tagMatureMr. Rob and the Witches

Mr. Rob and the Witches


As always, this is a work of fiction and any resemblence to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental (although it is inspired by an overheard conversation of two lovely young goths in a bar). The characters exist only within my imagination. This is a change of pace for me...if it gets a good response, I'll follow through with the sequel.

Apologies are offered if necessary...I have limited knowledge of goth culture or the Wicca religion and mean no disrespect...just a fun little fantasy.

"Roberts, I don't really care how you do it, but I want those damn witches out of my school!" Mr. Grady, our high school principal was giving me my marching orders for the summer school session. The witches he was referring to were three seniors who'd managed to not graduate with their class due to failing their required American History course not once but twice.

Every summer I teach a summer makeup course for students who failed to get through American History for one reason or another, thus allowing them to get their high school diploma. We were in Mr. Grady's office and were reviewing the ten students I would be working with this summer. Three of the students in particular had been Mr. Grady's personal cross to bear for the past four years.

Call them witches, call them Goths, call them pagans...you know the type...students dressed in black, favoring pale white makeup and black fingernail polish...some proclaiming themselves witches, some proclaiming themselves vampires, some just trying out new personas that would be abandoned in time for some other identity and some serious in their beliefs.

In small, rural systems like ours, students like this tended to stick out and many teachers and administrators reacted negatively to them. Myself...as long as you showed up to class on time, turned in assignments on time and did your level best on tests, I wouldn't have cared if you showed up dressed like a fish and wearing a pink tutu.

"So, Boss...are you saying just to pass them and get them out of here?" I asked.

Grady shook his head. "No, no, no. Just...you're a good teacher, Roberts. Do whatever it takes to get them to pass the final exam!"

I had to smile. I have a reputation for being an excellent teacher. I have found that most Goth students are smarter than the average student and if the girls made a real effort, they would do fine.

Two days later, summer school began. Four weeks of class from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. five days a week. I had ten students which quickly dwindled to eight students when two Neanderthal jocks realized they were actually expected to work in class. The other five were in the class for various reasons, absenteeism had caught up with them or they simply goofed off too long and couldn't bring their grades up in the end. And then there were my three witches.

They showed up at two minutes to eight, marched confidently into class and set down in the front row. The others had gone silent at the sight of them and even I with 25 years of teaching experience was at a bit of a loss for words at first glance. All three girls were eighteen and should have graduated in the spring.

The leader of the three was Tara...a lovely young woman with long black hair, pale skin and built...well, like the proverbial brick shithouse. She charged into class wearing a tight black sweater with a plunging neckline with a short black dress and black nylons and stilletos. Her sweater rode high, exposing a slight roll of baby fat that actually seemed to make her seem more attractive. Heaving half-globes of breast flesh visibly jiggled as she walked. She had brilliant blue eyes that screamed of defiant intelligence. She had a reputation for being thrown out of class for arguing with teachers and only the fact that she was usually right had so far saved her from expulsion.

Following her came Lisa, a tall, gangly girl, who was slowly blossoming into womanhood. Cats-eye glasses framed her brown eyes and her sandy-brown hair hung down in a curly, unruly mop. She was dressed this morning in leather pants and a white T-shirt with a leather vest. The leather showed off her tight buns and long legs and her breasts, small and pert were very pronounced and I realized she wasn't wearing a bra. Her primary claim to fame was publicly announcing she had put a curse on Mrs. Higgins, the P.E. teacher during her sophomore year. She got two weeks suspension for that and it was never proved that her curse was connected to Gloria Higgins' hair falling out before the year was over.

The last of the trio was Ashley...a dark blonde beauty who had joined the witches of our high school in her junior year. Of medium height, she was one of the prettiest girls in school and one of the shyest. Or at least, she used to be. The boys in the classroom groaned as she strolled in...wearing a classic school girl outfit...short plaid skirt and white dress blouse, both of which were about two sizes too small for her...she looked like a girl from one of those almost smutty Japanese manga comics. She wore the skirt just shy of showing her panties and the blouse offered both cleavage and a clear view of her flat, smooth belly. I thought the black and white saddle shoes were a cute touch. Her outfit showed off her hourglass figure as well as her best features, her shapely legs and ass.

Needless to say, the boys in the classroom were drooling and even an old guy like me...forty-five years old and three years divorced felt a throb between my legs. The girls exuded an air of sexual confidence rarely found in someone eighteen years old, but they all had it and right now their attention was focused on me.

I admit I kinda fumbled my way through the first few minutes and for the first couple of days, had a kind of duel going with Tara as we established ground rules for debates. I found her to be funny and intelligent and accorded her the respect that was due. Delighted with my apparent willingness to be challenged in class, Tara responded in kind. During snack and bathroom breaks, the girls began talking up their Pagan beliefs, even offering me literature to read and were thrilled when I did actually read it.

They took it well when I was honest with them and said that from their material as well as what I researched on my own, that I did believe that many people were serious about their faith, particularly those of the Wicca faith, but that I found much of the Goth culture to be simple affectation or commercialized to appeal to certain elements of society and to make a buck. When they asked if I thought the three of them were serious about their way of life, I was honest as well. I told them that only time would tell. They were pleased with my honesty and that I didn't prejudge them and I can be honest and say they were my best students.

I can also say they were my biggest problem. They flat out intimidated the other students, harshly rejecting any overtures from the five horny teenage boys in the class. By the end of the first week, the rest of the class had retreated to the back rows and avoided my witches like the plague. As the second week passed, I also realized with just a little dismay that the girls were at best flirting with me or at worst something far more serious. Now any male teacher sooner or later runs into female students with a "daddy' fixation...or simply a school girl crush. I've always found that it was best just to pretend not to notice...to be totally clueless. Usually they get disgusted or bored and give it up. My witches were taking it to a whole new level.

Each day brought them in dressed in the most scandalous outfits...pushing the envelope on even our liberal dress code. Skirts got shorter...necklines plunged and if they wore bras, they were those designed to increase the amount of cleavage exposed. Each found reasons to visit me at my desk, leaning over on their elbows, offering up bird's eye views of breast flesh. Their dress code seemed to vary day by day...sometimes all black, sometimes adult schoolgirl fantasy outfits. Their skirts got shorter and shorter. By the end of the second week, they would sit at their desks and carelessly spread their legs, showing off their panties.

I became very familiar with the panty clad mounds of each of my wanton witches. I knew that Tara's bush under her panties was thick and wild...thick black hair peeking out from the elastic bands of her white panties. I knew that Lisa's bush was just as thick, but neatly trimmed...the shadow of it peeking opaquely out from her almost transparent silk panties. And Ashley...I quickly discovered that she kept her pussy shaved and that her panties seemed to be constantly wet...already molded to her mound when she arrived for class. She favored lacey, white silk panties that went transparent in the wet spots.

How I managed to get through my lessons and actually make sense, I don't really know. I worried constantly about the reoccurring hard-ons I was sporting in class and wondering if my students noticed. From the delighted grins of my three witches, I was sure they noticed. Luckily, the others had the typical "I hate school and I'm bored glazed look in their eyes..

Each day during the breaks, my three seductive witches would gather around my desk, seemingly vying for my attention. I would be asked my opinion of their outfits and if the classroom was empty they would strike sexy poses and ask me if I thought they looked pretty. Skirts would get ruffled up...showing off thongs and bare buttocks, garter belts and hose. I would blush and pretend not to get excited, but I'm glad I could hide behind a desk and conceal my raging erections.

Tara would tease me about my evasive comments and warn me, "Be careful, Mr. Rob. We're gonna think you don't like us. We might have to cast a love spell on you!"

The third week they increased their teasing. They reverted to wearing black clothes...primarily, bustieres that uplifted and showed off their breasts to incredible advantage and left their bellies exposed and tight black miniskirts. And they started to expose themselves as they sat in the front rows. It began with the bustiers being low cut and then in the middle of a lecture, a nipple would escape. At first, the witches played hide and seek...pop it out and then tuck it back in.

Tara then began a new phase...leaving a nipple out and idly playing with it...making it erect. Lisa and Ashley soon followed suit and I can now identify each girl by her nipples. Tara's are thick and as large as a quarter, sticking out solidly a quarter inch. Lisa has the cutest little button nipples nestled in puffy aureoles that are so scrumptious looking. Ashley's nipples are large and long...inviting tubes of rubbery flesh that stand out almost an inch when aroused. And my witches certainly worked on getting aroused.

During the breaks, they would hold out lollipops and bare their nipples, asking me if I'd like to suck on something. They would take turns standing behind me and leaning over to say something, allowing me to feel their hard, erect nipples rubbing against my dress shirt. On the third Friday at the end of the day, Lisa and Ashley stood at my desk asking me questions about the weekend assignment while the rest of the room emptied out except for Tara who sat smiling at her desk.

When it was only the three of them left and as I tried to answer Ashley's question about the New Deal, Tara slipped her breasts out of her bustier and began playing with her breasts, kneading and squeezing the meaty tit flesh, teasing her nipples until they were hard. Then as I went dry mouthed, Tara brought a meaty tit to her lips and sucked on her own nipple. The other witches giggled and watched as Tara sighed and wiggled as she sucked first one nipple and then the other. I watched in disbelief as the other gals then crossed the room and before tucking in Tara's tits, each leaned down and watching me watching them, licked their friend's nipples.

They stood beside their friend, caressing her shoulders and the upper halves of her breasts with their fingers while she stared silently at me. Finally Tara smiled and said, "Mr. Rob, you're a good man...a strong man. I don't think there's many around like you. I like you...I like you a lot. Have a nice weekend...have lots of nice dreams."

She stood up and walked to the door, followed by her friends. She stopped in the doorway and turned and smiled at me again. "Monday, things are gonna get really interesting!"

In truth, things got interesting and troubling that weekend. I couldn't get the girls out of my mind. In all my years of teaching, I had never had trouble being tempted by school girls. Oh...I admired their beauty, but had never thought to involve myself with them...preferring women of my own age...even in the worst moments towards the end of my marriage (twelve years to the meanest woman east of the Mississippi River), I was never tempted.

My dreams were the worst...or the most fantastic. I seemed to be having one erotic dream after another...the young, naked, nubile bodies of three young women I just knew were my three witches, swarming over me...making love to me, taking me and fucking me furiously and without relent...their smiling faces becoming contorted with lust and pleasure, voices sometimes whispering sexual promises, sometimes screaming their demands to be pleasured. I had wet dreams for the first time since I was a teenager...not just once, but all through the weekend.

Come Monday, I was both filled with excitement and dread at the prospect of seeing my witches...the dread giving way to hard core lust as they walked through my classroom door...today all dressed in slutty school girl skirts and blouses. Their blouses were unbuttoned to the legal limit, providing everyone with incredible displays of their unfettered breasts...aureoles and nipples visible within their sheer white blouses.

As they all sat down, in unison they pulled their already scandalously short skirts upward, baring their thighs. I almost groaned aloud as I now stared at the bare pussies of all three eighteen year old girls. No longer was anything left to the imagination...from under their desks, each of my witches spread their knees apart and flashed their naked cunts at me.

As I had surmised, Tara's bush was a wild and furry mass of black pubic hair, glistening with wetness and split by a long strip of wet, pink meat. Lisa's brown haired muff was nearly trimmed in a rectangle, leaving her labia fully exposed...now flowered and revealing her arousal. And then there was Ashley...her shaven bare mound seeming to be carnality incarnate. It was all I could do to tear my eyes away from her pink, glistening wet flesh...labia bloomed and revealing her seemingly virginal flesh.

To this day...I don't know how I got through my lessons. Every instinct in me demanded that I fall to my knees between the spread legs of my temptresses and bury my face in their steamy cunt flesh...knowing that their cunt cream would be the proverbial nectar of the gods.

During the breaks, the girls hovered around my desk as usual, but now were pointedly rubbing themselves against my old metal desk...pressing their skirt covered mounds against the edges...or rubbing against each other. Ashley smiled angelically at me as she pressed her pelvis against Tara's hip as Tara leaned over and let her breasts spill out of her blouse...her large, thick nipples throbbing with excitement.

On Tuesday, things got more intense. Again wearing little plaid skirts sans panties, my witches were content to flash me until we had our first break. When we resumed the lesson, Lisa spread her thighs and then ran her left hand down under her desk and between her legs and began to finger her pussy. One finger and then two fingers stroked up and down the length of her vagina, spreading her labia and then slowly inserting themselves into her wet, inviting flesh. Lisa's lively face went slack jawed as she began to thrust in and out with more vigor...she wiggled in her seat as I covered the bombing of Pearl Harbor...having orgasmic explosions of her own. I give her credit for not betraying her actions to the rest of the class. As she floated back to Earth, she smiled up at me and then removed her cream coated fingers from her clasping cunt and bringing them up to her mouth, slowly licked them off.

Next, Tara began to do the same...her fingers slipping though her furry bush to spread wide her cunt lips and begin fingering herself. Unlike Lisa, Tara focused more on her clit, furiously teasing her meaty little digit with a finger while two others plunged in and out of her creamy hole. She too managed to cum quietly, although I almost sobbed as I watched her juices almost spray from her quivering cunt. Her fingers were soaked with her juices and she brazenly sucked them clean, licking her lips as she finished and winking saucily at me.

Finally, Ashley began her teasing fun. She was less vigorous than the others, slowly teasing herself...fingers running up and down her naked twat, agitating her clitoris, stroking her fingers slowly through her wet flesh until her thighs were gleaming with her arousal. She bit her lip as she orgasmed, eyes closed with the sweet intensity of the moment. Unlike her friends, she had not plunged her fingers deeply in and out of her pussy and I understood why when she mouthed the words, "I'm a virgin."

During the last break, they gathered around me as usual, teasing me with comments like, "Gee, Mr. Rob...I bet you're hungry!" and "What would you like to eat for lunch, Mr. Rob?" The air was ripe with their aromas...their scent wafted into my nose and made my head swim.

My dreams continued each night that week...getting more and more intense. I dreamed I was between each girl's thighs, fucking her hard with the hardest erections I had ever experienced.

On Wednesday, the girls repeated their little show, fingerfucking themselves almost constantly. My other students were restless as well...not realizing that they were inhaling the sexual scent of my witches that filled my classroom and made it smell like a bordello.

Thursday, my witches put on a new show. Tara began by pulling a hairbrush from her purse. It had a thick, wooden handle and she slowly brought it down to her exposed cunt and began to thrust it into her wet hole. As she brought herself to orgasm, she barked like a dog...the other students laughing at what they assumed was a bored Goth trying to annoy me. I just tried to laugh and said, "Settle down, Tara," even as I eyed the cunt cream pooling between her thighs on the seat.

Lisa leaned over and took the hairbrush from Tara's limp hand. She smiled and brought the handle slowly to her lips and licked the wetness off. I had to sit down at that point and instructed the class to work on a review from their text. I felt as if my cock was going to explode at any moment. I slowly mastered myself while Lisa fucked herself with the handle of the hairbrush. My eyes never left her magical pussy while she plunged it deep inside herself. Her other hand dropped her pencil as she began to orgasm, running upwards to her blouse and pinching her erect nipple pressing against the sheer fabric.

As she calmed down, Ashley reached over and plucked the hairbrush...literally dripping with Lisa's pussy juices. She watched me react as she slowly slipped the length of the brush handle into her own mouth, sucking it clean of her friend's creamy twat juices. As she had done the previous days, Ashley didn't fuck herself with the hairbrush, but ran it up and down her naked cunt, teasing herself until she came...her face that of an orgasming angel. She brought the wet handle to her lips and mouthed the words, "I wish this was you," at me and licked it clean of her own juices.

It was my turn to muffle moans as her silent words and actions were too much and all three of my beautiful witches grinned wickedly as I shivered and ejaculated in my pants. I felt myself blushing...embarrassed and aroused at the same time. As my semen cooled inside my shorts, the girls continued to pass around the brush as the minutes ticked down for the end of class. Each naughty girl slipped the brush handle into her pussy or against her soaked cunt meat until the handle was dripping wet.

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