Mr. Persistent

byParis Waterman©

"Oh, my, he nailed you, didn't he?" Barb cawed, but it was evident that Inger's tale had her excited, for she was running her hand over her breast, which was completely exposed.

Either Inger failed to hear Barb's comment, or choose to ignore it, for she continued talking. "I dipped a finger inside me and found that I was very wet. Very wet," she said, repeating herself as if to fortify what was to come.

"Why don't you open it for me again ... let me see its inner beauty?"

I did.

"Absolute poetry," he cooed.

I was melting down there, Barb. I was fuckin' melting from his words.

"Why not show me what you can do with your pussy."

"I...I can show you some. But don't touch me."

But he wasn't listening to me. He was hypnotizing me, or mesmerizing me. I'm not sure which, but he was almost controlling my every move.

"But can I ... just a little?" he said imploringly. I didn't say yes. I didn't say no, and his middle finger slipped into me and poked around before I managed to push his hand away, telling him, "No, I ... I'll do it."

Barb was silent, now engrossed in touching herself by sending a hand into her panties. Inger saw her but ignored it.

"Can you make yourself cum for me?" he asked.

"Yeah," I told him. "Sure I can."

"I was rubbing hard ... getting close ... he made me feel so fuckin' naughty."

"You love to fuck yourself don't you?"


"You're such a naughty bitch," he said, and then he took over, fingering me and rubbing my clit until I was on the brink of cumming.

Then he stopped, having remembered something he wanted to do to me.

"Wait just a minute my lovely pussy. I have a present for you!"

I thought he was going to fuck me, but he produced a pair of metal balls ... they were slightly bigger than golf balls, and were attached by a cord of some kind.

"Here, put them inside you. You'll love what they do to you," he purred.

"Of course I couldn't hold them, my hands were trembling. I was completely out of it, you know?"

"I think I do," Barb replied, working her hand furiously inside her panties.

"I ... I'm kinda hot myself, Barb. Mind if I loosen this body suit a little?"

"No ... no, go on."

Inger tugged at the snap holding the body suit together at her crotch and giggled as it opened.

"What?" Barb inquired, wondering why her friend was giggling.

"I ... I'm fuckin' soaked down there. It's a swamp of juices."

"Oh ..." Barb replied, "Me too. Awfully wet myself."

As Inger sent a finger into her pussy, she gasped, "Oh, oh ... Ohhh!"

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Barb sighed.

"Mmmm, yeah ... where was I?"

"The golf balls...."

"Oh, yeah, the balls ... Joey pushed the first one into me. I managed to shove the second one in after it ... then something happened. I think ... yeah, I remember it now ... I was shifting a little trying to get all the balls inside me when Joey pressed his hand down on my clit, maybe not on it exactly, maybe a bit higher up and things went crazy."

Barb hesitated a moment in her fingering to ask, "You went crazy?"

"Yeah," Inger replied in a dreamy tone. "I went fuckin' crazy 'cause the first ball was rubbin' my G-Spot."

"You feel it, don't you?" He says.

"I do, I do," I mumbled, and Inger laughed before adding, "as if I was getting married.

"Oh ... I had been so close to cumming before that. So blissful, I wanted it to go on and on and on. But when that ball rubbed across my 'G' I started fucking the air and everything else around me.

Christ, I couldn't stop cumming! I was flopping this way and that ... groaning and sobbing ... while he rubbed my tits and my clit and kept talking while I came and came and came."

After I calmed down some, he asked me if I'd like to go down to the café on the corner and have a cup of coffee.

"Coffee sounded wonderful, but the thought of going out in the cold so soon caused me to turn the offer down.

"We have other things we can do," he said in that smooth voice of his.

"Such as?" I asked. I tell you, Barb My brain wasn't moving to swiftly at the time.

"We could fuck," he said as he lowered his fly.

"We could fuck ..." I said as if this was the solution to all mankind's woes.

"Look what I have for you? See how hard it is for you?"

"His cock was bouncing up and down in front of my face."

"What'd you do?" Barb grunted as she frigged herself furiously.

Inger laughed at her friend and tried to see how many fingers she could get in her own pussy before answering. She managed four while making an unmistakable squishy sound.

"Oh ..." Barb sighed at the sound. "So ... so was he a good fuck?"

"He ... was ... great!" Inger gasped as she came hard and fell back into the couch cushion. A moment later Barb groaned loudly, and then came almost as hard as Inger had.



"Please, suck my pussy, I know we've never done this ... but I want you between my legs, I need you to go down on me. I want to taste you too. Please ... tongue fuck me, I want to cum on your face, I need you to eat my cunt."

"Will you make me cum again, if I do?"

Inger managed to smile at her friend and turned herself round on the couch and said "Of course I will."

A long moment passed then Barb climbed on top of Inger and buried herself in her sopping pussy. She used both hands to spread the wet folds of Inger's lips, giving her much better access to her hard clit. As she started to lick and suck, Inger shifted enough so that her face furrowed into Barb's cunt returning the favor.

In short order both women were writhing on the couch, their tongues lapping away at each other with more and more urgency. Inger came first, her juices spilling into Barb's eager mouth. This sent Barb over the top and she came hard, grinding her mound into Inger's mouth, both forced their respective pussies onto each other's mouths until long after their orgasms subsided.

Barb got up, neglecting to pull her robe back on and went to the window and looked out.

"Someone will see you," Inger called out.

"So what if they do? It's really snowing out. You'll have to sleep over."

"Okay, thanks," Inger said wearily, for she was very tired, but also very satisfied.

"Umm, you think you might could find this guy again?' Barb asked softly.

A fleeting smile crossed Inger's face but she quickly suppressed it before answering.

"Maybe," she said, "Why?"

It was Barb's turn to smile. "Well, I was thinking, I could use a new pair of shoes myself.

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