tagInterracial LoveMrs. Auden's Weakness

Mrs. Auden's Weakness


My husband and I live in Atlanta Georgia, just one of the thousands of young black professional couples who’ve migrated to 'Hotlanta' in recent years. I’m program director for a local talk radio station. My husband, Tyrell, is an accountant. We own a beautiful three bedroom colonial style home, just outside of Atlanta, where we live with our two children Carl and Camille.

I’m a gorgeous woman and I know it. My face or more specifically my luscious full pouty lips paid my way through college. I was a lip model for a cosmetics company until I graduated. At 34 years old, I still think that I’ve got it. I’m 5’ 9½' tall. I’m very leggy and I weigh a voluptuous 150lb. I have the classic black woman’s body, 38DDD- 24- 40. My husband still drools over my tiny waist and my big round ass. I have the kind of ass that young Black men call a ba-dunka-dunk. In other words, this thick sista puts J-Lo to shame. I get my fair share of attention from men. In fact, I get much more than my fair share. That’s what got me into this situation.

It was about 7: 30 PM and I was working late as usual. The rest of the staff had long since departed. The only people left in the office were Jim Berman and me. Jim is what’s loosely called on air talent. Jim hosts a rather vulgar sports talk in show. Personally, I’d just as soon fire him on principle, but he’s very popular within the White male 18-34 demographic. The man is a crude boorish sexist clod. He’s everything that I wouldn’t want in a man. Thank God that my loving husband, Tyrell, is the polar opposite of that jerk.

I could hear the show over the P.A. Jim was being his obnoxious self as usual, but something wasn’t right. None of the current advertisers’ spots were running. In fact there hadn’t been a commercial break in about 20 minutes. What’s going on in the both, I thought.

I ran down the stairs, as fast as the 3 inch heals of my Chloë gold and burgundy pumps would allow. Trying to run in heels made my fat brown bubble butt wiggle like Jell-O under the clingy silk-wool blend of my form-fitting Narciso Rodriguez skirt. I jogged down the long corridor to the broadcast both. The On Air light was flashing red, but looking through the window, it was clear that Jim wasn’t in the booth. He had put in a tape of an old show and left in the middle both in the middle of his shift. 'Where is that jerk' I whispered to myself. 'This is the last straw. This time he’s out of here!'.

I searched up and down the halls for about 5 minutes, before I heard some noise coming from The Station Manager’s office. I tried the door and it opened without resistance revealing Mr. Williams’ well appointed office suite. 'Now that’s odd', I thought. I was sure that Mr. Williams wasn’t in his office at that time of night.

The outer office was empty, and apparently hadn’t been disturbed. There was a steady whooshing sound coming from the private bath room in the back of the office. Suddenly it stopped with a squeak of faucets being turned. Then I new that bastard Jim was trespassing in Mr. Williams’ office. Certainly he hadn’t come all the way down here just to use the boss's’ toilet. I crept surreptitiously over to the door and pulled it, it too offered no resistance. The bathroom was full of steam, which made it difficult to see exactly what or who was in there. As it cleared I saw Jim standing there in front of Mr. Williams’ vanity with an idiotic shocked look on his face. He had just gotten out of the shower, and was soaking wet. He was wearing a small white towel around his waist and nothing else.

'Do you know that a commercial spot hasn’t run almost an hour?' I snapped at Jim. He just looked me right in the eyes and dead panned 'don’t take that tone with me bitch.' 'Did you just call me a bitch?' I shouted incredulously, taking a step toward him and having every intention of slapping the taste out of his foul mouth. 'Did I st-st-st-st-stutter, Mrs. Auden?' said the obnoxious prick. 'Now why don’t you clear out of here, and go back to what your pencil pushing … that is unless you want to help me dry off'. I couldn’t believe that he had the audacity to challenge my managerial authority like that. I was so mad that I was shaking. I hissed through clenched teeth,' I don’t care how good your ratings have been, you bastard! I’m going to have your job for this,' I shouted on the verge of incoherent rage. 'Insubordination and leaving the broadcast both, while you are supposed to be doing a live show, are reason enough to justify your termination!'

Totally ignoring me, Jim turned and picked up a small toiletry bag. 'If you have a problem with me, take it up with Bob Williams. He’s the one who hired me', he said as he turned and walked over toward the sink. 'And as long as I’m bringing in the A-List sponsors that line his pockets, you aren’t firing anyone. Geez, you token Blacks get a title and you think you own the place.' He then took a can of shaving cream out of his bag and nonchalantly began to apply the foamy lather to his face. I didn’t know what to say. I’d never been spoken to in this manner. I was an executive, and he was merely a late night DJ. He turned from his shaving to ask me, 'Is there something else that you want?' As if on queue, his towel slipped from around his waist and fell in a heap at his feet.

There I was a professional black woman with an MBA, a faithful wife and mother, standing in a bathroom, with my mouth wide open in shock, staring at a naked white man. My breathing came quick as I took in the sight before me. I’d never noticed how much of a man Jim was. His body was taught and muscular. His chest and cut up wash board stomach were covered with a carpet of furry golden blond hair. But, what took my breath away was his cock.

Jim’s glistening, white, cock hung heavily between his legs. I’d never seen a man with such enormous endowment. It was much longer limp than my husband’s 7½' dick was when fully erect. The massive thickly veined shaft was nearly as wide as the can of shaving cream in his hand. Capping Jim’s huge white donkey dick was an obscenely bloated purple mushroom, the size of a toddler’s fist. I was hypnotized by pendulous swinging of his long fat hose. Jim’s voice startled me back to reality.

'Oh, so you like the works, huh? Why don’t you touch it baby? It won’t hurt you.' I felt threatened and confused. This man was my subordinate. He was showing a total lack of respect for me and my position, but my pussy was suddenly tingling and moist. I didn’t even reply to Jim’s lewd comment. I just turned and ran out of the bathroom. I didn’t stop running until I was back in my office. I sat at my desk trembling. My panties were soaked and an unexplainable sexual fear was spreading through me. I felt like a deer being stalked by wolf. 'Please don’t let him come up here', I whispered to myself.

Jim didn’t even knock. He barged into my office, walking around my desk to stand right next to me. I felt that he could smell my fear and perhaps my arousal as well. He grabbed the back of my large leather office chair and turned me around to face him. By this time he had dressed, and was wearing a tight white T-shirt that hugged his well toned torso. Jim was standing far too close, menacing me. He was in my personal space, and the huge bulge in his faded wrangler jeans was inches from my face. Casually he ripped open my silk blouse, and expertly unhooked my front-latching lace bra. My big brown triple Ds spilled out and he cruelly pulled and pinched on my large, chocolate, grape sized nipples.

I looked up into his cold steely blue eyes, silently pleading to be spared. All I saw there was animal lust. He reached down and casually unbuttoned his jeans. I gasped involuntarily. Jim licked his thin lips and sneered down at me, 'You do the rest, you high and mighty bitch'. The harsh words burned in my ears. I’d been hit on by white men many times. They were usually so meek and polite, almost to the point of being subservient. Jim was the opposite. He was a conqueror, and I was to be his next conquest and we both knew it.

Jim quickly tired of my vacillation and took matters into his own hands. He reached out with a sinewy muscular tattooed arm and clutched a hand full of the long black hair pinned up in a bun on the top of my head. Suddenly my face was pressed into Jim’s grapefruit sized basket. The rough denim scratched my face. I tried to pull away, but by this time I was offering only a token resistance. The intoxicating aroma of his shower fresh crotch was quickly eroding the little that I had left. The angry fat monster beneath the rough fabric was coming to life. It was swelling and lengthening down the leg of Jim’s skin tight jeans. I could feel its pulsating heat against my cheek. I could resist this man no longer. I nuzzled my face against his gigantic denim covered cock. Even as I began to kiss the grotesque lump hanging down his leg, I wavered.

I pleaded in a weak voice, 'Jim please, don’t make me do this. I’m a married woman.' Jim threw back his head and laughed, 'I’m not making you do anything you aren’t dying to do, you horny bitch. I bet that black pussy of yours is bubbling by now.' He released his tight grip on my hair. 'Get up and walk away if you don’t want this big white cock buried your pretty brown pussy.' My pussy gushed at his words. 'Otherwise, shut up, quit whining about your Black bastard husband and wrap those big lips around my fat white cock. If you were such a fine married lady, then one look at this big white pussy-stretcher wouldn’t have made you so goddamned horny, you slut. That is just what you are, my married black slut.' Tears stained my cheeks as I surrendered to this cruel stud. Slowly I licked up his zipper, until I found the tab at the top. I clenched it in my teeth and pulled it down. I fully expected to be hit in the face with a hard white cock, but Jim’s big horse dick was still jammed down the leg on his pants. With immaculately manicured hands, I grasped the belt hooks of his jeans and pealed them down off of his trim waste. Jim’s jeans went down around his thighs. Still the head of his huge fat white cock was hidden from view.

Gently I wrapped my fingers around the thick veiny shaft, and hauled it out. I realized at that moment that Jim’s was the cock that I’d always dreamed of. Its white shaft was in stark contrast to the brown of my long delicate fingers, which could not touch around its incredible girth. It was half hard. The massive purple head weighed it down so that it hung an inch from my moist trembling lips. I could feel the heat radiating off of it. A drop of clear pre-ejaculate oozed from the angry looking slit in the tip of the swollen Mushroom head.

Almost against my will, my long pink tongue snaked out and licked the bitter nectar from the hole. I scooted off my Italian leather office chair, and onto my knees. I was still feeling terrible guilt about cheating on my wonderful husband, but I belonged on my knees in front of Jim. Hungrily, I ran my tongue all around the fat head of his cock. It tasted so good. 'You have such a big cock baby' I purred, looking up into Jim’s eyes. I lifted his heavy dick and slathered its hot underbelly with my juicy lips and tongue. Jim growled back, 'That’s it bitch, that’s how I like my black women, on their knees with my cock in their mouth.' I reached out and cradled his low slung furry balls in my hand. They were the size of goose eggs. With my other hand, I hefted the rigid log and kissed the drooling head. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and wrapped my luscious full lips around Jim’s fat white Cock.

Jim harsh demeanor softened slightly once I began fellating his oversized penis in earnest. I really couldn’t get much more than the head in my mouth. That thing looked like it belonged on a mule. I stuffed my mouth with his fat white cock. I could feel the deliciously distended head butting against the back of my throat, gagging me. My lust for his king sized man meat overcame the choking reflex, and the growing ache in my jaw. I welcomed the assault on my throat. I desperately wanted to swallow this big white fuck stick. I firmly but gently massaged his big bloated balls, and the sensitive area just behind them. I wanted to milk a hot gooey load out of those big fat balls. Taking my mouth off Jim’s huge dick, I looked at it admiring its tremendous size and hardness. I licked every fat juicy inch. Ducking my head under his baseball bat of a cock, I slurped and gargled on Jim's big hairy white balls. At 11:30, when I realized that he wasn’t in the both, I had been his boss, Mrs. Auden. One hour later I was his brown sugar cock slut. I was on my knees worshiping his big white dick, and my juicy black pussy was soppy wet. Jim fisted his mighty woman taming cock, causing the huge helmet head to swell even further. With one hand he, again, grasped my hair. With the other he wiped his drooling penis round and round my pouty lips, like a giant lipstick.

He began to cruelly tease me. Taking his sweet cock out of the reach of my hungry mouth, then slapping me with it. I held my face up willingly for him to dick slap. He then let go of his white monster cock. It bounced heavily, sticking out 11¾ inches from his blond pubic bush. Without warning he pulled me to my feet. 'Strip', was his only command. By that time I was his whore. He didn’t have to tell me twice.

I tore at my remaining clothes to follow Jim’s orders, but also needing to be naked in front of this Stud. When all my clothes lay in a heap on the floor except my red thong panties, Jim grabbed my arm roughly and pushed me over my desk. I didn’t dare resist. My head and shoulders hung over the opposite side of the desk. But my big brown breasts were mashed into the unyielding mahogany desk. I heard movement, and I knew that Jim was removing his tight wranglers. My fat juicy pussy ached to feel the penetration that would surely come next. Jim hooked his strong fingers into the waistband of my red silk panties, and unceremoniously ripped them off me.

He slapped my fat booty lightly. He squeezed it and kneaded it. I could tell that he appreciated the big ass that my momma had given me and which he was taking from my unsuspecting Husband. Most men can’t resist a black woman’s round bubble butt. I was holding my rump up to give him full access to it. His strong hands were like magic on my soft plump derriere. Suddenly, I heard a whooshing sound, followed by a crack, very much like a fire cracker. The pain quickly followed, exploding across the smooth Surface of my ass. Jerking my head around, I was horrified to see Jim’s arm raised high above his head. In his tightly clenched fist was his belt, doubled over. Whoosh, down came his arm, the leather belt bit deeply into my tender bottom. CRACK, red hot leather scorched my naked exposed ass. 'Owwh, please, please', I begged abandoning the last shreds of dignity. CRACK, I was squirming, desperately trying to escape the terrible sting of the punishment that Jim was inflicting on me. CRACK! He placed his strong hand in the small of my back, and held me down. CRACK! I was helpless to resist the whipping that I was being forced to take. Sobbing like a recalcitrant little girl, who suddenly finds herself over her daddy’s knee,' please, ugghh, please Jim, owwwh, please stop!' 'That’s it baby wiggle that big ass for me' was Jim’s reply. 'The next time you raise your voice to me, you sexy black slut, I’ll whip the skin off your ass!' For emphases, Jim assaulted my up turned booty with a final flurry of burning hot strokes. 'Ughhh, Ughhh' I cried, totally broken. My tortured whelped ass burned like fire, but my pussy was running like a faucet.

Jim positioned himself behind me, forcing my legs further apart. The hard desk was woefully uncomfortable and heat radiated from my injured butt. 'You ready to get fucked Mrs. Auden?', Jim sneered at me. My thoughts were instantly of my family. How was this happening? My mind was screaming, get up … don’t let him do this. My lustful body would have none of it. My silent reply was to arch my back and hold my ass up high, offering the free access to my aching sopping wet pussy to the man who’d just whipped me. My betrayal of my husband was complete when I felt the hot blunt head of Jim’s cock pressing against my hungry tight black pussy.

'Mmmmm', I moaned at the first contact of his fat cock against my shiny wet pussy lips. Jim grabbed his huge dick and wiped the drooling head up and down my wet slit, coating his giant mushroom-head with my wetness. Electric shocks ran through my body when that big white dick rubbed over my fat distended clit. I was involuntarily humping back against His cock. I wanted it inside of my body, where it could do the most damage. Jim lined up that swollen white billy club with my pink hole, and pushed. I moaned as I felt my pussy yawning, trying to accommodate the oversized head. It wouldn’t go in. 'Ughhh' I grunted as he tried again to force his monstrous cock into my tight pussy. I’d never had a man with such a huge cock. Jim’s white donkey dick dwarfed my husband’s more than adequate penis. Jim walked away into the Mr. Williams bathroom. He returned with a jar of Vaseline.

Jim walked around to the other side of the desk and stood in front of me. His huge fat cock swung pendulously in front of my face. I followed the bobbing plum sized head with my mouth, hungrily licking and sucking, tasting my own juices mixed with his dick drool. 'You need to wear a condom Jim. I’m not on any type of birth control, and its around the time that I should be ovulating.' Jim didn’t say a word in reply. 'Jim, I’m a married woman, please don’t do this to me' I pleaded emphatically, all the while slavishly swabbing his fleshy, white, horse cock with my tongue. 'Look!' Jim snarled. 'You want to get fucked, or don’t you? Either way, I give less than a fuck! I’m going to fuck your tight black pussy raw, and without any god damned condom getting in my way. The fucking things never fit anyway. I’m going to fuck you until you cry on my big white cock, and then I’m going to dump a load of Aryan sperm knee deep in your furry black cunt. If you’ve got a fucking problem with that, tough! Now shut the fuck up and grease my cock up!' He handed me the Vaseline. 'Please, you can’t do this. I’m fertile right now', I sobbed in vain, while massaging the thick grease into his big veiny muscle cock. 'Hey, that’s a problem for you and your piece of shit husband', he chuckled. 'Be sure to tell that big black bastard that I said your fat brown sugar pussy belonged to me from the moment I laid eyes on you.' He walked back around behind me, and bumped the gigantic shiny knob against my tight hole. 'Now open up and give me that black pussy', he said as he grabbed my shoulder with one hand, and pulled me back against his crotch. His massive purple cock-head forced its way past my nether lips into the mouth of my defenseless pussy. My tight opening yawned painfully around the incredible girth of his magnificent manhood. 'Arggghhhh', I screamed. 'Oh God, its too big. Please! Ugghhh, take it out. Pleeeeeease, Jim just for a second. Ahhhhh, you’re killing me! You’re too big Jim.' I flailed around, trying to dislodge the massive intruder from my tightly stretched pussy. Jim used his superior strength to hold me down, bent over the large rather ostentatious looking desk. Only the head and an inch or two of the shaft were in me. It felt like there was an arm stuck in my pussy. Every time I moved, trying to ease the pressure of being forced open by that big cock, Jim would follow my movements. He kept a steady pressure, slowly dilating my tender vaginal barrel with his overpowering tool. I could feel his throbbing monster growing even larger. He was aroused by my struggling. I was stuck, skewered on the end of Jim’s big white spear.

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