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Mr. Thomlinson's New Computer


This is submitted for the Literotica NUDE DAY CONTEST 2018. This story is written in a conversational free flow style and not always grammatically or politically correct. Hopefully you will enjoy the similarity to the Rod Serling style and scripts from The Twilight Zone. Any names, places or descriptions resembling reality is purely coincidental. Your votes, comments and suggestions are appreciated.


Maria Bordelon


I was never what many call "worldly." Most would call me a nerd...a guy who likes math and science. If you're looking for a degree or other certification don't. Even though my favorite t-shirt was emblazoned with Kirshoff's Laws. In a college known for engineering and science I became the odd-man out, a history major. That is a sad way to admit I dropped out of calculus and physics before failing. Meanwhile the nerds and I worked out a deal: They helped me pass my science and math classes and I helped them with their history and social science classes. Math and science may have been my downfall but I was a good "shade tree mechanic." Back then the cars were simpler—fewer electronics and interconnected devices. My ability (luck) at keeping one 1985 Chrysler K-car and a Triumph 650 Bonneville motorcycle running were all the references needed for most students. Like all students I always needed money, but never charged commercial rates for my services. Although I could never be an engineer or scientist that didn't stop me from knowing about them. Eventually, I wrote my undergrad thesis on the social implications of Ohm's Laws, Kirshoff's Laws and James Clerk Maxwell's equations.

To this day I'm the local guy with lots of tools who can eventually figure out how to repair bikes and toys for my kids and their friends. My wife is happy every time I repair the lights and household appliances. As previously stated, electronics and computers are not my strong suit. My kids can do all that stuff much better than yours truly. As for that K-car and motorcycle...are you nuts? Two weeks before getting married I traded those things for a new mini-van with an extended warranty.

I suppose a few personal details would be helpful. My wife and I have been together for 14 years and married for 12. We have two kids. Our son is 8-years-old and loves basketball. Our daughter is 11 and just started middle school. Almost forgot, my wife and I were sweethearts in college and got married right after graduation. My wife knows I wrote this narrative. She has always been shy and insists on remaining anonymous therefore, "My Wife" and "Wifey" will be used in place of her name.

Enough already. This saga began almost a year ago when I dropped my laptop computer. The damn thing hit just right on the wrong corner. One look at the cracked screen and I knew it was impossible to salvage. When I...my son confirmed the hard drive also crashed dollars began floating in front of my eyes. The first Saturday after that cataclysmic event I dropped my wife and daughter at the mall then went to the nerd emporium...the big blue box on the highway with my son. While I dickered with the sales and tech guys my son was in heaven—the toy and game isle. Every half hour or so I checked on him and encouraged the pimply-faced clerk in that section to find a real customer. Eventually the sales and tech guys convinced me that an older model fit my needs. They sweetened the deal by adding a five-year subscription to the "best" anti-virus service then transferred the photos and information in my old computer to the new machine without charge. The whole shmeer, including a new game for my son cost me $476.10.

A few seconds later my screen lit up with bright images of fancy wheels turning and lots of pretty ladies smiling. I needed a moment to clear everything away and read the fine print. No wonder people lose money. There's no fucking way to read and understand that confusing shit. I took a chance. Hoped it was indeed free. Pushed the button and watched the brightly colored wheels spin. I tried several games. Every game had different rules. I played for about 20 minutes. Luckily the damn bandit only stole my time. At 1:48 AM, almost three hours past my bedtime I added 234 more coins...credits...pieces of bullshit to my original 10,000. Enough! I quit. I shut the computer down and prepared for bed. I tossed and turned until dreams of wealth soothed my insane brain.

Damn alarm! I rolled out of bed and did the morning things. Kissed My Wife then walked out the door and began the wretched commute. Work work...sell that stuff made in China, Japan, Taiwan...any place but here. Glad my commute was only 7.8 miles. Poor wife must go 26.2 miles...a real marathon for her job. Plugged away for the week. TGIF. Walked in, said hello, looked at the mail, gathered kids for dinner, helped with dishes, put the kids to bed and finally found time to unwind. My Wife was already in bed and asked when I'd be there. I replied with a few yawns and noncommittal tone, "I'll be there soon. Good night."

I sat at the computer, read some emails then opened Slotmania. My opening balance 10,234 credits flashed several times. I figured, "what the Hell?" I played for a few minutes and won 169 credits. My balance now totaled 10,403. Yahoo. I quit.

Another Troublesome Tuesday was almost over. I finished my emails and was about to shut down the computer when out of nowhere that annoying website appeared. I have no idea why the damn thing appeared. Maybe the rainstorm messed up the wacky wizened web. My damn computer froze. I couldn't shut it off or change screens. Nor could I wait another second, I had to pee. When I returned, dozens...hundreds of fuzzy, monkey-faced things...no bodies, just heads were bouncing off the walls and me like big crazy bugs. It was Tuesday night. No drinking allowed. I mean really? If it were a Friday or Saturday I might say this was from one too many. But I'm not a drinker. Ok, I do indulge sometimes but do not get drunk. Ok, I get drunk on my birthday and New Year's Eve. Honest, I haven't done any heavy drinking since graduating college 13 years ago. This was like the DT's gone wild. Seriously weird shit. One of those freaking monkey faces gave me a real tongue-dancing deep throat smack down. Not even my wife and I in our wildest younger days did that. I managed to close my laptop...not shut it off, just close the lid. Thankfully those monkey-faced things went away. I wanted to take a hammer to the damn thing but in a flash of sanity remembered all my pictures and personal data were on that frigging machine. When my breathing returned to normal I opened the computer and quickly did an emergency shut off then closed the lid and went to bed.

My dreams...nightmares of those crazy-ass monkey faces kept me tossing and turning all night. I probably got an hour of sleep. Damn alarm! Wake up time. I was groggy as hell. Not a clear thought gelled. My poor head and body felt like a bad hangover gone wild yet I didn't have a drop to drink. Fuck it. Got to get up and face the day. Wifey knew something was wrong but didn't say anything. It really didn't matter. I was too tired to discuss it.

I'd gone several days without touching that computer. I should have been sleeping like a log but that frigging computer called me at 2:21 AM on another Terrible Tuesday. Moments after getting out of bed and padding my way into the bathroom I did the unthinkable—went to the office and opened the laptop. Bright images, spinning wheels and pretty ladies were now cascading across the screen and lighting up the room. I tried but couldn't shut the fricking computer off. For a moment, I was thankful those damn monkey things didn't appear. Considering what appeared maybe those monkey faces would have been preferable. A dozen gorgeous women...blondes, brunettes, redheads and a few dark dusky beauties with sparkling brown eyes were in the room with me. Every woman there a walking wet dream.

I don't know much about women's clothing but isn't any blouse or dress that ties behind the neck called a halter? Anyway, their white dresses were slit to the hip. The front part—halter covered their tits but hid nothing. Every woman's nipples, tits and cunt were visible. When two of those women sat on my lap and took turns kissing me my hard dick immediately popped out and damn near shot a load.

I was in trouble. I loved My Wife and never considered cheating. We had two good kids and a nice life. As mentioned earlier, My Wife and I have been together for 13 years and married for 11. After tonight who knows? Oh, sweet Jesus! When all that female perfection including the two on my lap let their clothes flutter to the floor I went insane. For the first time in 13 years, the first time since getting serious with my wife I fondled and kissed another woman's tits and nipples.

Now imagine their hands...no imagination required. Their hands did more to me than I did to them. I lost it and shot my wad. As the last squirt came and the dry humps followed I thought I heard my wife coming this way. Oh shit! Time to panic. I shoved both beauties off my lap, closed the computer, ran to the bathroom, stripped away my messy pj's and flipped on the shower. Like all men I sealed my doom. I left my messy pj's in the shower, slipped into clean pj's, got in bed and faked sleep. My Wife was justifiably upset. A grown man with wet dreams ain't normal. Angry words were said as we left for work that morning. That night I used my charms. Even tried something I hadn't done for a long time. I really wish she shaved. She's hairy there. A mouthful of hair isn't tasty or pleasant. As you can imagine, I rarely did anything orally. Hopefully my digitized solution and some missionary attention on a weeknight came to the rescue.

Thursday, rush, rush, kids had games, my wife went to our son's basketball game while I attended our daughter's volleyball roundabout. McD's for dinner, then homework and bed.

Friday...TGIF again. I evaded discussions and additional action with my wife. I mowed the lawn and completed a big "honey" list on Saturday. Peace in the house was restored. I was allowed in my bed again. Remember I said peace, not piece. Simply stated, I got a good night's sleep.

Sunday should have been restful. No such luck. It was her mother's birthday, meaning a trip across town. I usually paid the bills on Sunday night. Not tonight. I was afraid to use my computer...slot...slut machine. Got up twice and looked out the front window. Our cars were safe and locked on the driveway. Everything seemed normal.

Manic Monday began when the alarm sounded. I got up, dressed and out door. Just two miles down road everything stopped. All the freeways and interstates were blocked. A dozen massive traffic accidents stopped everything. No school. No work. Every business and school had to close that day. Nothing like this had ever happened before. The damn mess made the national news. A wasted day.

I finished the week nicely but everything felt strange. Friday night in bed Wifey cornered me. There was no escape. The questions flew. My answers didn't. I got up and opened the computer. I tried to show her the site. Nothing. No monkeys, wheels, women or money. Damn site was 404...not there. That was our first big fight in years. I slept on the couch in our den that night and several following nights.

Another Terrible Tuesday came and went. The crazy dreams were getting crazier. I think the kids talked to My Wife because she seemed calm. Can't call it peace, maybe truce is the better word. Anyway, she let me back in our bed. I didn't dare try anything but did sleep fairly well on my side of the bed.

I made it through another week. Even the weekend went well. Manic Monday continued that trend. Terrible Tuesday got a bum rap. In other words, the day went nicely. I actually got to bed at a decent hour. About an hour later the bell tolled for me at 11:11 PM. I didn't want another crazy episode. I uninstalled and deleted all the games, including Slotmania. After that I did a deep virus scan. Everything was clean. I restarted the computer. Oh shit! Those frigging lights, monkey faces and women appeared. When the music began I tried to shut down the computer. No such luck. It was locked open.

Oh, sweet Jesus! Every woman in the room with me was naked female perfection. The tits on one woman looked like a pair of giant ice cream cones. Another had two perfect little ski jumps on her chest. A third had tits shaped like a honeydew melon cut in half. The fourth...

Their nipples and areolas...everything from itty bitty pink areolas and nipples to dark brown bowls with finger-sized projections. I dare not forget the cute little puffy things that fit in my mouth. I can't say it enough: Oh, sweet Jesus! So many. So beautiful. So close. So different. And so delicious. If that wasn't enough, every woman there was bald--no hair down there. Every little clitty stood hard and proud. On another occasion, a cute little clitty would have priority over all those titties. Today, my eyes were much bigger than my tongue. Even an octopus wouldn't be able to handle this delightful situation.

One woman slipped under me then quickly wrapped her legs and arms around me. Her femaleness bathed my dick with hot wet lubricating fluids yet held me firm and deep inside. Nothing mattered but my sexual desires and impending climax. One millisecond before the expected cataclysmic culmination to our mutually pleasurable experiences was to occur the lights came on. Every pleasurable sensation suddenly vanished. My eyes burned. Our sweaty bodies suddenly stopped moving and instinctively parted.

At 11:57 PM, 3 minutes before the witching hour my nightgown-clad wife stood like the wicked witch...bitch slack-jawed and angry. Then it got weird. Every woman vanished like a puff of brightly flashing pixie dust. I was naked and alone with my hard dick spurting like a teenaged boy caught jacking-off in a wet dream. My Wife's justifiable curses would have made a drunken sailor sound virginal. As midnight—12:00 appeared on the electronic clocks that damn computer was projecting big wheels and bright lights on the walls. The old song, Spinning Wheel written by David Clayton Thomas and made famous by Blood Sweat & Tears played incessantly. My pitiful words came out wrong. After cleaning up I spent another night on the couch in the den but didn't get much sleep. That damn song and all those images kept ringing in my head.

The kids knew something bad was going on. Neither of us gave them a satisfactory explanation. Meanwhile her anger and my lonely nights on the couch continued.

To be honest I was afraid to go near that computer. Several days passed before I went into the office. I swear I didn't touch that crazy-ass computer. Nor did I touch the printer. Yet the instant I entered to get my mail and a book both machines were clanging away. Remember that old TV show called Knight Rider? The car would come alive and save the guy. My computer was doing the opposite and trying to kill me. I should have shredded everything. I thought it was spam on the computer and junk mail sent to the wrong address for the wrong reason. Who gets free tickets...box seat tickets for the hottest show and accommodations—room and meals at the biggest casino on the Gulf Coast without asking? This had to be a scam. Who stole my credit cards? Was my identity safe? I sat down then called the 800 number. Everything was legitimate. I told My Wife I needed ink for the printer. An hour later I returned with the ink cartridges plus a dozen roses and a box of chocolates. When I gave her the flowers, chocolates and tickets she squealed like a lottery winner then hugged me tight. That night Wifey happily welcomed into bed.

On Friday afternoon her parents came for the weekend to babysit the kids and we drove to the Gulf coast. After checking in we enjoyed a spectacular seafood buffet. With that feast in our gut neither of us wanted anything more than a good night's sleep. In the morning, we dressed casually. Just before going out the door we quickly kissed. Walking down the hallways we held hands. After breakfast, we slowly walked through the hotel's gardens and kept the 800 hundred pounds of emotions churning inside us quiet. Moments after sitting on a park bench and watching the endless Gulf of Mexico we were cuddling and nodding off. Later that day several folks showed us the pictures they snapped. Damn! We sure looked like two people in love. Inevitably our insides stirred and woke us from a pleasant interlude. Simply stated, we had to pee.

We came out refreshed and continued our "walk" around the hotel. While walking through the lobby the concierge called me aside. Needless to say, I was surprised. I was even more surprised when he gave me my computer bag. Although stunned I tried...hopefully hid my resentment. Damn! I distinctly remember locking that computer in my desk at home. When Wifey asked about my conversation with the concierge I opened the shoulder bag and showed her the computer inside. Luckily no one was in the elevator with us because all the way up I was muttering. "What the fuck? No fucking way!"

If looks could kill. My Wife thought I was going nuts and openly admonished me to keep quiet and stop cursing. I thought about explaining the situation but knew she wouldn't believe me. The last thing I wanted was this piece of shit anywhere near me. How...where could I hide the damn thing? It was too big for the in-room safe and not valuable enough to be stored in the hotel's safe. I seriously thought about throwing it out the window or stomping on it. In the end, I turned it on and let the battery run down then shut it off just before going to dinner and our show.

We ate dinner in the hotel's café. Neither of us wanted another caloric overload from the buffet. The show was an acrobatic ensemble from China with lots of color and drama. Afterwards we were too tired for any more festivities.

The weather on Sunday morning was bright and sunny. Looking out from our ocean view room high above everything there wasn't a reason to get dressed. Besides that, I liked looking...leering at my wife's tits. Her silky nighty thing really didn't hide much. Hmmmm? Not today. Not on Sunday. No time. Got to pack and drive home. A quick phone call to the front desk activated our late checkout privileges. If this wasn't an all-expenses paid deal I sure as hell would have never ordered that overpriced tray of fruit and coffee. When someone knocked I slipped on a robe then opened the door and let the room service gal in. After she put the tray on the desk I signed the receipt and gave her a fiver then closed the door and put the "do not disturb" sign on the doorknob.

For the first time in years we ate breakfast virtually naked. I felt like a newlywed while ogling my wife's tits. Damn girl has nice tits. Sort of like big ripe mangoes with nice pink areolas and nipples. I kind of like the way her tits wobble just enough to need a bra. Remember, she's 35 and birthed two kids. Seems a shame to hide such nice things in a cloth contraption. Then again, I don't want others getting excited over Wifey's tits. Wifey finished eating first and quickly declared the bathroom off limits to yours truly. No big deal. Meanwhile I checked the computer...deader than a door nail and packed it away. Wound up the charge cord and put it away. Then laid out my clothes. When she came out of the bathroom a cloud of watery vapor followed. When the vapors cleared my dick got hard. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time for any lovey dovey.

My turn now. Hopefully there's some hot water left. After the triple S--shave, shit and shower I came out in my undershorts and was shocked! The damn computer was making soft poufy noises and spitting out those fucking...yes, this time I mean fucking monkey-faced things every few seconds. The whole room was filled with the fucking things. Damn faces had a determined look far different than the silly smiley faces seen on other occasions. When I heard a woman...had to be My Wife making freaky, high-pitched sounds I knew something was wrong. After frantically batting dozens of the damn things away I saw My Wife on the bed naked and spread wide. Oh shit! One of those fuckers was on each tit and another between her legs. No wonder she was going ape shit with orgasms. When one of those fuckers latched on to my cock I almost collapsed. Got to say it again. Oh, sweet Jesus! I staggered to a chair and plopped down. That damn thing blew...pumped the life from me.

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