Mrs. Claus!


Gasping I clutched my sheets to keep from exploding immediately. Our pubic hair kissed. My cock was buried to the balls inside my grandmother's womb. Her white pubic hair tickled my groin as she leaned forward. After a moment she took my hands and placed them on her shoulders. Placing her hands on my chest she leaned towards me and began to rock her hips back and forth and side to side while also starting to churn up and down on my stiff rod. Her breasts swung back and forth smacking my chest and face. I snapped up one of her breasts with my lips and started to suck on her nipple. My fingers dug into the soft, smooth skin of her shoulders and she moaned.

Grandma gasped in pleasure. Watching the rise and fall of her pearly mat and her lips undulate as they slipped up and down on my cock was too much. I even found the trembling of loose skin over her hips to be highly erotic. I had to look away. Grandma had gone to some trouble to make certain I had adjusted to her before starting our lovemaking so I would not go off immediately. I did not want to disappoint her.

Although she moved slowly up and down and wiggled her hips from side to side in an unhurried rhythmic grind, the Santa cap fell off. Her long white hair cascaded over her shoulders and draped over one of her full breasts like a snow capped hill rise. An engorged pink nipple winked in and out of a shimmering white veil. As the white hair swayed and rippled over her breast her breasts swung playfully batting me in the face and chest. As her full, drooping breasts bounced before my face I found the wrinkling of her stretching breast tissue from as they rose and fell so hot that it nearly sent me over the edge.

Believing that watching her face would be safer in the sense that it would not be as titillating I looked over the freckled and wrinkled expanse of her breasts.

The expression of her face was sexier even than her full swinging beasts or the sight of her pussy as it slid up and down on my penis. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her lips were pursed. She had her head thrown back and her wrinkled skin, wattles and small jowls quivered as she rode me. The pursing of her lips and squeezing of her eyes brought out all of the crows feet, laugh lines of her face. There was little doubt that this was an elderly woman giving me pleasure and taking pleasure from me.

She shuddered once and her face clenched tighter, I clearly saw all of the wrinkles and creases in my grandmother's beautiful face as she shivered in the pleasure of my mouth on her breast and my dick buried into her hot pussy. An ecstatic bomb went off underneath my back, exploding electric pleasure through my brain, balls and dick. My heart hammered and the world became a kaleidoscope of images, all of which were the mental snapshots I had taken of my grandmother as we had made love. Her full, red lips, her large, sagging breasts swaying against me, the moist, dark pink of her pussy, the vibrant white of her pubic hair. At the center however remained the picture of my grandmother's beautiful, wrinkled face as she came.

I never imagined that a woman's facial expression of pleasure would make me forget about the pussy wrapped around my cock, especially during my first time. I moaned and thrashed while what seemed to be gallons of spunk filled Grandma's throbbing pussy. In the midst of my ecstasy I also felt guilty and ashamed because my first intercourse had only lasted like three minutes or so. Once Grandma had decided to give me this wonderful Xmas gift, I had promised myself that I would last until she was satisfied but I failed

Feeling me coming Grandma opened her eyes and rode me a bit a faster. Her nails dug into my chest as her fingers pulled tighter. Grinning broadly she leaned further against me and cooed in my ear. "That's all right right, baby, let it go, give me all of it. Fill my pussy with your sweet cum."

Although I had been careful before in the throes of orgasm I forgot myself and tried to bend my legs to drive myself fully into Grandma. Unfortunately my injured knee and foot did not allow this and a spasm of pain made me buck and then collapse on the bed. Grandma lost her balance and fell sprawling against me, her slack breasts pancaking against my chest.

Giggling she threw her arms around my neck and buried her face against my neck. She kissed my neck and held me as the last vestiges of my orgasm subsided. We lay there in silence, our fluids mingling and both of our hearts hammering from the exertion of sex and the immensity of our love.

I was so overwhelmed by this experience that I did not know what to say, although I knew I should say something but I remained silent. I was content just to lie there and hold Grandma in my arms. Lethargy swept over me and the erection I thought would never go away faded and shrunk inside Grandma's love canal.

Grandma slipped off of me and said, "Mrs. Claus has to get cleaned up before she heads back to the North Pole." Leaning down she gave me a soft, passionate kiss. "Merry Christmas, Jimmy, I hope you enjoyed your present." Stroking her finger down my chest once, she smiled and said, "Although I am not quite certain that you are the one that received the present"

My lids were too heavy to reply at this point and I barely remember seeing Grandma pick up the rest of her Mrs. Claus outfit walk out the door, her fleshy buttocks jiggling as she did.

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