tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMr. Bracker's Suit

Mr. Bracker's Suit


Author's Note: Fair warning, while the central theme of this story is exhibitionism/voyeurism, it also contains strong elements of noncon femdom, more specifically blackmail. If that is not your bag, then you will probably not like this story. Otherwise, enjoy! As always, I am very grateful for any feedback you may have to offer. Like most authors here, I aim to please and can't improve my craft without your help. Note that this story has been submitted to the 2017 Nude Day Contest.

Disclaimer: While this story depicts instances of noncon, it is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to be an edorsement of such activity; outside the realm of fantasy, noncon is never okay. All characters depicted are 18+.


With a sigh, Alex pressed his card key into the designated slot and stepped into his hotel room. It was absolutely gorgeous, complete with a luxurious king-sized bed that was covered in rich, dark red sheets, almost certainly Egyptian cotton. There was a set of oil paintings above the bed—something abstract, but colorful—and a massive television mounted on the opposite wall. It had its own private bathroom, of course, with a whirlpool tub big enough to fit three people and another—admittedly, much smaller—television mounted above it. But its most impressive feature was a wall length window that spanned from floor to ceiling, situated on the far side of the room and with a perfect view of the Las Vegas Strip. One of the perks of working for Cyrine Computers was that they spared no expense when it came to their sales team. For the past three months, Alex had been their top seller and it showed in his accommodations, as well as his summer bonus.

It had been a long trip from New York to Nevada and even though he'd been able to enjoy it first class, Alex was exhausted. Throwing off his shoes at the door, he allowed himself to fall back into the mattress, as cozy and comfortable as he'd imagined it. It wouldn't do to waste away his evenings by tucking in early, but even a quick shower and an hour long nap would refresh him enough to hit the town. At the very least, he needed to get out of this stuffy suit—he'd really only worn it knowing there'd be clients on the plane, headed to the same conference. In his mind's eye, Alex envisioned himself hailing down a taxi, then hitting the most exclusive clubs on the strip, ordering bottle service and using the expensive liquor to attract young women to his table. What was the point of a night on the town if you didn't plan on getting laid? For the first time in his life, Alex finally had money to flaunt and he didn't intend to let an opportunity like a business trip to Las Vegas pass him by.

"I should probably call Myers and Johnson and solidify plans," Alex mused, reaching blindly for the night table and his cellphone. "Those two always get antsy when there's an empty slot in their schedules." It was just as he'd begun to dial that the phone started ringing in his hands, and Alex squinted at the number, trying to place it.

Probably just the front desk, he mused, pressing the little answer icon. They'll want to know if I need a wake-up call.

"Ah, Mr. Bracker—I'm so glad I caught you before you decided to hit the town."

Alex didn't recognize the voice on the other end of the line, but is was light-hearted—even cheery, one might say—and it most definitely belonged to a woman; her voice was sickly sweet, like honey, and Alex could very nearly hear her smile, confident, but not unkind.

"May I ask who's calling?" Alex asked, trying not to sound as annoyed as he felt. After all, he only had so much time to relax before Myers and Johnson would be banging on his door. "And how may I help you today?"

"So formal, Mr. Bracker, I like it...it's very you."

"I'm sorry, but are you sure you have the right number?" Alex asked, this time not bothering to hide the annoyance in his voice. "You realize this is a hotel room you're calling?"

"Yes, Alexander M. Bracker: Room 519 at the Lumberge Hotel."

Alex could swear he felt his heart stop.

"How...how do you know that? My full name? And where I'm staying?"

"Calm down, Mr. Bracker. I'm Devvie Kane from Cyrine Computers. In the IT Department."

"Jesus Christ, you scared me!" Alex laughed, and he sunk back into the bed with a sigh of relief, one hand still clutching his chest. "I thought I was being stalked!"

"Paranoid, are we?"

"I have an ex-wife and it was a messy divorce," Alex admitted with a shrug. "Now, how can I help you?"

"Actually, Mr. Bracker, I'm here to help you," Miss Kane replied, her voice eerily nonchalant. "I'm here to talk to you about your porn usage."

At first, Alex wasn't sure he'd heard her right, but then it sunk in and the most uncomfortable sensation he'd ever experienced began to wash over him. First the air left his lungs and in another instant, he could feel his heart begin to pound beneath his breast, slowly at first, then faster and faster and faster, until he thought it might burst from his chest. He couldn't move, let alone speak, and in the ensuing silence, Alex watched as the room began to spin.

"Mr. Bracker, are you still there?"

"My...my porn usage?" Alex choked, trying, in spite of himself, to sound calm, to steady the trembling of his hands. "I'm not sure I understand?"

"Oh, I think you do," Miss Kane replied, not a hint of doubt in her voice. "You do realize we install monitoring software on all company computers, right?"

"Give me a second, please..." Alex replied, for if he didn't get away, he thought he might throw up all over the bed. "Just give me second..."

"Certainly, Mr. Bracker, take your time; I'll be here when you're ready to talk."

Carefully, Alex set down the phone and then ran for the bathroom. He heaved into the sink a few times, but nothing came up. Still, even just having a few minutes to gather himself—to breathe deeply in and then out again—was enough to get the nausea under control. Afterwards, he poured himself a glass of water and popped a few lorazepam, which he'd started purchasing off the street after his latest promotion. It was with extreme reluctance that he picked up the phone again, but at least he didn't feel faint anymore.

"Be straight with me," Alex breathed, preparing himself for the worst. "Am I being fired?"

"Mr. Bracker, if you were being fired, do you really think someone from the IT Department—and not your boss—would be calling you?"

"So...so I'm not being fired?" Alex asked, suddenly feeling a renewed sense of hope, but it quickly dissipated as the only other alternative hit him. "Wait, are you...are you blackmailing me?"

"Very good, Mr. Bracker—I suppose you don't become the company's top sales associate by being an idiot."

"But...that's illegal!"

"Yes, it is."

"Alright, point taken: you don't care," Alex sighed, resting his head in his hands and wondering just how much this little mistake was going to cost him—but at least he still had his job and so long as he had that, he could always make more money. "What's your asking price?"

There was a pause then, uncomfortably long, and Miss Kane started laughing, first just a giggle here and there, then a full-on, hysterical fit. Furrowing his brow, Alex cursed into the phone and almost hurled the damn thing into the wall.

"I've got the message, alright?" he hissed, feeling both angry and humiliated at the same time. "I told you, I'm willing to pay. Can you stop gloating for a moment and just give me a number?"

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." Miss Kane laughed and Alex thought he could hear her wipe a tear from her eye and then a deep, calming sigh. "I'm just...you know, savoring the moment while it lasts."

"What, does this get you off?"

"Yes, actually, it does."

"Excuse me?"

"It gets me off," Miss Kane told him, her voice suddenly serious, and Alex could feel the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. "To be frank, I don't want your money—I make almost twice as much as you do, but without the weekend hours."

"You do not!"

"Yes, I do," Miss Kane replied. "I protect the company's intellectual property from hackers and spurned software engineers—I'm the reason it still exists and I'm the reason you have a job worth fighting for."

The chill in her voice—calm, collected, decisive—left no room for doubt and once again, Alex felt himself grow cold. It wasn't like him to panic, even in high stress situations like this. He was a top sales associate and that meant he was also a good negotiator. But there was something oddly unsettling—frightening, even—about the woman on the phone. It made Alex nervous on an instinctual level, as if he were a mouse and she were a bird of prey. If he had learned anything from his years in business, is was that powerful, high-risk clients will walk all over you if you string them along for too long. Alex needed to settle this issue and he needed to do it quickly.

"So what do you want then?" Alex asked, trying not to let his fear get the better of him. "Surely, we can work something out? Can't we?"

"We're in Vegas, aren't we? Why don't you give me a little show?"

"A show?" Alex asked, genuinely surprised. "You want me to take you out to dinner and a show?"

"Heavens, no!" Miss Kane laughed. "Oh god, what a riot you are, Mr. Bracker...go over to the window." But still feeling rather bewildered, Alex did not move. "That was an order, Mr. Bracker, not a request," Miss Kane told him, more firmly this time. "Go to the window."


Alex stepped up to the window and looked down below. It was late in the evening—ten and on a weekday, too—but the strip was already lively, packed with tourists, and street performers, and shady characters passing out coupons for strip clubs. Every building was covered in bright, blinking lights in pastel colors—beautiful pinks, and blues, and greens—chaotic and yet, all seeming to make sense. Music blared from the street below and even way up on the fifth floor, Alex could feel it pumping furiously beneath his feet.

"Very good, Mr. Bracker," Miss Kane praised, sounding quite pleased, and that, at least, brought Alex some semblance of relief. "Now, take a seat." Confused, but compliant now, Alex seated himself on the edge of the bed, but Miss Kane only tsked into the phone. "No, not on the bed—pull up the blue armchair, so that it's facing the window, and have a seat."

Alex was just about to do so when an eerie, horrifying realization hit him.

"Oh my god, are you watching me?" Alex hissed into the phone, unable to hide his incredulity. "Did you sneak...surveillance...into my room?"

"What do you think, Mr. Bracker?"

Anxiously, Alex began to scan the walls, searching for hidden cameras, but this was not his area of expertise. He wasn't sure what to look for or where to begin, he only knew that now, anything and everything in his room could be watching him. The hotel—which had felt so safe and secure just moments before—now felt like a deadly trap and all the fancy amenities—the radio hub, the sound bar below the TV, even the oil paintings above the bed—made him suspicious. Slowly, Alex backed himself into a corner, his eyes scouring every surface for the small, dark lenses that were undoubtedly following him.

"Oh, relax, Mr. Bracker," Miss Kane sighed. "I'd never go through that much trouble for a strip tease. Why don't you look across the way and tell me what you see? Go on."

Hesitantly, Alex headed back toward the window. Directly across the strip was a hotel even larger than the Lumberge and towering so high above the street, it had its own aircraft warning lights. Hundreds upon hundreds of glassy blue windows—all facing his direction—shone and shimmered in the Las Vegas lights, giving them a mysterious air and cursing, Alex realized just how Miss Kane must be watching him. Frantically, he searched its silvery surface for any hint of a disturbance—a face, a light, a fluttering curtain—but there were far too many windows and at this distance, he couldn't see past any of them. And yet, if there weren't any cameras hidden in his room, then this was the only explanation: Miss Kane was watching him from the comfort of a hotel room just across the street, probably with binoculars.

"Have you figured it out yet, Mr. Bracker?"

"What do you want from me? Why are you watching me?"

"Haven't you been listening to me at all, Mr. Bracker?"

Oh dear god, Alex thought, suddenly remembering. A strip tease!

"No, no...I am not doing that!" Alex hissed, stomping his foot on the ground in order to demonstrate his conviction. "I am not your plaything!"

"I haven't reported your illicit internet activity to your boss yet, Mr. Bracker, but it would only take a moment."

"Alright, sure, I broke company policy," Alex admitted. "But that's not illegal—what you're doing, on the other hand, is extremely illegal!"


"If I walk away right now, the consequences you'll face will be far, far worse than mine; what you're doing is stupid—extraordinarily stupid!"

"True," Miss Kane agreed, much to his surprise. "Very true."

"Then...you'll let me go?"

"Look, Mr. Bracker, none of what you're saying is technically wrong. I just don't care. I've already weighed all the possibilities and decided that the risk is worth the reward. I've made up my mind and nothing you say will sway me. I am outside your sphere of influence, Mr. Bracker, so it is a waste of time to try and talk me out of this. All that's left for you is to make your decision: acquiesce to my demands or lose your job."

"If my only other option is to be your—ugh, I can't even say it—your sex slave for the rest of my life, then honestly, I'd rather lose my job."

"Is that the hang up?" Miss Kane laughed, and Alex winced. "Because if that's all, let me assuage your fears: this, right here, is a one time thing."

"I don't believe you—why wouldn't you come back for more, if you could?"

"Flattering ourselves, are we?" Miss Kane teased, the smugness in her voice as thick and suffocating as dark molasses. "But in all seriousness, yes, I've tried long-term blackmail before and honestly, it gets a bit boring. What makes this fun for me is the nervousness, the fear, the humiliation. Point being, if you try and drag this kind of thing out, people get used to it all and it stops being fun."

"So, what, this is your hobby or something? You monitor the company computers to try and ensnare the salesmen?"

"I love men in suits, Mr. Bracker. They are my only real weakness."

"You're sick!"

"Perhaps, but you have my word that after tonight—if you do what I say—I'll delete any and all records of your unseemly search history and I will never, ever bother you again."

"And, once again, I'm just supposed to take your word for it?"

"Or I could just call your boss now," Miss Kane said flatly and in the background, Alex could hear the shuffling of papers, followed by the clicking of a pen. "Now, let's see here..."

"Alright, alright!"

"Search terms include: barely legal anal blondes, tranny fuck trains, lesbian whipped cream kissing, Asian butt holes..."

"Okay, okay!"

"...wet and messy spaghetti—whatever the fuck that means—and horny strippers, always a classic."

"Enough, already, I'll do it!" Alex cried, though he could barely believe the words had left his lips. "Let's just get it over with."

"Then go pull up the blue armchair—as I've told you before—and have a seat."

Alex cursed under his breath, but there wasn't anything to be done, was there? If he wanted to keep his job, he would just have to suck it up and give the woman what she wanted. It didn't matter how ridiculous her demands were or how rudely she made them. Besides, it was just a strip tease, how bad could it be?

But as Alex pulled up the armchair and sat down, all his bravado left him. The hotel across the strip dominated his entire view, leaving room for nothing else but the rows upon rows of blue silvery windows, all staring back at him—and somewhere among them was Miss Kane, waiting and watching. Alex felt his breath catch in his throat and swallowed.

"No need to be so nervous, Mr. Bracker," Miss Kane whispered in his ear, her voice laced with hunger. "You look incredibly handsome tonight."

"Yes, thank you," Alex grumbled, feeling himself flush red with embarrassment. "Now, what's next?"

"Not so fast, Mr. Bracker, there's no need to rush."

"With all due respect, I don't have all night."

"You know, if I were blackmailing you for your money, how much do you think I'd ask?" Miss Kane enquired, her voice just a tad threatening. "Point being, this is an expensive striptease, Mr. Bracker—I'm forgoing an awful lot of cash for this and I intend to get my money's worth."

"Alright, I get it," Alex groaned, resting his face in his hands. "Anything else?"

"You'll refer to me as 'Miss' for the remainder of our little interaction."

"Oh, come on! Are you kidding me?"

"I don't 'kid,' Mr. Bracker," Miss Kane hissed and this time, there was more than a tad of threat in her voice. "I'm going to give you a freebie this time, but after that, it's three strikes and you're out."

"Three strikes?"

"This isn't a bluff, Mr. Bracker, so don't try me. Disobey me, mock me, put in a half-assed effort and I will hang up this phone, call your boss, and have you fired. "

"Alright," Alex sighed. "Alright. What's next...Miss?"

"Take the suit off. First your jacket, then your shirt."

It was an expensive suit, not the kind you treated roughly, but Alex didn't suppose Miss Kane would care. Feeling defeated, he stood up and removed his jacket, then began to undo the patterned maroon tie. It felt...awkward. He'd never stripped for a woman before and had no idea how to make the process visually appealing. When he did land a casual date, he just threw off his clothes at the door and jumped into bed. But tonight, a sub-par performance like that could lose Alex his job.

"I'm sorry, Miss. But I've...I've never done this before."

"Relax, darling. Have fun. You're doing fine."

"Okay. I'm taking off the shirt now. How do you want me to...?"

"Just take it nice and slow. One button at a time."

"Yes...uh, Miss."

Looking down at his dress shirt, Alex brought his fingers to the collar, only to realize that his hands were shaking. The jacket and tie had been easy, but soon, he knew that he would be totally naked and the thought terrified him. Taking a deep breath, he willed his hands to still and began to undo the first button, then looked out again at the sea of windows and stopped, his body paralyzed with fear. Who else could be watching, just out of sight? One of his clients? A colleague? Even his boss? Alex knew that this train of thought was ridiculous—everyone he knew was staying at the Lumberge. But he simply couldn't help himself and broke out into a cold sweat.

"Please, Miss..." Alex begged, fighting every instinct in his body as it screamed at him to flee. "What if someone else sees me?"

"Oh, darling, can you see past any of the windows across the street?"

"No, Miss," Alex replied, and the realization calmed him. "I can't."

"Then do you really think anyone but me can see you?"

"No, Miss."

"Which begs the question: what are you waiting for?"

Taking another deep breath, Alex began to undo the buttons on his dress shirt. As Miss Kane had instructed, he did it slowly, letting the fabric fall open gradually. Little by little, his nakedness was exposed to her, from his pert, pink nipples to his soft belly and then the trail of hair just above his sex. When the last button had been undone, Alex untucked his shirt and let the garment slide from his arms, until he was completely nude from the waist up.

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