Mr E and the Guilty Conscience

byTx Tall Tales©

The drinks were flowing, and nobody was feeling much pain. Sue was obviously buzzed, in her party, flirting mood. I liked that. It almost always meant hot sex. I loved that. She was amazing.

"You ever sorry you gave up the old life?" Mark asked.

"Rarely," I told him. "You know most of the guys didn't last more than a year. I had a five year run. Only six guys stuck it out longer. More than enough for any man."

"Five years," Dale said. "Damn! So the humdrum beach life suits you now?"

"Perfectly. Sun, sand, good friends, and the best woman a man could ask for," I told him.

Sue grinned. "Best woman? Where is she? I'll tear her eyes out."

"Silly girl. You're the only woman for me. You remember that first barbecue? Picking you up for the first time?"

"Of course. Best. Day. Ever."

"No playing around on the side. You warned me then. You'll never have to worry about me. I'm a one woman man, just like you're a one man woman."

I was a little surprised when she dropped her glass. She apologized, and got up for a dishrag. She returned and cleaned up her mess, then came over to where I was sitting. She looked upset.

"What's wrong, beautiful? It's just a little mess."

She sat in my lap. "I am, you know. A one man woman. I love you. Only you. Nobody else means anything to me. You know that, right?"

"Of course! You're mine, and I'm yours. Everyone knows that." I looked around the table. "Right?"

They were looking at me funny. "Of course. Everyone knows that," Mark said eagerly.

Dale was nodding like a bobble doll. "Only yours."

I hugged her, and I could feel her trembling. "You feeling alright?"

She nodded. "Only you, Trey. I swear! You gotta believe me!"

"I know. Relax. Let's just enjoy ourselves Ok?"

She gave me a quick kiss, then ran back indoors again. The woman had a bladder the size of a shot glass.

* * * Then * * *

I'll admit it. I had a better time at the 4th of July party than I thought I would. I stopped drinking after Mark's second beer, switching to soft drinks. When you drive a convertible sports car, you're a target for trouble. I wasn't about to get behind the wheel drunk.

Sue noticed after a while. "No more beer?"

"Can't afford it. I've already got a target the size of New Jersey on my back. Don't want to leave here drunk."

She nodded. "I understand. It must be difficult."

"Hardly. I like to be in control anyway." She was clinging to my arm again, and I pulled her around facing me. "Thanks for getting me to go out. I'm out of practice around crowds. I'm not making an idiot of myself, am I?"

"No! Never." She grinned. "Can I consider the first date a success?"

"Absolutely. I'm having a great time."

She moved in for a kiss. A real toe-curler. "Want to take me out for ice-cream after?"

"I'd love to."

"Great. That can be our second date."

I laughed. "Second date?"

"I never fool around before the third," she teased.


"Not even for you, Mystery," she gave me a quick peck. "Although it's tempting as hell." She grabbed my hand. "C'mon. Time to say our goodbyes."

We made the rounds, and I got more hugs than I would have expected, and lots of invitations to more activities. Sue was fielding those.

She liked Baskin-Robbins World Class Chocolate, and butter pecan. I went for a simple chocolate shake, made with French vanilla and chocolate syrup.

"Am I going to have to call you?" she asked.


"You know. You had a good time today, didn't you?"

"A great time."

"You like me?"

"I think you're pretty terrific, actually."

"So you'll call? You won't make me do all the chasing?"

"I'll call."


I laughed. "We're still on our second date," I told her. "A little patience, alright? This is all pretty new to me."

"You're not going to call Diane or Erin, are you? I saw Diane put her number in your pocket. Don't try to pretend she didn't. Why didn't you just tell her no? Aren't I good enough? Three dates isn't too long is it?" She looked sincerely upset.

"I'm not going to call Diane or Erin," I told her.

"Or any of those others ones either! Marie's married. She was only flirting. Don't...don't mess up her marriage, Trey. Mark's a nice guy. He even gave you two of his beers, he never does that. You don't do that, do you? Break up marriages for fun?"

"Nobody but you, Sue. I'm not going to call anyone but you."


"I promise. I'm a one woman man, just like you're a one man woman."

"Am I that woman, Trey?"

God, she was a fast mover. I'd never met anyone like her. I looked her over. She was beautiful, easily the best looking woman out there today. Filled out her bikini fabulously. Easy to talk to. Maybe a little nutty, but nothing horrible. What the hell did she see in a nobody like me?

I saw her squirming under my gaze.

"I...I'll treat you well, Trey. I swear. You'll never regret it. Better than any of them."

"Am I your man?" I asked.

"Yes! If you'll have me."

"Then I guess you're my woman. It wouldn't work out very well otherwise, would it?"

She laughed, and grabbed my hands. "Take me home, Trey?"


At the door, she gave me that kiss she promised. Best kiss I ever had, but that wasn't saying all that much. Still, I couldn't imagine they get much better. I was achingly hard when we separated.

"I had a great first two dates, Trey. Thank you." She gave me another quick kiss, then left me.

I walked back to my car, and before I hit the end of the block, I dialed her number.

"Hello?" she answered after three rings.

"Hi Sue. It's me. I had a great time today."

"Did you forget something? Is something wrong?"

"No. I promised I'd call. What are you doing next Friday?"

She was quiet for a few seconds. "Could you come back for a minute?"

"Sure, I'm only a few blocks away."

"Great. I'll meet you downstairs."

I drove around the block, and dealt with the local traffic for the few minutes it took me to return. She ran over and hopped in my car. "Take me for a ride."


"Anywhere, just drive Ok?"

Definitely wacky. I drove down to the water. It was getting dark, and the fireworks were just starting.

"Can we watch the fireworks for a while?" she asked.

"Of course. You want to go down and walk the beach?"

"I'd like that. You don't mind?"

"Not at all."

We spent a good hour watching all the private fireworks that people were setting off, bracketed by the city fireworks at each end of the beach. We walked hand-in-hand, not talking about much except about the different pyrotechnic displays. I let her set the pace and direction, and they were still going on when we got back to the car. "Take me home?"

I laughed, opening her door. "Your chariot awaits, milady."

I walked her to the door, and got another kiss. "Thank you for my third date," she said, smiling shyly. "Would I be brazen if I invited you in for coffee?"

"No. I think that would be quite kind."

That girl from the tanker? Someday I'll have to hunt her down and thank her. She was quite the pushy one, and had no qualms directing me on how she liked to be pleased. We spent two full days together, most of it in bed. I imagine I was able to sustain an erection for a few hours of that time, but the rest was her training me.

I owed Dr. Katy Ross as well. She made sure there was one thing I could do, very well. Very, very well, if her moans, cries and screams were any indication.

Their training turned out to be quite successful. Sue didn't mind fooling around after three dates. Even when all three were in a period of about 10 hours.

She was crying, begging me to fuck her, after about an hour spent between her legs. I'd given her half-a-dozen orgasms, before I entered her.

"Fuck me, Trey! God, I need you to fuck me!" she begged.

I did my best, and it seemed to be good enough. I only lasted a few minutes the first time, but she had no qualms using her talented mouth to get me hard again. That second erection was good for half-a-dozen positions, and I learned something quite useful. I have a hard time coming when she's riding me. Don't ask me why, but it's a fact. She was a shaking mess when she finally rolled off of me, and I climbed back between her legs.

"Take me, baby," she panted, pulling me close.

I let her draw me down, and nibbled on her soft neck, letting my hips take over down below.

"Oh, fuck," she groaned. "I...I can't believe it. You're going to make me come again," she gasped.

"Come for me, beautiful," I whispered, driving into her hard and fast.

"A...g..g..gain!" she whined, thrusting back hard. Her arms were wrapped around my body, holding me tight. She whimpered sweetly, then came hard. Less than a minute later, I was filling my second condom.

I started to pull away, but she wouldn't let go. "No, baby. Don't move, not yet. Don't let me go."

I hugged her tightly. "I'll never let you go, Sue."

She sighed. "Holy shit, Mystery! I've never come like that, or been left this drained. Did they train you in that too?"

I kissed her softly. "Two instructors. Five long months. Still you taught me something tonight."

"Really? You liked it? You're not just saying it, right? I... I don't have a lot of experience, not professional. Only eight other lovers. I don't bore you, do I? You'll let me know if I do anything wrong. You can train me."

"I like you just the way you are. Ready to go again?"

She looked down to where I was already hard for her. "God! I should have known what I was getting into. Like everything about you. Dangerous, another weapon. You've never actually killed anyone with that monster, have you?"

I remembered the final night with Katy, the only time we had sex. Her coming so hard for me until she passed out. Le petite mort. The little death. "Only once," I teased. "Just a little death."

She looked scared. "You wouldn't, I mean, not me. Would you?"

As many times as I could, I thought. I parted her legs and moved between them. "Only if you deserve it."

An hour later she was trembling. She'd earned at least half-a-dozen. "God, that's intense. Knowing what you could do, if you wanted. Was that good for you too? I can do better."

"You were wonderful. The best."

"The best? You think so? I... I'm just an amateur!"

"The best for me. Now. Exactly what I needed."

She smiled, climbing onto my chest, kissing my neck. "If you need it again, I hope you remember who to come too. I can be what you need, if you'll give me a chance."

"The chance is yours," I whispered, wondering if I had one more in me.

We've been together ever since. Engaged within three months. Married in less than a year. We spent almost four months looking for the perfect home, and when we found the foreclosure, I knew it was the one. It needed some work, but that never scared me.

Sue almost had a cow, when I paid for the house in cash.

"How can you afford something like this?" she asked.

"I told you, I'm careful with my money."

It was going to take three quarters of my savings, but it was worth it. I liked the idea of knowing the place was mine, and I'd never have to worry about having some place to live, ever again. The house was ideal, not overly large, but with a big two car garage, and a carport that could hold two more. Waterfront, bayside, with a nice deck. Quiet neighborhood. All a guy could ask for.

We had a great life. Together, we earned almost 200K a year, with almost no expenses. That first year we put close to 60 grand into savings.

Marie and Mark lived only about a mile away. They became our closest friends. We had many. I should say Sue had many, but they were always nice to me.

We were in love, and I couldn't imagine my life without her.

* * * Now * * *

Dusk was approaching, and I was sitting on the end of the dock, alone. I was hopeless as a host. Everything I did turned out wrong. I tried to fit in, joke, act like everyone else. I always screwed it up. I wonder how many friends I'd have if not for Sue.

Marie came down and sat next to me, quiet, sipping a wine cooler.

"You know something, don't you?"

Know? What? Hell, I didn't know anything. Not even how to host a party. I didn't answer.

She looked back over her shoulder, and I followed her gaze. My wife and the two husbands seemed to be arguing.

"She loves you, you know. It's not too late."

"Too late?"

She looked at me, and I saw her eyes were moist. "Don't Trey. Please. You've done enough. It's stopped. I'm certain it never really went anywhere. They were stupid, but you have to forgive them."

"Forgive them?" I asked her, wondering what the hell there was to forgive. If anything, I should be asking their forgiveness, screwing up another party.

"Please? For me? You're a better man than this. You have to stop torturing them. You've made your point." She grabbed my hand, clutching it tightly. "I love him. He's an idiot, but he's my idiot, and I don't know what I'd do without him."

"Lot of idiots around," I muttered. Count me among them.

"I know. I'm so sorry. I suspected, but you, you knew. It was obvious. God, how stupid could they be!" she snapped. "Everyone knows you're the last person in the world to screw around with."

I sighed. Right. "Everyone knows," I laughed.

She grabbed my face, and looked into my eyes. "No. Nobody does. It's our secret. You stopped it. Now you have to let it go. Please, I'm begging you, Trey. Let it slide this one time. For me. For all of us. She's learned her lesson, they all have. They screw up again, I'll help you bury the bodies. Please? Can it end?"

Hell if I could figure out what the hell she was all worked up about. I hated to see her like that. I hated to see any woman upset. It was a weakness of mine.

"Sure. For you, Marie," I told her.

She burst into tears, hugging me, her arms like steel bands. I tried to calm her, stroking her hair. "I'm sorry," I said. Dad had taught me that much. With any crying woman, 90% of the time 'sorry' was a great start.

She pulled away, and I felt her lips press against mine, briefly. "God, we don't deserve you. None of us. Don't ever apologize to me, Mystery."

I chuckled. "I don't deserve you."

She tried to smile, but I saw the corners of her mouth twitching. "Don't cry, beautiful. It breaks my heart."

She looked back at the rest of the party, and I saw that we were being watched. "Time to go back, I think. Don't need any tongues wagging," I said.

She laughed, and took my hand when I offered to help her up.

"It's over?"

"Yeah," I said. It was getting late. Still had a lot of cleaning up to do.

"Thank you. I...I'll make it up to you someday. I swear."

"Fine, next time you bring those crab cakes of yours."

She laughed, and it sounded almost hysterical. "I've got an idiot to take home and straighten out. Don't be too hard on Sue. She really does love you."

"I love her."

"I know. Everyone knows. Otherwise, I imagine our parties would be half the size in the future, wouldn't they?"

Hell, if I didn't have Sue, there would be no parties. I said as much.

She let go of my hand as we approached the deck. I hadn't even realized she was holding it. Marie walked up to her husband, and slapped him. Hard. He didn't say anything, just lowered his head.

"You got a fuckin' reprieve, you asshole. All three of you. There better be no next time, or I'll be the one pulling the God-damn trigger! You understand?" she shrieked.

I saw his face turn red, and he nodded slowly.

She kicked him in the leg. "God damn it! Fucking man-up and apologize, you piece of shit!"

"I'm sorry, baby. It's not what you think," he whispered.

"Not to me you idiot!" she screamed.

She was scaring me, I'd never seen her like that. I was glad I was married to Sue, she never went off like that. I looked over at my wife, and she bowed her head. She got up and walked over to me, clinging to my arm like that first date. She lowered her head and pressed it against me.

Mark spoke up. "I...I'm sorry, Trey. I swear, it never went anywhere." He looked down at Sue. "You too, Sue. I never meant..."

"Just leave," she said softly. "Please."

He nodded, and turned away. Marie walked over and gave me a hug. "Thank you." She grabbed Sue's chin, and lifted her face. "You and me. We'll talk later. You should thank your ever-loving lucky stars, you know."

Sue nodded. "I know."

Annie appeared as confused as me. Dale? Well he looked like he was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Marie stared at him. "What the fuck are you waiting for, dipshit? An engraved invitation?"

He shook his head nervously, and approached us slowly. He moved like his feet were made of lead. Dale was a tall guy, good 6'3", towering over my 5'9". He stopped a couple of feet away.

"Sorry, man. It was stupid, we know. Nothing happened, it was just talk that got carried away. If...if you can let this go, I swear to God, you'll never have to worry about anything like it again. I swear." He was shaking. "Please, man. Whatever you need to do, I understand. But I got a wife and kids. They didn't do nothing."

I looked over at Annie. Damn near as good-looking as Sue. I tried to make light of the awkward situation. "Gorgeous wife," I said, giving Annie a wink.

"God, don't you think I know it? I must have been fucking insane, to get involved." He was babbling, and I let him chatter, until he stopped, staring at me. "Is that the cost? My Annie?"

I felt Sue's hands gripping into my arm.

"How about next time, I provide the meat, and Annie provides dessert?"

He glanced back and forth between his wife and me. "My A-a-annie's dessert?" he whined.

He was acting weird. "Yeah. Make sure she brings over that amazing marble cake of hers. We'll call it even." At least. Best cake I ever ate. The girl was a genius when it came to baking.

Dale's eyes opened wide. I stepped back involuntarily, when he dropped to his knees, holding his face in his hands. "You're not fucking with me, are you, Mystery? Please, please tell me, you're not. It's over?"

"Yeah, getting late," I said, feeling distinctly awkward.

He looked up, and I saw tears on his face. I turned away so he wouldn't have to suffer the embarrassment.

"Sorry, Sue. So, so, damn sorry," he mumbled, standing.

I looked back, and Annie was standing beside him. "C'mon," she said. "You're going to have to explain to me what the fuck is going on."

She came over and gave me a hug. That's one of the things I really liked about Annie. Always got a nice hug, both arriving and leaving. "You always have the most interesting parties, Trey," she said, kissing my cheek.

She gave Sue a hug. "Give me a call?"

Sue nodded.

As they left, Sue turned and hugged me. "God, I don't deserve you. Forgive me for being a fucking moron?"

"If you'll forgive me for messing up another party," I said, holding her.

She looked up at me. "Only you, Trey. I swear. I've been with nobody but you since we met, and I'll never even look at another man. You have to believe me. They never really stood a chance."

I lifted her and gave her a bear hug. "Of course I believe you. I love you, silly girl."

She grinned, and kissed me. "You know, I'm going to fuck your brains out tonight. Tonight, tomorrow, and every single day for the rest of our lives."

"Leave a little brains, Ok? I don't have that much to spare."

She laughed, squirming out of my arms, and tugging down my shorts, right there on the porch, in the fading light of day. "Alright. Just a little. You ready for me, Mystery Man?"

"Always. I can't imagine my life without you."

She stopped, looking up at me nervously. "I swear, I'll never give you cause to worry about that again."

As her mouth engulfed my cock, I reached down and brushed her hair back to see her beautiful face. Damn, she was good at that.

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