tagAnalMrs. Clarke and Her Masseuse

Mrs. Clarke and Her Masseuse


Hi all. This is my first post here, so please be gentle with me! I initially wrote this for a pen-pal who gave their blessing on me sharing it with more people. So here you go - I hope you all enjoy reading it just half as much as I enjoyed writing it! :)

Very briefly, the story is about a young man and an older woman, a client at his massage clinic. It goes without saying that things get hot and heavy - the story contains anal, fingering, squirting, a little bit of lactation, and oral.


Mr. and Mrs. Clarke hadn't had sex in months, and at this point their sex life was beyond saving. Mrs. Clarke suspected that the Mr. had gotten used to watching porn, and that was the reason that he hadn't slept with her in so long. Well, she didn't even care why anymore... She just knew she had physical needs, and the physicality she got from her masseuse Thomas no longer did the job. Especially since he never seemed to get the hint that she wanted more than massages from him. Or maybe he just ignored her, or was too professional, or he respected her wedding ring - she didn't know, but she knew that she needed more than just massages which lately felt superficial more than anything else. But really, how could he not get the hint when she was laying on that massage table, always without underwear, even spreading her legs to give him a look at her labia? So she decided that the very next week, she was going to make sure he got the hint!

She'd booked two sessions in a row that next week, and when she arrived at the clinic, her heart was pumping! Having prepared from home with not only a revealing sundress, but also going completely commando, a fresh shave, nicely done make-up and even hair, she though that surely... Surely he would act on it! Well, she forgot about that wedding ring of hers again. So as she got onto the table on her front with a towel over her butt, Thomas just did the usual massage of her back, shoulders, arms, legs, thighs. When he got to her thighs she'd moan quite a bit. And like last week, she spread her legs apart so that her lips were visible. Not only that, but to *really* make sure he saw it, she pulled the towel upwards, making it incredibly clear what her intentions were. Because not only was she showing off her smooth vulva, and those beautifully glistening pink lips. She was also showing him the snugly fitting buttplug she was wearing!

While he understood what she was doing, while he was rock hard, while he had pre-cum staining his pants, while he wanted only to just jam his cock in there... That damned ring held him back - because a woman who looked like her surely had a husband of equal stature. A husband that wouldn't mind doing something about a masseuse who got too close to his wife! There was no way he was going to get beat up despite how desperate he was to fuck this woman, how badly he felt the need to just pump her full of his cum - but he knew he needed to compromise with himself somehow.

Well, Thomas was frozen, staring at this woman's revealed pussy and plugged asshole. He awkwardly cleared his throat, trying to just get back to work to massage her. Upon hearing that, Mrs. Clarke knew that he'd finally gotten his eyes open, and she grabbed the towel that was now sitting across her lower back and tossed it on the floor. She turned around onto her back and looked up at him with an expectant smile. She was nervous, and Thomas just continued to more or less stare at her - this time at her soft breasts, and those remarkably stiff nipples of hers. "I've had it inside of me for like an hour," she said as she spread put her knees up, spreading her legs on the table. A little trickle of wetness ran from her pussy, over the buttplug, and soaked into the sheet of paper on the massage table. Upon seeing it, Thomas couldn't take it anymore.

"Mrs. Clarke, you are, uhm..." he began, not really knowing where he was going with it, "you're so fucking hot," he said, now deciding what the compromise would be. She giggled like a schoolgirl at such a compliment, something she hadn't heard her husband say in years! As she laid there, her fully nude body on display under him, he ran a hand up her arm to her shoulder, caressing her skin back and forth a little bit. "I, uhm, can't do much about *this* right now," he said, looking down himself. Her eyes followed his, and they widened quite a bit as she discovered one of the biggest tents she'd ever seen. She swallowed a lump, not able to take her eyes off of it. "However, I am a masseuse..." he said, not needing to say any more than that. He ran his hand from her shoulder to her chest, taking one of her breasts into his hand. Mrs. Clarke moaned out in lust, the feeling of a man touching her in that way again being all it took for her to lose herself in the moment. He moved his other hand to her chest as well, and despite another droplet of pre-cum soaking his pants, he ignored it. With both his hands cupping her breasts, groping, and gently massaging them, he soon started to pinch her nipples. He slowly increased the pressure, doing it harder until she winced from the pain.

He went back to massaging her breasts, and did so for a while until he pinched her nipples again, this time keeping within the limit of pain that she'd slightly groaned about. That second pinching made a little something happen though, something that hadn't happened in years. Mrs. Clarke looked down in surprise as she felt little droplets of milk forming, and trickling down her breasts. "Oh my god," she said, wiping it up. Thomas wasn't quite sure if that was a good thing or not, so he begun moving further down her body as she replaced his hands with her own, mindlessly grabbing her own breasts as a little more milk came out!

Thomas' hands moved in between her legs, the wet womanhood between them seeming as needy as the manhood between *his* legs! But this was all about her though, she was paying for a massage after all... He looked to her for approval, and with a little nod her of her head and a bite to her lower lip, he moved his fingers over her needy cunt. She felt her pulse quicken almost instantly, his strong masseuse fingers and hands working wonders on her womanhood. He was throbbing under his pants, but he forgot that for the time being as he introduced a pair of fingers to her. Penetrating her, she gasped. Sighing just as deeply as she gasped, he moved his fingers all the way inside. Massaging her walls, he curled his fingers and moved them around quite gently at first, but soon did it a lot faster.

Her juices were still running down over her buttplug, because as he was fingering her vagina, she couldn't help but feel as though she was being double penetrated. It was just a buttplug in one hole and two fingers in the other, but this was more than she'd had in as long as she could remember almost! She closed her eyes, her chest heaving up and down as Thomas' fingers worked their way back and forth, in and out, and even up and down inside of her, his fingertips moving expertly. It didn't take long for her to orgasm like that, and as she did, he could feel the usual tensing up of a woman's vagina - but this time more so because of it feeling way tighter on account of the plug. It was by no means a little plug either, it filled her out quite nicely - only resulting in her orgasm being more intense than usual, and a very tiny squirt of milk coming out of each nipple. She laughed in surprise at the intense orgasm, breathing heavily as she rode it out. "You are *good*!" is all she could manage to say at the moment.

After she'd calmed down from her orgasm, he ran his fingers and palm over her wet labia and vulva, easing her back down. Soon enough though, he grabbed the base of her buttplug with his thumb and index finger. She bit her lip at the sensation of him pulling it out of her rear hole, however it left her rather easily. The combination of her being so relaxed, the fact that she was lubed up with her juices and the oil she'd used to get it into her in the first place, meant that he could easily take it out. He raised an eyebrow at that fact, looking at the empty, pink hole that was left. It looked rather tender, but he didn't have to hesitate for very long before he let his hand on her pussy rest over it, just sitting there, adding a little bit of enjoyably pressure on her post-orgasm vagina. He then, with no other lube at all, move a finger in circles around her anus. She moaned and groaned, desperate to feel his finger inside of her. She didn't have to wait for long though, because he couldn't help himself either - he pushed a finger inside of her, but upon feeling how relaxed the buttplug had left her, he immediately pulled it out again and added another one.

Pushing his two fingers deep inside of her asshole, she screamed quietly through her teeth. She'd never felt anything up there except for that very buttplug and her own fingers! So the feeling of a man's fingers going into her - and strong, thick fingers at that - was beyond what she'd dreamed of. Not just the mentality of it, but the pure physical sensation was too much for her to take. He just stood there, fingers in her ass, and she just lay there, eyes shut as her body writhed on the table. She'd never been a very dirty woman, but this time she felt like one - like the true slut she knew she was, the slut that was buried somewhere deep inside of her!

He moved his fingers out again - all the way out. He then pushed two fingers from his other hand into her pussy before reintroducing the fingers from his other hand into her asshole. She moaned at this so tight experience, looking up at him as he worked her holes. The fingers in her pussy were now just sitting there, but he begun to finger her hole. He didn't pretend to do it gently either! He started off with a steady rhythm, pumping his fingers in and out of her asshole as she moaned and moaned, continuing all the way until her double session was up. At the end, she'd had a total of four orgasms. One from vaginal, and three from the anal fingering - just from her ass being fingered! The fingers he had in her pussy probably helped quite a bit, but they really were just sitting there, almost completely still! Needless to say, the massaging table needed cleaning after that affair, being covered in her cream, juices, sweat, milk, you name it!

Many thank yous later, Mrs. Clarke finally got up from the table, standing in the nude in front of her masseuse, that hunk of a man. "God damn, I wish you'd let me do something about this thing," she said, getting close to him with her hands on his chest as she pressed into him, feeling his hardness poking her in the tummy. Cream was dripping down her legs as she stood there, and he may as well have had stuff running down his as well. He could swear that he was close to cumming into those loose pants of his when she squirted the first time from that, uh... Butthole-massage. Regardless, the front of his pants was beyond a little wet spot now - it was multiple spots of pre-cum that had soaked into them, and the one thing he could think of at this point was to get off. "What about your husband?" he asked her, taking her hand from his chest and patting her ring. She finally realized why it had taken so long to get him to do what she wanted, but nonetheless, she brushed it off - yet noted to herself that she had to remember her ring next time... "He won't find out," she said.

Coincidentally, her husband was traveling with work that very weekend! Mrs. Clarke told Thomas all about it, and even went so far as to write down not only her phone number, but also her address and the exact times that her husband would be gone. Thomas pocketed the note, and then looked down himself. "So uh, will he find out if you help me with this?" he asked her. Once again, she just couldn't take her eyes off of that thing. "I don't think so," she said, walking closer to Thomas and taking his bulge in her hand, grabbing his shaft tight yet gently. He moaned at finally being touched there, but as he then looked her in the eye, he saw that mysteriously devilish look of hers. "It's only Tuesday," she said. "You can last until Saturday I'm sure," she said, letting go of his member and then started to get her things. She put on her flats, and just as she was about to put on her dress, she asked him to give her a hand with something. She showed him her buttplug, "I didn't bring a purse," she said, turning around and slightly bending over to show him her ass, "you need to put it back inside of me," she said with a smirk, looking over her shoulder.

Thomas cursed under his breath, knowing that this wasn't going to help the whole lasting-until-Saturday situation. She moved the plug to her mouth, licking and sucking on it for a moment to make sure it was wet enough, and then she handed it to him. Using her hands to spread her cheeks apart, she bent over even further and told him to be easy with it, that it was quite bulbous. He got onto his knees, but apparently it wasn't going to be a problem at all - having just received one hell of an anal fingering, her hole was completely relaxed, so it slid in with close to no resistance from her otherwise extraordinarily tight ring. She let out a little moan, a sort of whimper as it found its place inside of her again. Sitting snugly, she felt sexy as ever as she then put on her dress. She looked at the clock in the room, and said that she had to hurry home and shower so her husband wouldn't know. She was beyond caring about cheating since her husband paid so little attention to her needs. She felt like she could do what she wanted at this point. So she did - she walked over to Thomas, and grabbed his chin with one hand, his still-hard bulge with the other, and kissed him square on the lips. "See you Saturday, big guy," she said, giving his cock just a couple of strokes before leaving the massage clinic.

Mrs. Clarke felt like she needed to suffer with Thomas, so she kept herself from getting off until they saw each other again. Thomas kept his end of the deal, and once Saturday rolled around, both of them were so incredibly pent up that they could barely keep their hands to themselves. Thomas arrived early in the afternoon, no more than half an hour after Mr. Clarke had driven to the airport. Clearly the Mrs. could just not wait for it, not even playing it safe - she was desperate to feel Thomas' fingers again, and also something bigger this time. Thomas knocked on the door to her house, a large one at that. She was clearly well-off, and the interior showed it too. Mrs. Clarke smiled as he stood there. She hurried him into the house so the nosy neighbors wouldn't see that she had found a boy-toy, and right as the front door closed, she kissed him and planted her hands on his ass. He was taken by surprise at this, but he wasn't about to pass up an opportunity to make out with a hot woman such as her.

After a bit of kissing, both were visibly aroused, and she showed him into the living room. Seeing him looking her up and down, she looked up. "Ah, yeah I'm sorry, I was about to go for a run actually," she said, not exactly wearing the most formal outfit ever - clad in a pair of flowery fitness leggings and a running top. "Clearly never happened," she laughed. She hadn't even gotten her sports bra on under her top, she took that off earlier on when it became clear that well, she was not going on that run... Regardless, Thomas' eyes locked onto those stiff nipples poking through the thin fabric of her top before meeting her eyes. How could he not stare at that display? "Hey!" she exclaimed, "my eyes are up here," she pointed to her face with two fingers, then smirked playfully before taking his hand and planting it on her chest. Not in the mood for small-talk or niceties, she just went for it - and he certainly did not mind that!

Once again, she put her hands behind him, groping his cheeks as they got up close to each other and kissed. "We have *all* weekend," she said. She felt hands on her ass too, and before long her hand had moved to his front. Moving her palm and fingers up and down his crotch, rubbing him on the outside of his pants, it didn't take long for him to do the same! He took it a step further though, putting his hand in her panties from behind, rubbing her asshole with a fingertip. Although unexpected, and although she wasn't wearing a plug today, she was not complaining! It didn't matter what hole he chose as long as he ended up inside of her. They kept teasing each other with their hands and making out, but soon enough clothes begun to come off. First it was her top, and then it was his. After that, he got out of his pants. Him not wearing underwear again, and her being topless, she got down on her knees. She felt wetness seep into her panties, and as she started to stroke his hard length, he'd get a tiny bit wet too. But with nothing to catch it, she saw her chance and put her tongue at the tip of his cock, licking up his pre-cum before moving her lips further and taking his head into her mouth. She was by no means an expert at this, especially not when it was so big, but she got most of his length in her mouth before moving back out!

He moved his fingers through her hair as she went back and forth on his cock, his head gliding along her tongue as he started to slightly move his hips as well. With her mouth filled with cock, she moaned into his meat before he pulled her by her hair, his cock leaving her mouth as strands of her saliva connected to his penis. "I want to fuck you, Mrs. Clarke," he said, looking down at her eyes as his cock throbbed in front of her. She gave a light nod, smiling slightly. "And I want to do it *properly*," he stated as she stood back up. It wasn't that she didn't want to get fucked, but good lord did she also just love the taste of his cock too. She would have kept blowing him for hours if it was up to her! But it wasn't, because this man had been waiting for days to get a piece of that ass of hers... And she had to admit, she was craving release too. So they walked to the couch, and after she got onto it, he bent her over. On her knees and hands now, she was presenting that amazing ass of hers to him. The light was hitting her just right, and for a second her black panties were visible through her colorful leggings. He started to pull her leggings down, but once he saw it he instead pulled her panties upwards! She giggled at the gentle wedgie, but she couldn't wait... "Thomas, for goodness sake... Just fuck me already!" She said over her shoulder.

He listened to her somewhat, but not fully... He pulled her leggings and panties down in one go, her panties briefly clinging to her pussy due to the stickiness that had been happening down there. Her panties had a huge wet spot, and although they were probably equally desperate to fuck, Thomas was patient. "Yes Mrs. Clarke, I will... In a moment," he said before grabbing a cheek in each hand, spreading her rear as his tongue targeted her dripping cunt, circling her clit a few times. He widened his tongue, licking her up and down a few times, enjoying her womanly taste before reaching out his tongue, moving it into her waiting pussy. It wasn't the penetration she had hoped for though. "Are you kidding me! You asshole!" She groaned out, but obviously just let him tonguefuck her. She wasn't as patient as him, and decided that if this was the way it was going to be, she was going to cum in his face! She didn't tell him about that however, but she started to rub herself as he tongued her. The mere idea of being tongued by someone so much younger than her was hot, but the fact that it was actually happening? She'd dream about this type of thing, but right now she really did just want to get that dick inside of her. But he kept going at it, and tongued her while she rubbed herself, and not long would pass before she orgasmed. And if it wasn't just his luck, he received one hell of a squirt right to the mouth and chin. She breathed heavily as she came, moaning in pleasure as he moved backwards in surprise. A few more spurts of her liquid would come out, but he immediately went back at it, tonguing her and increasing her climax because of it! After that though, he was more than ready to properly do her...

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