tagInterracial LoveMr. Right? Ch. 09

Mr. Right? Ch. 09


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Finals time was the one time when Staci regretted being a student. It was the only time that she was visibly agitated. She was stressed out to the max and incredibly irritable. Writing an essay for a final was no big deal. In fact, she had finished two of the three she had to write for her class finals before the long weekend. Her fingers could fly effortlessly over the keys and she could finish a 10-page paper in a matter of hours. But, with tests, it was entirely different. Her blood pressure always seemed to fluctuate, the tiniest transgression causing her to fly off the handle and raise her pressure up to the point of her head throbbing. Then she would have to spend time calming down so that she could concentrate again. It was unhealthy, she knew, and something her mother and her doctor warned her about, but it was something that she just couldn't control. It was a far-sight better than having panic attacks during her tests like she used to, well, in her opinion.

Maia had once described Staci's finals behavior as her 'Dr. Jones and Ms. Hyde moments.' It was hard to argue with that, knowing herself as she did. One moment she could be laughing and enjoying someone's company, the next she was ripping them a new asshole. Her friends had finally given up hanging around Staci at all the day before a test, knowing that as soon as the test was over, she would return to her old, fun-loving self.

At the present moment, Staci felt like tearing her hair out or jumping out of her window. She had the study guide in front of her and she knew the material like she knew her phone number, but at that moment, she couldn't recall half of the things she learned in class.

Staci's hands were buried in her hair as she was trying to remember Piaget's theory of development, something she had learned in undergrad, when the sound of her cell phone startled her out of her thoughts. Staci growled and snatched up the phone, flipping it open before she gruffly answered, "What?"

Matt could hardly contain his grin. It seemed as if what Jesse had been telling him the day before was true. His Ana was as mean as a rattlesnake when she had a big test to take. "Is that any way to answer the phone, Ana? What if it was your mother?"

Staci could hear the smile in his voice and it irked her. "My mother wouldn't call me today. She knows better."

Matt laughed. "Apparently I don't know any better, angel. Maybe you should try to teach me. Hey, I know. We should play dress up. You can be the sexy schoolmarm and I'll be the devilishly handsome pupil that you can't resist. I'll even let you spank me with your ruler."

Staci tried to block out the mental images that bombarded her. Most of them involved Matt with his pants down, bent over her desk, his ass cheeks reddened by her hand. He really did have a beautiful behind. "What do you want, Matt? I'm trying to study."

"Let me in. I'm outside your apartment and I come bearing gifts."

Staci stood and marched to her window, not really believing him. She peered out into the parking lot, spotting him standing beside his car with a picnic basket in one hand, cell phone in the other. "What the fuck? I thought I told you not to come until tomorrow."

"I missed you, angel. I didn't get to wake up to your lovely face this morning and I realized I was missing out on something incredibly beautiful. I couldn't wait to see you again, so as soon as I got off of work, I drove up."

Staci sighed. It was hard to be mad at Matt when he was saying such things, stressed or not.

"Besides, weren't you the one who was worried about seeing enough of me? I'll only stay as long as you allow, but I think you'll like what I've got in store for you," Matt added.

"You do realize I have a test tomorrow that I need to study for, right? The most you'll get is five minutes."

"Give me ten."

"I'm not bargaining with you. You'll get as much as I'm willing to give you and right now that's five minutes."

Matt caught the serious tone in Staci's voice and decided to drop it. As much as he liked riling his Ana up, he was there to help her relax, not work her into a frenzy. "So you're going to let me up? Great. I'll be right there, my angel."

Staci closed her phone and watched Matt stroll confidently up to her door. His sandy brown hair being tossed about by the wind, his lips quirked up into a smug smile, his broad frame making her itch to be held. She was a sucker for Matthew Rosenbloom, that fact had become obvious. Staci wasn't sure that she would have let any of her friends up but there was something about Matt that made her want to let him come up into her apartment, and let him deep into her life. She wanted to be around him and soak in his presence, his voice, and his laugh. She wanted that more than anything, and it scared her. Staci pushed the button to open the front door and waited for Matt to arrive at her doorstep.

Matt walked up towards Staci's apartment, reminiscing about the first time he climbed those stairs. That was the night that things changed between him and his Ana. She opened up to him, allowing him to taste her, to run his hands up and down her curves, and he loved every second that he got to experience his Ana that night. It was a shame that Kathy interrupted. Tonight, things were different. He wasn't looking to sleep with her, he wanted to soothe her worries away.

After talking to Jesse about his Ana's finals behavior, Matt devised a plan to help her relax. If she could relax a bit, he knew she would be able to study better and feel more confident going into the test. He had packed up the essentials, stopped by the store to pick up a few more things on his way up to campus, and by the time he had pulled into the parking lot, he was ready.

When he reached her door, a familiar sight greeted him. Staci stood there, her arms crossed, with that same steely look of contempt on her face that had greeted him the first time he came to her apartment. In fact, she had on the same silky pajama pants with the little hearts on it and a tank top that exposed a hint of midriff. It was like déjà vu and as such, Matt didn't see the harm in recreating the scene a little more.

Staci looked up into his smoky gray eyes and knew that she was in trouble. Before she could react, his lips were upon hers and his tongue was pleading its case for entrance. He backed her into the apartment, closing the door with his foot, before whirling them around, effectively trapping Staci between himself and the door. The basket in his hand dropped to the floor as his hands made the familiar journey, under that flimsy tank top that drove him crazy, to cup her luscious breasts and tease her chocolate brown nipples.

Staci gasped as his digits began to roll her nipples, pulling and teasing, a moan escaping to be swallowed by Matt's mouth. His tongue was in her mouth, exploring every nook and cranny before inviting her own tongue to do the same. Their lips met again and again and Staci couldn't even find the willpower to break away and bitch at Matt for interrupting her studies. She would much rather be kissed senseless than study anyway and besides, she wouldn't let it go too far. She could hear the little voice inside her head laugh at that thought, but she ignored it.

Matt's mouth moved lower, nipping her neck and her shoulder, before it latched onto a nipple. His hands worked her tank top off and threw it over his head.

"Matt..." Staci's breathless plea was answered with a soft bite on the side of her breast.

Matt worked her entire tit over before moving on, his tongue playing in the valley between her breasts and then encircling her other nipple. Tonight, there would be no interruptions and Matt was glad for that. His hands almost met around her waist as he picked her up and settled her against the door. Staci wrapped her legs around Matt's muscular body, locking her feet behind him.

"Mmm, Ana, the things you do to me. You make me lose my mind when I'm around you," Matt murmured into her hair.

Staci's reply was engulfed by the squeal that she let out as Matt's jean encased cock rocked against her clit. Her hands, shoved between their bodies, frantically undid the button on his pants and worked down the zipper, while his tried to pull her pajama pants down as far as he could manage with her legs positioned as they were. Matt's frustration built quickly and he ripped Staci's pants and her panties along the sides, exposing her to his eager ministrations. Her fingers wrapped around his cock while his stroked the outside of her wetness.

Staci panted, hoping she wouldn't hyperventilate as he plunged two of his fingers inside of her. He twisted his fingers, playing her like a well-tuned instrument, wringing loud cries of ecstasy from her. Copious amounts of her juices coated his fingers and made him wish that he could taste her there, with his mouth or his cock. The longer her slim digits danced along his dick, the more desperate he became until he couldn't stand it.

"Ana, please."

Staci was pulled out of her frenzy by the sound of his pleading. Her eyes shot up to catch his gaze, watching as the blue that signaled his arousal started to overtake the gray of his eyes. Oh. Shit.

"Please...God, please, baby. Shit. I need..."

He didn't even need to say the words. She knew what he was asking. She continued to stare into his eyes, struggling with the decision momentarily. His fingers had stopped their probing and were now gripping her thighs, subtly adjusting her body for penetration. She could feel his desperation battling with his control and she knew it was a losing battle. Part of her wanted to hold out and make him wait longer, to not give it up to him so quickly in their relationship. The other 90% of her was screaming to let him in. Her body wanted him and her heart needed him.

Matt groaned as he felt Staci rubbing his hard-on through the wetness of her pussy, back and forth, teasing him. "Ana, please."

She gave him a cheeky smile before answering, "Please? What would you like me to do?"

"Stop teasing me."

"Oh, is that what you want?" Staci giggled as she moved his cock away from her naughty bits and repositioned it back between their bodies.

Matt thrust up against her, his dick sliding against her clit and causing a delicious heat to rise up through her body. He spoke over Staci's moans. "Why you little...I want my cock buried in that sweet snatch. I want to watch you dance on my cock while you scream for me."

Staci was panting again, his movements hadn't slowed and she was on fire. "Do it...I want it. I want that too."

Matt hiked Staci's body up and lined his dick up with her pussy. "You sure, Ana?"

"Fuck me, damn it!"

Matt thrust up into her waiting hole, burying his cock deep within her depths. It felt so good, he thought he would lose it right there. He could feel her pussy contracting, squeezing his pole. He was inside of his Ana and she was coming for him. "Baby, it's so good. God, it's so good. Fuck."

Staci couldn't answer, she was busy trying to muffle her screams against his shoulder. In the back of her mind she remembered that she was pressed against her front door and she had neighbors. She bucked against him and he started to move, his cock finding its rhythm as he pounded her cunt into submission. There was no doubt in Staci's mind who her pussy belonged to now. It was Matt's as long as he wanted it. And she told him so.

Matt reveled in the sounds of his dick bottoming out in his Ana, the smack of his balls as they slapped against her ass, the intelligible babbling that followed her loud profession of his ownership of her naughty bits, his grunts and groans, and her screams. Now that he had her, he would never leave. She was his forever.

"Ana, tell me again. Who's sweet...oh, yeah...pussy is this?"

Staci tried to gather her thoughts. Matt was saying something, but she couldn't focus on his words with his dick hitting her spot as it was. Her answer was a keening cry, she was so close, she was going to come.

Matt slowed his strokes, almost coming to a complete stop, pulling a moan of pure frustration from Staci's lips. "Tell me again, angel. Who does this pussy belong to?"

"It's yours, Matt. My fucking pussy belongs to you. Fuck me harder. Make me come," Staci called out, her neighbors forgotten.

"Don't you forget it, Ana. You belong to me now." Matt's devilish smile was paired with his renewed thrusts up into Staci's welcoming snatch. Her screams rose in a melodious crescendo before she came apart in Matt's arms, her orgasm overtaking her.

Matt tried to hold on, but he couldn't fight off the churning in his balls caused by his Ana's pussy milking him. He came, sighing her name against her hair, his head resting on the door. His pumping slowed and then stopped. He listened to his Ana's huffing breaths as she tried to regain her composure. He let her slide down his body onto shaky legs before scooping her up into his arms. Matt carried her down the hallway to her bedroom and placed her gently upon her bed.

Stripping off his jeans and pulling off his shirt before joining her, Matt climbed onto the bed and cuddled his Ana against his chest. He laid with her like that for long minutes before speaking, taking time to soak in the feel of her pressed against him, her nipples grazing against the hard planes of his chest.

"Mmm. You are positively irresistible, Ana," Matt spoke into her neck.

"Well, I could say the same thing about you. I wasn't planning on letting you ravish me like that for at least another week. But, what can I say, you're very persuasive."

"I'm sorry, Ana. I didn't mean to come here and take you like that. I just wanted to feed you and help you relax."

Staci laughed. "Well, I think this is the most relaxed I've been all day. So I guess you've achieved your goal in that respect."

Matt chuckled. "So, was I amazing or what?"

Staci smirked. Of course he was going back to being cocky, but he deserved his props because he had put it down right. "I'll admit that you were pretty amazing. Keep that up and you might get lucky every time I see you."

Matt grinned and rolled over on top of his Ana. "I'm feeling pretty lucky right now. How about it?"

Staci stared up at him incredulously. "Really? Now?"

Matt ground his hard-on against her still exposed pussy. "Really. I told you before, angel, you make me crazy. Every time I think of you and your sexy little body, I get hard. I think the brothers thought I was some sort of sex fiend last weekend, as much as I jerked it."

Staci giggled. "You're bad."

"Maybe I am, but you love it. So, how about it?"

"I have to study, Matt. As much as I would love to feel you rock my world again, I've got to get back to work or I'll fail my test."

"You won't fail, you're way too smart for that, but I understand. Can I still stay for awhile or are my five minutes up?"

Staci cast a glance at the clock on her dresser. "Your five minutes were up like 40 minutes ago. I'm surprised your legs held up as long as they did."

"You know, I'm a little surprised I lasted as long as I did. Your snatch is heaven and the way it was working over my cock was so fucking hot. But, now that you mention it, my legs are kinda stiff."

"Seriously? You dumbass, why didn't you say something? And how can you want to go again if your legs are all cramped up?"

Matt grinned lecherously down at his Ana. "A man will go to many lengths to get inside of a beautiful woman, especially one as amazing as you. I'm feeling good enough to want to bury my cock in that sweet pussy of yours, that's for sure. And, if you're really concerned about my legs, you could always ride me, Ana."

Staci rolled her eyes. "I could, but I'm not going to right now. I'm going to get back to studying as soon as you stop trying to persuade me to have sex and get off of me."

Staci started squirming, trying to get some leverage so she could slip from under Matt. Matt tried to ignore the way Staci's movements made him want to flip her over and take her from behind. He really wanted to let her study before he gave in to his body's demands again, but it was so hard to restrain himself. "I can't wait to get in you again, Ana, especially when you writhe beneath me. Wanna take another study break in an hour?"

Staci felt her face heat as she stilled her movements and took notice of the throbbing member that was pressed so intimately against her. "Well, now I think you're a sex fiend. Get off me. You can stay, but don't distract me. That means you'll have to put some clothes on when you leave the room."

"You find my body distracting?"

"Hush. You know I do. Now, move it or lose it, buster. And you know what 'it' I'm talking about."

Matt rolled off Staci and watched as she slipped from the bed. Her pajama pants and underwear slid down her legs, causing Staci to glare at Matt as she stepped out of them. She grabbed a new pair of pajama pants and slipped on a new top.

"I know. I'm sorry. I'll replace that pair of pajama pants and the panties too," Matt stated sheepishly as he hid his satisfied grin behind his hair. He liked ripping Staci's clothes from her body and would probably indulge in it again soon.

Staci shook her head and walked towards the bathroom in the hallway by her room. Matt willed his cock down. How had his desire for a simple kiss turned into him humping her brains out against the door? Matt rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. He really was going to have to learn to control himself around his Ana or they'd never make it anywhere. He'd keep her naked and in the house for years.

"Hey, angel, are you hungry or do you want to wait for your snack?" Matt called from the bedroom as he stretched out his legs.

Staci was once again perched in front of her textbooks and study guide and for some reason, she didn't care that he was interrupting her right then. "Later, babe. I want to get through some of this while I'm feeling mellow. You won't even want to be around after I get stressed in a few hours."

Matt thought about this. "When you start feeling really stressed, let me know. I've got something to help with that."

Staci shook her head. Matt really was a sweet guy when she thought about it. She wasn't going to let him know she thought so because it would go to his head.

Staci worked diligently on her study guide for a few hours, pleased at the progress she was making because she was so relaxed. She took a break to eat after Matt spread a blanket out on the floor and laid out a picnic lunch. He made sure to make her laugh and kept her mind off of her studies. She even let him wring another orgasm or two from her body as he devoured her pussy after exploring her smooth skin with his lips.

After a few more hours, when night had fallen and Staci was starting to get wound up about her final, Matt pried the pencil from her hand and pulled her from the table. Before she could fuss at him, he kissed her into submission and laid her down on the same blanket he had used for their picnic. He pulled out the massage oils and rubbed Staci down until she was nothing but a puddle of flesh. And while she was spread out, luxuriating in the feel of his fingers stroking and kneading her tense muscles, he read to her from her study guide, occasionally asking comprehension questions that Staci easily answered.

After Staci was content with the amount of studying she had done, Matt herded her into her room and into bed. He wanted to take her again, but he knew she needed rest before her test. So, he settled for burying his fingers in her hot snatch, bringing her to orgasm quickly, and watching as she drifted off to sleep after her climax. Matt sighed, happy to be able to fall asleep with his Ana in his arms. He would have to get up early so he could drive to work, but it was worth it to be next to his angel, to hear her deep breathing and the occasional soft snore that slipped out as she slept.

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