tagLesbian SexMr. Mrs. & Ms. Reynolds Ch. 02

Mr. Mrs. & Ms. Reynolds Ch. 02


*This is the second chapter to this short story. As stated before, I love constructive criticism, so don't hesitate to comment. Enjoy!*


After my night with Victoria, I could not bring myself to answer her calls or text messages. I had a month and a half before starting my classes, and during that time I did not speak to Victoria. It wasn't that I didn't want to talk to her, I was nervous about the idea of a polyamorous relationship. As soon as she left that night I did my research. There isn't much on the subject out there, but I came to the conclusion that it is pretty much having an open marriage. Being raised as a catholic woman, her lifestyle went against what I had been taught. Then again, so did my sexuality. Regardless, I had never envisioned myself being with a married woman. I believed in the sanctity of marriage, and I did not want to be a third wheel to hers, so I erased her from my mind. Well, I tried to.

While I tried to keep her out of my mind, I found myself daydreaming about our encounter often. Almost every time I would fantasize about her, I would correct myself; brush the bombshell out of my thoughts, and pray to my lord and savior. This worked almost every time, with the exception of the times when I was in bed, hand down my pants, fingers massaging my clit. It was during those times, the only thing that reached me to an orgasm was the thought of her. Eventually, I gave up masturbating.

It was four days before my classes were to begin. I had avoided Victoria for as long as possible, but it was time for my training to be administered by her. Our appointment was for noon. I arrived at 11:55am. She was in a meeting with another Professor, so I waited, eager to get the meeting over with. I can still recall the feeling of my pulse coursing through the veins in my hands, as my grip around my purse handle was so tight. I could hear her voice from behind the door; she sounded sweet, calm, collected. Nothing like I was feeling in that moment.

Twenty minutes went by before I heard the door open, an older Latin woman exited her office. "Clarice, hold my calls. And you can take your lunch now," Victoria informed her assistant, appearing in the doorway. My knees began to quiver at the sight of her. Her thick curly hair was flat ironed, it slicked to the side draping over her right shoulder. She was clothed in a tight black pleather high waist skirt, a white silk blouse, with three buttons undone exposing a good bit of cleavage. She wore these black pointed stiletto heels, along with black panty hose. Her makeup was done, she had contoured her face, skin tone eye shadow, and matte burgundy lips. She looked so sexy, I could not fathom why I did not want to be with her.

"Marie," Victoria acknowledged, before walking back into her office. I was reluctant, but I followed her. Her office was as I remembered it. The memory of the first time I met her, how nervous I was, how intimidating I found her all came rushing back to me, making this meeting ten times worse than the first one. Victoria sat behind her desk, her legs crossed. I could see the muscles in her calves, the form of her long legs, I imagined them wrapped around my body, then spread apart inviting me into her. It was all too much. She was way too much. She analyzed me, as I could not look her in the eye. I knew she was pissed that I hadn't called. I felt shame for not calling as well. The least I could have done was tell her how I felt.

"Victoria... I feel like I owe you an explanation," I muttered, my eyes meeting with hers. She pursed her lips, crossed her arms, tilted her head, still not saying a thing. "I just didn't know how to feel. I did not understand the arrangement you had with your husband, and I needed to figure it out. See if it was something I wanted to be a part of..."

"And is it something you want to be a part of?" Her voice was so cold a chill ran up my spine.

I gazed at my hands, so I could say the words I meant, not the words the sight of her would bring. "I don't want to, no."

"Okay, I understand that," she said, her voice becoming a bit more chipper, her arms uncrossing.

"You aren't angry with me?"

"Of course not. I was upset you didn't return my calls, but now that you have explained, I understand," she said, pulling out a folder from her desk, then sliding it over to me. "This is a hard copy of directions on how to access Canvas, the online portal your students will use for the course..." I could not believe that she was talking about work. It stunned me that she was able to move on from the night we shared in the blink of an eye. She did not seem to care that I did not want to pursue a relationship. She was talking to me about my classes, and I did not hear a word of what she had said. All I could think about was, why don't you care!

"...You will grade through the system on Canvas-"

"Victoria. Do you care that I don't want to be in a relationship with you?" I blurted out before I could stop myself. The questioned took her by surprise; she uncrossed her legs, sat up, moved in closer to the desk. I could tell she was contemplating an answer.

"Marie, I think you are an amazing person... Of course, I would love to get to know you more, and explore a relationship with you. But like you said, you don't want to. You don't want to, right?"

"No," I lied.

"So, why would I be upset? Rejection is a part of life, I don't fancy myself on becoming upset simply due to rejection." I nodded in agreeance, and with that she finished going over the syllabus for all my classes, then concluded our meeting.

I left that meeting more confused than before. I found myself going to my new church's confession. I couldn't go in though. As soon as I stepped foot in the church, I felt like an idiot for even being there. I found myself questioning why I felt the need to confess. Why were the feelings I was having bad? It was my beliefs that made it so I could not be with Victoria, but these same beliefs cursed my sexuality. That night I did not pray before my meal. I ate the food without sending thanks to God, and I felt no different than if I had said thanks.

Summer school began, my classes were every day, all day. By my last class I was exhausted, and dreaded the thought of having to come back. At night I had to check in on my online course, make sure that the modules were up and running, answer all of my emails. I had met a few different Professors in passing, but had yet to make any friends. By my last class that first Thursday, I found myself sitting behind the desk at the front of the classroom, closing my eyes, as all my students had already headed out.

"Oh, great you're still here!" I heard a familiar voice exclaim, waking me out of my daydreams. I jolted up to see Melodie coming into the class. "Long first week?" she questioned, a hint of laughter in her voice.

"Yes. I could not have imagined how hectic the first week is," I said, lifting my head up off the desk turning to have a conversation with her. Melodie was a slender build Latin woman around my age. She had this long black hair that fell down her shoulders, these wide green eyes, a very slender petite build. She was maybe 5'3. She had been teaching English at the University for three years part time, and wrote novels the other half of the time.

"Just wait until finals week. So, a few of the teachers are going out to music in the park downtown tonight. I wanted to see if you wanted to join?"

I have to admit, I was hesitant. I was more exhausted than I had ever been before, but the thought of missing the opportunity to make friends was not an option for me. I found myself agreeing to meet them downtown at eight that night.

What really made me feel like an odd man out, was the way I dressed. I almost always wore dresses, or skirts. My clothing was very girlie, and conservative. A lot of poofy dresses, stockings, knit sweaters. I mean my clothing screamed Republican. I knew nothing else before moving to Eugene.

I went straight to the mall. I had always liked bohemian style clothing, but due to where I lived and who my parents were, that was never going to be a part of my wardrobe. Now that I was no longer living there, and was living on my own, I found it only fitting to switch things up by adding styles I genuinely like to my closet. I bought about five new flowy fabric dresses, I bought a white knitted crop top, to show off my slender waist; along with high waiste floral palazzo pants. It was a good start. I chose to wear the crop top and pants that night. I hurried home, showered, and changed before leaving out.

I arrived a bit late. The park in downtown was full of people, listening to Reggae, smoking weed, drinking, dancing in the grass, singing as a crowd. I had never been to a concert before, so I assumed this was how it was. There were maybe a thousand-people crowding in the town square's park. I had to call Melodie to find out where they all were. I waited for her by the food trucks, to the left of the stage. I was ordering a sprite when she found me.

"Hey Marie! The girls are dancing at the front of the stage," she said, as I got my drink. After finishing up with that, she pulled me through the crowd, it becoming more of a squeeze as we neared the front of the stage. I spotted the group before Melodie. It was Victoria my eyes were drawn to. Her hips were oscillating into a woman who I had never seen before. She was clothed in a jean skirt (which was not covering much), and a knitted lace see through crop top, a neon pink bralette beneath it. Her revealing attire made my vagina begin to tingle. I could feel my nipples perking up by the sight of her moving her body, the sight of the woman gripping onto her butt, her lower cheeks slipping from beneath her skirt as the two-dirty dance.

I had this urge of sex appeal creeping upon me. I had never listened to Reggae music before, but I was finding myself wanting to move my body. The rhythm was so sensual, relaxing, perfect pace to make love to, or dance. Melodie's hips started flowing behind me. It was contagious, my hips started flowing into hers as well. Victoria still entranced with the random woman, didn't even notice my arrival.

It wasn't just Victoria at this point that was making me feel sensual. It was the whole atmosphere that was freeing. It was the happiest I had ever felt. I moved my body in ways I could never imagine I would be able to. My hips twirling, my eyes closed, just allowing the body behind me to grind along my ass. Allowing the hands to slip around my waist, pulling my body into theirs.

"I'm happy you came," a voice whispered in my ear, breaking me from my daze. I turned to see Victoria moving her body along mine. I smiled, not wanting to lose the freeing feeling that was taking over me. Victoria spun me around, so I was facing her. She interlocked my hands with hers, swaying them together in between us, pulling our bodies closer and closer together. I found my hips rocking into hers in such a sensual motion the only thing I could compare it to is sex. Our bodies dry humping against the others, her hands on my butt, mine on hers. Our bodies moving like the waves of the ocean. Also, as wet as the ocean was my vagina. I felt my hands creeping beneath her skirt, slipping beneath her panties, and sliding between her soaked lips.

This was the first time I had ever felt a vagina (other than my own). The first night with Victoria, I was too nervous to touch it, or do anything else for that matter. It was something about being in an ocean of moving bodies, the way we were moving together, her touch, and this sexual being that was awakening within me that made me not hesitate to touch her. I moved my fingers along her lips, getting a really good feel of her labia, her erect clit, her bare baby soft skin.

The tips of my fingers ran along her slit, it pulsed against me. I slid myself inside of her, she moaned out along my ear, pulling me closer to her as I was fingering her on the dance floor. Not knowing what was taking over me, I pulled out of her, brought my finger up to my mouth, not hesitating to taste her. Her mouth fell open, as mine tasted the sweet raisin like flavor of her excitement. Any hesitation that I was not a lesbian disappeared in my mind. Any reservations I had on dating a Poly woman, what God might think, what my family will think, what society would think, disappeared. In that taste I awoken, breathing out "Fuck" into her ear. She pulled me into a hug, my right hand slipping between us, making its way back to her dripping pussy. I slipped two fingers inside of her this time, she moaned out, digging her nails into my back, as I was forcing my finger deeper into her. I massaged my thumb against her clit, my fingers inside of her in search of her Gspot. Her hips are grinding into my hand, making it seem like we were still just dancing, yet she was humping her way to an orgasm.

Her head fell to my shoulder, her tongue sliding against my shoulder blade, up my neck, to my ear lobe, she sucked it up in her mouth. Her hips going wild, yet still along with the rhythm of the music. She in my ear moaning, "Don't stop. Right there." I could feel her walls clamping around my fingers, thudding as her breathing was becoming heavier. I could feel her nipples erect beneath her bralette, rubbing against my breast. "I'm going to cum," she breathed. My thumb pushed up against her throbbing clit, my fingers as straight up as possible inside of her, as she grinded herself to orgasm; screaming out, digging her nails into my back. I felt her seeping all around my fingers, like I just turned a faucet on. I pull out, eager to get her in my mouth before she became cold.

"What's gotten into you?" she questioned, pulling away from my embrace, her wild eyes searching mine. This wicked grin spread across her face, exposing her bleach white teeth.

Not wanting the feeling to leave I gripped her hand, then pulled her through the crowd. I had no idea where I was taking her. All I knew was that I needed a taste from the source, while her cum was still saturating her panties. My pace so fast that she was practically running behind me. I lead her through a residential neighborhood that I had parked down. I spot my car parked beneath an oak tree outside of a single-family home. No one is around, and I am to impatient to drive to my house, so I open the back door. "Get in," I demanded, my eyes not leaving Victoria's. Her mouth falls open at my assertiveness, but she doesn't refuse. She walks past me, slipping into the seat, sliding back so her back is against the other door. Her eyes still on mine as I slide in behind her. She lifted her skirt up, pulling her panties down. I help guide them off her body, before she spreads her legs for me.

My first time seeing the female body from that angle. I shut my eyes and breathed in the scent of humidity, roses, beach radiating from her. My eyes open to the sight of her plump, mocha, smooth, hairless lips. Clear cum spilling from their fold. My index finger parted her, I pull away a clear trail of her sticking to my finger. Her hips endlessly rocking in anticipation. I wanted to capture that sight. The sight of her eyes analyzing my every movement, the sight of her mouth wide open, her breath heavy, her stomach doing belly flops, as her hips lifted up humping the air in search of my body.

My tongue licking along the inside of her left thigh. I licked down, inches from her radiating pussy. Her body quivered beneath me as I got closer. I suck on the skin right beside her lips, then move my attention to the other side. Whimpers escaped her mouth, as one hand was petting the top of my head, the other massaging her breasts. No longer able to hold out, I licked my way down her, spreading her vagina open, my tongue gliding against her clit. She groaned as I move to her slit.

Her taste was intoxicating. I had never done drugs, but that was what I imagine drugs to be like. She was so warm, her wetness spilling into my mouth, her moans indicating I was doing something right. Her pets on my head, turned into her digging her nails through my scalp. I loved every moment of her pushing my head down into her. I loved that she was using my face to get off, I loved that she could not control her movement. Her strides fast, uncontrolled, eager, and so close. I could feel her walls spasming against my tongue, her cum spilling out of her into my mouth, her clit beating against my upper lip. She became my drug of choice.

Victoria refused to leave my side for three days after the concert in the park. She said she didn't want to "give me the space to change my mind." I welcomed her presence in my home; I Cooked dinner with her, watched movies with her, gossiped about faculty, discussed our likes/ dislikes, and sex we, we had so much sex. It was on that third day that things started to change. I could see worry in her eyes. I knew she needed to get back home to her husband and child, but feared leaving me alone with my thoughts.

"I don't want to leave you," she announced while brushing my hair, her eyes meeting mine in the mirror.

"You can't stay here forever," I reminded before kissing her hand along my shoulder.

She was silent for a while, still brushing my hair, while I checked my Facebook feed. It had been months since I ended my relationship with William. I called the wedding off a week before. I knew that people would have been upset, but I was not prepared for the Facebook messages I received, and the posts that littered my wall. I knew I should have deleted it, but my mind was in such a dark place I didn't even care.

A lot of the messages were decent enough. Friends wanting to see how I was, peers I hadn't spoken to in years messaging me to 'check in'. The one message that really stood out, bringing tears to my eyes was from William's mother.

"I had tried to call you for days with no prevail. Marie, I just don't understand. How could you do this to my boy, to my family, to your future. You and William had been in love for years, and best friends before that. I will always love you dear, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. But I just can't fathom the destruction you have caused. My son is depressed, he hasn't gotten out of bed for days, he withdrew from his doctorates program for the immediate future. All due to your selfish choices. Why? That is what I need to know. Why did you do this? No one has heard from you. You moved so fast out of your parents' home, they have no idea where you are. No one knows why you have ruined all of our lives. We deserve an answer. Marie, please give us an answer.


"What is it baby?" Victoria's tone concerned by the sight of a tear falling from my right eye. I shook her hands away. At that time, I needed a moment. I moved from the bathroom into my room, threw myself on the bed and into my pillow. I could not help the pain I felt from ruining so many lives. I knew that William was devastated, but never had I imagined my choices ruining the entire family. I guess I was in denial. How could that not have ruined the family?

"Oh Marie." I heard Victoria's concerned voice before feeling her gentle touch caressing my back. "What is going on. Please don't hide from me," she begged. I wanted to tell her, but I couldn't say the words out loud. Instead I muzzled my phone from beneath my chest, so she could read the message herself. "Oh love," she cried, trying to pull me up from the beds grip.

"I don't want to talk about it, "I cried.

I could not hide my upset from her, but I didn't want her to see me such a wreck, so I buried my face in my pillow as she tried to comfort me. She cradled me like a child for about an hour before my tears subsided. In her arms, I began to forget why I was upset to begin with. Feeling her soft breasts against my face, her warm breath and lips against my forehead made me feel the safest I ever had before. I glanced up at her stroking her cheek. Her smile was so warm and inviting, all I wanted was to be in her arms forever.

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