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Stephanie peered out her living room window one afternoon. "Yes!" she shrieked to herself. "He is home."

The "he" she referred to was her neighbor across the street, Daniel. He would leave the country for about a month every other month, and, when he did, he left a gaping hole in the neighborhood. Daniel epitomized the expression "eye candy". At six foot with hazel eyes, he left her breathless. Add to that the shaved head (she loved shaved heads), the trim physique, and his freaky nature and she would get lost in a world of desire. In her own mind, she coined him "Mr. Yummy" simply because he was scrumptious to look at. Always a welcoming neighbor, she rushed across the street to greet him.

"Glad to see you back, Daniel," Stephanie greeted as she walked up the walkway to his house with him.

"Yes, it was a long trip this time," Daniel acknowledged.

"It is good to see you home," Stephanie said with a bit too much zest. "So what are your plans while you are home?"

"Oh, you know, the usual," he replied. "Get caught up on bills, clean the house, do yard work, hang out with friends, do my taxes..."

"Well, if you want to have a glass, I have some fresh tea at home; you are always welcome to drop by." Stephanie suggested as she turned to return home.

Once she got to her door, she turned to take a long, lingering look at Mr. Yummy. Daniel liked her tea, so she knew he would come over. A nticipating him coming over that night, Stephanie went inside to get ready. She soaked in a luxurious bath with lilac bath salts. She shaved her legs, her armpits and most importantly, her pussy. Stephanie stepped out of the bath and covered herself with her purple jewel-toned robe. Looking in the mirror, she took stock of what she saw -- brunette hair in a sassy cut, smiling emerald green eyes, and a curvaceous figure that no one would be ashamed of, and a mouth most said was full lips worth kissing. Not bad for a thirty five year old, she decided. Daniel and she did not have "that" kind of friendship, but she could always hope.

If a person peered through her bedroom window, they would assume she dressed to meet a lover. She slid into lavender silk bikini panties with a hint of lace around the top and a white lacy bra that was guaranteed to produce cleavage. She dressed in a simple black and white checkered tank top and a pair of snug jean shorts that emphasized her waist and ass. After putting on her makeup and doing her hair, she was ready for whatever Daniel wanted to happen, if anything.

Two hours later, after seeing Daniel do work in his front yard; she heard a knock on her screen door. "Come in, come in," Stephanie beckoned. She heard a wolf whistle coming from the foyer. "Looking good, Stephanie, looking good..." Daniel whistled again for good measure. "I have to admit, the thought of you looking so good gets me through the days on the rig."

She blushed as she confided, "The thought of you makes the days you are gone not seem so long. When do you take off again?"

"About three weeks," Daniel looked for a calendar to make sure.

"The only calendar is in the bedroom," Stephanie said when she realized what he was looking for. "Here, let me go and get it for you."

She walked into a bedroom that was very much a woman's bedroom. Everywhere a person looked was purple. "You don't like purple, do you?" Daniel laughed. Stephanie jumped not realizing he had followed her into the bedroom. He caught her in his arms when she lost her balance.

"Mr. Yummy," Stephanie moaned.

"What?" Daniel asked.

"Oh nothing," she muttered, "just my nickname for you."

Daniel started kissing her neck. "What are you doing," Stephanie was startled.

"I thought that would be okay considering how we have flirted in the past," Daniel apologized.

"More than welcome," Stephanie whispered as she turned around to kiss him for the first time. "More than welcome." Their tongues met and she thought "yummy".

Daniel backed her up to the bed and laid her down as he unbuttoned her jeans. Seeing her lilac panties with lace, he murmured, "Oh Stephanie." He continued to undress her with added fervor. When Daniel stripped her of her panties, his tongue found the button her clit. He sensually tasted her pussy; he ran his tongue from the top to the bottom. He did not rush because he knew that some things could not be hurried. Daniel's fingers joined his tongue in the torment of Stephanie.

Stephanie clawed the quilt on her bed in sweet agony. When he started to rise, she placed her hands on his bald head and guided him to her sweet spot. "Oh, my gosh," she thought. "This man is unbelievable."

"Yes, Daniel," she exclaimed. "Right there...no, right there...oh yeah, right there!"

"Mmmph," his mouth passionately continued to taste her. He broke her grip on her head and kissed upwards until he lay on top of her. He captured her mouth with his while he shed his shirt. Rather impatiently, he discarded his jeans. Meanwhile, she hurriedly discarded her black and white top.

Daniel skillfully guided his throbbing cock to her waiting pussy which eagerly accepted his cock. With precision, he moved in and out of her. Roughly, he pulled out and urged her, "On your knees." Stephanie rolled over and got on all fours. He entered her from behind while his hand found her clit and worked his magic there.

"Faster. Harder. Deeper. More," Stephanie commanded. "Give it to me. Give me your cock!" Daniel gave her everything she asked for and more. Minutes later, "Daniel, please, give it to me in my ass."

Pulling his cock covered with pussy juice out, he prepared her ass to accept him. Daniel rubbed his cock up and down her ass. With a thrust, he was in. "This feels wonderful," he told Stephanie. "You are so fucking tight. I want to lose my load right now in your ass."

"Yummy," was all Stephanie could say.

Daniel worked his cock in and out of her ass. Sometimes he went fast as rapid fire and other times slow and sensuously. Stephanie only needed a few strokes in her ass before she arched her back and commanded, "Fuck me harder Daniel." She could feel her twat convulse around his stiff rod. "Oh fuck yea, like that." Daniel didn't let up until she could coherently speak and had opened eyes that were glazed and cross-eyed.

"I am going to cum," he warned minutes before his cum came oozing out her ass. She disentangled herself and pulled him to the shower. While she lathered his cock, Stephanie noticed him getting hard again. After washing the soap away, she sank to her knees and took his dick in her mouth. Daniel was a man with a cock that resembled the Petronas Towers, soon she felt the head of his delicious dick massaging the back of her throat. She could touch his balls with her lips. Her lips began caressing his cock. She nipped at the head of his penis playfully. She licked. She sucked. She temped. She teased. In. Out. Shallow. Deep. He began to thrust his hips.

"Oh yes, baby," Daniel moaned. "Faster. Slower. Take it all. Oh my God. You are so fucking good at this." Without warning, he blasted a load in her mouth. Stephanie slurped as she swallowed his load as fast as he gave it to her. Her lips remained on his dick while her hands massaged it up and down to get every last drop of cum.

Catching her face in his hands, Daniel pulled Stephanie up to him. "That was wonderful," Daniel told here with appreciation. "I would have come over more often if I had known you could do 'that'." Stephanie laced her arms around his neck and kissed him. He could taste his cum, and found it erotic. Unabashedly, they walked into the living room where they could have a cigarette. While he held the ashtray for her, she told him that many times she had imagined him doing the things he did to her while using her vibrator.

"I have to admit that the vibrator is nothing compared to you," Stephanie laughed. She laughed the laugh of a seductress. "Do you want some tea? That is why you came over here, isn't it?"

Daniel laughed and accepted the offer. "You make the best damn tea, but it is not as good as your delicious pussy." Finished with their cigarettes, he put his arm around her as they sat on the couch drinking tea. "If you make another pitcher of tea, I will be happy to mow your lawn tomorrow." Daniel winked as he stood to leave.

Stephanie walked him to the door. "Mr. Yummy, you can have my tea anytime you want," she said suggestively.

He kissed her as he walked out the door. "Tomorrow is a date then."

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