Mr. Disco Ch. 05


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


London, England

The drug induced slumber lasted over twelve hours for Luke. After Jennifer had left him to the goons who had made a deal, he was escorted to a secret location among a warehouse in London. They threw him in the back of a van before making the long drive out. The drug sleep lasted so long, as his body had to be moved inside of the warehouse where he would remain hostage. During the slumber, Luke had odd dreams witnessing himself trapped in some maze while running from away from a giant ball. On the walls in the dream was a number written in pink lipstick various times: xxx-xxx-xxxx. It was the cellphone number he had memorized in the day leading up the events of meeting with Jennifer.

Within the dreams, Luke saw himself confronted by two women: Lucy Pinder and Jennifer Ellison. The thoughts of his betrayal and cheating on Lucy were already in his conscious. The events of yesterday created a tremulous situation, one that would come with many consequences. He had cheated on Lucy with Jennifer, sparking the old flame as he allowed his former lover to seduce him. At the same time, he had not a clue what was going in the awakened world. He had been stripped of his jacket and tied up to a chair with his hands cuffed behind his back. By the time he began to awaken, a blurry vision was caught in his eye sights while he gazed forward at what appeared to be a tall older man standing and wearing a dark green suit. With a smug grin, the older man began to speak.

"Wakey, wakey dear boy..."

As Luke came to his senses, he felt the restraints over his wrists and then looked down, realizing that a brown rope was tied over his chest and he was bound to a chair. His ankles were tied to the front legs of the chair, forcing him immobile completely by restraints.

"Remember me?"

The old man was none other than Malcolm Green standing before him. The same man who offered Luke and his best friend Peter a business opportunity in Ibiza back a few months ago. The older man shoved his hands in his pockets, appearing pleased at the situation. Behind him stood two tall men in suits. Luke finally came to his senses from awakening and blurting out.

"What the fuck is this!? Where am I and who the fuck are you!?"

"You must be slow when you first wake up, my boy. You don't remember me? I'm Malcolm Green, we had a meeting not that long ago..."

Suddenly, Luke caught the old man in his memory and snapped awake.

"Oh...It's you! You're that old guy who works for that fucking rich kid."

"You've caused a lot of trouble lately for that 'rich kid' so to speak. Nigel Taylor says hello!"

"What is this and how the hell did I end up here!?"

"Oh, you forget, don't you? You just couldn't help but be seduced by an old friend of yours. Women truly are your weakness, I have heard, Mr. Evans."

Luke's eyes wandered around the room. It appeared to be a warehouse of some sort, loaded with crates and materials throughout the building. A table across from the chair had his jacket and all of his accessories from within neatly arranged on the table. He could've easily guessed that the goons had went through his cellphone. The old man continued speaking to him, despite Luke's attention waning to other things. He didn't listen to the muttering words, paying it no attention as he went over the current situation in his mind. Was this all a set up to keep him hostage? Or was it worse and would end with death? Fear was beginning to settle with his stomach.


Two days had passed since Lucy Pinder last heard a word from her boyfriend Luke. It appeared that he had gone missing when she was expecting him to return back to the hotel. She wasn't worried at first until midnight had passed yesterday and calling his phone went straight to voice mail. She left text messages, numerous calls trying to reach him. After forty eight hours, she definitely feared for the worst at this point. She tried to call Michelle, thinking perhaps he talked to her. Lucy had remembered her last conversation with Luke was giving him Michelle's new cell phone number. Her friend had not spoken to him, leaving Lucy wondering what to do next.

After taking a quick shower, she made herself breakfast while sending a text message to Peter. He was Luke's best friend after all, but even Peter was surprised at Luke's disappearance and had not the slightest clue of his whereabouts. The most Lucy could do was continue texting and calling his cellphone, hoping that eventually he would answer and let her know what was going on. Lucy wouldn't know what could've possibly happened to Luke. Peter offered no suggestions whatsoever. He simply vanished almost in thin air it seemed. While she sat and ate her breakfast, she kept the phone on the table hoping for it to begin ringing at any moment.




"Take that, you stupid fucking piece of shit!"

A fist slammed into Luke's stomach as he cried out in pain. He had been moved from the chair, handcuffed to a chain that was attached to the ceiling. As he dangled there, his body moving with each punch. The other thug came forward, rearing his fist back before slamming it into Luke's left eye. Then another punch came from the opposite man, again in the gut. With yet another punch to his face, blood flew out of his mouth and onto the floor. In the distance, Malcolm stood in arrogant triumph as he watched Luke take the beating. Over and over, the men would rear their fists back and deliver blows into his face and his chest. After a bit of time, Malcolm snapped his fingers to take a break.

"Alright, alright. That's enough for now, let him breath."

The two men stepped back, revealing Luke with a trail of blood running from the right corner of his mouth. The bruises were already beginning to form on his face, around his eye and with swelling in his cheek. More bruises were felt on his ribs, as he didn't feel good whatsoever. If this was the price he paid for cheating on his love Lucy, then it was worth it. No amount of guilt could make up for it, but he truly felt miserable both emotionally and physically. Malcolm watched a string of blood drip from his lower lip before speaking up.

"You took something from Nigel Taylor that he desperately wanted."

"Wha...what are you talking about?"

A laugh was heard from the old man.

"Don't act stupid, my boy! You've become the agent to a highly sought after piece of beauty. The one model that's future should belong to Perfect Kiss."

Suddenly, it all made sense. Lucy Pinder, his girlfriend and client. Luke swallowed the blood in his mouth before replying with her name.


"Yes, that's correct! If you don't want to take another beating, how about you call her? Tell her about your guilty conscious. Then, tell her to sign with Perfect Kiss Modelling. We can end this now if you do the right thing."

This was something that Luke had to think about. Allowing himself to be seduced by Jennifer had led to this. Not only had he cheated on Lucy, he now had put her in danger with a man who desperately wanted her with his company. Could he take the offer and call her now? Luke thought hard on it. He didn't care about his own safety and well-being. The beating was worth it, if it meant that he could keep Lucy out of harm's way with sinister businessmen. Luke knew exactly why Nigel Taylor would want Lucy, she was still the most famous glamour model from Britain. Other than that, Luke felt he deserved some pain and punishment for cheating on her. He didn't look back at the old man, instead shaking his head before yelling out to him with his answer.

"No, fuck you! You can beat me senseless, I don't fucking care! I will not give her up to you and that spoiled rotten rich kid!"

Malcolm was not amused with this answer.

"You display such arrogance. Very well, then..."

He turned to look back at the two men behind him. Giving them a nod, he spoke again.

"Go ahead, make him bleed."

Taking a few steps back, the old man watched as his goons came forward to Luke's chained body once again. This time, the first punch went straight into his right cheek, followed by the other thug punching him in the nose and busting it wide open. Blood began to run out of both nostrils, mixing with the sweat that was flowing from his head due to the heat of the room. Luke had no idea the true plot that was unfolding. Word was passed around by the street to his best friend Peter. This had all been a plan to hopefully obtain Lucy Pinder as an asset with the company, and putting Luke into obscurity forever as a broken freelance model agent who fought the bigger machine and lost.


'I knew it! I knew we shouldn't have just told that old bastard to piss off like that! I knew this would come back and bite me in the ass some how!'. Peter sighed while speaking to himself. He had heard a rumor just an hour ago that Luke was taken hostage with Malcolm Green, as courtesy to Nigel Taylor. The first thing he did was text Lucy, alerting her that he had some information about Luke. He then took a taxi ride back to the apartment she shared with Luke. After entering the building, he stormed up the stairs and to the room number. Upon knocking, Lucy swung the door open to greet Peter with a face of confusion and worry.

"Oh god, tell me you've found him Peter! I've been sitting here worried sick all day."

"I haven't found him, but I have some news."

Lucy shut the door after Peter stepped in. Her eyes never left the man, as she watched him move to the couch and sit down. Lucy spoke up again.

"Well, what is it!? I am worried sick!"

"Luke's stepped on some pretty big toes, to put it simple. I fucking knew it! I told him to think twice about this whole deal!"

The brunette glamour model was bewildered by his words.

"What...what are you speaking of?"

Peter sighed, leaning over as he ran his hands through his curly brown hair.

"Nigel Taylor. That's the guy who Luke has enraged. It happened back when he met you, way back then. I knew this would come back and hurt us some how. I tried to tell Luke not to piss that guy off, but he lets his pride get in the way of thinking."

Lucy's heart sank for a minute. She recognized that name, how could she not? Just yesterday she had a personalized email from Nigel Taylor and Perfect Kiss Modelling. She thought it over, now realizing that Luke's problems were intertwined with hers. Taylor wanted her to sign to his company, he had made the offer. Lucy swallowed her breath before speaking up to Peter.

"Oh...Oh god, this is my fault."

Peter raised his head from his hands, looking back at her before shaking his head.

"No, how is this your fault!? That don't-"

"It is! Nigel Taylor personally contacted me recently. He wants me to join Perfect Kiss. I guess he figured I would ditch Luke and sign to a bigger company."

Suddenly, it all made sense. The problems with Nigel Taylor and Luke. Peter realized at this moment that Taylor must have wanted Lucy bad enough to plot something like this. It seemed like blackmail. Lucy had figured the puzzle out almost immediately. She had to think of something to try and rescue Peter. Her first thought was meeting Nigel Taylor himself, offering her body for a night of sex. Perhaps that would be enough to free Luke from his hostage situation. Lucy truly loved him, for he was the only reason that she had any desire to do glamour modelling again. When no words were spoken, she let out a sign and continued on.

"Do you think you could get me in contact with him? I've got an idea."

"What's your idea, Lucy?"

"Nigel Taylor wants me. Maybe I can get him to let Luke go if I deal with him."

"Are you sure you want to do that, Lucy? I can get you in contact with him, but I need to know if you're 100% positive about it."

She nodded.

"Yes, I can do it. I am in love with Luke, I don't want to leave him like this suffering. If you can get a hold of someone that knows Nigel Taylor, tell him Lucy Pinder wants to make a deal with him."

"Alright, I'll see what I can do. Just hang tight, this might take me a day or two."

Letting out a heavy breath, Lucy had to think for herself. She would come up with a plan tonight. It was the least she could do, to try and free the man she loved. Peter left her alone after an hour, allowing Lucy to return back to her loneliness lost in thoughts. As she thought of something, she decided to call her friend Michelle and discuss it over. A second opinion would come in handy, but more than anything, Lucy wanted to hear her advice. Despite her own experience over the years, Michelle had been around longer and always was a great voice of judgement.



A man living in a nightmare spent it bruised and beaten for the evening. After taking quite the beating, Luke was fed a sandwich and forced to drink water from one of the men before they moved him from the chain and made him sleep on the floor of the warehouse in complete darkness. His hands were still cuffed and his feet were tied up. There was no way he could escape anyway on his own. Luke was positive that one of his ribs had been cracked. As he lay in the darkness and fell asleep among the pain, he thought about that phone number that he had memorized just days earlier before his life had turned to hell: zero-two-two, two-four-four, eight-four-eight-seven. With the phone number memorized, his first thought if he could make it out of this situation alive, he would be calling Michelle for help.

Within the other side of town, there was another man who was eager to talk business with the woman who called herself Luke's lover. Nigel Taylor had come down from the ivory tower of his penthouse suite in London and was ready to talk with Lucy. The rich playboy business man had a smug grin over his face when he looked back into the gold-plated mirror during the morning. The man stood tall, always wearing a suit that costed a few thousand dollars from American tailors. His hair was dark brown and always slicked back. There was never a single hair on his face after a morning shave. His body was a skinny build, nothing out of the ordinary. Though he had spent the better part of his life riding on his father's coat tails, he was confident as a business man with the launch of Perfect Kiss modelling.

Last night, he had been contacted by one of his office assistants that Peter had reached out and wanted to talk. An hour later, another call came in that Lucy Pinder herself wanted to talk to him this time around. Nigel always had a number of men in town to watch over things with the modelling businesses. Agents knew of them and could get in contact and pass a word around. A deal had been arranged for Lucy to wait for a limousine to pick her up outside of her hotel. Nigel was well aware of where she lived, as he had people keeping his eyes on Luke the past week to set up this entire plan. One way or another, the man was confident that he would have Lucy with his Perfect Kiss modelling company. He was going to own her by the contract, completely eliminating Luke as a freelance agent.

The head office to Perfect Kiss was located in Westminster. The luxurious building stood several stories high. While it wasn't a skyscraper, it was impressive in it's own right. The building had a luxury hotel attached to it, all part of the business itself. With several expensive modelling studios, the hotel was treated as a side piece for the business. The hotel was often called the "pleasure palace", following whispers of rumors that spoke of the wild nights that went on in the upper floors. Lucy would be escorted to the building from the limo as Nigel had made it to his office and awaited her. Among his desk, he had assorted photos that he could not wait to reveal to her. This was all more than just meeting, it was a bargain chip to seduce this beautiful women to signing a contract with him.

As she sat in the backseat of the limo, Lucy sighed. She dressed in a black shirt with straps, pushing her heavy large breasts up. Below, she had on a pair of black matching tight pants and high heels. Over her shirt was a blue denim button up jacket. She had convinced herself last night that she could possibly lure Nigel Taylor with the art of seduction. She didn't want to cheat on Luke, but if it were to save his life, then it was worth it. Her love had only grown stronger from this recent development with his kidnapping. Last night, she talked to Michelle over the phone, discussing her plan with her.

Michelle tried to talk Lucy out of it, but to no avail. Lucy was convinced she could offer herself to Nigel and make a deal. Michelle told her it was useless and that in the worst case scenario, he could kidnap her to. Lucy didn't want to hear it, but there was substance in Michelle's warning. While sitting in the back of the limo, Luke remained the only thing on her mind. The vehicle itself was fancy with gold and leather interior. Though Lucy had seen much grandiose things in her life, this was something else. She wondered to herself from the perspective of an upcoming model, they could almost become hypnotized by this kind of luxury and a smooth talking businessman to whisper in their ears. Already in the back of the limo, she was beginning to feel like this could possibly be a trap and she was going directly into the spider's web.

She had witnessed many things over the course of her career that would seem unbelievable from an outsider. Experience had taught Lucy to be prepared for anything with this meeting. When the limo pulled through the parking garage, she swallowed her breath before four bodyguards began to escort her from the garage and into the building. Several minutes later, she began to feel nervous standing in a gold-plated elevator that was moving up to the top floor of the office building. The bodyguards were tall muscular black men in suits, but Lucy didn't find them to be intimidating to her eyes. Everything was moving so quickly with the pace of the day. After a long elevator ride up, she was escorted down a marble stone floored hall and to a large black door with gold plated interior. There was no name plate, but it was pretty obvious who's office it was.

"Go ahead and knock. When he's ready, he'll open the door for you."

One of the bodyguards spoke to Lucy in a stern tone. The four men walked off, leaving the glamour model to herself at the door. She bit her lower lip, almost afraid of what awaited her behind the door. It was too late anyway, it wasn't like she could turn around and walk away. Lucy raised her right hand and softly knocked on the door with her knuckles. A few seconds later, a voice called out beyond the door.

"Come in!"

She placed her hand over the gold knob, looking at what appeared to be a round diamond over the knob. it sparkled when she turned the knob and opened the door. Lucy stepped into the office, her eyes gazing forward at the immense space. The marble floor under her was so shiny, she glanced into her reflection from looking down. There was a red carpet over the floor and then a large desk that was made with a black marble top and gold, a few stacks of folders and papers among it. The man himself was nowhere to be found at first sight. She stepped around, her heels clacking over the floor as the door shut behind her. Nigel Taylor watched her from the left side of the room, standing in the corner with his arms crossed. The rich playboy kept his eyes locked on her as if she were his prey.

"Greetings, Lucy. I'm glad you could make it, I've been looking forward to meeting you."

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