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Mr Green Eyes


**For the man with the stunning eyes who is the inspiration behind this**


My cousin was getting married in a months time and I needed something to wear for the occasion-- something elegant but simple, conservative but flattering.

I figured I'd head to my favourite clothing store first, then check out the boutiques and specialist stores.

It was pouring with rain by the time I got to the mall and I had to make a mad dash from the parking lot to the entrance. Not that it was worthwhile-- I got soaked through anyway!

With my clothes clinging to my body, I walked through the store a few times before selecting a few dresses. I made my way towards the change room to try them on. I tended to scrutinise the garments before even taking them off the rack, and so I was mostly dry by this point.

The store was laid out in such a way that you had to walk through the lingerie and jewellery sections to get to the change room. I walked through lingerie, pausing to see what was new and exciting. I stopped at a red and black bra and thong set, thought better of it and decided to move on.

As I turned, I caught the guy from the jewellery counter watching me intently.

He stiffened and turned the other way, pretending to very busy checking the serial numbers on the merchandise.

I walked over, dresses in hand, feeling particularly bold and adventurous.

"Hi," I said.

"Good day ma'am," he replied, blushing slightly.

I got lost for a moment in his eyes-- big mesmerising green eyes, surrounded by long dark lashes and soft, pale skin.

"You have divine eyes," I blurted.

"Thank you, how can I help you?"

"Oh I can think of many ways."

He gave me a naughty smile.

I gave him an inviting one, holding his gaze all the while.

"Those dresses will look great on you."

"Thanks, want to help me try them on?"

"Not my department, but I can help you in other ways."

"Won't believe it until I see it," I responded with a smirk.

He considered what I had said for a moment.

"Go try them on. Finger yourself while you're in there. Then come here and let me smell your fingers."

That got me turned on. I loved being told what to do. I loved the idea-- so public, so very sexy!

"We'll see," I said smiling.

I made my way to the change room, rethinking it the whole way there. What was I thinking? Why did I even go there? Yes, I was turned on, but I didn't know who he was. Why was I listening to him? No... I wasn't going to do it...But it was so fascinating... So tempting...

I got into the change room and pulled my top over head, pulled down my jeans and stepped out of them.

I slipped the first dress over my head and reached behind me to zip it up.

Why not? Nobody would know. I could orgasm quietly and I was already horny and in the zone. I could decide later about whether or not to go back to the jewellery counter.

I looked at myself in the mirror for a few seconds. I didn't like the way the dress fitted-- too tight where I wanted it to be loose and too loose where I wanted it to be more fitting. I took it off and hung it up.

In my underwear, I stared at my body in the mirror for a few seconds. Exercise was really paying off-- I wasn't yet in perfect shape, but in better shape than I'd ever been before. I traced the muscles of my thighs gently with the tips of my fingers-- those were really becoming well toned.

I let my fingers dance along my thighs until they settled over my pubic mound. I fondled my pussy lips through the thin material of my panties.

Gosh, I was hot and wet. Nobody would know as long as I was quiet about it.

I slipped a hand inside my panties and traced my pussy lips-- skin on skin. As I got increasingly wetter, I brought my fingers closer to the inner side-- closer to my clit.

I used the tip of my index to circle my clit... Slowly closing in on it.

I soon got to a stage where I couldn't control it any more and began flicking my clit in a horny frenzy. I flicked and stroked and played with it until I came-- came hard and slumped against the cubicle door. Wow!

It wasn't enough though. Orgasming had just made me soak my panties in my sweet juice-- I needed to do it again! I had a compulsive urge to bury my fingers deep into my pussy.

And bury them I did. I shoved two fingers into my dripping pussy-- driving them frantically in and pulling them out repeatedly... My breathing became so hard I was sure they could hear me in the main section of the store, but I didn't care-- I wanted this now! I wanted it bad!

I finger-fucked myself to a climax. I came hard-- gripping the fingers inside me with my pussy muscles.

I did it one more time-- straight after that. I shoved my fingers in and out and came within seconds, leaving my legs barely able to support me.

After extracting my fingers, I sat down on the floor to regain my composure.

It was a few minutes before I could wipe off my fingers in a tissue I had and carry on fitting the dresses.

I didn't like any of them and left them with the changeroom assistant before walking over to the jewellery counter.

He was busy with a customer and didn't really notice me. Someone else working at the jewellery counter offered to assist me.

I decided to leave. It wasn't a good idea... I didn't know him.. He was probably just feeling bold and horny too... Yes, it wasn't a good plan... Mr Green Eyes was partially responsible for a few fantastic climaxes... But it'd always be just a few.

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