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It is a rare day that my wife and I each get to remain home during the week, with no kids. But here it is, Monday morning and I had arranged for us each to take the day off. She made a comment that it was April 1st and that I better not be joking and leave for work. Work was pretty far from my mind. She, and her pleasure, were front and center.

I had devised this plan about a month earlier. I was perusing "personal" ads when I came across an ad for a nude male housecleaner. My wife has always told me that when I do the dishes after dinner, she considers it foreplay. Needless to say, I cook and clean up most nights! Fortunately, I am typically rewarded with dessert when we finally make it to bed. I am willing to do my part in maintaining the cleanliness of our house, if for no other reason to keep her happy, but always hoping for horny.

My wife, Kay, and I have been married for 20 years and are each 50 years old. Truth be told, she looks much better than I do for her age, but that should surprise no one. She is 5'2", about 110 lbs, blonde, hazel eyes and very well endowed. The last time we went shopping, I believe we were looking for size 32G bras. Tough to find and always expensive. Regardless, I would happily spend money to support her lovely breasts. I am 6'2", 175 lbs, buzzed salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. I would never consider myself endowed, but she always says it is the perfect size.

But is it? I am not sure she would honestly know. She has only had one. How does she know that bigger is not better?!? I have offered for others to join us, but I think she is still a little too Catholic to take me up on it. We have talked about it in bed, but she may just think it is a fantasy. When we first got together, I would have definitely labeled her a prude, but she has come a long way since then. Recently, she has ridden around town topless while I drive and has flashed a group of guys at a bachelor party where strip clubs were not available. I am always eager to show her off, but location and kids tend to put a hold on the fun.

So here we are on a Monday morning. Lunches packed. Breakfasts eaten. Kids off to school on the bus. Perfect! She would likely prefer to laze around and relax a little longer, but I tell her that I have some plans for later in the morning and I would like her to get herself showered and ready. While she is in the shower, I check and double-check the email trail with our "cleaner", Tony. Based on his pics, I would consider him endowed. He is 28, 6', 190 lbs, black hair, brown eyes and I hope to her liking. He is to arrive around 10, so I have about 45 minutes for her to finish and to get myself cleaned up.

About 35 minutes later, I am shaved, showered and dressed, but she is not quite dressed yet. She is asking me what we are doing and how she should dress. I had not considered this issue. I am wearing my usual -- shorts and polo shirt. Seeing what I am wearing, she makes the comment that we are not doing anything too fancy. I try to quickly recover stating that since it is a nice day, we are going down to walk one of the trails for a bit and then head to one of our favorite outdoor restaurants along the water. Since it is April 1st, the possibility for cold and rainy existed in the mid-Atlantic, but we got lucky with kind of warm and very sunny. I recommend a pair of yoga pants, so I can see her ass as we walk and others can see it in the restaurant, and a V-neck t-shirt that allows plenty of cleavage for everyone's viewing pleasure. She agrees and starts to finish dressing.

Meanwhile, I hustle downstairs awaiting our guest's arrival. Right on time, the doorbell rings as my wife is heading down the stairs. I open the door and she is taken aback by the stud standing there. Apparently, he would also be considered quite handsome. He is dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. I am not sure if it is meant to be tight to show off the definition of his arms and chest, but his muscles were on display. I invite him in and we shake hands. My wife has a quizzical look on her face, but introduces herself as she is always polite and sociable. I do my best "April Fool's" proclamation and explain that we are really not headed anywhere this morning and that I have hired Tony to drop by and do some cleaning on our place while there is no one currently in the house to mess it up, except for a dog that has an exceptional talent for shedding, but I currently have her safely and contently in her crate with a nice treat.

We invite Tony into the kitchen / family room area, so we are not just standing in the doorway. Kay points out that our place is fine and that we really do not require his services. I request that she have a seat, let Tony get ready and to give him a chance to prove his worth. She hesitantly agrees and sits at our island. I ask Tony if he needs anything or something to drink. He requests a glass a water, the cleaning supplies and a place to change. I show him to the powder room, retrieve the already assembled supplies from the laundry room, and get him some water. I ask my wife if she would like something, perhaps some red wine, but she says it is too early.

Tony comes back into the kitchen wearing only a small tight pair of black boxer briefs that are also showing off his muscle. My wife gasps, looks at me, rolls her eyes and agrees to a glass of wine. What I know, is that there are smaller briefs underneath as he will shed the boxers as he moves to clean the next room. Apparently, he does not get further than 3 rooms. Settling back in, Kay observes that Tony knows what he is doing and is skilled in actual cleaning. I notice that half of her glass of wine has already been consumed and the skin that is visible in the V-neck is flushed red. Tony continues to work and Kay has not taken her eyes off of him. He is doing quite well, with everything he is doing. He stops for a drink of water and I note that Kay's glass is empty and I immediately offer to refill it. She looks at me, raises an eyebrow, and says, "Yes, I'd love some" with a devilish grin on her beautiful face.

Tony is about ready to move to the dining room area. Kay has to swivel around in the chair in order to continue her "supervision" of his efforts. As she turns, she is greeted by Tony bending over at the waist pulling his boxer briefs down exposing his tight ass in the smaller silver underwear. The movement, the excitement, the shock causes Kay to spill some of the red wine on her yellow t-shirt. As Tony straightens, he notices this and quickly requests Kay to remove her shirt and asks me if we have club soda. As I retrieve the club soda, Tony has Kay's shirt in his hands and is applying salt from the shaker on the island to it and then pours the club soda over the stain. As Tony is working on the stain, I am happy that my wife is standing there in her sexy bra in front of this well-built man in his underwear. I smile at Kay, she smiles at me and then looks down at Tony's ass as his is finishing up with the stain. This act alone likely has her as wet as the spot on her t-shirt. Tony rinses and blots the shirt with a paper towel and says that he has done all he can, but I know he has done just a little more than he knows.

Kay thanks him as he hands her the shirt. Tony asks if he should wait to continue cleaning the dining room until she gets another shirt. My sexy wife states that if he can be in his underwear, there is no reason she cannot be in hers. She looks at me and winks. Tony gets back to work, Kay resumes her perch on the stool, and I add a little more wine to her glass. I wonder if she is going to spill anymore wine. It would be a shame to stain that white shear bra. As Tony continues, Kay is rubbing her legs together, very slowly. I am not sure how much Tony is aware of Kay's actions, but I am hard just looking at her.

Tony finishes with the dining room and walks toward Kay. She looks from his eyes, to his chest and then down to his package. He passes close to her, she sighs, and he finishes off the glass of water. He looks her up and down and asks if there is one more room she would like cleaned. Understanding what "one more room" would entail, Kay stands, looks at me, pulls down her yoga pants, takes off her bra, and her panties. My goodness! She is naked in front of him! She says, "I liked the way you took care of the laundry. Can you clean these too?" She tosses him the clothes. He can feel the dampness from her pants and panties. Kay walks towards Tony. He looks from her eyes, to her tits and then to her trimmed pussy. She passes close to him, he sighs, and she asks, "Is there anything you would like to add to the load?" Tony does not hesitate and drops his briefs exposing the biggest cock she has ever seen. She smiles wickedly and says to both of us that we only 4 hours before the kids get home so it is time we go upstairs. With that, we follow her perfect ass up the steps and into the bedroom. Kay kisses Tony and then comes over to me and says, "April Fools!" before going into the bathroom and closing the door.

She is so awesome!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/08/19

She is 5'2", about 110 lbs, blonde, hazel eyes and very well endowed. The last time we went shopping, I believe we were looking for size 32G bras.

I got that far... 32GG on a 5 foot two frame? Get a reality check! 1* for that unbelievably exaggerated size of her breasts, but I didn't get far enough to find out if he had a foot long dick.

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by Impo_6403/06/19

This was funny...but...

This was funny...but it's a pity the exageration about her 32Gs...The end make us forget about this nonsense...3*

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by Anonymous03/05/19


What’s the joke?

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