Mr. Softee

byFormerly Ty©

There she was, a beautiful bodacious blonde that had given Kirk the opportunity to take out on a friday night. Trish was off and so was he. She came to the door of her hotel room in a stunning red dress coming all the way down to her knees. Kirk's jaw dropped as she raised her arms to embrace him.

"Hey Kirk!" said Trish. "Are you ready to go?"

"Not yet...hold on," he pulled the flowers out from behind him and gave it Trish.

"Oh Kirk, you really didn't have to---"

"But I wanted to," Kirk interrupted "It's for the most beautiful woman in the universe."

"Just let me put this in some water and we'll leave," said Trish. She went inside and quickly threw the flowers on the floor anxious to go on the date with this hunk of a man. There he stood, 6 feet 1, shaved, curly hair;built but slim. They leave as Trish closes the door behind look at his cute but.

The date took a turn to a very fancy restaurant in Times Square where they were seated but not bothered. Sitting aside each other, with his arm around her, they stare into each other's eyes with pure passion. But then the questions start.

"So, you know what I do, but what about you?" asked Trish.

"Well, I don't think I should tell you," said Kirk as he was ashamed to say what his occupation was.

"Go ahead. Try me baby, I promise I won't walk out of here," said Trish.

"Well...I sell ice cream," said Kirk in embarassment.

"Don't be ashamed of what you do," said Trish. "You have to do what you have to do in order to survive right?"

"I guess you're right," responded Kirk.

"You know what? When I was young, I wanted to be just like you," said Trish.

"Yeah right," said Kirk.

"No, I'm serious Kirk," said Trish. "I've always wondered what it feels like to be in an ice cream truck."

"Well, if your not kidding...maybe you would like to try it out," said Kirk.

"No I couldn't." said Trish.

"Sure you could. You could come with me tomorrow in the truck and sort of be my assistant for a day," said Kirk.

"Really?" said Trish with amazement.

"Yeah!" said Kirk.

"Them um...come to my hotel room tomorrow and we'll take a ride in...what do the kids cal your truck?" asked Trish.

"Mr. Softee," said Kirk.

"That's so cute, yet tantalizing." said Trish. Then the date was over, with no dinner. Not even an appetizer. The next day, Kirk came over to
Trish's hotel room.

"Hey, you ready baby?" asked Kirk.

"Ready as ever," said Trish as she came to the door. She was even more stunning than last night, thought Kirk. She was wearing these yellow leather
capri's with a yellow t-shirt. Kirk stood there in amazement as she dropped her keys purposely for his enjoyment.

"Let's go," said Kirk. They left outside the hotel where Trish's limousine was waiting. They then left Manhattan to Queens(appropriatly named for Trish) thought Kirk. They were now at Kirk's house where his truck was parked in the garage. Trish was escorted by Kirk to the inside of his truck.

"Wow!" said Trish. "This is amazing!" The truck wasn't that big inside. Only about 6 feet high and 5 feet to walk around. The rest was the freezers for the ice cream.

"So you wanna take it for a ride?" said Kirk.

"Can we?" said Trish.

"Sure, let's go!" said Kirk. Trish stood up in the back because the was only one seat for the driver. Kirk starts to drive when all of a sudden Trish comes from behind and starts licking a chocolate ice cream cone in front of Kirk's face.

"You know, you have to pay for those," said Kirk.

"Oh really," said Trish. She intentionally drops the ice cream in between his crotch. "Oops, let me clean that up for you baby." She licks the area between his legs where she spilled the ice cream. Kirk stops the car on the side of the road as she unzips him. Trish smiles up at him as she swoops her hair back and takes out his cock.

She licks up some ice cream and spits it on his cock for a little flavor. He quickly gets erect for this beautiful blonde and his buddy is soon in her chocolate filled mouth. It's so cold, yet warm to him as she bobs on him slowly. Kirk moans in ectasy. Trish tastes his vanilla swirl and it tastes so good. He grabs the back of her head and helps her out. Now he starts fucking her in the mouth.

Trish feels her pussy getting wet and moist. She wants his vanilla popsicle inside her as she gets up. Kirk looks up at his rear view mirror and
there is a cop heading right toward him. They scuffle to get ready for him.

"Are you in car trouble mister?" asks the cop.

"No officer, just checking something," said Kirk. The officer see's Trish and smirks at Kirk.

"Okay, but you're gonna have to move along now," said the officer.

"Okay, I'm going." said Kirk. He pulls into the street and drives off.

"What's that?" asks Trish.

"Go ahead, push it," said Kirk. Trish pushes the button and magicly a sort of kiddie music plays that lures everyone to the ice cream truck. They are driving down a residential street as the children run towards the truck. While Kirk is taking orders, Trish rubs his butt. She is so horny right now. She wants him badly.

"That's all kids!" said Kirk as he drives away. Trish was so horny she told Kirk to pull over at the next parking lot he saw. Kirk did so do that. There wasn't that many cars in the lot for a convenience store, but Trish didn't care. Kirk parked the truck and turned around to see Trish with her capri's off but her shirt was on and also her sneakers.

She sat there on one of the cold freezers playing with her moist, now freezing clit. She motioned for Kirk to come over. He did, and they tongue kissed passionatly. Trish laid on her back on the freezers as Kirk spread her legs and started to lick her spot. Trish's pussy was just under the ice cream machine, so Kirk decided to pour vanilla cream all over her crotch area and slowly began tasting her vanilla tartly skin.

The moans weren't very loud but pleasurable as Trish looked down at Kirk tasting her genitalia. First he nibbled, them twisted her clitoris with his teeth. The moans got louder when he inserted his thumb into her. But Trish wanted more, she wanted his popsicle inside of her.

She got up and took off her shirt. Her nipples were very hard from the coldness. Kirk thawed them out with his mouth as he then nibbled on both
nipples and sucked them. Kirk then got on top of the freezers with Trish as she laid on her back again. It was time for Trish to get what she wanted, a popsicle from Mr. Softee inside her coochie.

Her legs were spread as he entered inside her thawed vagina as she moaned with pleasure. Kirk got off to a fast start as he pounded her pussy. The moving of the truck coincided with the pounding of Trish's vagina. Kirk began to get furious with her after awhile. She was beginning to be in alot of pain. Then she remembered this is what she wanted: Pure, raw animal sex.

She screamed louder and louder with each time he entered her, deeper and deeper. Kirk was swelling up, geting bigger and bigger. But the pain was just starting fo Trish. Kirk got ahold of a cherry popsicle and he licked it for good measure. He then pushed it inside her clit with his member. Two red, plump objects were inside of Trish and she liked it.

Kirk wanted Trish to taste his vanilla cream. He wanted it all over her face and in her mouth. The lust would soon come to an end as he pulled out of her pussy and she leaned on her elbows as he splattered his nuts all over her face. He also sprayed on the cherry popsicle which surprisingly didn't break. Trish got hold of the popsicle and licked it all down her throat.

"This was my lifelong dream, I love it," said Trish. She leaned up and kissed Kirk. "I think that's enough to pay back for the ice cream right?"

"It's more than enough baby!" responded Kirk.

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