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Mr. Anonymous


This is dedicated to all my sister authors on Literotica and is for those of you who like to leave nasty little feedbacks for us. You are entitled to your opinion, so am I.

My name is Earl Jones and I am a stud! I know exactly what a woman wants and just how to give it to the bitches. Back in high school I could have any one of them I set my eye on. Most of them were scanks though so I didn't bother with them. If I had gone to college it would have been a different story, them college gals are hot! The damn government gives all the college money to them foreigners and underprivileged people that will never amount to anything anyway. A real American like me never gets nothing.

Right now the old lady is in bed snoring her whale blubber ass off. Ungrateful bitch, I do all this for her, work my ass off to the pay the fucking bills and she just gets fatter and fatter. She won't even give me a decent blowjob anymore! Jesus I should have married that girl working in the all night dinner. What was her name?

This is my personal time. This is when I can get on my computer without her bitching at me and telling me what a jerk I am for not paying attention to her. If the tight ass prude would just spend one night with me on this computer I could teach her how a man really should be treated by his woman. I mean some of these stories are hot. The exhibitionist stories really teach a woman how to dress to please her man. The erotic couplings are ok, but some of them get kind of mushy and lovey dovey. The Loving Wives, now there is the real stuff. If that cow would just spend an afternoon reading them she would find out a thing or two about men and real women who know how to love their man.

I have a couple of beers left from that six pack I brought home and half a pack of smokes so I should be alright for a while. These jockeys only have a little yellow in the crotch, I don't need to change them yet. Shit only fancy boys wear them boxer things, wanting their little man to show in their pants. Not me, no way. I want mine tucked away safe.

I better turn the sound down low on this thing so I don't wake her highness up.

There's the site I like, the one with all the stories. Let's check out the new stuff and see if there is anything worth a crap tonight.

God damn, why do they let fagots put stuff on here, Gay, yeah right, I bet they are happy, my ass! Lesbian is ok, I mean I can see why a woman would like pussy too, but not men together, that's sick! Two women with a man is hot, but the other way is just to weird. I mean they could be bumping parts together or touching each other and everyone knows that could make them fagots. Not me.

There's that hot fucking cunt author I read. JG, whatever that means. Probably made up just like the stories are. She does write some hot stuff though.

Damn, would you listen to this, "I took his cock deep in my mouth and bobbed my head on it", yeah that's the right way girl. Oh yeah! Here's some good stuff, "I reached down and played with my pussy so he could watch," that's the way girl. You're so hot for me that you can't stand it!

Oh shit, now she's in fantasy land, "I took his seven inch cock in my hand and stroked it slowly."

No one has a little man that big! She is just wishing for something like that. What the hell does she need one that big for anyway? She must just be a crazy slut that's all. Mine is a monster and it measures a full five and a half inches with a little attention. It's so fat that I can just reach my fingers around it. That's a real mans dick. Not one of the bitches I've fucked so far has complained. Shit, I need another beer.

There she goes again talking about that seven inch dick slipping into her pussy, She has probably never had more than five in her life, maybe not more than four. I could show her something. Look at this hard monster you bitch, that's what you need.

See the way my hands move on it? That's what you need to do. Then you can use your mouth if you're real good and beg me for it. Yeah, I might let you do that. I might even make you let me cum in your mouth so you can taste a real man.

God damn, she's sucking another one! How many cocks does this whore need? All she would need is mine if I were there.

Oh fuck that feels good! I can see her now on her knees in front of me begging for my little man to nibble on.

She's talking about another seven incher. That bitch knows nothing. I know there are no dicks that big. Well maybe some freak-a-zoid, but no real men. I've never looked. I mean it would be just too queer to look at another mans privates, but I know it ain't possible. I did get a look or two in high school when we showered after PE, but I couldn't help that, I mean there were 30 boys in there at once. They were all about the same as me just laying there.

Now she's got one on each end of her. She's taking a dick in her mouth and her cunt. What if them guys are really queer for each other? I mean they are seeing each other's little man standing up, that's really sick if you ask me.

Oh God! Oh Fuck! Oh you bitch!

What a mess, shit! Where's that towel I've got to wipe this off me, oh shit.

I'll toss this sucker in the wash before I go to bed. I hope I didn't make enough noise to wake the cow. She would just nag me about staying up late and messing around on the computer. Ha, if she only knew what I was doing. She'd get so turned on that I would have to do it to her. Yuck!

That bitch JG really don't know shit about making a guy happy. All that bull about seven inches and her magic fucking mouth. Crap!

Anonymous feedback? Yeah I'll give you some feedback you dumb cunt! I think you're sick, a pervert and wierdo for even thinking up this sick stuff. I think you Mother ought to whip your ass and send you to bed with no supper. If you really knew anything about loving a man there is no way you would be writing this sick crap, you'd be taking care of him.

Do I want to give my email? No fucking way! If I give you my email my computer will fill up with shit from these wierdos. There will be nasty letters and naked pictures and people wanting my phone number and I don't want anything to do with them sick fuckers. I'll just tell this bitch off. Everyone will know it came from a real man, someone with some good sense.

Do I want a reply? Fuck you, I don't need to hear anything you have to say you sick bitch. You should be ashamed for even writing this stuff.

Ah shit, the beers all gone. I guess I'll just go to bed. Thank God we have twin beds.

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