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Mrs. Claus!


My parents are working parents and so I did not see them as often as I would have liked when I was younger. I cannot honestly say that they did not make an effort to give me a happy childhood, both stalled their careers a bit to ensure I had at least one parent to attend school functions or support my activities such as little league, scouts or sports. However as I grew older they began devote more time to their careers, making up for lost time. They also believed that by distancing themselves from me I would become self-sufficient. The distance between my parents and me grew, as did the distance between my parents as a couple.

My mother works in advertising and she works long hours but she always manages to find time to make certain that I am eating properly, to do most of the house work and to spend some quality time with me, whether it is just playing a board game, watching TV, going to a game or something like that. Probably because of our close bond once I hit puberty my mental image of "mommy" faded as I became aware that my mother was an extremely attractive woman.

Actually attractive is not quite accurate my mother is hot and sexy, having an hour glass figure, dark brown hair with a few streaks of grey, vivid green eyes, full red lips set in a heart shaped face. Generally in tales like this it is standard give out the exact height, weight and measurements. My mother is a couple of inches shorter than me so I would put her height at about five six. As for her measurements I know her bra size is 37 d cup and the panties she wears are mediums. Before you get the wrong idea I am not one of those pervs who likes to whack off in their mother's bras or sniff their mother's panties. I know because I do the laundry sometimes when my mother is too busy. So far as her waist goes, well she does not have a gut and her abs are pretty firm but I really do not know what the exact measurements are. She weighs 136 to 140 pounds and I know this because she makes an effort to stay within that range, forcing everyone in the family to suffer a few days eating rabbit food when she goes a pound over her ideal weight.

Dad is a mortgage broker who works at his office and then comes home and works late into the night. When he has free time he is either taking his clients to sporting events, playing golf with clients or playing poker with his buddies, who are co-workers. Once in a blue moon he will plop down on the couch next to me while I am watching a game and we will have some father-son time for an hour or so.

Apparently the rift between my mother and father had reached a critical point, enough so that my mother felt it was necessary for them to get away somewhere to reconnect and work on their relationship. Unfortunately the only time that their schedule coincided was during the Christmas holidays so they planned to go to the Caribbean for holiday week. When my mother told me this I told her that I thought I could make the sacrifice of spending Christmas on the beach looking at girls in Bikinis. I had a sudden vision of losing my virginity to some beautiful Bahamian girl over the holidays. I felt like a stake had been driven into my heart when my mother, almost tearfully, informed me that I would not be accompanying them.

She told me I had two choices. One was that I could spend the holidays with my Uncle Ed and his family. Although I would not have minded spending the Xmas holidays with my cousins Amber and Tiffany, who were twins a year older than me I knew that I would probably bunk with my cousin Fred, or as he now wished to be called, Maleficent. Fred was a large muscular Goth in his early twenties. He was also quite gay. At our last family get together Maleficent had cornered me and drunkenly told me if there weren't other people around he would pound my ass until I became his cum slut. I had a horrible vision of losing my virginity in a fate worse than death over the Xmas vacation.

Reading the horror on my face my mother said that the other option was for me to spend the week at home alone. My parents were certain that I was responsible enough to act like the mature young man they knew me to be. Smiling she said that they knew that I would have a party or two but that I could be trusted to make sure that house was not wrecked or trashed and that none of my guests would do anything illegal, such as bring drugs or liquor into the house. I readily agreed to their conditions.

I fully intended to live up to my parents" expectations but my resolved dissipated when Darlene Cira, a senior and the hottest cheerleader asked me if it was true that I was having a no-parents party. I nodded yes. She asked if there was going to be beer. She whispered in my ear that she got wild when she had quite a few beers in her. I told her that yes there would be beer. She smiled and sauntered away. I was in such a hormone befuddled state that I did not pay that much attention when she walked up to a group of football players. She spoke to them briefly the football players smiled and threw victory punches in the air. I guess you can figure out what was going to happen. Darlene would show up with a few of her friends; all the cheerleaders and their boyfriends, the football players. The "popular people" would shove me and my friends aside and then pretty much take over the house, hog the beer and generally trash the place with macho horseplay.

However I did not think with the right head, having the delusion that I would lose my virginity to Darlene Cira at the party. Having promised Darlene some beer I went about trying to make it a reality. One of my friends bribed his older brother to get two kegs of beer. So while my parents were at work I took delivery on the two kegs a couple of days before my parents were supposed to leave. I wrestled them around to the backyard, planning to store them in the basement, which is rather chilly in the winter. As I started to carry the first keg down stair, I slipped on an icy step. The keg and I went tumbling down the concrete stairs. Sharp pains shot through my head, arms and leg. After a moment of unconsciousness I found myself lying sprawled in the stairwell, a dented keg resting on my left foot, which hurt pretty badly. I saw a large lump in my right leg near my knee. Certain I had a compound fracture or something I shouted for help. Fortunately a neighbor found me and called the paramedics.

I had a slight concussion, a dislocated right knee, a couple of fractured metatarsals in my left foot and pair of very disappointed parents. Naturally all thoughts of me staying alone were out the window, I could not me trusted and I was not exactly mobile. I could walk with crutches for a few moments but my left leg was in a splint and my right foot was wrapped. They told me to make plans to go to Uncle Ed's house. I knew that in my disabled condition Maleficent would easily have his way with me and by the time I returned home my asshole would be the size of the channel tunnel. I vehemently protested this arrangement but my parents were relentless so I finally had to break down and tell them exactly why I did not want to go to Uncle Ed's. At first my parents thought I was joking but eventually they caught on that I actually was concerned about sweet little Fred.

My parents went into another room to discuss the situation. They came back with a more viable but only slightly more appealing alternative; I could spend the holidays with Grandma. Usually Grandma went with a bunch of other seniors on a trip during the holidays. She volunteered to stay home this year and take care of me. Grandma was also a retired nurse so she could help me dress and wash. Wonderful. So I was bundled off to Grandma's house.

My grandparents had divorced back in the seventies when they were in their forties, so Grandma had pretty much raised my Uncle Ed and Mom by herself. Meanwhile Grandpa pursued his sudden bachelorhood with fervor, probably egged on by a midlife crisis. He smoked too much, ate too, drank too much and screwed any woman willing to do so. As a consequence he died of a massive coronary at the age of fifty-five. Grandma was still his beneficiary and she got a good chunk of change from the insurance, it was enough for her to send her kids to college and then have a little left over for her retirement. After she retired she moved a single story house and lived rather frugally, saving her money to travel. So while Grandma lived in the same town as I we only saw one another once or twice a year. Her frugal lifestyle meant she had basic cable, no Internet and an old style TV on which I could not connect my X-box. For entertainment I could look forward to radio, television, reading or board games. Yipee!

For first three days I had to keep my bandages and splint tightly wrapped and could not remove them even for a shower. The pain pills I took made me disoriented and Mom did not want me even try standing on one foot to take a sink bath. Since Dad was way too busy to help me out the task fell to Mom. Dressing in the bikini she planned to wear or she giggled not wear in the Caribbean, she scrubbed me down while I wore boxers. One fortunate side effect of my pain and the pain pills was that it quelled my libido some extent, at least it quelled by physical reaction so I did not get a giant boner in front of my mother. Although as soon as I reduced my dosage and I thought my voluptuous Mom in that slice bikini I would get hard. My arousal would deepen as I relived how her breasts jiggled and danced before him eyes as she scrubbed my face and chest, how they felt brushing up against me as she washed my back and shoulders. Her buttocks were glorious moons encased in slivers of silk that I watched so closely as she bent over to wash my legs. As she toweled me off she suddenly hugged me tight, pressing those glorious orbs into my chest. With laughter and tears in her eyes, she kissed my neck softly and all too briefly. Although I know I read too much into it, the kiss seemed to straddle the fence between a motherly peck and a lover's buss.

"That was fun. I haven't washed my baby boy in such a long time." Her long nailed finger stroked my back in a brief caress. In a more melancholy vein she said, "Although you aren't so little anymore. You are almost a grown man and I am getting to be an old woman."

I realized it at the time that my mother was feeling insecure and wanted some assurances. She felt that she was becoming old and unattractive and probably felt that this was one reason Dad spent so much time on business. Even if it had not been true, I should have told her that she was still a very beautiful and sexy woman. God knows when she went to Caribbean heads would get whiplash when she walked down on the beach. However I was pissed off, sullen and in an embarrassed to be washed by Mommy frame of mind and so said nothing, except to ask if we were done because I wanted to play on the Xbox.

Merry fucking Christmas! I thought as my mother kissed my cheek and told me to be a good boy. She gave me a hug that crushed her large bosom against my chest. Just a few years ago the matronly feel of her breasts would have comforted me but now I felt a mixture of discomfort and arousal.

Mom left me sitting on the couch as she left to join my father who was outside waiting in the car, probably with his usual impatience. I nearly missed seeing her wave good bye because my eyes were locked on her ass as wiggled underneath her tight skirt. Her sweet perfume, warm presence and sexy body had their usual effect on me. Normally when my mother arouses me and I have the opportunity I head for my room and pull out my collection of porn magazines to have a good wank. Now don't me wrong I am not one of these sick bastards who obsess about their mother. Do I think about her sometimes when I am choking the chicken, or think about what it would be like to screw her? Yes, I do on occasion but usually my fantasies are the normal ones about centerfolds, tennis stars, pop stars and actresses. However since my accident I had not been mobile enough to have any privacy and my hormones were working over time.

Being temporarily disabled I did not pack my bags and I was rather certain Mom had not included any of my porno stash in the suitcases. Even if I had wanted to go to my room and relieve the aching from my erection, I could not have done it on my own since I needed Grandma's help to stand up right. Since I was in my Grandma's house just the idea of whacking off there seemed as weird as doing it in a church.

When my mom walked out the door I was one sullen and horny teenage boy. Perhaps thinking that I was angry about being left behind and also perhaps sad about not being with my parents during Xmas, my grandmother decided to cheer me up right away. Standing behind the couch she grabbed my head and covered my eyes with her hands. "Guess who Gloomy Gus!"

This pulled the back of my head up against her bosom. It was like having my head cradled in a large fluffy pillow as a large breast was cushioned against each of my cheeks and ears. To an already horny eighteen-year-old boy breasts are breasts and when they touch you, you get even hornier.

Not getting an immediate response from me Grandma rolled over the couch and sat in my lap with the intention of tickling me, as if I were still ten. Her bright blue eyes got as big as saucers and she exclaimed "Oh my!" when her fanny made contact with my hard throbbing cock. Taken off guard by the sudden weight I groaned in surprise and jerked my legs, which made me jerk in pain. Grandma instinctively grabbed at my injured area but jerked her hand back as if she had touched a red-hot poker, which in a sense she had.

Smiling she said, "I hope I didn't break anything. I guess you are a little too old to play tickling games with." She tried to get off of my lap but she had some problem getting back on her feet and for a few seconds her ass ground up against my hard dick. That this aroused me even shamed me especially when she sat next to me on the sofa. It felt surreal to be sitting next to my grandmother when I had a stiffy. If I had possessed the use of two good legs I would have excused myself and ran to the bathroom but unfortunately I had to continue sitting on the couch with Grandma. My horniness had the odd effect of clearing my brain and piercing the mental image I had built up about her as "grandma" and allowed me to see her as a woman.

Grandma was seventy-two years old, although she was well preserved for her age. Take the description of my mother, change the hair color to white and lengthen it by six inches, add fifteen pounds distributed about the waist, buttocks and thighs and you have a pretty good idea of what my grandmother looks like. She went the "I earned every wrinkle" route and had not resorted to surgery to look younger. Without make-up her wrinkled and lined face looked every bit her age, though it was still quite beautiful. Although she kept pretty toned with exercise and diet, she had soft jowls, wattles around her neck while her hands were liver spotted, veined and lined. All these demonstrated her advanced age. On the other hand she still had a very feminine shape and dressed in t-shirts and tight jeans and she wore a very sexy perfume. I became so entranced by her large breasts that I did not hear her ask me what I was watching.

"I dunno" I answered brusquely and made a point to pay closer attention to the screen.

"Hmm, well I hope you aren't going to a grouch all week." Grandma said with some sternness, although I could see her smiling slightly.

I do not know that name of the movie but it was on one of those stations that show classic films. This one must have been in the fifties because all of the girls wore knee length skirts, tight sweaters and those white and black shoes. They guys had short hair and seemed really clean cut. The film was centered on the relationships of two teenage couples.

The film had one scene where everyone went to the drive in. I was sort of interested in this because frankly, I had never seen a drive in before. Apparently people sat in their cars and put a speaker on the window and listened to the film as they watched it. The main couple in the film had a rather tepid kissing session before she stopped him and they watched the movie. Their friends however kissed passionately and climbed into the back seat. A few scenes later the girl who had climbed into the back seat of the car at the drive in tearfully bid her friends good bye as she went to visit her relatives in another state.

My grandmother giggled as she snorted with disgust. "Well, at least you can see the hypocrisy of the time I grew up in."

I didn't know what she was talking about and told her so.

She gave me a peculiar look; "You have had a talk with your mother or father, about sex, right?"

"Yeah but they also told me that in their day and age people didn't do it before they were married."

Grandma trilled with laugher, "What a load of crap. God knows how many times I found your mother getting busy on the couch when she was in high school and college."

"I didn't think she knew Dad until after she was out of college."

Grandma's blue eyes look on a merry light. "I didn't say it was with your father."

As my brain now whirled with images of my mother having sex with a bunch of strangers I felt my cock stiffen once again.

"Okay, but certainly not back in the really old days."

Grandma looked like she had been slapped for a second and then a wistful smile curled her lips. "I guess it was the really old days." Her finger poked my ribs, "Well, let me tell you my little man. That couple that climbed in the back seat were getting down and dirty. However before the pill we had to be careful and use condoms. Not that they always worked. That little bit about her going to visit her relatives was the film's way of saying she got knocked up. Back than you had two socially acceptable choices, you could get married early or you could give the baby up for adoption, leaving town to visit relatives before you showed. Really though she was heading for a home for unwed mothers. Statistically I am certain that the numbers of teen pregnancies are up these days, although with all the available sources of birth control I don't understand why. Even so there more than you might think back then.

"Now had those make out scenes been realistic those boys would have been smeared with red goo." Grandma giggled. "That vibrant red lipstick we wore back then left traces almost every where it touched. Afterward and intense make out session the guys had to wipe themselves off with a hankie everywhere the lips had been."

Her having said that I now saw those vibrant red lips in a new light. My erection, which had started to wane, stiffened up again.

"So where do young people go to make out these days, these rave things or the mall?"

I did not want to admit I did not have much experience at that sort of thing, so I went for the sarcastic response. "We generally do it in the alley behind the Malt shop"

Grandma's delicate, wrinkled hand slapped my shoulder with surprising strength as she laughed, "Okay wise-ass. Just be careful huh, I'm not ready to be a great Grandma just yet."

"Don't worry Grandma, I will follow your example and stay a virgin until I married." Which seemed to be the way I was heading anyway.

Grandma looked at me with a half amused and half puzzled expression. Comprehension flashed through her eyes and she gave me a warm smile. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and gave me a quick hug. "Oh, sweetie, don't worry. It will happen soon enough." Looking me deep in the eyes and ruffling my hair. "You are a handsome young man and I am not just saying that because I am your grandmother." Giving me a wink, she said, "In fact had you been around during my day, I would have dragged you into the backseat of my daddy's Packard."

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