tagLoving WivesMrs. & Miss Pt. 01

Mrs. & Miss Pt. 01


Married Life- Chapter 1

"Good morning beautiful."

"mmm...Good morning" I said, slowly stretching out my body. "I don't know what time it is, but it is entirely too early..." I say as I Roll over and glance at the clock.

My predictable husband is sitting in his favorite chair near the patio door of our bedroom, it overlooks the pool and faces east. His iPad in one hand, and a travel cup in the other, he was drinking mountain dew at 6am his usual, which I would normally fuss about. Tired of the lecture whenever he was holding a bottle; Daniel had begun to drink his morning mountain dew from a cup. I wanted him to get back in bed and I knew it would take convincing, so I did not mention the cup.

"Get up sleepy head, I made your tea." Daniel hates coffee and tea. Whenever he is home he makes me tea in bed, work keeps Daniel busy traveling weeks at a time. When he is home he caters to most of my desires. I like strong dark tea, with warm almond milk and vanilla. My husband knows me very well; and he knows I won't take the time to make tea in the morning, I prefer to sleep until the kids need to leave.

When Dan is home, he and I wake up early to take advantage of the peace. I looked at Daniel and whispered, "come wake me up."

I pulled down the sheet and blanket to reveal my naked body. I rolled over on my side showing my ass, Daniel could never resist my ass.

"stop teasing me and get up, you should start your day." Daniel said as I pulled just the sheet up over the lower half of my body. My curves now draped in fabric, I rolled on to my stomach and arched my hips, wiggling side to side.

"mmmmmm... Lena we both have a busy day, we need to talk about our trip and spring break plans. I have to work late tonight and I want this all done before we leave tomorrow."

"If that is true Mr. Southerland, then you should not growl or moan or make sounds at me." I pulled the sheet down.

"so, are you coming to wake me up? Or should I go back to sleep?" playfully moving both my feet through the air, I arched my back and pointed my hips up while keeping my breast on the bed.

"mmmmm, I hope you are ready for the trouble you just started young lady" Daniel stood up and began unbuttoning his pants as he walked towards the bed.

The alarm on my phone went off, set for 2 hours before school drop off, we had plenty of time. Daniel reached for my phone and shut off the alarm. He started kissing the back of my neck and I tried to enjoy it; my mind began to flood with the taks that I faced for the day.

Pack school lunches

Change the dry-cleaning provider

Get something for the class snack

Get tomatoes for dinner

Get an oil change

make a hair appointment

make a wax appointment

get Dr. Weissman to send over the sports physical for baseball

call the landscaper about the fall leaf clean up

Before I could relax Daniel was done, he layed in bed catching his breath.

I slid out of bed and into my panties wearing nothing else, Predictably I walk from the bed to Daniel's chair. I sit and sip my tea as I look out over the view of downtown. I hear the shower turn on, I stare off into the morning sky... Daniel walks in wearing nothing and reaches for the remote to close the blinds. We were more adventurous before we had fallen in love and gotten married.

I remember a time when we would go at it for hours; Daniel had not been so shy about his body when we fucked naked and pressed to the windows of expensive hotel suites. My once free Spirited husband even took me to adult swingers and kinky clubs when we first started dating.

"Please don't, I love the view." I pull the cashmere throw down from the back of the chase and wrap it around my shoulders. He closes the blinds anyway and walks into the bathroom. I scroll through a few messages on my phone after a while I hear the water shut off.

Daniel joins me wearing only a towel, he sits next to me in the matching lounge "you said we needed to talk Daniel?"

"yes" Dan says getting up and walking towards the closet, "Did you start packing yet?"

"I packed the kids and I'll pack myself this afternoon."

"Great," Daniel said walking out of the closet with my silk robe in his hand, his hair was wet from the shower. He wore grey denim jeans and a fresh cotton T- shirt. He bent down to kiss me on my cheek, and hand me my Robe; he smelled like fresh soap, sweet spice, and clean laundry, He grabbed his iPad off the table and reviewed it.

"Tomorrow, your mom will pick up the boys from school. My brother will pick Jack up later, I packed the leash the food and his favorite toys in a bag by the door." Daniel looked down at his notes and continued talking. I started thinking, no way he did all of this, if Daniel had given all this thought to reorganizing our lives for an entire week, how could he not know that we had just had mediocre sex?

"I gave my cell phone number to everyone and asked them to call me first. I want you to relax this week." His face was confusing, Daniel smiled while he said all of this, but he looked unhappy, like he wanted to be doing something else.

"Sounds great honey thank you, I am so excited to get away, I can't believe you did all of this on your own. I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband." I leaned over to kiss him, but he didn't look up.

"I have some exciting things planned for our trip, and the only work thing your assistant couldn't move was a video conference next Thursday, we will be sailing Wednesday- Friday and the captain has assured me that you will have a signal so you can work from somewhere onboard."

Okay, now I feel bad; I do love sailing, it seems like Dan has put some thought and work into this one. I sat back and grinned, I put my feet in Daniel's lap. He looked up at me "No more Lena... not right now".

"I just wanted to say thank you." I stood and put my robe on, I sat in Dan's lap, "Thank you honey, I am so excited to spend time with you." I kissed my husband sweetly.

"You are just excited about the yacht, don't lie" Dan said smirking.

"I am super excited for the yacht, but we decided to leave the kids at home. It has been six months since we have gone on a date together, and until this morning it had been a month since we had sex." I stood and walked towards the bathroom, I paused and turned back. "I am excited about the yacht, but I am even more excited to do something I love, with the man that I love."

I closed the bathroom door and turned on the shower. I unlocked my phone and hit play on my playlist, the bathroom sound system began to play music. I finished showering and noticed a note when I walked back in the bedroom.

Hoping you have a day as beautiful as you. Your loving husband.

Between the music and the water, I didn't hear Dan leave. I laid down on the bed until I heard feet running up the stairs, and the sounds of my doors bursting open.

"Mommy, Mommy Mommy,"

"Okay, okay, okay, boys, one at a time...and let me go to my closet to get dressed ...by myself." I close my closet door behind me and throw on my favorite jeans while talking through the door.

My vintage Calvin Klein were from the 90's I got them from a thrift store when I was in high school. I hated the jeans when I got them, a last-minute purchase out of necessity; and the only option at the time. The jeans were always perceived well, and now they made my ass look amazing.

I had hated them when I got them, my mother couldn't afford new jeans, and now they are vintage and retro and rare.

"Lochland took my game and I told him to give it back and he won't." Danny shouted

"Lochland why did you take Danny's game?" getting them to play nice has not been easy, we have only been married 6 months.

I snap my bra in-place and reach for a white cotton shirt.

"Mom, for the one millionth time please stop calling me Lochland, and Danny said I could play with it." Lochland had taken to being called Loch for short.

"Okay Loch well Danny gets to go first and explain his perspective while you listen and if you are respectful you may respond."

I slide on a long silver chain with a lady's antique pocket watch hanging in the center. Dan bought it from a pawn shop in London on his first trip away after we were married. I asked him to bring back something unexpected, and I laughed at his choice, but it meant something special now; I always get at least 5 compliments when I wear it.

"It was my game first and I told Loch he could play when I was done with it, and he took it from the game room and..."

Thank God, I thought they were not fighting about a girl. The main reason Danny and Lochland argue, is that they have the same girls chasing them. I didn't want either of them around girls but Daniel thinks otherwise. Dan has five brothers, so he believes in healthy competition and in some cases sharing. Even though they are step brothers, I always want to yell at them. Who would want a girl that is chasing both of you, whoever she is the girl is a problem, run away, both of you.

"... I just want Loch to give me the game back until I am done with it."

"Okay Loch I heard what Danny had to say, your turn" I said from behind my closet door. I threw on my red Ferragamo loafers, and grabbed a pair of sunglasses.

"I thought Danny meant I could play it when he was not using it. I'll give it back."

Seriously is it going to be that easy? Take the win I thought.

"Okay boys, so if you are done then be sue you are ready to go to school and head to the car I will be down in 10 mins."

"We are ready, dad got everything done and put our lunches in the car. He said to have fun and to behave, that he would be home for dinner and he wanted to hear nothing but good things." They said this dramatically mocking my husband as he said this often.

It was not like Daniel to do all of that, and it was unusual for him to be home early on a Thursday. "I'll be down in 10 minutes boys let me finish getting dressed. Are you sure dad said he would be home tonight?"

"Yes" they both yell as they walk out of my bedroom.

I grab my red Chanel wallet on a chain, and finish my tea before heading downstairs. I grab a travel cup from the cabinet and fill it with water before heading to the car.

"Buckle up boys" I send a quick text to Daniel before buckling myself and heading out of the parking garage.

The boys said you would be home for dinner? I'll fix something special, let me know. It would be nice, we need to talk about their fighting. I Love you.

The day flew by easily, I made roasted Beef for Daniel, Grilled veggie salad for myself, Mashed potato casserole for Lochland, and Danny always wants fresh baked bread with butter and iced tea, we all agreed on a homemade strawberry pie because it's Daniels favorite.

I had not heard back from Daniel but the boys said they were sure he would be home. He wasn't home and it was getting late. The boys had planned a big sendoff dinner all for Daniel; they called and texted but he did not answer. The kids knew we would be gone for one week, and that we would be back on my birthday. They thought I didn't know; but the boys and my mother had a big surprise planned for me when we returned tonight was for Dan.

It was odd that my Husband didn't answer the kids calls or my calls that night. He would occasionally put a call off if he were in a meeting or in an area with bad service, but it was not like him.

The boys and i ate dinner, watched a funny movie together, and had desert before heading to bed.

I awoke the smell of cinnamon and vanilla that morning. Daniel always made big apologies to the family with "Sorry Waffles" or a vacation. I called them Sorry Waffles Because he made a big production of it with a different batter for each of us.

I stretched when the smell of Daniel's Crunchy Cinnamon Waffles wafted into my nostrils.

I rolled over saw a travel cup with a note:

Good Morning Sleeping Beauty,

You stay in bed, whenever you wake up your tea will still be warm, your waffles will be in the oven. I'll get the kids to school and if you can wait until I get back, I'll wash your back in the shower.

I can't wait to spend a whole week with you,

Your Devoted Husband.

We were both very comfortable with our bodies, but we had only had quickie sex here and there over the last few months. I could not remember the last time we had showered together, it was something I had always loved, it was so intimate ... my mind wondered to the mess that was being made the kitchen, and I closed my eyes.

Danny (Daniel jr. -11 years old) loved Chocolate waffles with Peanut Butter Whipped Cream.

Both Lena and Lochland (Loch - 9 years old) loved Blueberry Waffles with whipped cream.

Daniel (Sr.) loved cinnamon crunch waffles

First the yacht then this, I might enjoy this trip. I fell asleep to fantasies of making love on the sundeck all day and enjoying time with my incredible husband.

I woke to the sounds of the vacuum, which meant it was 11:30, Jill came to clean every day at 11:30, I climbed out of bed and threw on a robe. I tied the sash and grabbed the travel mug off the side table. It was still warm, I enjoyed the warmth, and silently thanked Daniel. He was a great husband he had just been busy lately, and so was I. Maybe this is all we needed to refocus.

The doorbell rang, and Jill didn't hear me shouting so I just went to the door, no one was there just an online shopping delivery with Daniel's name on it. Deliveries were becoming a regular thing for Daniel, he said they were work related, this one was for online shopping. My curiosity getting the better of me, I opened the box to find a vibrating sex toy, it says it has remote control access. Oh my, had he bought this for our trip? Now that was more like it. I put it back in the box and did my best to replace the tape. I sat the box on Daniels desk and headed to the shower.

Fresh out the shower I headed into the bedroom as Daniel walked in. Something in Dan's face seemed odd, but he wrapped one hand around my waste and let the other run threw my hair as he pulled me close, I closed my eyes and sighed as I let go and let my husband seduce me.

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