tagLoving WivesMr. and Mrs. Smith Ch. 01

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Ch. 01


The Trial:

"Mr. Smith....Mr. Smith. Did you hear the question that Mr. Daniels asked you?" the judge thundered.

I awoke as from a dream. I didn't know where I was or what I was doing. I turned to my right to see an older man in a black robe staring down at me. It all came back to me in a rush of memories. Images flashed before my eyes that sent feelings of lust, betrayal, passion and embarrassment through me.

I looked the judge in the eyes and replied, "I'm sorry your honor. Would you please repeat the question?"

Ron Daniels was my wife Laura's divorce attorney. He was in his mid forties. Slightly overweight, his unkempt hair made him look unfocused. He seemed like someone right on the edge of loosing it.

Laura was suing me for a fault divorce. Years ago I had inherited a significant sum of money from my father and now Laura was trying to embarrass me in court so I would settle. Although my lawyer advised me to settle and convinced me it would be cheaper, I refused. I believed this would be the last time I could win her back. And the only way I could do that was to tell the truth. The whole truth.

Ron asked, "Please tell me what happened on July 24th, 2008."

I answered, "It was the day that my best friend Jeff Simmons and my wife ran into each other at the grocery store. I had left to go get some hamburger meat and when I returned I found Laura and Jeff talking. Or, should I really say flirting. They both had huge smiles on their faces and they were laughing. Laura had a tight low-cut white shirt on and short jean shorts. Jeff was not very discreet in looking at her breasts. At first I was very angry. Jeff was my best friend and here is was ogling my wife. I paid good money for those!"

There were a few laughs in the back of the courtroom. I bought my wife breast implants 3 years ago for her birthday. About 110, Laura has always been in great shape running 4 marathons a year. Her only security was her breasts so she had them enlarged from a A cup to a D cup. Ever since she got them she was constantly showing them off.

I continued, "Now I didn't blame him for looking her over. He is a guy like the rest of us."

Ron asked, "And how did that make you feel?"

"At first I wanted to go over to him and punch him, but then I had a very vivid daydream, a fantasy."

A small smile appeared on Ron's face as he said, "Normally in good taste I would stop here but I am sure you would agree that the fantasy you are referring to had a significant impact on your life. You probably wouldn't be here right now if you had not seen this vision."

I looked at my wife and hesitated. I answered, "That is correct."

Ron turned to the judge and said, "Your honor, I would like to ask Mr. Smith to describe this fantasy because it has a profound impact on the rest of this case. I am familiar with the details and must admit that they are graphic. I understand that members of the court and the jury may be offended, however, I insist that in order to get to the truth behind these divorce proceedings we must hear this."

The judge said, "You may proceed."

Ron turned to me and asked, "Mr. Smith, will you explain your fantasy."

I cleared my throat and replied, "It is dawn. My wife is on her hands and knees in our bed. She looks behind, smiles and says, "Fuck me." At first I think she is talking to me but then I see Jeff walk into the picture. He climbs on our bed and places his hands on her hips. Laura's head tilts back as he enters her. They begin to have sex and then things get hazy. The last image I see is Laura on top of Jeff, kissing kissing him passionately."

"Did you tell your wife about this fantasy?"

I answered, "Yes. Later that night when we were in bed I told her everything. She seemed shocked at first. Then she began telling me that she would never cheat on me. I stopped her and explained that the fantasy turned me on. After pausing for a few seconds she told me she would never have sex with another man."

The judge called for a recess and I left the courthouse to find some lunch. It was good to get some fresh air. I began to think about those first few weeks. Laura was cold to me as she tried to process what I told her. Her loving husband wanted her to fuck another man. The fantasy kept building for me though and it would get longer and more detailed. I was masterbating 3 times a day.

I thought that if I could enlist Laura's friend Sara she might be able to convince her to sleep with Jeff. I called her and told her I needed to talk to her about Laura. We met for lunch the following week.

When I saw her standing in the restaurant lobby I could see she was worried. We got a booth in the far corner of the building.

She looked at me directly and asked, "Is there something wrong with Laura?"

I answered, "No. I need your help convincing her to do something."

"What is that?"

I paused to gather my nerve and whispered, "I want you to convince Laura to sleep with Jeff. I had this fantasy of them together and its all I can think about. It turns me on so much it is driving me crazy."

Sara's face froze and then melted into a fury. She looked me dead in the eye and said, "Are you fucking serious! What kind of sick fuck would want his wife to fuck another man. I understand a lot of men fantasize about their wife with another woman. But another man! Laura is bueatiful and you are way out of her league. I don't know why she ever got involved with you."

I replied, "I can't help it. I just think it would be so hot watching two bueatiful people fuck each other. Don't you think it is only natural for a hunk like Jeff and a stunning woman like Laura to get together?"

Sara got up and stormed out of the restaurant. Two weeks later she called me to say she would help. I didn't ask why she changed her mind. I was so delirious with lust back then I didn't care to ask.

The lawsuit continued after lunch. Ron announced, "Your honor, I would like to call Sara Shields to the stand."

After Sara sat down Ron asked, "Ms. Shields, will you explain to the court what your relationship is with Ms. Smith?"

Sara answered, "Laura and I have been friends since college. She is my best friend."

"Is it true that you helped convince Ms. Smith to start an affair with Mr. Simmons at the urging of Mr. Smith?"

"Yes," Sara replied.

Ron asked, "If Ms. Smith was such a good friend why would you try and convince her to do something that may jeopardize her marriage?"

Sara answered, "I have always hated Mike. I don't know why she fell in love with him He is overweight, ugly and stupid. We used to spend a lot of time together but when Mike came along it all changed. So when one day he came to me and asked that I help convince her to sleep with Jeff I was flabbergasted. He was so lucky to have Laura. He was willing to risk everything so he could get his rocks off watching her submit to another man. I knew back then that things would end this way. I was conflicted when he told me his fantasy because I knew Laura would get hurt. But I thought in the long term she would be happier with a better man."

I looked over at Laura and she looked pissed. Even though she was suing me I could tell that she was furious with Sara.

She continued, "When I called Mike to tell him I would help I felt a little guilty. The idiot didn't know how much I hated him. So I told him I thought it was a bad idea. I also warned him that one of his ex girlfriends told me he was very large down there."

Ron smiled and asked, "What do you mean large down there?"

Sara smiled and answered, "He had a very large penis."

"And did any of your warnings influence Mr. Smith?"

Sara laughed and looked right at me, "No. Mike was thrilled when he heard Jeff was hung. He told me he couldn't wait to see his bueatiful wife bouncing up and down on that big penis. I laughed a little and told him to not worry. With both of us pushing this Laura will be riding him in no time."

Ron said, "Please tell me about your first conversation with Ms. Smith."

Sara answered, "I took Laura out for some drinks hoping she would bring up Mike's fantasy. I could tell she was on edge and wanted to talk about her husbands proposal. I asked her if something was wrong and she told me everything. She was upset that her husband would want to share her with another man. She fretted that he might be doing this so he could start an affair and she started to cry. I told her that she shouldn't be so upset and that I suspected Mike had a cuckold fantasy. I explained that cuckold's don't have sex outside their marriage, only their wives do. It is really a blessing for a woman because she can explore her sexuality while maintaining the love and devotion of her husband."

Ron asked, "And how did Ms. Smith respond?"

Sara continued, "She asked me what was in it for the cuckold. I explained that cucks are sexually stimulated by watching their wives have sex with other men. They also experience an emotional roller coaster as their heart and penis fight each other while dealing with their wife's promiscuity. I don't know where it comes from but once it's there it doesn't go away. I told her she should do it. Mike will never stop pestering her about it."

Ron said, "When did you learn that Laura was going to start an affair with Mr. Simmons?"

"Laura called me on September 25th and told me she was going to do it. She said Mike brought it up every day and she was sick of it. Mike called Jeff and arranged a date. It did not surprise me Jeff was ok with all of this, Laura is a knock out."

The court adjourned for the weekend. The testimonies during the day brought me back to the very beginning. I was so happy back then.

First kiss:

I remember their first date. Laura had agreed to go out to dinner with Jeff. Around 1 on the morning I heard the car door shut. Sprinting upstairs, I peered out the window to see Laura and Jeff walking hand in hand towards the front door. They both had big smiles on their faces and Laura looked amazing in her tight little cocktail dress.

I opened the window as quietly as I could and tried to get as close to the screen as possible.

I heard Laura say, "Thank you for the dinner and movie tonight. I had a great time."

The look on her face was priceless. I could tell she felt something for him.

Jeff smiled and replied, "I had a great time too."

There was an awkward moment between the two. Neither of them knew what to say next. I quietly said to myself, "Kiss him!"

I don't know if I channeled my wife's mind at that moment but sure enough she leaned into him and gave him a nice juicy kiss. My dick turned to steel as my guts fell deep into my belly. The twin overpowering feelings of lust and terror flowed throughout me. If you have never seen your wife kiss another man you wouldn't understand.

The kiss had only lasted a moment but it was burned into my mind. I made a b line to the nearest bathroom and masturbated, cumming in less than 30 seconds. Just then I heard Laura open up the front door.

I asked her, "How was your date?"

She smiled like a teenager who had met her first love. "I had a great time, honey. Jeff is such a gentleman."

I little look of concern appeared on her face. She hesitated for a second.

Laura said, "I have something to confess to you."

I interrupted, "Is it the kiss? I thought it was beautiful."

Laura smiled a little, "No, I haven't been completely honest with you. Jeff and I dated for a year back in college. I never told you because I didn't want things to get weird between you and him. When you first suggested that I start dating Jeff I didn't tell you because I thought you might cancel the whole thing. Truth is, I still had some feelings for him and I was curious to see how he had changed since then."

I was shocked. Again my stomach felt like it was dropping out of my body. How could Laura keep this from me?

Laura could see my uneasiness and said, "If we are going to continue with this than we both have to be comfortable with it. Obviously you should think this over but what I will say is that if your fantasy is to get me in bed with another man, then Jeff is your best bet."

Laura leaned up to kiss me and walked to the stairs. As if to destroy any remaining reservations I might have she stopped halfway up the stairs and said, "He is the only other man I would consider letting cum in me."

As she walked up the stairs her luscious ass swayed side to side. I could see a little smile creep up on her face. She new exactly how to play me.

I stood there for minutes in a daze. I couldn't get the image of Jeff emptying himself into my wife out of my mind. I jerked off again before I went upstairs to bed.

The Next Day:

The next day after work I sat Laura down and said, "I thought about this all day and I want you to continue seeing Jeff. He is my best friend and I wouldn't want to share you with anyone else."

Laura was ecstatic and gave me a big kiss. She walked right over to the phone and called Jeff. She told him that I was ok with everything. She then went upstairs and attempted to have a private conversation with Sara but I couldn't help but to eavesdrop.

Laura whispered in an excited frenzy, "He is ok with Jeff and I being together! Jeff is soooooo handsome."

Sara said a few things to make Laura laugh. "Yes... I know he is very large! He was the best fuck of my life!"

Laura comments hurt, but I know that it must be true.

The Pill:

Laura and I went out to the store to get our weekly groceries. She steered towards the pharmacy and said, "I need to get a birth control prescription filled. I know you want me to fuck Jeff but you probably don't want to raise his baby."

I asked, "It looks like an hour wait. Do we have to do this now? The football game starts at three."

Laura smiled and said, "That's ok. Let go find the condoms."

She pushed the cart down the aisle and grabbed a big box of Magnum condoms, nonchalantly dropping them in the cart. I watched her sexy firm ass as she continued down the aisle. All I could think about was Jeff grabbing those hips and cumming deep inside her pussy. I ran up to the cart and snatched the condoms.

I said, "I can wait."

Laura laughed and whispered, "I thought so. Does hubby want me filled up with a big thick load of cum. You bad boy, I am sure Jeff will thank you later."

An hour later we returned to the pharmacy. I went up to the counter and requested the prescription.

The clerk looked up at my wife and said, "Laura it is so good to see you!"

Just our luck it was Samantha, one of her old friends.

Laura blushed and said, "How are you doing? I didn't know you worked here."

Samantha replied, "I started yesterday. We need to catch up later this week. I am swamped today."

As Samantha rang up the prescription she stopped and said, "Birth control. I thought Mike got fixed years ago. Why do you need these?"

Laura and I froze in terror.

After about 5 seconds Samantha smiled and said, "Oh, these must be needed for someone else."

She leaned forward to Laura and whispered, "Just make sure you trust this friend of yours. Make sure he gets tested. You two have fun now."

Laura pushed the cart away as Samantha leaned in towards me to say, "She is very pretty isn't she. You guys must be in a solid relationship to let another man bed your wife. Have you done this before?"

I replied, "No not yet."

Samantha looked as my hand and continued, "You guys are using condoms too. That is a good idea."

I didn't respond. I couldn't believe I was still holding the box of condoms.

Samantha said, "Let me guess. You are putting those back. Haha, you want this friend to cum in her. Did you have to talk her into it?"

I blushed, "Yes. You should see him, he is quite the stud. I have heard he is hung and he cums a lot. I can't wait!"

I paused a second. Was I bragging about the man who was going to fuck my wife.

Samantha laughed and said, "Well lucky for both of you. Let me know how things turn out."

As I walked back to the cart Laura was bending over to pick up a can of tomatoes. She looked fantastic in her short jean shorts and low cut black tank top Laura's high heel sandals showed off her bueatiful toned legs. Next weekend my best friend was going to fill her with a massive load of cum, and she didn't seem fazed at all.

Evening of:

On Saturday night I was on edge. My dick was rock hard knowing in a few hours I would officially be a cuckold. But I was also stressed out. What happens if she backs out? I felt intense feeling of jealousy and self doubt.

Laura came out of the bathroom with her face on and saw I was on edge.

She said, "Do you want to watch me get dressed? I bought something very special for the occasion."

As she slipped on a sexy black lace bra and panty set I sat there admiring my wife's body. Damn she still had it! She pulled on the tiny black minidress with a square neckline. Laura's breasts were practically spilling out.

I asked her, "Are you nervous?"

Laura smiled and said, "Not really. You know Jeff and I have been together before. Are you nervous?"

"I am."

Laura laughed, "Is my little cuckold scared. Oh don't worry I am sure Jeff will be gentle. You go online and read some nice cuckold stories. Don't you think it is ironic that at the same time you are reading a fictional story about cuckolding across town you will be cuckolded for real. Enjoy yourself tonight. I know Jeff and I sure will."

I spoke up, "Wait, can you give me some relief before you go?"

Laura replied, "Ok, pull your pants."

I was already rock hard from watching her in her underwear. She grabbed a hold of my dick and started to stroke it. Damn she looked good. She smelled fantastic.

Laura quietly whispered in my ear, "Is my cuckold excited to know that your best friend is going to fuck me with his big thick cock? I can't wait until he fills me up with a nice thick load."

I was close to cumming when Laura said she was late and let go of my penis. As she was walking out of the bedroom I said, "You have to help me cum."

Laura laughed and said, "No, I have to go help Jeff cum. You are on your own tonight."

I didn't try to stop her. She was right.

Coming home:

I couldn't sleep at all that night but I wasn't tired. I was so excited to hear what happened it compensated for any sluggishness I felt. I kept a keen eye on the window waiting for Laura to return. It was excruciating. Around 10 am Jeff's car pulled into the driveway. They both got out of the car and she gave him a big hug and kiss. In daylight!

I looked across the street and sure enough Susan, the neighborhood gossip, was peering through her window watching all of it. With her hair disheveled there was little doubt that pretty little wife had been fucked. I wish she had been a little more discreet.

When she walked into the house she had a beautiful triumphant smile on her face.

Laura said, "It was amazing."

Even though I wanted this to happen some part of me thought she might back out of it. Perhaps out of concern for her marriage. But now I know that she had done it.

Laura saw this response and quickly added, "Well come to bed. I am sure you want to hear all the details."

I quickly followed Laura up to our bedroom.

After examining her body I could see the tell tail sign of passionate sex. They was light bruising on her arms and a hickey on her neck. Her lipstick was smudged.

Laura quietly whispered, "Go ahead. I know what you are looking for."

Laura pulled off her dress and I slipped the panties off her hips. Dropping down to my knees, I was now just inches from a swollen pussy dripping with cum.

"Lucky for you he is a heavy cummer. When we used to date he would shoot his load all over my ass, breasts and face. I loved it! His cum is 20 minutes fresh."

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