tagMatureMrs. Campbell's Bunkmate Ch. 01

Mrs. Campbell's Bunkmate Ch. 01


A story outlined by sa2222, who also wrote the introduction and helped to edit the finished product. If you were a fan of his story "Home Run" or my story "Deputy Milf and The Town Bully," then you should find what follows to be an enjoyable read. All characters are over eighteen.


Leonard Campbell's life had recently been turned upside down when his parents told him they were separating. He had no idea they were having marriage trouble. Having just turned eighteen and planning on starting college in two months, Leonard handled it in a mature manner when they sat him down to break the news. They assured him they had no plans of divorcing... they were just going to take a break from each other for a while at separate residences as they worked with a marriage counselor.

Maybe it had to do with getting married too young? His parents were high school sweethearts and madly in love when his mom mistakenly got pregnant with him at the age of nineteen. They decided to go ahead and get married quickly, as they had already talked about getting married anyways, and they had another child five years later.

Leonard's parents didn't really give him any specific reasons, and they rarely fought, but the damage was done and no reason would make it any better. He just prayed that they would reconcile their differences. Leonard took the news a lot better than his little brother Kyle, not surprisingly since his brother was going through puberty and a confusing time.

His father moved out as soon as they broke the news to the kids. Unexpectedly, Kyle wanted to go live with his father for the time being. Everyone agreed, being that both mom and dad could have at least one child with them. They were on decent terms, so they could compromise. Maybe these arrangements wouldn't last long anyways if they got back together, being that they vowed to work hard on improving the marriage. Leonard's father was an excellent provider and always sent checks in the mail for Leonard and his mother to live on.

So it was just Leonard and his mom Janelle at the house as he began his college career. His mom was a sweetheart and they got along great. His dad worked a lot anyways, so it wasn't much different without him there. Janelle remained strong, even though she often shed some tears. She visited with her sister and friends a lot more, as they provided great comfort for her.

Things kind of got odd when Leonard came home one day and there were flowers at the door for his mom. He had hoped that they were from his dad, but when he opened the card, it was from one of his dad's golfing buddies, wishing her a wonderful day and asking that she reconsider his dinner invitation. Was his dad's friend hitting on his mom? It had only been a few weeks since his father moved out.

When Janelle got the flowers and read the card, she did not look pleased and she threw them in the garbage. Her son asked her what was wrong and she just told him that she was not looking to date, rather she wants to reconcile with her husband and save their marriage. Leonard was so happy she said this.

They had a long conversation on the couch that night, and she revealed that she has been asked out several times already. One of her friends had also tried to set her up with someone. And now her husband's buddy apparently had his eye on her. She expressed no interest in dating and assured him that would not be happening. They had a good laugh though when he told her she should open a florist shop with all these men chasing her.

It was not surprising she garnered this much attention. Janelle is very attractive. She stands 5'9", with spectacular curves, tightened by her strict exercise routine. Her legs and thighs are flawless, and she has the nicest ass a woman of her age could ask for. Her natural 36DD breasts were as perky as when she was eighteen. She wears her long blonde hair down to her shoulders, flawless slightly tanned white skin, and she has the most adorable face. The neighbors often pointed out her resemblance to another Janelle - from the reality show Big Brother - as the suburbs are a dull place and reality TV is their only escape.

Janelle's attractiveness was not lost on Leonard, mainly because he was constantly reminded of it by his friends. They loved being around her, whether it was at school functions or just hanging around his house. His friends were always trying to peek down her blouse or look up her skirt, which always went unnoticed by his mom, but he knew what they were up to, especially when he'd hear about it as soon as his mom wasn't around.

The only times his mom wears revealing clothes is when she sleeps. Leonard often felt uncomfortable when she walks around at night in her favorite oversized t-shirt or a thin nightie. When he was a kid it wasn't a big deal, but after becoming a teenager he didn't want to see parts of his mother that only his father should see, nor did he want his friends to see either. This actually happened once when one of his friends named Billy Gomez was over, which is the reason Leonard rarely has friends spend the night at his house so that they couldn't perv on his sweet mother.

Leonard didn't talk to his friends about his parent's separation, but they knew what was going on. Janelle is friends with many of his friends' moms, so word spread fast. He was hoping his parents would get back together before he would have to face any discussions about it with people he knew. Plus, he didn't want any of his friends cracking jokes about his mom being single because he knew what they had going on in their dirty minds.

One such friend with a dirty mind about his mom was a punk named Duncan Flannagan. They weren't the best of friends, but Duncan had been to their house several times and Leonard didn't like the way he looked at her. Duncan was never deterred when it came to girls and he went through them fast. He was a master of manipulation, and when he set his sights on a girl he was relentless. When he told Leonard a couple years ago "I want to fuck your mom," Leonard felt anger towards him and didn't want him near his house or his mom. Duncan did apologize about it, so Leonard tried to forget it.

Recently, Duncan had been making a lot of effort to hang out with Leonard. Leonard wasn't sure why, but he felt kind of bad for him because Duncan came from a toxic home life. His parents had been on the news not too long ago in a domestic dispute, and it had been pretty embarrassing for him. When Janelle saw it, she told Leonard he needed to invite Duncan over for a meal some time.

But, Leonard had not been inviting any of his friends over lately since an incident previously mentioned with his friend Billy Gomez that happened a year ago. During that incident, Billy was spending the night over at Leonard's house. Janelle offered to set up the pullout couch for Billy to sleep on in the lounge. She had already changed into her nightie and it was apparent she didn't have a bra on. Leonard and Billy walked into the lounge as she was pulling the bed out, and they quickly moved towards her to help. During the process Leonard looked over at his mom and could see right down her nightie as she bent over to pull the bed out. Leonard immediately looked up at Billy to see if he noticed, and sure enough he was looking straight down her nightie too. Her breasts were swaying back and forth - her nipples in clear view - as she pulled on the bed. The next week at school Leonard's friends taunted him that Billy saw his mom's tits and jerked off on the pullout couch that night, according to Billy. At that point Leonard decided he didn't want friends sleeping over any more.

Duncan was indeed paying a lot of attention to Leonard lately after he heard through the grapevine that Leonard's dad moved out. Duncan had wanted to fuck his hot young mom so bad from the moment he had laid eyes on her, but he always figured she was a happily married woman. This didn't preclude him from fantasizing about her quite often though. With the news that her husband moved out, Duncan figured it was a golden opportunity to strike before someone else did, or before she got back together with her husband. It was no secret Leonard's mom was a hot commodity, so she wouldn't be on the market long, Duncan figured.

Since Leonard was giving Duncan a cool reception to his advances to hang out - not even an invitation to come over to his house - Duncan figured he would have to take matters into his own hands.


Duncan was at his sharpest when charming a member of the fairer sex. The closest he had to a regular girlfriend was Chelsea Massey, a slender eighteen year old classmate with short brunette hair, pert tits, a tight ass, and a posh spay-on tan, whose mother does not remotely approve of Duncan. Mrs. Massey, being more observant than Leonard's mom, has never admitted it's because she's uncomfortable with how Duncan leers at her. Duncan and Chelsea have also been caught fucking loudly several times in her bedroom. He's been banned from their house, so now he must sneak over whenever Mrs. Massey planned to be out for several hours.

Sometimes they'd fuck on Mrs. Massey's bed while Chelsea wore some of her mother's jewelry. Chelsea's never caught on that Duncan was playing out a milf scenario. She is far too aroused by his sexual prowess and made even hotter since her passion for him was forbidden. It was on a typical weekend afternoon when Duncan dropped by to fuck Chelsea on the living room floor. He was too busy to go up to one of the bedrooms, but she was always his for the taking, mind and body, so he decided she would play a role in his infiltration of Leonard's home.

Chelsea skillfully stroked Duncan's cock and it quickly reached its capacity of nine thick inches. "You look so beautiful today," he flattered. Both were nude save for a bracelet she wore that belonged to her mother. Chelsea then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply as his hands slid down to her ass.

Duncan lifted her with his strong arms and Chelsea slowly wrapped her legs around him. It was easy to hold this petite lovely off the ground. "Put it in me," she begged. "I have to feel you inside me..." He complied and guided his large cock into her lubricated pussy. Chelsea snapped her head back and moaned "Yes! God! Yes!" He grinned and tossed a throw pillow onto the carpet.

"How hot would it be if your mom walked in on us?" he asked as he took her down to the floor. "Would she get turned on?" Chelsea was now on her back with Duncan on top of her and her head on the pillow. "Would she want to join in?"

"Mmm... Don't talk like that..." she asked as he drove his cock inside her with commanding thrusts. "Just shut up and fuck me..." She'll have bruises on her backside as a result, but it was worth it to her. When they first hooked up it was difficult to adjust to his girth... now she was broken in.

"I'll say whatever I want..." he boasted as he pinched and tweaked her hard nipples. "Do you want to be fucked HARD!?" He knew how she liked it and enjoyed taunting her.

"Fuck me Duncan! Fuck me hard with your thick cock!" she screamed as he draped her left leg over his shoulder. "Fuck me harder! HARDER!" His power took over and he began to pound his cock into her harder and gave her two booming orgasms in a ten minute span. "YES! YES!" she cried over and over. If her mother had returned, she might not have even noticed.

After her second orgasm, he abruptly pulled out of her cum filled pussy. She was hoping for a third orgasm, but knew the routine. It was his turn. He yanked her up and laid her on her knees. She opened her mouth and sucked the first few inches of his hard cock into her mouth. He let out a moan that the neighbors could probably hear and began rocking his hips as he held her head with both hands.

"YEAH... suck my cock in your mommy's house!" He was face fucking her right next to the coffee table, which held a scenic photograph of both her and her mother. Chelsea's lips slid up and down his glistening cock as she was now taking almost all nine inches down her throat. He stared at her mother's image until his cock swelled. Mrs. Massey wasn't his favorite milf, though she'd do for now as he didn't have a photo of Leonard's mom. He pulled out again and Chelsea jerked him off until... he sprayed hot cum in her face.

"JESUS CHRIST..." he hollered as she jacked the last few spurts out of his fuck-stick.

"Yummy..." she declared as she licked his hot cum off her top lip.

"Wait... Don't move..." he said as he picked his jeans up off the floor and fished his cell phone out of the back pocket. "Cheese..." He then snapped a few pics of her cum soaked face.

"You don't show these to anyone?" she said as both a question and a firm request.

"Never... They're just for us." He helped her up and spanked her on the ass before she headed upstairs to clean off.

He then looked over the pics and wondered if this would ever be Janelle Campbell.

Chelsea came back downstairs five minutes later in her mother's bathrobe.

"Can I borrow forty bucks?" he asked as he zipped up his jeans.

"Sure..." She hurried to her purse to grab the cash, since she would never deny him.

"Listen, things are getting bad at home" he said. "I may just bail and track down my uncle in Detroit."

"What?" Chelsea appeared very worried. "Then I might never see you again."

"Well, can I move in here?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"I'd love that but my mother would never allow it." She unknowingly handed him sixty dollars. "She'll throw me out if I even ask."

"Then we may have to move on and agree to see other people," he said calmly as he counted the money.

"No, why are you talking like this? I'll be moving into my own apartment by the end of the year." Now she was really freaking out. "There has to be someplace you can stay until then." What would she do without him and his cock?

"Umm... Do you know Leonard Campbell?" he asked.

She thought about it... "Yeah, he's kind of a geek?'

"Right, but he has a big house and his parents are bleeding hearts." He casually stuffed the cash into his jeans. "If I tell them my sob story, they'll let me crash there for a while." He conveniently omitted that Leonard's parents were recently separated.

Chelsea now saw a glimmer of hope. "So, what's stopping you?"

"Me and Lenny have drifted apart in the past few years," he admitted. "I need him to help me get my foot in the door."

"What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"Talk to him. He has a crush on you." He pulled her towards him and kissed her. "Tell him to be charitable to me and he'll do it."

He still had his shirt off and she began kissing his chest. "And what if he says no?" she continued to ask.

"Suck his dick," he teased as he slipped his hand underneath the robe and started rubbing her crotch through the Brazilian cut panties she had put on.

"No way. He's cute for a geek, but I'm not doing that," she said as they dry humped.

"I was kidding. All you got to do is flirt," he said as she begrudgingly pushed him away.

"Fine... I'll do it for you, but you have to go now." She handed him his shirt. "My mom will be home soon."

He waved his phone in the air. "Maybe she'd like to see the pics?" he taunted.

"You can be a real jerk sometimes," she said as she pinched his bicep.

"But you still love me." He held Chelsea, but fantasized of Mrs. Campbell... Leonard's newly single mom.


Leonard spent much of his free time at a local book store. Duncan assured Chelsea that she would find him there. Though she had grown up in this area, she's never entered the bookstore. Hot guys didn't hang out there, so why bother? She roamed the establishment and intimidated all the shy bookworms who populated it. She wore high hooker boots, a leather mini skirt, a snug red tank top, and no brassiere. Any guy who saw her in this provocative ensemble would be thinking about her in the shower that night. She finally found Leonard on the second floor. He was alone at a table and reading a book about Greek mythology. She grabbed a random book, so it looked like she was there to read too as she passed by his table.

"Oh, hello Leonard. It's good to see you," she said vivaciously.

"Hey, Chelsea." He was immediately flustered. "Yeah, it's great to see you too."

"May I join you?" she asked in a cutesy voice.

"Sure," he was more than happy to say.

"I haven't seen you since graduation," she said as she sat down across from him. "Starting college this semester or are you taking time off?" She made sure he had a nice peek at her cleavage.

"I'm starting right away." His eyes insuppressibly drifted down to her tits. "Yourself?"

"No, I need to catch my breath." She pretended not to notice his gawking. "Still working in the dress shop and saving my money. I need to move out of my mother's house. She is really suffocating me."

"That's too bad," he said while only half listening, mesmerized by her unconfined breasts. He was usually a gentleman, but she was giving him an erection and he was obviously blushing.

"Well, I shouldn't complain so much." She thought it was sweet that he was smitten, but she remained focused on her task. "Others have it worse than me... Like that Duncan Flannagan"

The mention of Duncan's name was a buzz kill. "I didn't know you guys were friends." He still remembered what Duncan said about his mother. Duncan was the type of hunk that girls like Chelsea always went for.

"Not really, but I saw him on the news earlier this year," she said. "When his father was arrested. I felt so bad for him." She was using the truth as encouragement. This was the best way to manipulate someone... along with her nipples, which were defined through the material of her top.

"Yeah, he can be gruff sometimes, but no one deserves to be humiliated like that." Leonard had a heart, so he did have sympathy for Duncan.

"I'd invite him over to my house, but we were never that close," she said.

"I've thought about inviting him over..." he trailed off.

"Why haven't you?" she asked.

"You know how it is. After you graduate from high school, you start to reevaluate who your real friends are." He was bashful and not about to admit to her that he was afraid Duncan would hit on his mother.

"He could probably use a friend like you. I get the feeling that you're a decent person." Chelsea flashed him her gorgeous smile. "I regret not getting to know you better in high school." She wasn't the best actress, but her smile was getting the job done.

"I feel the same way about you," he said rather clumsily.

"Can I borrow a pen?" she asked before puckering her lips.

He took a pen out of his backpack and handed it to her. She then took his hand and wrote her number down on his palm. Her touch sent a chill down his spine and his hard-on needed some immediate attention. "Give me a call sometime and we'll hang out." Could this be true? The sexiest girl from high school was offering her number? Or was this a hidden camera show?

"Okay..." Like he was going to say anything else.

"And be nice to Duncan," she said as she gleefully returned his pen. "You're the last nice guy. It's up to you."

"Sure, I'll drop him a line and invite him over to dinner," he said to impress her, thinking she might be attracted to the nice guy.

"You're the best, but I gotta go now." She stood up and left her insignificant book on the table. "It was really cool seeing you, Lenny. Bye."

"Bye." Leonard's mouth hung open as Chelsea headed for the escalator. His eyes were glued to her ass. He'd have to stay seated for a while until his erection subsided, but the brainwash was effective and that night he texted Duncan about coming over for a nice home cooked meal. The die was cast.


Duncan dropped by on a Sunday evening for the much anticipated dinner. Sunday had always been family night in the Campbell household. Even as her two sons matured and preferred the company of their friends, Janelle maintained the tradition. Sunday dinner didn't seem like the same occasion as of late with just her and Leonard, so she was excited for the company. She especially enjoyed having Leonard's friends as guests. They were so sweet and respectful. She thought of herself as a "cool mom." She was too naïve to realize that she was the resident milf.

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