightening her inner walls harder and harder against me. The smell of sex wafted into the air as I continued to glide in and out of her. She reached up, grabbing at her own nipples and pulled her tits hard as I fucked her from behind then reached downward with her other hand and tickled her pussy from the front, making her even more wet for me. "You like that Babe? You like how I fuck you, don't you? How I feel wrapped so tightly around you?"

I took a moment to respond, still lost in how good it felt to have my cock buried inside of her hot cunt. "Mmmm...Yeah. I love fucking you. You make me so hard and my balls...fuck...they're swollen. I love the way you milk me with that wet, sloppy twat of yours." I pulled out of her gooey hole and laid back on the bed, taking her with me. "Now get over here and show me just how bad you've missed this dick," I said as I guided her on top of me. "I want you to fuck me till you cum all over my cock," I added, reaching my hands up and pulling her top all the way off of her so I could have an uninhibited view of her perfect tits in my face.

She climbed atop me and straddled my midsection, her large mounds bouncing above my mouth, teasing me as she glided her warm, wet hole over the tip of my throbbing cock. Quickly she began to pump herself against my lap, feeling my veiny shaft penetrate her depths. She looked down at me, watching my facial expressions change as she fucked her handsome husband harder still. "Mmmm fuck babe...you feel fucking incredible buried so deeply inside of me," she whimpered as she felt him twitch. "You want to cum inside of me, don't you Babe? You want to fill me with your thick, creamy load, don't you? I love feeling that hot, sweet rush when you lose your breath and your eyes roll into your head. Nothing turns me on more than turning you on."

"And you turn me on like f-f-fucking crazy," he muttered as he felt his pouch throb between his legs. "I always wanna just explode inside of you every time you fuck me. Damn...it's fucking amazing." He grabbed both of her tits, squeezed them and started to suck on her nips as she rode his cock harder still. l He could feel her wetness dribbling down his legs all the way to his pelvis where it streamed down onto the bed. "F-f-fuck! You're gonna make me cum!"

She moaned as she looked down, intently studying my face as she grinned and fucked me harder yet, "Yeah? It feels that good to fuck your dirty little wife? Hmm? To know she spends all day thinking about the ways she wants to fuck you...the ways she wants you to cum in and on her. Does that turn you on Babe? To know how much your body and your seed are craved by your horny little housewife?"

"Yeah....fuck yeah. I love knowing that you get horny thinking about me. I love when you can't help yourself and start misbehaving from all those erotic thoughts. I love when you get so fucking horny that you start talking dirty to me like this." I pumped my dick in and out of her moist slit, feeling her juices running and coating my legs. "Fuck Baby....you're so fucking hot. I want you to cum all over my dick...I love to feel you squirt..."

My wife grunted and groaned as she felt me pull her to her feet and then place her onto my lap, grinding her now sopping wet cunt hard against me, swallowing my entire length inside of her tight, hot, dripping pussy. "Fuck...mmm...you fuck me so good Babe. The way you talk to me gets me so fucking wet for you. I love when I feel you unload your thick, steamy load deep inside of me and then I cum too as you continue to fuck my sopping wet cunt. I love how dirty you talk to me and how fucking hot it makes me to hear you let loose and own it because you fuck me like no other and it turns me on like fucking crazy...you have no idea." she says, huffing as she continued to pump herself harder and harder against my lap, gyrating her pussy against me, milking it harder now.

I was panting and groaning as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face into her heaving breasts. I licked and kissed them, her hips rolling about in a churning motion which just made my head spin. I could feel my balls twitching as she drove me wild. "You're so good at fucking me...I love how good you make me feel, Baby." I grabbed her ass hard and smacked it as she bounced in my lap, knowing it was making me crazy.

She grinded her pussy harder against me now, gyrating her hips in a circular motion, forcing herself down harder against me until her wet little pussy lips rested on my base. She left an obvious trail of her sex as she continued to sway from side to side and front to back against me, harder and then slower, almost to a stop as to prevent me from unloading my seed into her too soon and then she quickened her pace a bit as she felt me flinching inside of her again.

"Fuck Baby...fuck fuck fuck...." I murmured as she rode me. I felt my cock, red and swollen, inside of her pussy wanting to unload as she milked me more and more. "I love to watch that pussy getting fucked....and I love when you cum...I just love you when you're horny and naughty..."

She grinned from ear to ear, "Oh yeah?" she replied. "Why don't you show me how you'd fuck a naughty girl then..."

I picked her up and carried her over to the nearby wall, pressing her face first into it as I lifted her right leg. I grinned and pushed my still throbbing cock back into her warm hole. "How about like this?" I asked as I resumed fucking her tight twat, my balls quivering with anticipation.

She arched her back a bit to allow me deeper access to her tight, warm fuck hole as she moaned and grunted. Feeling my hand on the back of her neck and my other holding her leg in the air she stammered, "Fu..fuc..fuck.. yes Babe.. just.. like.. this.. don't you dare fucking stop until you fill my cunt with your seed, I want every single last drop stuffed so deep inside my twat."

I had no intention of doing anything other than that. I held onto her sexy foot and thrusted up into her slit over and over until I felt my limit reached. "Holy shit....I'm gonna...cuuuum!" I shouted as I pushed my dick all the way in, letting her muscles constrict around my meaty shaft and start to drain me dry. "Fuuuuck yeah!"

She tightened her pussy even harder around my shaft, pulsating it hard around me as she felt me explode inside of her, her basic instinct to swallow the load with her wanting fuck hole. The sensation of my hot cum spurting within her walls was enough to send her over the edge as well and she clawed at the wall while screaming, "I'm cumming, too!"

We slowed our carnal assault on one another as our engines ran dry. Heavy panting and sloppy kisses followed before I finally spoke. "Damn that felt good..." I said, my pulse still racing. I turned my wife around and we kissed each other passionately, basking in the afterglow as beads of sweat and cum ran down our legs and dripped onto the floor. We held one another for what seemed like a very long time, completely content and fulfilled from our sensual exchange.

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