Mr. Right


A new job is a good thing, Lila thought as she smoothed down her tight black knee high skirt. She had never had a real job like this with an office and all maybe now she could put her degree to good use.

The one shitty thing about working for a corporation was the business meetings, they were long and uneventful. The only funny thing about them was you got to find out who was fucking who. There were long meaningful stares given across the table at respective partners and even some outrageous flirting going on, supposedly, right beneath the CEO's nose.

Lila had only been there for two months but she figured out that the head accountant was sleeping with the busty blond secretary of the CEO. What a laugh, Lila had to cover her mouth and pretend to cough to disguise her chuckling when she saw the blond wink at the stringy old accountant. She didn't even want to imagine how they had sex.

When the meeting ended Lila had her arms full of old files that had to be resorted she was walking down the hall toward the file cabinets when someone rudely bumped into her.

"Oh shit!" Lila cried out as the stack of files slipped out of her hands spreading leaves of paper onto the floor. She quickly kneeled down to pick them up.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry."

Lila looked up staring into the face of a worker she had never seen before. At that moment the only thing that Lila noticed was his black hair which matched his black suit and his piercing green eyes that were fixed worriedly onto hers as he knelt beside her.

Lila tried to move a strand of her long dark hair back behind her ear, a nervous reaction on her part, when she realized all her hair was pulled up into a bun. The man just kind of stood there staring at her causing Lila to blush.

There's something on my face, Lila thought swiping her hand over her mouth just to make sure.

"Um, here." The man began to shove the papers into the manila folders closest to them totally ruining their order.

"It's ok." Lila stammered. "I got it." Right then she just wanted him to go away. Lila had a thing about men. Sometimes they would stop and look at her and it creeped her out. Lila always figured that they were staring at a new zit or some blemish on her body, never just because she was pretty. This guy was probably just really sorry that he had bumped into her and wanted to get away as fast as he could.

He stood up then and Lila looked up at him from her kneeling position on the floor. "I'm sorry." He said quietly looking at her for another minute before walking off.

Lila exhaled loudly and began the time consuming task of sorting through the files.

That Friday was payday and on her way out the door Lila went to the personnel office to pick up her check. The lady at the desk was a nice older woman and Lila often stopped to have a quick chat with her when she had a break.

"Hey Lila, you here to get your check?" The woman said adjusting her gold rimmed glasses as she hunched over her desk opening a drawer.

"You know it, Suzy." Lila smiled.

"Here you are, honey. See you on Monday."

"Bye, Suzy." Lila called as she grabbed her check hurrying to get home. It was raining and she wanted to drop her check in the bank before the rain got too bad. Once she was in her car Lila unclipped her hair from its customary bun letting it fall loose to her waist. She reached up with one hand rubbing the back of her skull as she flipped open her check with the other.

"What the fuck?" Lila whispered. She had been overpaid by two hundred bucks. "Crap." Now she had to go back to see Suzy so she could cut her a check for the right amount. As she was getting out of her car now in the pouring rain she saw that same guy who had bumped into her a few days ago and he was staring right at her again.

Lila backed up against her wet car as he strode forward. She felt like an animal stalked by a hunter.

He stopped a few feet in front of her. "Hey Lila, you ok? Need a lift?" His green eyes were absolutely scorching her as they perused up and down her body, pausing for a moment on her breasts. Lila looked down at her chest noting in dismay that the rain had soaked through the white cotton turning it transparent.

"No. I...just have to see Suzy." Lila started to head to the left intending to get past the man but he blocked her path.

"Let me walk you. It's dark now and rainy. Why don't you take my coat?" He began to strip it off himself and stepped closer bringing it about her shoulders. He stood so close to her Lila could feel his heat and smell the scent of his cologne. Dark, spicy. Hot.

"You shouldn't trouble yourself." Lila just stood there shivering in the rain in his jacket.

"You worried about the money, Lila?" He had such a silky voice it cut right through her.

"How-how did you know about that?"

"I made you drop those files and I saw how it took you three hours just to resort them. You deserve the money."

Lila slit her brown eyes. "Who are you?"

"Damian Croix."

"Well, thank you for your consideration Mr. Croix." Lila took off his jacket feeling the loss of its warmth. "I'd better go. Thank you." She extended the jacket back to him.

Before she knew what was happening Lila found her back pressed tight to Damian's chest with a knife at her throat. His move had been totally unexpected grabbing her by the wrist and turning her about with the knife at her throat before she could scream.

"It can't end that way, Lila, now can it?" He had his other arm wrapped tight about her waist his hand began to stroke her ribcage. "Not when you haven't said you've forgiven me yet." He pressed the knife more into the tender skin of her neck.

"I forgive you." She chocked out.

Damian pressed his lips against her temple whispering. "You're so beautiful, Lila. What makes you think I haven't been watching you?"

Cold ice slid down Lila's spine. When he began to walk away from her car Lila had to force her legs to move. Someone had to see them. Someone had to have heard.

But there was no one there this night in the cold rainy parking lot.

Damian brought Lila to the passenger side of a black Jaguar moving the arm from her waist to open the door. "God help you Lila if you try to escape." He gave his final warning before removing the knife pushing her into the black leather seat. Damian ran around to the driver's side his eyes on Lila watching her but she sat frozen in her seat her eyes fixed on him.

When he came inside the car shutting the door Lila whispered. "Are you going to kill me?"

Damian turned the key in the ignition bringing the car to life before he looked up at her but he didn't say anything.

They drove for a long time in silence until Damian pulled into a gated compound. He pushed a button on the ceiling of his car opening the gates. They shut with a loud clang which made Lila jump in her seat brining Damian's eyes on her. He stopped the car in front of a large ornate house. When Damian opened her door he held out his hand to her to help her up in his other hand was the knife.

Lila looked from the knife to his proffered palm.

"Don't look so scared, Lila. Everything's going to be ok." He grabbed her wrist hauling her up back against his chest the knife at her throat once again.

"Just don't cut the face, baby." Lila muttered as he forced her to walk inside. She could feel the rumble of laughter in his chest.

He forced her up a flight of stairs into a dark hallway they made many twists and turns before he pushed into a dark room. Lila heard the snap of metal as the door was locked.

Suddenly the room flared into light Lila blinked her eyes repeatedly as they got used to the light. The room was large with big windows that faced the front of the house. Lila's throat went dry when she saw the large four poster bed made up with black sheets.

It had to be his room.

She watched him warily as he began to remove his cufflinks tossing the bits of gold onto the top of a high chest of drawers he loosened his tie tossing it onto the floor. They just stared at each other again. Hot green eyes boring into her brown eyes.

"You're going to rape me." Lila was surprised at how calmly she said that.

"Well, only if you fight."

"If I give in, will you let me go?"

His hands came up beginning to unbutton his wet shirt. Lila cursed as he revealed a hard masculine sculpted body. He was not only handsome but had a great body too? Lila knew she was fucked, both literally and physically. "That's the question now isn't it, Lila?" He tossed the shirt on the floor to join the tie. "Will you want me to let you go?"

The corner of Lila's mouth quirked up. That was something that the main character in one of those romance novels Lila always read would say. Lila reached up with shaking hands and began to unbutton her blouse pulling it out of her skirt.

"I've never fucked anyone before." Lila figured he should know that tiny bit of information, maybe he'd be nice to her or maybe he'd hurt her.

"Never, Lila?" He sounded skeptical.

"Never." Lila dropped her hands leaving her blouse on but fully unbuttoned.

Damian stepped closer to her bringing up his hand to caress her cheek. "Just how virgin are you, Lila?" His thumb stroked her bottom lip.

"I've never done anything remotely sexual, beyond kissing, with any guy." Lila was trembling inside.

"So," Damian moved pushing aside the blouse from one shoulder kissing the exposed skin as he brought his hand up to envelop her breast. Lila caught her breath at his sweet, gentle touch. "No man has touched you here." Lila shook her head. He used his other hand to grab her ass in her tight skirt while his other went from her breast lower to cover her cunt which was suddenly aching and hot. "Or here."

"No." Lila choked.

He moved his hand from her cunt wrapping his arms about her waist pulling her into him so that she could feel the hardness of his body and his growing cock. "I want to be your first, Lila. Unless you're saving yourself." He teased.

"Maybe I am." Lila bit out.

"What? Are you waiting for Mr. Right on his white horse to come up and save you?"

"That was the plan." Lila hated the way his eyes were so sexy, the way his black hair shone blue in the light.

"Who says I'm not Mr. Right? Who says it wasn't me you were waiting for?" With that he kissed her lips. Damian's kiss was hot and wild he tasted spicy like his cologne. Lila opened herself to his kiss.

When he moved away from her Lila just looked at him and for no reason began to laugh. This struck her as a scene from a romance novel. If she survived this night she had to write this down.

Damian saw her cracking up and without a word he picked her up tossing her onto the bed. The move caused the blouse to fall off Lila's shoulders revealing her breasts in their white lacy bra. Damian came down on top of her Lila tried to tell herself that she hated this man, that he was raping her; she shouldn't like the warm feel of his skin against hers, how his muscles rippled against her skin.

Without thinking Lila reached up kissing Damian on the lips.

It was a mistake.

Damian responded to her teasing lips breaking away to trail down the now exposed skin of her chest pulling her blouse off completely.

"Don't do this, Damian." Lila whispered hotly as he unhooked her bra tossing it away.

He merely laughed at her comment knowing that she didn't mean it. He took her nipple into his mouth. Lila cried out arching back her neck her hands buried in his thick black pelt urging him to suck harder.

After a moment he raised his head loving the fire that burned in Lila's dark eyes. "Maybe you should say no now, to make it a real rape."

Lila twined her arms about his neck pulling him into her embrace as she spread her thighs more feeling him sink heavily into her. She bit his earlobe as she whispered into his ear. "No, no, no."

He silenced her with a steamy kiss.

Their hands were eager on each other as they each went for the other's pants and skirt tearing the clothing off and flinging them over the bed.

"I've been watching you forever," Damian kissed down her thighs as he pulled away he black panties. "Since before that day with the files."

Lila spread her legs as he came up between her thighs. "When you looked at me that day, I knew this would happen." She cried out as Damian buried his face in her sweet cunt sucking on her tender clit making Lila writhe and toss her hair as she came for the first time on Damian's tongue.

It was true. Damian had tortured her in her dreams making Lila hot and sweaty beneath her sheets at night. She wanted the handsome man who had loomed over her that day piercing her with his green eyes.

She hadn't known he had been watching her.

Lila never thought any man would ever want her in the way the characters in her books wanted their women.

But Damian did.

Lila almost swooned feeling the hot rasp of his tongue along her inner labia. He felt so good she had never imagined fucking would really be this hot.

If she didn't watch it she would scream out that she loved him. That she had fallen in love with the mysterious man ever since the first night he had popped up in her dreams.

He moved back up over her kissing her with the taste of her cunt still on his lips. He fisted his hand in her long dark hair pulling away from her. "I've wanted you, Lila for so long. Say you want this too."

Lila ran her hands up the silky skin of his hard back drowning in his eyes. "I love you. I want this, Damian. I want you."

She could feel Damian shaking as he loosened his hand from her hair moving them down her cheeks, over her breasts and ribcage to grab her hips lifting her up slightly. She was hot and dripping wet.

With one hard stroke Damian came deeply inside of Lila.

Lila cried out at the sudden feeling of heat and fullness. Damian felt so right deep inside her. He was the one Lila had been unconsciously saving herself for.

"Are you alright, Lila?" Damian breathed. She felt so good, so tight and hot. He wanted everything to be perfect for her.

Lila bucked her hips against him taking Damian even deeper inside making him moan. "Don't stop."

Damian couldn't stop as he pulled out only to come back inside her harder. Lila moaned opening her legs more wrapping them tightly around Damian.

He pummeled her hard and fast wanting to feel everything before he came knowing that he had to be perfect for her.

Lila could feel the now familiar sensations of pleasure shooting through her once again as she came again for Damian.

With the feel of her tight cunt milking his cock like a vise Damian couldn't hold back anymore feeling himself explode in a rush of cum that bathed her womb.

Lila wrapped herself tightly about Damian loving the spasms of his cock still buried deep inside her.

They lay together wrapped in each other's bodies before Damian started to move away Lila let him go.

It's over now. All she would ever be to him was a fun fuck. A roll in the hay with a virgin.

That should at least earn her two notches on the bedpost.

Lila started to get up from the bed when Damian grabbed her wrist. "Where are you going?"

Lila couldn't face him so she spoke to her feet. "Well, it's over now. You raped me and now it's done."

"What the hell are you saying?" Damian's voice was sharp as he released her only to come around to stand nude in front of her.

"This," Lila swiped at the streaks of blood on her inner thigh bring up her crimson fingers in front of him. "was all you wanted." It hurt to say that because Lila knew it was true and she really did love him.

Damian grabbed her hand bringing her bloody fingers to his lips which he placed in his warm wet mouth sucking the blood off. He turned his face to kiss her palm while Lila watched him with wide eyes.

She was unprepared when he shoved her lightly back onto the bed coming down over her with his knee between her thighs.

"Are you so sure, Lila?" He whispered letting more of his body sink into hers.

Lila loved the feel of him.

"I want you here, not just in my bed but in my life. I knew when I first saw you that I had to have you. Body and soul."

Lila dug her feet into the bed using her hips to push Damian over her so that she could crawl up on top of him her lush cunt on his lower abdomen driving him slowly insane with wanting.

She slid her hands from his chest over his strong arms to his hands where she interlaced her fingers through his. "Take me." She leaned closer to whisper against his lips. "Take me."

And he did.

Over and over.

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