Mr. Disco Ch. 03


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


London, England

Strong winds blew through the air, rustling the trees off to the side near the road. A man in a white shirt sat behind the wheel of the car, quietly cruising down an empty street while the evening sun began to go down. Peter sat on the driver's side, looking through the windshield at the dark clouds on the horizon. Next to him was Luke, sitting on the side and looking out the window through his pair of dark sunglasses. They were together today, all to take care of business around town. Finally, Peter had reunited with his friend and partner in business. It felt like it had been some time to get him away from Lucy.

Earlier in the morning, they had driven out of the West End of London to meet with a modelling studio. The studio known as 'Living Ornaments'. The headquarters was located in London but they also had a studio in L.A. and Miami back in the states. Word traveled fast through town, among the return of Lucy Pinder into the glamour industry. Luke brought Peter along, as they worked out the deal for a photoshoot. It would have to be next week, back in Miami. A high pay day was coming for Lucy with this shoot, it would instantly reach a magazine publication after it was done. With Lucy working solo and not signed to any agency so far, this kept Luke in good company to make deals with studios for photo deals.

Still while driving, Peter couldn't help but wonder if his friend was growing distant towards him. He had finally met Lucy Pinder himself, an introduction that happened over the morning. Peter still couldn't resist the thought that there was something going on and his old friend was keeping him out of it. Luke looked over at his friend and then back at the road in front of him. They were on their way back to their hotel that wasn't far off in the West End of London, close to Soho. While driving, Peter decided to strike up some conversation.

"You've found the goldmine with this Pinder babe. If only we had met her years ago."

"I know, I'm quite lucky."

Peter glanced over at his friend and then back at the road. His choice of words was rather revealing.

"You're the lucky one? I guess so. That leaves me out of the picture."

"What do you mean that leaves you out?"

"We are partners, aren't we? You and me, Luke. We've been in this a long time together, scored some beautiful women together. I kept wondering when are you going to invite me in with Lucy."

"Really? You're expecting me to invite you in?"

Peter sighed, turning the car as they moved down another road.

"I don't see why not. You usually don't have a problem inviting me for a double fucking session. Remember the time we worked for Keeley Hazell?"

Luke rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Seriously? We're gonna talk about this now?"

"Yeah, we are. Remember when we worked for Keeley Hazell? I could've dated her, but I invited you to join me to fuck her. Remember that?"

"Peter, just stop."

"No! Remember that!?"

"Fine, yeah! I do remember it, that was about 7 years ago."

"And it was me who shared her with, it shouldn't be that hard for you to share Lucy with me."

"Not happening."

Peter laughed at his words. It seemed his friend was falling in love with the woman, that gave him easy ammunition to tease him with.

"Are you in love with her, Luke?"

"I don't know...honestly, I don't."

"Well, if you won't share her with your best mate, I think you might be. You need to think long and hard on it, Luke...You know what they say about men in this business that fall in love, you start to slip with the job."

While sitting in his seat, Luke took a deep breath while listening to his friend. Perhaps it was true, he was falling in love with Lucy Pinder. The part he doubted was his words about not having much time left in the job, if it was true.

"You know, I can hook you up with her friend if I want. I've got to a little job for her anyway."

"What friend?"

"Michelle Marsh."

Peter chuckled softly before replying, changing roads one more time as they were coming close to the hotel.

"That's a name I haven't heard in some years. So, she still hangs with Pinder, yeah? Wonder if she wants to come back into modelling."

"I don't know. But I need you to help me out with something."

"Oh, yeah? Like what?"

"Michelle's ex-boyfriend is some douche bag named James. I got his phone number, and I was going to ask if you can track it down from your computer. I need to pay him a visit."

"Very well, I can do that. Text me the number once we're at the hotel and then I'll get to work on tracking him."

"Thanks pal, you gonna come with me too? I'm gonna introduce a baseball bat to this prick."

The car slowed down as Peter pulled into the back parking lot behind the hotel, they had made it back. He then replied to his friend.

"Yeah sure, why not? You won't need the bat if I come along."

Luke laughed.

"This is gonna be good times, like always."



Back at the hotel, Luke was greeted to Lucy. It seemed as if she was beginning to 'move in' living in his room at this point. The thought remained on his mind what Peter had said, if he was falling in love with the woman. It was funny that he had mentioned Keeley Hazell to him. That was a fun job about 7 years ago, something that led to a kinky threesome. Luke thought different of Lucy. It was nothing against his friend, just that he did not want to think of any other man kissing her or experiencing her sensual side. Perhaps he truly was falling in love with her, for he knew that he didn't want Peter to have her for himself.

He would have to tell her about the modelling deal he had worked up for her this week. She had a magazine shoot right here in London, this time with an old contact of hers. The last time that Lucy had appeared in the glamour magazine 'Strange Charm' was back in 2010. The deal had been worked out for a pay check right on the spot after the shoot was over. Lucy was excited when he informed her of the news. They sat together at the dinner table while they ate on takeout an hour after he had arrived back to the apartment. Lucy spoke between him.

"Word has traveled pretty quickly through town. You wouldn't believe the phone calls I've been getting this week."

Luke smiled.

"Oh yeah? Tell me about it, baby."

"I've had a few agencies call me and some old agents want to know who I'm working with now. A management also called me too."

"What are you telling them, Lucy?"

"I'm telling them that I don't talk business by myself, only with my agent on the phone and that my agent..."

She stopped and giggled before finishing her sentence.

"Is rather a private man who don't discuss things easily over the phone."

He couldn't help himself but laughing while nodding his head.

"Lucy honey, you know me too well already."

"It's not only knowing you, I trust you Luke."

"I know you do, I promise I won't let you down Lucy."

Getting up from the table, he reached into the pocket of his jacket to pull his cellphone out. They were done eating for now, Lucy had plans of spending the night with him watching some movies. She looked over him before speaking again.

"So, when is the shoot with Strange Charm?"

"Two days from here, it's going to be at Living Ornaments studios."

"So, Wednesday?"

He nodded to her while smiling.

"Yep, in two days you're gonna be walking around with a stack of money from another hot modelling shoot."

"All thanks to you!"

Luke laughed at her comment as he took his phone in his hand and began to walk out of the small kitchen of his apartment and to the bathroom. Lucy raised herself from her chair and her eyes followed him before yelling out.

"I want to watch Bo Selecta with you tonight!"

"Don't worry honey, we can! I just need a minute to text my friend and to take off my suit."

Walking into the bathroom, Luke slipped his jacket off and moved to hang it over the rack behind the door. He always preferred to keep his suit jacket in the bathroom of a hotel where he was staying. After he was done, he sat down on the toilet and flipped through his texts to find the phone number that Lucy had sent to him yesterday regarding Michelle's ex. Memorizing the number, he pulled an open text to Peter and submitted the number in before hitting the 'send' button. Watching the screen of his phone, he made sure the text was sent before he put his phone back into his pocket. It was time to go spend an evening without worries alongside Lucy.



Across town in London, Luke sat in a chair off to the side in the studio watching the modelling shoot unfold before his very eyes. A light blue panel was in the background colored with some palm trees as Lucy stood tall in a pair of white high heels and modeled in a little white swimsuit. This was her second photo session since her return to the scene, still nothing that required nudity or for her to show off those amazing breasts. She was waiting for the perfect time to go topless again. While Luke sat there, he held his smart phone in his hands while watching her. Many thoughts had been running through his mind during the morning, not just about Lucy.

He wondered if his friend Peter had been growing somewhat distant towards him. The conversation they shared in the car a couple days ago was quite telling. Peter seemed upset that he wasn't sharing Lucy with him. The memories of the time they worked with Keeley Hazell had flashed in his mind the night before in a dream. That was a long time back and that was all fun, but he didn't want to share Lucy with his friend. There was more to this woman besides her smoldering temptations in the bedroom. Luke couldn't deny it as a fact, he truly was beginning to fall in love with this woman. All the way to the point of wanting to shield her in protection from anything.

While he sat and watched Lucy's photos snap from the flash of the camera and her posing body move back and forth, the thoughts continued to go through his mind. He thought about what Peter had told him, about the fact that falling in love would probably force him to slip on his job. He didn't care, he wasn't going to hold back from the feelings he had for this woman. It was a fact that after 4 years, he knew that a 'burn out' would approach him from the job. It probably would've happened sooner if he didn't have his best friend to rely on. Luke figured that when the time would arrive, it was worth walking away with a valuable prize. The swinger lifestyle as a hard-partying agent may have been a lot of fun, but it couldn't last forever. After Lucy had finished her photo session, she rejoined Luke after dressing back up in her casual clothes of a brown shirt and a pair of jeans.

"Did you enjoy the scenery, Luke?"

Looking up at her smiling face, he nodded. Lucy put her hands on her hips, quietly making a little posse for him.

"Yes, I sure enjoyed watching you snap photos. You looked wonderful, did you get your check for this gig?"

She nodded and smiled before replying.

"Yep, they signed it before I did the photos. I've got some money now to spend, you know?"

Biting her lower lip, Lucy teased him as she spoke again.

"How about I take you out tonight? I know a club I think you would have a blast at."

"Where to, baby?"

"This place called Twitched."

Luke smirked, nodding his head.

"I've been to Twitched a number of times over the years babe, great place."

Lucy immediately clapped her hands together and jumped in her heels. Her huge breasts slightly bounced under her shirt.

"Perfect! Invite your friend, I can finally meet him."

"Alright babe, it's a plan. When do you want to leave?"

"How about in a few hours? We can go as a date. I would call Michelle and try to hook up a double date with your friend but I don't think she wants to be bothered right now."

"That's fine, knowing Peter he can easily find some chick on the dance floor."



Since the club date with Lucy had been arranged, Luke went back to his apartment to prepare himself. Lucy wanted to wear white, no doubt to match his own combination of a white blazer and white pants. Putting on the white blazer, he had picked a bright purple neon shirt to wear underneath. Lucy wore her pair of stone washed blue jeans, white high heels and a matching large white belt over her pants. From her torso, she put on a little white shirt, something that could tease him with her huge boobs that were tucked in a large bra. After fixing her long brunette hair up, they were out the door as Luke had texted Peter for them to meet at 'Twitched'.

It was a funny coincidence that Lucy had specifically chosen this club. Peter had worked memories into Luke's mind by mentioning Keeley's name a few days ago. It was this club that led to a night of a threesome when they worked with the once-famous glamour model. Even back in those days, Luke wanted to meet Lucy Pinder eventually. He wondered what exactly Keeley may have been up to these days, but she wasn't in his mind of desire. There was only one woman that could please him at this point, only one woman he wanted to share the bed with. The thoughts slipped from his mind when they arrived at the club and checked in through security. The black darkness was reminiscent, something he could never forget about this place.

Above the walls were blinking blue and pink lights. The theme of Twitched was an old style 80's club, the music was always Retro Wave style jams of the modern era. While the songs may have been recently made, they were easy to mistake for something out of the 80's charts. Back in the mid 2000's, the club was more known for playing industrial music but times had changed. Lucy and Luke made their way to the bar where they decided they would wait for Peter. The two sat together while enjoying a few drinks of straight up whiskey and liquor. After about 20 minutes, Peter had entered the club. Luke looked behind him and noticed his friend, the long hair and beard was a clear giveaway beyond his black suit.

"Luke, there you are..."

"Hey there pal, glad you could make it."

Lucy raised herself from her seat on the bar stool. Peter's eyes quickly moved over to her as she spoke in her thick English accent.

"You must be Peter, I've heard a lot about you. Luke tells me nothing but wonderful things about you."

The buxom glamour goddess held up her hand, offering him to shake it. Luke watched as Peter shook her hand.

"Oh yes, you're Lucy Pinder. Many men in this country and pretty much around the world have dreams about you every night."

She smiled, always one that enjoyed comments of praise. Peter looked back over at his friend.

"Luke, I need a minute with you please."

"Alright, hold on Lucy, I'll be right back."

Luke leaned over and kissed her cheek before he walked off with Peter. He had guessed this was about the job on hand involving Michelle's ex-boyfriend. The two men walked off from the bar over to a place near an empty table. Peter shoved his hands down in his pockets before looking back up at Luke.

"I've got the information on your boy. His name is James Sulley, works security at a club not that far from here."

Nodding, Luke looked around before answering his friend.

"Perfect, I figure we should pay him a visit soon."

"He works the night shift down at Fury Dance. We can take him there."

"Alright Luke, you're on. Tomorrow night? I can come pick you up and we wait for him to end his shift around 6 in the morning."

"I like that, it's a deal."

From an agreement, they walked off from the table to reunite with Lucy back at the bar. She had been watching from there, at least Luke figured. She greeted him with a smile as he had returned. An instrumental song was playing from the speakers while the dance floor was beginning to go crazy. Lucy yelled out to Luke.

"Luke! Come on, let's go on the dance floor together!"

"Okay Lucy, let's go!"

She quickly took a hold of his hand and nearly dragged him away from the bar. Peter got to stand there and watch the two of them move off into the crowd on the dance floor. Here he was, not even in the club for five minutes and watched his friend leave him alone again. It was clear to him that Lucy was becoming the main priority for Luke. While he could've easily joined them on the dance floor, he figured it was better off not to. Peter could tell from the way that Lucy looked into Luke's eyes, that it would only lead to a bitter dispute if he tried to get between them. He couldn't see them among the many people on the dance floor anyway.

From the floor was packed like any other night club. Lucy held onto Luke's hand as they listened to the synth keyboards blaring over a heavy beat. Shuffling between a number of people she turned and grinned at him. Letting go of his hand, she pushed her body up against him and then laughed while throwing her hands up.

"Come on, Luke! You are Mr. Disco! Show me how it's done!"

"I never would've guessed that you were a club babe, Lucy!"

Her laughter could not be heard among the loudness of the music. Lucy turned around and called out to him.

"You better be paying attention, Luke!"

"Ohhhh, don't worry I am!"

Shaking her hips, she grabbed his arm behind her and then proceeded to slowly grind her ass up against his legs and towards his crotch. Lucy was already going over the edge teasing, touching him with her beautiful body. She raised her arms back up and then Luke softly grabbed her arms as Lucy continued to bump and grind her ass up and down on him.

"Damn, that is so fucking nice!"

He couldn't stop himself from bragging. Lucy didn't care at all if there were any wondering eyes from the bystanders. The dance floor had so many people, they blended in. She quickly turned around and faced him, shoving herself up against him as her huge breasts pushed over his chest. Luke looked down at the impressive cleavage she showed off, all before his eyes met hers and he smirked. Lucy teased him.

"Enjoying that view and feeling?"

"Ohhhhh, you have no idea babe!"

"How about we make a real party back at the apartment? Screw this club, I want you!"

"That's fine Lucy, I'm all for that!"

Stepping back, she grabbed his hand and went to walking him off the dance floor. Lucy couldn't help herself, just some dancing was enough to turn her on. They had not been at the club long, but she wanted him all to herself. While they walked off, Luke stopped her while his mind got the better of his thoughts.

"Wait, what about Peter? Kinda rude for me to just leave him here, you know?"

Lucy shook her head.

"He's your friend, hun. He'll understand, besides are you gonna say no to me?"

He laughed at her. She teased him with her eyes, trying to force an innocent look over her face.

"No, I would never say no to you."

"Good, now let's get back to your apartment! I want you to fuck me!"

His eyes had become big from her words. It was funny to hear Lucy say it so openly in the middle of a club. She pulled on his hand again, ready to get him out of the club and back in her car to drive to his apartment. After they left the club, Luke didn't think about his friend anymore. The thought had slipped his mind. Besides, he would have tomorrow night with Peter for some work.


A muffled sound was followed by a back slammed up against the door. Lucy moaned into Luke's mouth as she shoved him up against the door. Now that they were back to the apartment, she wasn't about to stop herself from putting her hands all over him. Lucy wanted him so badly, tonight would be the time for truth and tell. Breaking the kiss, she stepped back but kept her fingers locked over his jacket. Lucy spoke to him in a low voice.

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