Mr. and Mrs. Smith Ch. 01


"Can I watch next time?"

Laura hesitated, "Jeff and I discussed this and we think if would not be a good idea right now. But he will take some pictures of me next time."

I was disappointed at her response but at the same time I was giddy to hear how things had gone.

Laura asked me to disrobe and I laid down on the bed. Her dainty little hand enveloped by rock hard penis. Then she began tracing her fingers just barely up and down the shaft and across the head. She knew I was extremely close to cumming and she was determined to draw this out as long as possible.

It a soft sexy voice she asked, "How does it feel to be a cuckold?"

I stammered, "It is exhilarating, like being born again."

Laura continued, "I can tell it has excited you. But what I want to know is what are you feeling emotionally. After all, your loving wife has just slept with your best friend."

"I feel jealous. Part of me worries that I have made a mistake. I am afraid that he was better than me...sexually."

Laura added, "I have read up on this cuckolding fetish. Your jealousy is natural and part of the foundation for cuckolding. As to whether this was a mistake, I suppose we will find out together. I want to be completely honest with you. Jeff is better in bed. But something tells me that doesn't bother you one bit."

With that I came all over my belly. I was on cloud nine.


The next day Laura and I went out to lunch with Jeff and some of our mutual friends.

Laura leaned into me and whispered, "Does it turn you on knowing his sperm are still swimming inside me?"


Laura continued, "Do you think Jeff should top me off?"


Laura got up to use the bathroom and Jeff soon followed. They were only gone for 10 minutes but I knew what happened.

Laura whispered, "He tore my panties off. Its running down my legs!"

I whispered back, "Then you need to get rid of the evidense. Make sure Jeff sees you."

Laura began reaching in between her legs and scooping of fingertips of cum. No one else was paying attention except Jeff and I. Laura kept staring at Jeff as she put glob after glob of cum into her mouth. She was driving him wild!


When I returned home from work later in the week Laura have left a note and envelope.

The note read, "Hi sweetie. I am staying the night at Jeff's. Please enjoy the enclosed pictures."

I quickly opened the envelope to find a beautiful picture of Laura in her bra and panties. The next picture was of Jeff and her kissing. The third was a shot of Jeff's cock in her mouth. The fourth a picture of his horse cock buried in her pussy. And the fifth was the best. It was a picture of cum sprayed all over her ass!

I immediately went upstairs and jerked off to the pictures. It was so hot seeing pornographic pictures of my wife.

Laura came home the next day and again I pleaded to her to let me watch.

Laura replied with a stern voice, "I am not ready yet. I will tell you when I am. Now I was going to give you some more pictures of us but now I am not too sure."

"Ok, ok can I please see them."

Laura said, "I'll tell you what. If you promise not to mention watching us together for a month, I will give you the really good pictures I was waiting to show you.

I had to have them so I agreed. Laura was not lying. These new pictures were very intimate. Most of them were just the two of them kissing in the nude. There was a few shots of anal but the picture that really took me by surprise was a picture of the two of them cuddling after sex. They were very beautiful together.

Laura interrupted my viewing and said, "That's right honey. We didn't fuck each other like the previous times. We made love. I hope you aren't mad."

I replied, "No these are beautiful. Whatever you do please promise you won't stop seeing Jeff. This is everything I dreamed it would be."

Laura smiled, "Don't worry we are doing just fine together. This is working out so well for everyone. You got your pretty little wife in bed with another man. Jeff and I get a lot of great sex. I promise that you will one day watch us together."

First time watching:

Laura came home from work and began making dinner. I was sitting in the kitchen reading the newspaper when Laura turned off the burner and sat down next to me.

She smiled and said, "I finally convinced Jeff to let you watch. As you know he feels very uncomfortable about it. But I told him that our relationship wouldn't have ever started if it wasn't for you. I understand how badly you want to see us together so I threatened to stop our evenings together. He caved quickly."

My dick instantly turned to stone. Finally I will be able to watch! I kissed her several times picked her up and carried her up to bed. It was probably the most passionate sex we had ever had.

The plan was for all of us to go over Jeff's place on Saturday. It was the longest week of my life. I picked up a sexy black lace bra and panty set for the occasion. On Saturday night Laura took a nice relaxing bath and dolled herself up. I showed her the lingerie and she was very impressed.

Laura said, "You have great taste. Help me put them on."

She pealed off her bath robe. I stopped for a second to smell her shoulder length blond hair. I knelt down as she lifted one of her feet. I slipped the thong panty on one and then the other leg. As I stood up I pulled them up her legs until they were snugly resting on her hips. Laura turned around while I pulled on the bra. I looked down at her butt. What a piece of work! A runner's ass. I couldn't help but think that in a couple hours Jeff would be pounding that ass numb.

Laura whispered seductively, "How does it feel knowing Jeff will be peeling the same lingerie off me tonight."

I replied, "It feels amazing. I can't wait!"

Laura smiled and said, "You know I don't see any point in me wearing a dress tonight. He is just going to tear it off me as soon as I walk in the door. Its already dark out. I think you should drive me out to Jeff's house like this."

I was already in a frenzy so this put me over the edge. I was concerned that I might spontaneously cum in my pants. I opened up the garage door and got in the car. Laura followed right behind me. Anyone outside could my wife was in her underwear because of the garage door light!

Sure enough when I looked in my rear view mirrors Susan was peeking through her window. This gossip will spread like wildfire tomorrow. Everyone on the block will know!

When we were halfway there we stopped at a red light. A truck filled with guys in their twenties looked down at Laura and started to hoot and holler. She didn't turn to look at them but I could tell from her smile she was pleased at their attention.

When we pulled into Jeff's driveway and we both got out of the car. Jeff had opened up the front door and was standing in the open foyer. We looked across the street and saw a man and wife sitting outside on their porch. She gave me a devilish grin and unsnapped her bra. Then she peeled off her panties and ran stark naked to the door and jumped into Jeff's arms. I bent down to pick up her underwear and shamefully followed her into the house.

When I walked inside the house I could hear Laura call out loud, "We are back in the bedroom."

I walked to the back of the house. Jeff and Laura were in bed, kissing like 2 lovers who had been apart for months.

Jeff broke off the kiss and said, "How are you buddy? It's good to see you. Look, I want this night to be special for you. In the corner is a nice comfy chair and I also put some Vaseline and Kleenex right there. Sit back and enjoy yourself!"

Laura unbuckled Jeff's jeans and pulled them off. His penis was poking out of his boxers. It was huge! Laura then pulled the boxers off to reveal a giant pair of balls. I couldn't help but think about the virile semen inside them, which would soon be deposited deep inside my wife.

Immediately Laura lowered her luscious full lips around the head of his penis. Her ass was sticking up in the air and swaying slightly as she bobbed her head up and down.

Jeff groaned and said, "Oh fuck yea. Your wife gives amazing head."

I pulled down my pants and sat down in the chair. I began to furiously masturbate as the thick penis pistoned in and out of Laura's mouth. It was everything I thought it would be and more. Flashes of jealousy and arousal ran through by body and in less than a minute I came all over my belly.

Jeff and Laura stopped and laughed. Jeff said, "Already? It has only been a minute. We have an entire night ahead of us!"

I couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Laura turned to Jeff and said, "Leave him alone. He has been waiting for this moment for months."

Laura got off the bed, grabbed a Kleenex and wiped the cum off my belly. Then she leaned down and gave me a deep french kiss. Just seconds ago her tongue was massaging Jeff's cock and now it was inside my mouth.

Laura got back on the bed on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass a little. We all knew what she wanted. Jeff got behind her and grabbed her hips.

I interrupted them and said, "Do you need me to get you some lube?"

Jeff laughed and said, "We never use it. Laura is always soaking wet."

It kind of hurt that Jeff turned her on so much. We always had to use lube when we had sex. Still, I couldn't blame her. Jeff was a hunk.

Looking down at his penis, I was memorized by a single bead of shiny pre-cum on the tip of his penis. He began pushing the giant head into Laura's pussy.

Laura gasped and moaned. For years that pussy was mine alone and now it was being shared. The poor thing had to give and stretch to accommodate this spear of flesh. Soon he was buried balls deep in my wife and I was ecstatic!

Jeff's rhythm began with a gentle machine like cyclical thrust. Laura moaned and turned her head to give Jeff a big smooch. Suddenly, Jeff started to pick up the rhythm.

Laura said, "Hold on a second Jeff."

Jeff paused while she turned to me and said in a soft comforting voice, "When Jeff and I have sex sometimes it gets very intense. I don't want you to think he is hurting me or being too rough. It is just how me make love."

With that Jeff firmly gripped Laura's hips and began thrusting into her harder and harder until I heard loud smacking sounds. He was pounding the shit out of her ass as she screamed in pleasure. The bed was solid but the mattress squeaked like hell. Jeff reached up and pulled her hair. Arching back, she turned her head to give him a deep french kiss. They kept this pace up for 10 minutes. They were both covered in a dense sweat.

Jeff pushed her back downwards and her body collapsed like a rag-doll onto the bed. I could tell she was exhausted but Jeff still had a lot left in him. He grabbed a pillow and placed it under her pelvis so her ass was elevated in the air. I may have married that ass but tonight there was no doubt he owned it.

Jeff buttressed himself with his arms and began jack hammering into her pussy. Using the full weight of his body he slammed into Laura harder and harder. Laura kept screaming as the bed posts started to shake.

Jeff fell on top of Laura and said, "Oh fuck yea!"

He was cumming inside her. I watched with delight as the cock twitched and delivered pulses of hot virile cum. After the first six or seven contractions the pulsating slowed down. Just when I thought he was done the cock would twitch again and send more cum deep inside my wife.

Jeff turned to me and said, "Can you get a towel?"

I went to the bathroom and returned. I gave him the towel and he placed in underneath Laura's pussy. He slowly pulled out. Half a second later about 3 tablespoons of cum flowed out and fell into the towel. He opened up one of his drawers and pulled out a set of black boy shorts. I didn't know she kept extra underwear here.

Jeff smiled and said, "We have already ruined 3 sets of sheets so we try to be careful."

Laura was asleep. Jeff pulled the boy shorts on, removed the pillow and covered her up."

Jeff handed me the towel and said, "Can you throw this in the laundry?"

I took the towel and walked out of the room. I held it up to smell it. It was an intoxicating mixture of cum and my wife's pussy.

When I came back to the room the door was closed. Jeff wanted some privacy. I walked outside to smoke a cigarette when I saw the husband leave his porch and walk across the street.

The man asked, "Who the hell was than naked woman earlier? Is she Jeff's new girlfriend? Even my wife said she was stunning."

I took a deep drag on my cigarette and answered, "That was my wife."

The man was dumbfounded. He asked, "So your let your wife sleep with other men?"

I replied, "I don't let her. I begged her to sleep with him."

The man laughed, turned back around and said, "Congratulations, based on how fast your wife shed her panties I would say both your dreams came true. Some guys have all the luck."

I thought to myself. I am lucky to have a wife who would do anything to fulfill my fantasies. Then I realized he was talking about Jeff.

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