tagMatureMrs. Campbell's Bunkmate Ch. 02

Mrs. Campbell's Bunkmate Ch. 02


A story suggested by sa2222. All characters are over eighteen. I suppose as with any sequel, having read the first chapter is a plus. The female characters are inspired as follows... "Janelle Campbell" is Janelle Pierzina (Big Brother), "Megan Sutter" is Megan Hauserman (Rock of Love), & "Chelsea Massey" is Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead).


"I've...oh my god...never been fucked like this," was the sentiment of the blonde and busty Mrs. Janelle Campbell night after night. Against her better judgment, she was falling in love with the virile Duncan Flannagan... a man young enough to be her son. In fact, he WAS a friend of her eldest son Leonard. Janelle naively believed Leonard was clueless about the affair, even though she's moaning loud at night and her bed makes a lot of noise, so she insisted that she and Duncan have sex in the shower of her private bathroom this morning so Leonard couldn't hear their cries of passion.

Janelle had her back to Duncan as he soaped her 36DD breasts. "Mmm...such strong hands you have," she complimented. He then spread her legs and rubbed his cock along her pussy... which was soaking wet. "Mmm...yes...put it in me, lover boy..." she begged as he continued to tease her pussy with his massive cock. Duncan had reentered Leonard's life several weeks ago with the sole purpose of bedding his hot mom. He forced the head of his thick member into her pussy - a couple inches at a time - stretching her slit. "Yes! God! Yes!" she cried.

"Ohh...Janelle...yeah...you're so damn hot!" Duncan groaned as he started plowing into her - deep penetration - giving her as much as she could take. "You like being on the business end of my dick?" The ego trip was all part of the enjoyment for him as he rocked his hips. "Better than your husband's little dick?" Duncan mused in thought to himself.

"Mmm...yes...you're so thick...you're so FUCKING THICK..." she cried. Getting "fucked" by this strapping young man was a very different sensation than "making love" with her monotonous husband. "Oh my god...don't stop...don't ever stop FUCKING ME..." Janelle was dizzy from the pleasure and gripped the towel rack on the sliding glass door to steady her. "Mmm...Duncan...I LOVE YOU, BABY..." She felt like she was about to explode as he pounded into her.

"Ohh...I know you do..." he said with great confidence as he gritted his teeth. Duncan was back in his groove, lasting as long with Janelle as he does with his girlfriend / fuck buddy, Chelsea Massey. And he REALLY loved looking down at Janelle's perfect heart shaped ass as his glistening cock slid in and out of her pussy. He was like a conquering hero. All of Leonard's friends jerked off to Mrs. Campbell... now she was HIS slut.

"Ohh...come here, baby..." Duncan pulled out and spun her around, then penetrated her snatch from the front. He wrapped his right arm around her waist and pulled her in tight as he thrust into her. He also held the top of the sliding glass door with his left hand for better leverage on the slippery surface. "Ohh...fuck...you're so beautiful..." he groaned. Janelle in kind wrapped her left leg around his thigh and snapped her head back. She stared up at the ceiling tiles in a euphoric daze as her orgasm built.

Meanwhile, Leonard was in the hallway outside her bedroom. It was 7AM. He listened to her shower running and thought back to the morning when he first discovered that Duncan and his mom were sharing a bed. They hadn't become lovers YET. Maybe he could have put a stop to things if he had confronted them immediately? Instead he spoke to them separately, which was a mistake. It probably gave Duncan a chance to feed her some more bullshit about how sad and vulnerable he was. Leonard had practiced on his door and now knew how to spring the locks on all the bedroom doors. It wasn't all that difficult.

He entered his mother's bedroom and found the big empty bed, indicating they were showering together. On the hard wood floor was pair of his mother's silk panties. Duncan's boxer shorts hung on the doorknob of the bathroom door. He reminisced fondly of the innocent days when all he had to worry about was his friends - like Billy Gomez - leering at her tits and masturbating in the lounge. Leonard's plan was to confront them as they exited the bathroom. His mother was treating him like an idiot by pretending there was no affair even though he could hear everything through the shared wall. Duncan and Janelle also made lustful eyes at each other across the dinner table every night. Leonard could hardly finish his meals because he was so sick over the situation.

But he lost his nerve when he heard his mother in the throes of passion over the running water. "Oh my god...I'm cumming...I'M CUMMING..." she moaned. And this was not her first orgasm of the morning. If that wasn't bad enough... Duncan then let out a primal bellow. He must have shot his load into Janelle. Leonard had discerned that his mother was having multiple orgasms to every one of Duncan's. Leonard shed a tear as he hurried out of the bedroom.

Janelle and Duncan turned the water off and continued to kiss passionately. His hands were all over her ass as she reached down and stroked his semi-flaccid cock. She then broke off the kiss to say, "Sweetie, you don't want to be late for your first day of work." Duncan responded by cupping and groping her left breast, and sucking on her nipple. He was being aggressive by using his teeth and the sensation sent a chill down her spine. "Mmm...yes...that feels so good..." It took all of her will power to allow him to leave for his first day at his new job... which he told her was in construction.


Janelle had become accustom to spending her days sunbathing with Duncan by the pool and fucking him WILDLY in just about every corner of the house with the obvious exception of Leonard and Kyle's rooms. But now Duncan was out of the house and she was alone... missing him and his cock. She rescheduled her weekly marriage counseling session and made a brunch date with her rowdy younger sister, Megan Sutter. Megan has never married. Sutter was Janelle's maiden name.

Janelle had much to get of her chest and nobody to confide in. Megan was two years younger than Janelle, but had more lines under her eyes from years of hard partying. She flaunted 36DDs as well - clearly artificial - paid for by one the sugar daddies she had several years earlier. Megan also wore a bit too much make up, but she was still sexy in a slutty kind of way. A woman you'd fuck but not introduce to your family. The two blonde bombshells sipped espressos at an outdoor cafe and Megan could tell that Janelle had something to say. "Gonna bore me to death by talking about marriage counseling?" Megan asked.

"No... Actually, I cancelled this week's session." Janelle appeared ashamed. "I lied and said I was sick."

"Why would you do that?" Megan was intrigued as her girl scout of a sister rarely fibbed.

"I've... Well, I can't talk about it." Janelle hadn't been this conflicted since the separation.

"You called me," Megan pointed out. "I haven't seen a guilty look on your face like this since you told mom you were pregnant with Leonard."

"I'm... seeing someone," Janelle finally admitted.

"Yes!" Megan attracted the attention of other patrons. "You needed to get laid big time!"

Janelle was so embarrassed. "Will you please keep your voice down?" she pleaded.

"Who is he? Your husband's friend? The one sending you flowers? That would be so hot..." Megan fanned herself with a napkin. "Fucking your husband's friend while you're still technically married."

"You're a vampire," Janelle said, being both amused and offended by her baby sister.

"Am I?" Megan asked with a sinisterly sexy smile.

"Yes," Janelle confirmed.

"YOU still haven't told me who HE is." Megan was very excited. "What does he do? How did you two meet? Spill it, sister... I need some details."

"He's in construction," Janelle mumbled as she wasn't sure how much to disclose.

"Blue collar? Those are my favorites..." Megan bounced in her seat. "They come home all dirty and sweaty and ready to fuck." She was miming riding a dick much to the horror of her bashful sister.

"It's not like that..." Janelle was modest, but still felt compelled to rave about Duncan. "But, he is an animal in bed if you absolutely must know."

"Better than your husband?" Megan asked gleefully.

"That's not an appropriate question," Janelle said firmly.

"He must be BIGGER than your husband at least." Megan was about to cross a line. "I always got the impression that your husband was short in stature." Megan made a tiny gesture with her thumb and index finger.

"Can we not talk about the father of my children like that?" Janelle demanded.

"Fine, but tell me more about the new guy." Megan continued to grill Janelle. "What's his name? Does Leonard approve of him? I know that would be important to you since Leonard is a bit of a mamma's boy."

"His name is Duncan," Janelle explained. "Leonard doesn't know that we're sleeping together even though Duncan is living with us."

"What?" Megan was very confused. "If you're already living together, how could Leonard not know you're having sex with this guy?"

"Duncan is nineteen... He's a friend of Leonard's from high school," Janelle confessed.

"Holy shit! I can't believe my ears!" Megan had another outburst. "You're fucking a teenager!" Even the restaurant staff was eavesdropping at this juncture.

"I told you to keep your voice down!" Janelle begged.

"Little miss conservative, who won't even buy a vibrator is now having play dates with her son's friends." Megan couldn't remember ever hearing news this juicy. "I love it."

"I assumed you would," Janelle said. "But it's only the one friend."

"Do you have a picture?" Megan asked. Janelle took her cell phone from her purse and displayed the bathing suit photo of Duncan she had once masturbated to before she was able to fuck him for real. "He's hot. We should have a threesome with him," Megan quipped casually.

"No, that's sick." Janelle tucked her cell phone away. "Not a chance."

"No fair," Megan sulked. "When I was fucking that Hispanic busboy, I invited you to have a threesome with us. Luis thought you were a sexy bitch."

"I was happily married... at the time," Janelle stated.

"We even role played once that I was you," Megan confessed. "He fucked me good that night. You missed out on a MONSTER cock, sis."

"Not anymore because Duncan has a... monster cock," Janelle said sheepishly.

"Then you should share him like a loving sister," Megan asserted.

"It's not just sex," Janelle proclaimed. "We have a deep emotional connection."

"Lame," was all Megan had to say to that. "Only you could make fucking a teenager dull."

"No, it's not. We're falling in love with each other," Janelle explained. "That's why I can't face my husband. I can't break his heart."

"Oh, screw him. He's always been a loser," Megan said without trepidation. "All he was good for was your two wonderful sons. You may think I'm terrible, but my nephews mean the world to me. I know a divorce will upset them, but they'll endure just like we did."

"I'm so confused." Janelle became misty eyed. "I don't know what to do."

"Find happiness. Be selfish for once," Megan commanded. "Stop worrying about everyone else for a change and live your life without regret."

"I guess I have some serious thinking to do," Janelle lamented.

"I'm here for you." Megan took Janelle's hand. "You're the bestest big sister and I love you."

"Thanks, I love you too." Janelle then took a napkin and dabbed her eyes.

"Can you...um..." Megan was beating around the bush.

"What?" Janelle wondered what her wicked sister would ask next.

"Send me shirtless pics of your boy-toy to use on lonely nights?" Megan implored.

"What? Really? No... You are such a tramp" Janelle snickered to her baby sister.

"That's a bold statement coming from a cradle robber like you," Megan teased back.

Megan put Janelle somewhat at ease. She was absolutely encouraged to continue her relationship with Duncan, but had no simple way of confessing to her two sons and estranged husband.


Duncan spent many hours at his alleged construction job each day and was always paid in cash. Janelle still missed their "quality time" but was proud that her young lover was making something of himself. Leonard took some solace that Duncan might be moving on with his life - and out of their house - soon if he had some money in his pocket.

Leonard and Janelle ate breakfast in silence. Both were deep in thought. Would she confess? Would he confront her? He was dressed for class while she was in her white cotton robe... with virtually nothing underneath. Finally, she decided to break the ice. "Meet any nice girls since you started college?" she asked.

"A few," was all he said.

"Any potential girlfriends?" she prodded maternally.

"I guess... I don't know." Leonard didn't want to talk about relationships.

Janelle smiled and said, "I bet there's a special girl who you're sweet on."

"Well, there is this girl... Chelsea," he explained. "We met back in high school, but only started hanging out recently."

"Cool," Janelle said in an awkward attempt to seem like a hip mom. "Chelsea is a pretty name."

Duncan then came downstairs and entered the kitchen, carrying a decorative gift bag.

"Good morning," said a chipper Janelle to the new man of the house.

"Heading to work?" Leonard asked Duncan bluntly.

"Not yet," Duncan said. "My foreman gave me the morning off."

"Great." Janelle felt her pussy start to moisten at just the thought of time alone with Duncan.

But Leonard's heart sunk. He knew what would happen. "What's with the bag?" he asked.

"For you, Mrs. Campbell," Duncan declared. "To show my appreciation for your hospitality."

"That's so sweet, Duncan, but you didn't have to do that," she assured him.

"Yeah, you should be SAVING your money," Leonard urged him.

"But I feel like I owe you." Duncan handed the gift bag to Janelle. She opened it up and removed a two piece leopard print bikini. Leonard was both stunned and outraged... wanting to stick the handle of his spoon into Duncan's eye.

"Oh...well...it's very nice." She couldn't believe Duncan gave her this in front of Leonard.

"Try it on," Duncan insisted. "I want to make sure it fits."

"Okay, but I'm going to reimburse you," she said. "Leonard's right. You should be saving your money, especially since you're working so hard for it." Janelle took the bikini with her upstairs. Duncan then rummaged through the refrigerator as if what he just did was normal.

"A bathing suit? A bikini no less?" Leonard asked. "Seriously?"

"I was gonna get her a sun hat for when she gardens, but they look silly. Like they're for old ladies," Duncan explained. "Listen, your mom is a young mom, so she gets a young present. Something fun to match her personality. Know what I mean?"

"Dude, not to sound like a jerk, but how much longer will you be crashing here?" Leonard demanded to know. "It's been well over a month. Aren't you embarrassed to still be mooching off us?"

Duncan kept his focus on the refrigerator and said, "Relax... Not much longer."

Leonard was staring a hole though Duncan. His insides were burning.

"Duncan, bring my purse up here so I can give you the money," Janelle called from upstairs. Duncan abandoned Leonard in the kitchen and grabbed the purse from the living room before hurrying upstairs. He knocked on her bedroom door before entering. He was keeping up the facade for Janelle's sake and not Leonard's. He opened door and saw her in front of her vanity mirror... wearing nothing but the bikini and admiring her immaculate reflection.

"I used to have dreams like this..." Duncan said as he looked over her body.

"Summer is over," she said as she gazed back at him though his reflection in the mirror. "I was going to cover the pool today."

"Tomorrow." He dropped her purse on the bed and came up behind her. "Let's enjoy the pool one last time. It was a magical summer." He wrapped his arms around her - brushed her golden hair out of the way - and planted soft kisses on her neck.

"Okay..." she purred. "But you should've waited until Leonard left for class."

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself... Forgive me?" he asked as started rubbing her crotch through her bikini bottom and his growing erection poked her in the backside.

Leonard could hear his mother giggling as he hurried out the front door. She was still a married woman. How could Duncan corrupt her like this? How could SHE let it happen? He could barely make sense of the situation let alone formulate any retaliation.

The coast was now clear, so Janelle and Duncan headed into the backyard after he changed into his swim trunks. It wasn't too bright, but she still applied sun block to his torso as he relaxed on a lounge chair. She then laid a towel on the ground and knelt down in front of him.

Janelle's hands slid up his thighs and tugged on his trunks. "For old time's sake..." she said as he sat up just enough for her to slide his trunks down and then sat back down once his erect cock was exposed. She then undid her bikini top and unveiled her spectacular 36DDs in broad daylight. It was a weekday, but this was brazen as there was still a chance that one of the neighborhood desperate housewives could spy this.

Duncan looked down and watched her take his member and put it inside her tits. "Mmm...I think about this cock every day..." Janelle squeezed her breasts even tighter over his cock. "I've been missing this cock so bad..." It seemed she wanted an early release and she started playing with his balls.

"And I've been missing these tits..." he said as he reached down to fondle her breasts.

His cell phone was in arms reach on small piece of patio furniture. He grabbed it with his free hand and started filming her breasts with his dick in between them. Eat your heart out, Billy Gomez. Duncan had trouble keeping his hand steady as she jacked his cock with her big round tits for several minutes.

"Come on, baby... Cum for me... I love watching you cum..." she begged.

The titty fuck became more intense and Duncan obliged Janelle by spraying hot cum in between her boobs. Duncan was quite satiated as Chelsea's perky tits could not provide this service. Janelle got a spurt or two in her mouth and lips, but she angled it so the rest got on her upper chest and tits. Duncan ended his video with a shot of his cum coating her chest and tanned skin.

"You won't show that to anyone, will you?" she asked.

"No, of course not," he assured her. "It's just something to watch on my breaks."

"You'll drive yourself crazy fantasying about these," she said, flaunting her big tits.

"I'm gonna fantasize anyway," he jested. "Might as well have the video." Duncan turned Janelle around and gave her a light spank, which she enjoyed. He put his phone down and then they dove into the pool to clean off. Janelle knew her lust was getting the better of her. She wasn't ashamed of her feelings for Duncan, but had to take into account how they might affect those she cared about... her family.


Janelle needed some sage advice... beyond her sister's. She called up her marriage counselor and asked if it was all right for her to have a private session. Dr. Timothy Boothe fit her into his schedule at noon and agreed to be discreet and not inform her husband. Not standard practice, but he had no qualms about making an acceptation for Janelle... his favorite patient. She entered his office at the agreed upon time and he rose to greet her.

"Welcome, Janelle," said a cordial Timothy. "Please, make yourself comfortable."

"Thank you, Dr. Boothe." Janelle got cozy on the sofa across from his high back chair.

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