tagMatureMr. Thomas and Leah

Mr. Thomas and Leah


Her big round wide open eyes looked up at him with an innocence that made him harden instantly. He shifted uncomfortably, 'there was no way that she could know the effect she was having on him.' he thought to himself. He sat down on the sofa and tried to think of a million different things other than the virginal youth before him. Her innocence accentuated by every move that she made. He felt his cock rising up and over his left hip as he continued to harden. His cock just wouldn't stay down. 'Why was she here again' he thought, 'why did I let her into my house' he knew his desire was to strong and that he would take her today. He started thinking of different ways to seduce her so that she thought she was giving her virginity away and not that it was being taken. That was when he noticed she was staring at him with a look that said to him that she was expecting him to answer. It was then that he realized she had been talking and he had been to busy fantasizing about fucking her to have noticed.

Stumbling on his words he said, "I'm sorry...wh...what were you saying?"

"I was saying that I was glad that you had mentioned that you had these puppies for sale earlier in class and that students could drop by and take a look if they were indeed interested in buying one."

She sat there Indian style on the floor in front of him looking confused. Her puffy little pussy lips pressing against the fabric of her gym shorts that she had worn in P.E. the last period of the day. He knew she had had a hard work out because some of the sweat had made her pussy stick to the fabric and outline that perfect little slit between the lips that he wanted to ravish.

Shaking his head to alert himself he had been eagerly avoiding direct eye contact with this young student of his, but decided to at least give her that much and when he raised his eyes to meet hers, they saw that her eyes were fixed on his now very erect penis. His cheeks flushed with color from both embarrassment and from the boldness of her stare. She licked her lips wetting them just a little bit, enough to make them shine with her spit and enough to make him want them to be glistening with his cum.

The corners of her mouth started to turn up into a little smile as if she meant it only to be known to her. She had wanted this man for a very long time now, and now she was thinking that she could have him. The only problem was that she didn't know if she had caused his hardness, she didn't think that she had done anything to provoke such a reaction from the older man, her substitute teacher.

Finally she raised her eyes only to see that she had been caught, "Leah, is something wrong? You look flushed." Mr. Thomas asked the incredibly young looking 18 year old.

She grew red in the face all at once and stammered out, "I didn't re...realize that...may...maybe I interrupted something going on here when I came in, I'm so sorry for staring Mr. Thomas." She had a pleading look in her eyes as she finished off her sentence, but there was also a look of lust. Leah may not have meant for it to be there but Mr. Thomas recognized it right away.

He grinned back, "Oh, no, you didn't interrupt anything at all. What would make you think that you had?"

The substitute knew that he had her right where he wanted her.

"Well, it looks like..."

"Yes Leah, what are you staring at, do you see something that you like Leah?"

Before thinking about her answer she blurted out "Yes, very much!"

"Well, what is it. Maybe I will let you have it." He started to look around the room and around his lap acting like he really didn't know what in the world she could want from him.

"No...no...I'm talking about your...pe...penis Sir."

"My cock...you want my cock Leah? Is that what you are trying to tell me?"

While he is saying this he is slowly stroking his cock with the palm of his right hand and slowly standing to move towards her. Mr. Thomas than kneels on the floor next to her, his cock only mere inches from her face. Her breathing is deeper, uncontrolled, and she is racing through her mind for something say or do.

"Leah, turn your head and look at me dear, is this what you want?"

He grabbed her chin in his hand and pulled her gently so that she faced him, looking up at him, past his cock. Her eyes pleading with her self on the right thing to do, but she was frozen there. She was in a trance. Now Mr. Thomas knew that she was his for the taking and wasting no time he slowly leaned over towards her slightly parted lips and brushed his lips against hers.

It was a very light touch that sent chills through the both of them, and sent tingles and urges through her young body. He mimicked this action two more times and on the third time she let her tongue come out to brush across his lips inviting him into her. He didn't miss it either and all at once he was pushing into her mouth with such a need and desire that she moaned loudly with him as their tongues massaged against one another slipping and sliding against the others mouth, biting on tongues and lips and there was a fire burning between them that neither realized existed until now.

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