tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMr. Cashell Cleans Up Ch. 02

Mr. Cashell Cleans Up Ch. 02


Stacy slowly stood up, her legs feeling weak as she looked around the deserted classroom, her eyes drawn to the doorway where Mr. Cashell had just left. "He raped me..." She whispered softly to herself, her mind struggling to comprehend what had just happened to her. "I've... I've been raped," She said a little louder, her hands running over her rumpled and wrinkled clothes. Her fingers run down over her skirt, gripping the crotch of her panties and pulling them back into place, her breath catching at the sudden wave of pleasure that runs through her. "I... I came." She confessed to herself, hating the memory of how Richard had used her, excited her even as he raped her. "I or...orgasmed while he raped me," the stunned teacher and mother admitted as she sat down at her desk, her fingers slowly buttoning her blouse. Feeling confused Stacy picked up her briefcase and left the room, her hands pulling the hem of her skirt down over her knees as she switched the classroom light off for the night.

On the drive home she was determined to tell John about what had happened, he'd know what to do, he'd help her confront Richard, help her face the police. He was always there to help her, he supported her, but he didn't excite her... not like Richard had. Stacy cursed herself as the thought repeated itself through her head, wondering when she'd become so depraved that the best sex she'd ever had was when she was raped, treated like a piece of meat. "Goddamn him," Stacy cursed as she drove.

Stacy claimed a headache that night, ruining John's carefully planned romantic evening and repulsing his amorous advances later that night in bed. Stacy lay there, her back to her husband as she replayed the events of the day in her head, feeling Richard's rough hands caressing the most intimate areas of her body, using her mouth and pussy like a common whore's. It was with shameful chagrin that Stacy felt the moistness between her legs as she thought about the janitor pinning her against the blackboard, his large cock stretching her as he fucked her from behind. "God..." Stacy sobbed in tears as she tried to deny her arousal, burying her face in her pillow and praying for sleep.

The next morning, Stacy left early, hoping to avoid seeing John as he prepared for work, claiming a meeting as a way to dodge his questions about last night. The day passed quickly, her mind so focused on teaching her students that she didn't even think of Mr. Cashell until the final bell rang, dismissing school for the day. Mrs. Reeds felt her pulse speed up, her eyes running over the students as they filed quickly out of the room, leaving her alone. 'He said he'd meet me after school,' Stacy thought to herself, 'I can just leave early and he won't be able to... to rape me again.' She started to gather up the papers strewn about her desk, determined to leave before Richard arrived, before she had to confront him again. As she was pushing the last of the papers into her briefcase a noise drew her attention to the door.

"Hello, Mrs. Reeds." Richard said with a broad smile as he entered her classroom, pulling the door shut behind him, pulling the shade on the window as his eyes ran over her slender form.

"Richa... Mr. Cashell," Stacy replied, not wanting to call him by his name. Better keep it formal, Stacy thought to herself, hating the small shiver of anticipation that ran up her spine as the large black janitor moved further into the room. "I... I really need to get going... I've... I've got an appointment." Mrs. Reeds said, her eyes refusing to meet his, afraid to see the scorn in his large brown eyes.

"Yeah, you do, Mrs. Reeds." Richard replied in his soft voice as he walked through the neat rows of desks towards her. "You've got an appointment with a concerned student; he's in the hallway right now."

"Wha... what do you mean?" Mrs. Reeds asked her eyes filled with confusion as she struggled to comprehend what Mr. Cashell was getting at. She had expected him to rape her but not to discuss a student.

"Jacob Clark is out in the hall, Mrs. Reeds." Richard told her with a small smile, "He wants to talk to you about his schoolwork."

"But... Jacob isn't in my class," Stacy stammered completely bewildered. Jacob Clark was the star quarterback on the football team and as a senior had his pick of colleges lining up with scholarships for him. "What... what does he want to talk to me about?" Mrs. Reeds asked, a sudden dreadful thought crossing her mind.

"About you being such a hot piece of ass, Mrs. Reeds," A voice spoke from the door, drawing Stacy's glance as she saw a young black man step into the room, pulling the door shut behind him, the sound of the lock echoing loudly in the sudden silent room.

"Wha... what did you just say to me?" Stacy asked indignant that a student would dare to say something like that to her. "I don't care if you are the football team's hero, Mr. Clark, talk to me like that again and I'll have you expelled."

"I don't think so, Stacy." Jacob said with a cocky smile as he moved to perch on the edge of one desk. "You see, Mr. Cashell told me about you."

"Oh... oh, god." Stacy stammered, her eyes going wide in shock as she glanced between the student and janitor as they confronted her with similar smiles. "You can't... you don't... please..."

"You see, Mr. Cashell caught me spying on you at lunch today. I was standing in the stairwell as you went down to the cafeteria, I found this spot where I could see up your skirt perfectly. Anyway, Mr. Cashell saw me checking you out and told me I could have you." Jacob explained, climbing off the desk and slowly approaching the stunned teacher. "I've waited a long time for this, Mrs. Reeds." He told her, his hand reaching out to run through her long blond hair.

"Don't... don't do this, Jacob." Stacy pleaded, her legs feeling weak as she saw the cruel smile on Mr. Cashell's face as he took a seat in the back row, his feet resting across the top of the desk as he watched her predicament. "Please don't..." She gasped as the young man's hand moved from her hair to lightly caress her cheek.

"I've wanted you ever since I first came to this school," Jacob told her softly, his fingers running over her soft skin, traveling down along her jaw. "I've jerked off watching you walk through the hallways, Mrs. Reeds. I've hidden in the stairways waiting for you to walk down them just so I could get a peek up your skirt. For the last four years I've been watching you, dreaming of you and now, now I've got the chance to have you. I'm not going to let this chance go by."

"Please, Jacob, please..." Stacy gasped, feeling the young man's fingers slide gently down her neck, resting on the collar of her blouse. "You're friends with Mike, you're friends with my son, you can't do this to me... please."

"Mrs. Reeds," Jacob told her softly, leaning in close to her, his hand sliding down the front of her blouse, his fingers toying with the small pearl buttons as he whispered softly to her. "The reason, the only reason, I became friends with Mike was so I could be close to you. All those times I was over to your house visiting your son I was wishing I could fuck you."

"Oh..." Stacy gasps, her blue eyes filled with shock as she sees the unhidden lust in the young man's eyes, her body trembling as she feels his hand sliding over the silky material of her blouse, his fingers resting lightly on her stomach. "Jacob..."

"Call me Mr. Clark or sir," the young man insisted, his lips barely brushing against her cheek as his hand slid down, his fingers slipping into the waist of her skirt.

"No..." Stacy moaned trying to squirm away from the student's groping hand as he pushed it further into her skirt, his fingers sliding over the front of her panties, feeling the mound of her sex through the soft cotton fabric. "Don't..." She pleaded, her eyes going from Jacob to Mr. Cashell as he sat at the back of the room, his eyes filled with silent laughter as he watched her being molested by the young man. "Please... Mr. Ca... Richard, please make him stop..." She begged the large black janitor as she felt the young man's hand cup her sex, feeling the heat of her pussy through her panties.

"What color are your panties, Mrs. Reeds?" Jacob asked, his fingers roughly massaging her through her underwear. "Are they white today or your favorite color, light blue?"

"How... how did you know I like... light blue?" Stacy gasps, trying to ignore the faint pleasurable sensations of his fingers moving over the soft mound of her sex.

"I peeked, Mrs. Reeds." Jacob told her smugly, smirking at the shame and surprise in her eyes. "I've been through your lingerie drawer numerous times when I was over at your house visiting Mike, I've even seen the toys you keep way in the back of the drawer. Now what color are they today, Stacy?"

"Oh... please... no..." The shocked wife and mother said softly, shaking her head slightly as she realized that the young man in front of her had seen the most intimate details of her life, he'd peeked into things that she didn't even show her husband.

"What color, Mrs. Reeds?" Jacob asked again, his hand sliding down between her thighs, his fingers squeezing the soft puffy lips of her pussy together as she squirmed uncomfortably in front of him.

"White... my panties are white... with little blue... blue roses..." Stacy moaned, turning her head to stare at the blackboard, avoiding Jacob's scornful eyes as she felt the damp heat radiating from her crotch.

"Oh, those sound so cute, Mrs. Reeds. I don't think I've seen those before." Jacob told her in a cheerful voice. "When did you get them?"

"Last... last night." Stacy told the student, still avoiding his gaze her eyes roaming around the room as she tries to block out the growing arousal that is seeping slowly throughout her body. "John... Mr. Reeds gave them to me as a special gift..."

"Did you model them for John? Did you let him see you in your cute new panties, Mrs. Reeds? Did you give a private little fashion show for your husband before you fucked him last night?" Jacob asked her, Mr. Cashell leaning forward at his desk listening intently for her answer.

"N...no," Stacy moans, "I... I didn't show him my panties... I... I didn't fu... have sex with him." The married teacher feels humiliated and relieved as she sees Mr. Cashell nod his head approvingly at hearing this.

"Why? Why didn't you fuck your husband last night?" Richard asks his voice soft as his eyes watch her carefully.

"I... I didn't feel well," Stacy gasped, "I... I had a headache."

"It wasn't because you're my pussy now, was it, Mrs. Reeds?" Mr. Cashell asked, "That you're my little white fuck toy and you only fuck who I tell you to. That was the real reason wasn't it, Stacy?"

"No..." Stacy moaned, feeling her face flush in humiliation as the two black men watched her, feeling a flush of arousal seeping through her body at the janitor's degrading words. "I... I had a... headache." Stacy almost whined as her hips bucked against the student's groping hand.

"Damn, Richard, you were right," Jacob said over his shoulder as his fingers felt the growing wet spot on her panties, "Mrs. Reeds really is a hot pussy. This slut is already getting wet; her pussy is all damp and hot, craving some hard black cock. Isn't that right, Stacy?"

"No..." Stacy moaned, closing her eyes as the young man's fingers pressed the soggy cotton of her panties into the crevice formed by her labia. "I'm... not... wet." She gasped, ashamed at the need to deny it even as her body filled with arousal.

"If your pussy isn't getting wet," Jacob told her, his breath hot on her cheek as his fingers slid over the cotton of her panties, "you must have pissed yourself. Is that it, Mrs. Reeds? You've pissed yourself, wet your panties and you're too ashamed to admit it?"

"No..." The humiliated teacher moaned, biting her lip as she tried to regain control over her body, struggling to capture some of her dignity. "I... no..."

"I guess there's only one way to know for sure," Jacob announced with a knowing smile towards Mr. Cashell. "Looks like I'll have to inspect your panties, Mrs. Reeds, to make sure you're not aroused," the young black man sneered in her ear as his hand slid out of her skirt, her crotch feeling suddenly empty without his groping fingers.

"Please don't... please, Jacob." Stacy moaned as her son's friend knelt in front of her, his hands resting lightly on her hips as he pressed her back against her desk.

"Call me Mr. Clark," The young man instructed her, pressing one large hand against the inside of her knee, pushing her legs apart as she stood there in humiliation, watching him with a mixture of fear and anticipation. "Or Sir."

"No... please si...sir." Mrs. Reeds sobbed as her legs were spread wide, her conservative blue skirt hiking up over her bare thighs as she looked down at her young rapist. "Please don't, Mr. Clark."

"I've waited too long for this not to do it, Mrs. Reeds," the young student replied, his dark hands sliding up over the pale skin of her legs, pushing her skirt higher until it was gathered just below her crotch. "God," Jacob exclaimed under his breath as he ducked his head lower, gazing up into the shadows formed by her skirt, "You're panties are soaked, maybe you did have an accident and wet yourself Mrs. Reeds."

Stacy just whimpered softly as looked down at the young man holding her legs apart, his mocking eyes causing her to shiver as he slowly leaned his head forward. "Oh, Mrs. Reeds," Jacob sighed in contentment, his nose pressed firmly against the damp center of her panties as he inhaled deeply, savoring her most intimate of scents. "Definitely doesn't smell like piss, Mr. Cashell," the young man reported, glancing back over his shoulder to his audience, "I think your fuck toy might be secretly enjoying this."

"Is that true, Mrs. Reeds?" Richard asked, slowly standing and walking over to stand behind her desk, leaning to whisper in her ear as she leaned against the front edge. "Tell us the truth, Stacy. You're wet, your married white pussy is soaking wet in preparation for one of our hard black cocks. You want us to fuck you, to rape your conservative white cunt. Admit it, Mrs. Reeds."

"No...please..." Stacy sobbed softly, shaking her head in denial as she heard the large janitor's degrading words. "Don't... AHHHH!" She cries out, her back arching in pleasure as Jacob suddenly pulls aside the crotch of her panties, thrusting two fingers deep into her wet pussy.

"Damn, she's a slut." Jacob comments with a slight grin as he begins to stroke his fingers into her tight, wet pussy. "You're just a cock hungry whore, aren't you, Mrs. Reeds? Does the whore want her pussy filled with a hard cock?"

"N...no..." Stacy moans, her hips thrusting against the young black man's fingers trying to drive them further into her needy pussy.

"Don't lie, Stacy." Richard hisses in her ear as his large hands reach around from behind her, sliding over the silky material of her blouse to grip her heaving breasts. "I know you want a hard cock in that tight pussy of yours," He whispered in her ear as his fingers roughly knead the soft flesh of her tits, feeling her hard nipples pressing through her bra and into his palms. "You're my little white cock slut, Stacy. Say it. Say that you're my little white cock slut and you need to be fucked. Say it, Stacy."

"Ohhh..." Mrs. Reeds moaned in shame, her body on fire with the stimulation of two sets of hands, her mind trying to resist the overpowering urge to give in to Richard's words. "I... I'm...I'm your little white..."

"Say it," Mr. Cashell hissed, his fingers rubbing small circles around her nipples, prodding the hard nub to poke further through her blouse.

"God...." Stacy sighed as Jacob's fingers stroked the tender inner walls of her sex, hitting the most sensitive spot with practiced ease. "I'm your little white... cock slut... I... I need to be fucked...please..." The humiliated wife and mother gasped, her hips gyrating against Jacob's hand as she surrendered to her lust. "Please... Mr. Cashell... please, sir... let your fuck toy have a hard cock in her slutty pussy."

"You heard her, Jacob." Richard announced, his hands sliding off her breasts to grip her under her arms, lifting her up and sliding her backwards over her desk. "Let's give Mrs. Reeds what she needs."

"Right, about time I get some of this hot pussy." The young student replied as he helped lift her up onto the desk, his hands sliding down to pull Stacy's panties off her legs as Mr. Cashell directed her to lay back.

"Please..." Mrs. Reeds moaned, lying back across her desk, her head hanging off the side as she feels the young man's hands sliding over her spread thighs, "Please... use your fuck toy."

"Oh, I've dreamt of hearing you say that, Mrs. Reeds. Hearing the prim and proper Stacy Reeds begging for my cock," Jacob pants as he hurriedly unzips his pants, his free hand sliding up and down the soft skin of her leg.

"Very good, fuck toy." Richard compliments her softly as his large hands grip the collar of her blouse, ripping it open to reveal her heaving breasts in the white and blue bra. "We'll make a proper slut out of you yet, Stacy," He chuckles, his hands sliding down her chest to cup the soft mounds of her tits, his fingers roughly toying with the hardened nipples.

"Ahh-ah," Stacy moans, her back arching up off the desk, pressing more of her sensitive flesh into the janitor's large calloused hands, her eyes filled with tears of humiliation as she spread her legs wider, giving the young man fuller access to her wet pussy.

"Goddamn, she's wet." Jacob whistles in amazement as his fingers slide down over the soft wet lips of her pussy, feeling Stacy buck her hips towards him impatiently. "You must really want to get fucked, don't you, Mrs. Reeds?"

"Oh god! Please..." Stacy moans, hating to admit her arousal even as she hears herself beg for the two men to rape her, to use her as nothing more then a whore. "I... I need... need to be fucked." She gasps her voice barely a whisper on the last word.

"That's a good slut, Stacy." Richard tells her with a soft smile as his hands slide off her heaving breasts to the fly of his coveralls, quickly freeing his throbbing erection. "Now, Mrs. Reeds," He says, his large cock dangling in front of her face as she lays across the desk, "a real whore would know what to do now. Are you a real whore, my little fuck toy? Show me how much of a whore you are and Jacob will give you what you want so badly."

"Oh...please," Stacy moans, her hands reaching out, her fingers gently tracing along the thick veined shaft of his cock as she guides Mr. Cashell into her open and eager mouth. Stacy can only imagine the sight she makes as she lays spread eagle on her desk, her clothes in disarray as she eagerly blows the school janitor. Embarrassment wells up inside her as she pictures the expression of shock and horror on her husband's face if he ever found her like this. Closing her eyes, Stacy focuses on the hard cock in her mouth, her tongue swirling around it as her fingers reach down to cup Richard's large heavy testicles.

"Mmm, God," Richard moans softly, his hands cupping the back of Mrs. Reeds head as she continues to suck him off. "You sure know how to suck cock, Stacy. You deep throat my black cock like a true pro, like the cheap white little slut you are. Jacob, why don't you give this slut what she wants." Mr. Cashell instructs the young student, laughing at the sudden blush of embarrassment on Mrs. Reeds face at his words.

"'Bout time," Jacob mumbles softly as he steps in closer between the teacher's wide spread thighs, the warm head of his cock brushing against her legs as his hands slide up to grip her hips. "I've been dreaming of this moment for years, Mrs. Reeds." He announces as he lifts her off the desk, the thick veined shaft of his cock pressing against the moist lips of her pussy.

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