Mrs. Claus!


Well, this information combined with the headiness of her perfume, the press of her large breasts against my chest and my adolescent hormone gave me a huge boner.

"Grandma" I choked.

A twinkle arose in her eyes as she said, "What you can't imagine your really old Grandma was once a young girl who liked to kiss, fondle and get laid?" She sat back with a laugh. "You do know your Uncle Ed was born four months premature don't you?" I shook my head.

"Of course he really wasn't really premature, I already had a bun in the oven when your grandfather and I married. We had only really dated once before then. He was on leave and I met him at a dance. After dancing a bit, we went into the back of my daddy's car." Her eyes shone with mirth and remembered lust as she said, "Eventually he had lipstick stains all over his face, neck his chest and his ding a ling." She laughed at my shocked expression and nudged me in the ribs. ""Loosen up, junior" Getting up she went to fix herself a drink and asked me what I wanted.

"Gin and Tonic or a beer if that's too much trouble."

"Okay dokie", she said as she poured a jigger of gin into a glass, added some tonic and a slice of lime. Wow, I thought perhaps this week won't be such a waste. She turned around and took out a bottle of beer from the fridge. She walked over holding the two drinks in her hand, taking a pull of the gin and tonic she handed the bottle of beer to me. With a groan I realized it was root beer. Noting my look she laughed, "Well maybe in two days when you stop taking your meds we can give you a glass of something stronger."

I turned my attention back to the television now showing some war movie. I did not see her walk over to her cupboards and pull down a couple of picture albums, if I had I probably would have made a sarcastic comment. She plopped down on the couch and said, "So kiddo you want to see just what hot stuff your old granny was back in the Stone Age?"

"Okay," I said noncommittally.

She opened a photo album showing quite a few snapshots of her and her friends as teenagers. It was not that difficult to pick out my grandmother, I recognized her smile and her eyes immediately. Actually she had not changed all that much physically. Her black hair had become white, her face was thinner and lined, her waist had thickened a tad but she still had the same voluptuous figure as the girl dressed in a pleated skirt and white blouse. Putting the book in my lap she challenged me to find her and was very pleased when I pointed to her without hesitation. There were several pictures of her dressed in scoop neck blouses that showed a generous amount of cleavage, pictures of her wearing waist tied blouse that accentuated her bust as well as showing cleavage and there were some shots of her in the bikini of the day, which although it covered much more skin than in the present day, its tightness showed off the bust and derriere to a fabulous degree.

"Oh my God, Grandma were more than hot stuff, you were absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous and sexy."

Having been without porn for over a week these sexy pictures of a well built teenager got me hot. That the girl happened to be my grandmother who leaned up against me with those same large breasts as we looked at the pictures really messed with my head. Breathing her perfume made me as giddy and disoriented as if it had been weed. Weird image flashed flitted across my brain as I unconsciously pictured my grandmother as she looked presently in the scoop blouses and pleated skirts, in the waist tied blouses and tight blue jeans and in those oddly sexy bikinis. A surreal sense of arousal and self-disgust filled me.

"I guess you'd know your old granny anywhere?"

"You haven't changed all that much."

"So I am still gorgeous and sexy," she teased.

"Well, yeah for an old… er woman."

"For an old lady, you mean," she said with a wink. Noting my discomfort she leaned in and opened the second photo album. "Now here is your mother as a teenager. She was a hottie too."

Indeed she was. My mother was a teenager in the eighties and wore her hair in the big styles popular then, as well as the baggy top over a tight bottom. Several pictures showed her wearing the off the shoulder sweatshirt that was popular then. Quite a few shots showed her wearing tight leather pants that accentuated the full grandeur of her sweet, round ass. Even the baggy tops did not hide her full, large breasts.

God, here I was looking at pictures of my grandmother and my mother and was going insane with lust. I quickly flipped through the rest of the book but happened upon a picture that froze my look. There was a Christmas party with several pictures of both my grandmother and my mother wearing almost identical costumes.

Grandma wore a Santa cap from which white hair cascaded, gold wire frame glasses, a red silken blouse white fur trim around the sleeves, neck and waist. The blouse was a scoop blouse with a large décolletage. The curved white mounds of Grandma's breasts inside the red blouse looked like a sweet cream topping on large round cherries. Grandma also wore a short red skirt tripped with white fur at the hem, red stockings and large shiny black boots. Mom wore an identical outfit but kept her natural hair color and traded the gold-framed glasses for elf ears. The captions read Mrs. And Anna Claus. There was one particular shot of Grandma bending over to get a present from underneath a tree, my eyes riveted on her gaping cleavage and taut ass.

"That was a Xmas party ten years ago. I still had it for an old gal, huh."

"I'll say, I half whispered to myself. I had planned to hold the book in my lap until my seemingly permanent hard-on subsided however Grandma lifted the book to put it back. Her eyes widened a bit when she saw my tented sweatpants. Her eyes flickered over my crotch as she teased me. She squeezed my thigh and said, "You should not have any trouble getting a girl, sweetie."

Okay these pictures of my grandmother and my mother and her innocent flirtation with me kept me in a state of arousal most of the day. She pointedly asked if I needed to visit the rest room. After she helped me up and I went into the john I could not whiz very well standing on crutches and trying to aim with a full erection. I got pee all over the floor. Still my painful erection jutted away. Once I forced myself to get over the creepiness of jacking off in my Grandma's bathroom, I closed my eyes and thought of Darlene Cira giving me head. However the vision of Darlene transformed my mother who started sucking me off which made me feel even hotter. As my fantasy grew more intense I stared down at my mother who was sucking my dick with a slow, loving motion her hair whitened, her face wrinkled and her lips turned a vivid red. It was my grandmother wearing that deep red lipstick who was blowing me! The perverse eroticism of this made a lightning bolt of absolute pleasure shiver through my entire body. A mind numbing orgasm rocketed through me and I overshot the toilet spraying the wall, the sink and even the mirror. I fell backwards with a clatter and smacked my head against the tub.

A minute later Grandma was trying to open the door only to find it locked. I moved on my back like a turtle trying to turn over. I told her I could not reach the door. Grandma opened the door with a bobby pin and rushed to my side. I nearly died with embarrassment Grandma's eyes widened at seeing me naked from the waist down with a cum dripping dick. Her eyes quickly took in my sticky fingers and the splotches of sperm all over the place.

When she pursed her lips and I thought she was reacting with disgust. Standing up she wet a cloth with warm water. I heard her choke down a laugh as she turned to me, saying, "Let's get you cleaned up. First she wrapped the cloth around my limp dick and softly wiped it. Being so close to the object of my recent orgasmic fantasy and feeling the warmth and her delicate, wrinkled hand moving up and down, I felt another stiffy coming on."

Deep blue eyes twinkling Grandma noticed the slight stiffening with an exasperated smile, "Teenage hormones!"

She washed my hands and helped me get my pants back on. When I started to clean the mirror with the cloths, she told me she would take care of it and help me back to the living room and onto the sofa. I sat in deep mortification. After a few minutes Grandma started fixing our supper. For a while I thought she was going to let the incident go by without comment but after supper when we were watching another classic film, she suddenly turned to me, resting her elbow on my shoulder. "I know you are probably as embarrassed as hell, and my telling you that there is no reason to be embarrassed will probably not make any difference. So I will make one little comment. I sure would like to meet the gal who made you shoot a load like that! She must be something special." She laughed at my deep blush.

Taken aback by this I stupidly blurted, "You already know her."

That just piqued her interest even more. Grinning she said, "Hmm, I already know her, huh? Well, I don't know any of your little girlfriends. The only people I know that you also know are your relatives." Reading the surprise on my face, she realized she had hit a score. "You don't have a sister. Ah, were you thinking about Amber and Tiffany?" Those were my cute sexy twin cousins.

"No," I said with confusion. Yeah, I should have been thinking about them instead of my mom and Grandma. She began to list my other cousins and aunts. I should have said yes to at least one of them but because of guilt and also I think I unconsciously wanted to see her reaction I truthfully said no. A more serious look came into her face but she still asked in a bantering tone, "You naughty boy, were you thinking about your sexy momma?

"NO!" I shouted almost violently. My reaction caused a look that was both triumphant and troubled. "Okay, I was in part thinking about mom but it wasn't thinking about her that caused my … reaction."

She was relieved that it was not Mom but mercilessly began teasing me to tell her who it was! Feeling trapped but unable to say that it was her, I blurted out, "It was Mrs. Claus, okay!"

My answer made do a surprised double take. "Mrs. Claus!" She exclaimed with a shocked laugh. She giggled and then stopped herself. "You had a fantasy about doing it with Mrs. Claus? I guess I should be happy it wasn't about Rudolph!" And she broke down laughing. "Okay, keep your secret. Mrs. Claus!" giggled thinking I was joking.

Later that evening Grandma asked me how long I had been wearing my underwear because I was getting a little gamey and the fishy smell did not help. Okay I had been dreading this. Even though Grandma was a retired nurse I really did not feel comfortable with her giving me a bath. I told her as much.

"All kidding aside, sweetie you reek. If you don't want me to scrub you that is fine, but explain to me how you plan on getting your undies off without bending your knee? Remember I just saw your penis, just like I have thousands of them. Yours is not special."

We argued for this for several minutes. I came up with a compromise. I would sink bathe myself sitting on the edge of the tub. After which I would lay on my bed and Grandma would remove my stinky drawers and start my new pair up my legs, leaving me to do the rest.

Grandma insisted on being just outside the door in case I needed help during my bath, so once again I did not have any alone time. After my bath she walked with me to my room and helped me lay on the bed. While I was getting ready for my bath Grandma had changed into a pink flannel nightgown that buttoned straight down from the neck. She also wore fluffy pink slippers. The top two buttons of the flannel nightgown were undone, showing just the slightest amount of cleavage. Without a supporting bra they drooped down on her breastbone. I tried to think of anything non-sexual but my eyes were fastened on those bouncing orbs.

Forcing myself to look away, my eyes instead fastened on the sway of her round buttocks as they swished beneath the loose fabric of the nightgown. It swept back and forth over her round ass, hiding it and revealing it with every step.

As I lay on the bed, Grandma stood between my spread legs and grabbed the bottoms of my sweatpants and slowly worked them off of my legs. Then as per our agreement she closed her eyes and pulled at the bottom of my boxers. The movement of Grandma tugging at my sweatpants had popped open a few more of the buttons of her nightgown exposing a good deal of her cleavage. I noted with interest that her breasts were speckled with age, showed some wrinkling and had some stretch marks where they jutted out and drooped down from her chest but were still quite magnificent. My dick shot up and to my chagrin poked right out of the fly. With one hand I grabbed my boxers and with the other I frantically tried to shove my rigid member back into my shorts. Yeah, I know it was stupid since Grandma could not have seen it with her eyes closed.

We played tug of war with my boxers for a moment as I tried to

Grandma finally said, "What in the world is going on!" and opened her eyes. Her eyes widened and she laughed, "Oh I see the boxers were caught on a projection. Well, I've seen it now, you might as well quit fighting."

Blushing and almost crying with embarrassment, I turned my head as Grandma pulled my boxers the rest of the way off. She pulled the clean ones up to my knees. I pulled them the rest of the way one and we put my sweat pants back on. Grandma kissed my forehead and wished me a good night.

The next day while Grandma and I were playing Uno, she began to act a little nervous. Finally she poured herself a glass of gin and as if distracted handed me a bottle of beer.

"Sweetie, do you know what a fetish is?"

I had only the faintest idea of what she was talking about.

"It's when someone has a sexual fixation."

"You mean like a pervert who likes shoes or panties?" I asked in shock. Did she think I was a perv?

Grandma looked shocked at my reaction and grabbed my hand. "Well, yes that is a fetish but I was talking about a sexual fixation on a physical characteristic. For example most men on fixated on breasts or a woman's buttocks. However some men are only sexually attracted to blondes or attracted only to Asian women or black women when they belong to neither of those ethnic groups. I know this may be very embarrassing but I first thought you were joking when you said you were fantasizing about Mrs. Claus but then I saw how excited you got looking at my saggy old boobs. So are you "turned on" by mature women? Is that why you haven't gotten a girlfriend yet?"

Okay these were loaded questions. Should I tell my grandmother that it was her that turned me on and be labeled and incestuous freak? Should I admit that my lack of a girlfriend had more to do with me being lame in the romance department than a lust for mature ladies? I thought if I admitted to the lesser of two evils the whole thing would blow over.

Blushing and tearing up, I shamefully admitted that yes, I was attracted to older women and that I was sorry for being a freak.

Grandma took my hand in hers and kissed me on the cheek, telling me that there was nothing wrong with me but that I should not let my fantasies keep me from experiencing life.

Later that day she told me she had to do some late minute Xmas shopping and left me to my own devices. However I was stuck sitting on the couch and did not feel comfortable with having a wank in my grandmother's living room.

When she returned with her packages she took them into her room. We ate dinner and watched some television before she helped me to my room. Since it was Xmas Eve she told me I needed to get to bed earlier otherwise Santa might not stop here.

A couple of hours later I was abruptly awakened from a deep sleep by the door to my room flying open. Shouting "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!" my grandmother walked into the room wearing a Santa cap, a large Santa suit which she had suitably stuffed with pillows and black boots. The Santa suit ended at her knees so I could see that she was wearing red stockings, probably identical to the ones she had worn at the Xmas party. She also wore the gold-rimmed glasses and the vivid red lipstick. One additional touch was a pinkish eye shadow that highlighted her deep blue eyes. Realizing that she was probably wearing the same outfit underneath the Santa suit my cock became wood.

Over her shoulder was slung a white furred trimmed Santa sack.

She carefully placed the sack on the floor by my bed. "Well now, Mr. James Ellenville, word around the North Pole is that you are a naughty boy who has been crushing on Mrs. Claus? Is that true?"

Unsure as what exactly was going on I nodded yes.

Grandma smiled, "Well, It makes old Mrs. Claus feel good to know that a handsome young man such as yourself finds her so attractive. I've made a special trip to see you and brought you some special presents. Would you like to see them?"

Could it be possible? Was my Grandma coming onto me? Did she want me to screw her? The thought of this scared the living crap out of me, as it excited me to no end.

She reached into her bag and brought out a portable DVD player. She opened it and placed it at the foot of my bed. "This one is from your granny for being a nice young man." She then brought out three DVD cases and smiled "These are from Mrs. Claus for being such a naughty young man who likes the older ladies. Since Mrs. Claus is married she cannot take care herself, despite how much she may desire to do so, she hopes this will be a suitable substitute. Hopefully these will give you some good fantasy material."

I looked at the titles of the DVDs and got a shock. Older Women and Younger Men, Riding with Grandma and Grandma's Got Big Tits. I do not know what shocked me more that Grandma was not only able to locate and purchase these films or that she gave them to me.

Registering my shock as speechless pleasure, Grandma said, "Mrs. Claus thought if you looked at some real depictions of your fantasy you might be able to get past it."

With a twinkle in her eyes she asked which one I wanted to watch first I chose the Older Women and Younger Men disc. Grandma slid it into the player and then swung up onto my bed to sit next to me. She snuggled close, throwing her left arm over my shoulder so that her arm draped across my chest. As she rested her head on my shoulder the fuzzy Santa cap and her long white hair tickled my cheek. Her perfumed filled my senses as she squirmed to get comfortable. Although her Santa suit was well stuffed with pillows I could still feel the firmness of her large left breast as it pressed against my right side.

If I truly had a mature woman fetish the DVD would have disappointed me, the women were older then the men but barely. Most were only by a couple to a dozen years. Despite finding the film erotic watching porn while my grandmother hugged me was very inhibiting. However, I was able to forget my surroundings for a while when a brunette named Ava in her late thirties had a passionate tryst with a man just out of his teens. Ava's dark hair and voluptuous curves made me think of my mother. In my imagination Ava was fully replaced by my mother and I took the young man's place. I could not help but become aroused.

During the course of the film Grandma divided her time between watching what was going on screen and watching my facial reactions while also checking out the action in my crotch. When Ava began to arouse me, she smiled and softly rubbed my chest. Once I started feeling aroused all of the sexual stimuli surrounding me, the perfume, a woman's hand rubbing my chest, the press of a woman's body against mine all combined to keep me aroused. When the film finished Grandma kissed my cheek and popped in another. This one was Grandma's Got Big Tits.

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