tagMatureMrs. Ford & The Driving Lesson

Mrs. Ford & The Driving Lesson


All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.

Pardon my Polish. I haven't any.


The next few days after taking Mrs. Ford home from the country club, Adam was a complete wreck. He was consumed with the older woman. He replayed the scene over and over in his mind where she had ravished him in her front hallway while his girlfriend had waited impatiently for him outside.

That and his earlier experience with Mrs. Ford, where she had seduced him in her pool, had him fantasizing continuously about what their next encounter might be. Being a normal, healthy eighteen year old, he was constantly day dreaming about sex anyway. He still found it hard to believe that Lauren Ford might be interested in him despite the fact that she had attacked him in her front hall. Mrs. Ford was drop dead gorgeous even if she was his mother's best friend and therefore way out of his league on so many different levels.

Adam couldn't wait to see her again, to somehow find a way to be alone with her and then get her to let him into her pants once more. He was practically a walking 'hard-on' for days after his last encounter with her. Amelia, his girl friend, was not amused by his incessant groping and wheedling for sex and told him not to call her until he got a life. He considered calling Mrs. Ford and asking to see her, but ultimately he was just too shy. She might even laugh at him and that was just too awful to even think about.

And so Adam found himself facing one long lonely evening after another. These typically ended way too late and were followed by breathless wet dreams starring Mrs. Ford, mounted on his straining tool, fucking him mercilessly until he erupted in a tangle of soiled sheets and stifled moans and the frustration of realizing that it was all just a dream.

Even his mother had mentioned that Adam didn't seem to be himself lately and wasn't he still seeing that lovely Amelia? Adam muttered a noncommittal response before heading off for another mindless couple of hours playing video games.

And then one night about a week later, his mother happened to mention over dinner that…'Oh yes…Lauren Ford had called the day before and wanted Adam to call her… something about a driving lesson…'

Adam was unfortunately in the middle of a way too big mouthful of spaghetti at that moment and convulsed into a choking fit. His frantic mother had to execute a clumsy Heimlich manoeuver that did allow poor Adam to catch his breath even though the table cloth became a 'write-off'. He apologized gaspingly and then excused himself saying that maybe he had better call Mrs. Ford back.

Adam had two quick glasses of water to try and compose himself and then went and made the call.

He was almost delirious with excitement when he finally spoke to her.

For her part Lauren was friendly and engaging without being in any way intimate.

Adam was so wound up he couldn't think straight and could barely talk. There were so many things he wanted to say, to ask, but their chat was brief and there weren't really any opportunities for him to get too personal.

Mrs. Ford was calling to ask if he would help her with her niece who was visiting from overseas. Irina wanted to get her license while she was in the States but of course Mrs. Ford didn't drive so she wondered if Adam might help. Not with formal driving lessons of course, but just help Irina to get familiar with the road system and driving the bigger, north american car.

Adam was hardly listening…"Yes!…Of course!…He'd be happy too!…Couldn't wait!…When was a good time?…"

They arranged for him to come over the following day, a Friday in the afternoon. Apparently Mrs. Ford's husband was away on business until late in the evening so she asked him to join her and her niece for dinner. And then, just before she hung up, Mrs. Ford said a funny thing…"Irina is my sister's little girl Adam. I hope you'll be nice to her."

"Why, yeah, sure! I'll be on my best behavior!" Adam enthused, though afterwards he kicked himself for sounding like an uptight little weenie.

The next morning seemed to go on for an eternity. Adam had absolutely no interest in lunch. At five to four he was ringing Mrs. Ford's front doorbell, his mother's big Chevy parked in the driveway behind him.

The door soon opened and there was Mrs. Ford standing in front of him. She smiled at him with that amused expression that he remembered so well, looking like she was thinking about some dirty little secret that they both knew. She looked great as usual. Her blonde hair was trimmed neatly just above her shoulders and framed her smiling face. She was wearing a white satin blouse that was open just enough to show off the upper swells of her breasts. Beneath that was a snug little black skirt. Her shapely legs were clad in smoky nylons. A loopy gold link belt cinched her narrow waist and 3 inch patent leather heels completed her outfit, making her look taller than Adam remembered.

"Hello Mrs. Ford." Adam stammered. "I hope I'm not too early."

"Oh no Adam. You're right on time. How nice to see you."

Mrs. Ford stepped down from her front doorway and casually leaned into Adam. She stepped up on tiptoe to brush his cheek with her lips, mushing one tit against his chest and incidentally thrusting her knee against his groin as she did so.

"I've been looking forward to seeing you again…" she purred, planting a moist kiss next to his ear. "Have you missed me?…" she murmured, keeping herself pressed snugly against Adam for a little bit longer than might have been politically correct. But in fact it didn't take long at all before she could feel his cock begin to stir against her gently pressing thigh. Once she felt him starting to stiffen up she giggled, took his hand and stepped back

"I…I'm really…glad too...to.." Adam was stuttering, but Lauren only gave him a brief mocking moue before turning and peering into the house.

"Irina! Adam's here! Come on. I want you to meet him. He's going to take us for a drive."

Adam was squeezing Mrs. Ford's hand, trying to get her attention but Lauren was obviously anxious to introduce her niece. After a moment, Irina came out onto the front porch, clutching a little pocket book and nervously glancing back and forth from her aunt to Adam.

"Adam. This Irina. She's from Gdansk in Poland. She's been with me for two weeks now. She'll be staying here 'til the end of September…" Mrs. Ford said, fondly taking her niece's arm.

"Her mother thought it was time she saw the great U S of A. She just graduated from a commercial / science program at Olsztyn Polytechnical School. She can't really look for a job here but who knows what might happen if she keeps her eyes open. Her English is very good. You just have to be a little patient with her sometimes."

"Hello Adam. It is a…pleasure to meet you." Irina said, reaching out her little hand towards Adam.

Adam took her hand and shook it awkwardly.

"Irina. How do you do. It's a pleasure to meet you too." he said, unconsciously mimicking Irina's formal greeting

Adam didn't know what he was expecting when Mrs. Ford said he wanted him to show her niece how to drive, but it wasn't Irina.

Lauren's niece was very pretty in a bookish sort of way. She was slightly taller than her aunt with dirty blonde hair that was tied back severely in a way that showed off her high cheek bones. She had on a pair of steel framed glasses that weren't very flattering but Adam assumed were necessary. She was wearing flat sandals and some kind of pastel pink shirt/dress that came down to her knees. It also wasn't very flattering, kind of shapeless, but Irina was tall and trim and she had a lovely face. Adam had a suspicion that without the glasses and with the hair undone, she might be pretty hot.

Everyone was kind of standing there, looking at each other and standing in place as if in some sort of tableau. Finally Irina pointed towards the car and started hesitantly walking towards it saying…"We go?"

As soon as she moved Adam realized that there were some very generous parts in motion under that shirt/dress and suddenly he was looking forward to this driving lesson. He just stood there gawping at the intriguing Irina until he felt a stabbing pain in the arch of his foot.

Mrs. Ford had one stiletto heel jammed into his sneaker although she wasn't looking at him.

"We go!…" she said to her niece, and then she murmured over her shoulder to Adam…"Remember what you said. Best behavior!…" grinding her heel into his foot.

"Ahhhh! Ouch!… Yeah! Of course!"

"That's a good boy!"

They got into the car with Irina in the back and Mrs. Ford up front. Lauren asked Adam to drive them somewhere where they wouldn't run into too much traffic and then let Irina try her hand behind the wheel. Adam suggested a quiet suburban neighborhood about fifteen minutes away. Lauren said fine and began to point out the local points of interest to Irina. As they got a little way out of town Mrs. Ford shifted towards the center of the big front seat. Not too close to Adam but close enough that she could casually slide one hand onto his upper thigh where her outstretched fingers grazed the underside of his cock through his pants.

Adam gasped in surprise. His head swiveled sharply to the right when Lauren seized his plum shaped knob with her fingertips and gave it a wicked squeeze.

Mrs. Ford was watching him with sparking eyes as she exerted a firm, relentless pressure on his pants covered tool.

"Watch the road Adam!…" she said quietly before returning to her chatter with her niece. You could see a pleased smile turning the corners of her mouth though, as Adam's cock stiffened and grew under her provocative touch.

Adam had to bite his tongue not to groan with excitement. Even though they had reached the suburbs and there was no one else around on the road, he began to drive more and more slowly as his erection reached critical mass under Mrs. Ford's gripping hand. She had fisted his fat shaft in a back-handed clasp and was milking him in a way that was making him arch his hips upwards into her pressing palm.

"Oooohh!…" he finally groaned when a particularly lewd twist of Lauren's hand made his balls lurch and the pre-come start to stream into his shorts.

"Ohhhh? Yes! I think this is exactly what we're looking for, don't you Adam?…" Mrs. Ford said giving the throbbing erection that was tenting the front of his pants one more sharp squeeze then moving her hand away. She glanced quickly down into Adam's lap and then looked back up at him, her eyes flashing wickedly.

Adam looked down too and groaned again, this time with embarrassment. His bulging cock was jutting plainly through his pants and Adam knew it wasn't about to go down any time soon. And there was a wet spot about the size of a silver dollar staining his khakis just below his belt line.

"Why don't you pull over and let Irina drive."

Adam looked pleadingly at Mrs. Ford and then into the rearview mirror at Irina's hesitantly smiling face. What was she going to think.

"Don't worry. It will be fine. She has had some experience. In Poland of course…" Lauren said with a throaty chuckle.

"Pull over!"

Adam had no choice. He stopped at the curb. Then there was a brief Chinese fire drill as Adam slid over into the passenger seat while Irina got behind the wheel and Mrs. Ford moved into the back .

Adam had one leg crossed over the other and his hands folded unnaturally in his lap, trying to hide his rampant condition from Irina.

While Irina adjusted the seat and the mirror, Mrs. Ford scooted forward to lean against the front seat. She let her right hand drift across the back of Adam's neck. She toyed with his ear with her sharp nailed fingers. She knew it would be just enough to keep him on edge.

Once she was comfortable, Irina looked over at Adam for instruction. Adam was totally distracted by Mrs. Ford's perfume and her teasing fingers.

Irina cleared her throat and when Adam looked in her direction he caught her just lifting her gaze from his lap, her eyes looking quite surprised behind her glasses.

She quickly smiled and asked…"I drive now. Is O.K.?"

"Sure. Let's go. Put it in D, check in your mirrors and accelerate slowly."

Adam was anxious to get going. Irina seemed anxious too as she got the car moving and out into the road.

Actually it went pretty well. Irina had obviously driven before. A couple of times she braked too hard and accelerated too fast but she probably wasn't used to all the power of the big Chevy.

Mrs. Ford said encouraging things from the back seat and the few remarks she directed to Adam like…"Isn't she doing well?".. were made with her lips brushing the side of his face and her moist breath gusting in his ear.

Adam sat there, shifting uncomfortably back and forth as his boner throbbed achingly in his pants. A couple of times he peeked under his cupped hands but the wet spot and the big bulge were still there and would probably remain there as long as Mrs. Ford kept teasing him from the back seat.

The good news was that Irina drove so well around the suburbs that Lauren and Adam were both comfortable enough to let her drive all the way back into town and into Mrs. Ford's driveway.

"Well that's good! Here we are!" Adam said, moving as quickly as he could in his awkward condition to get out of the car. Mrs. Ford got out of the back and was smiling proudly at her niece. Irina got out and closed the car door gently. She smiled at the big hunk of metal and then looked over at Adam. She walked around to him and then glanced at her aunt.

"Thank you Adam. Is very good for you to show me how to use this car. I am very good about it."

She leaned forward to give Adam a quick peck on the cheek. Because Adam still had his hands clasped in front of his pants she had to lean in from the waist to kiss him.

As surprised as he was by Irina's spontaneous show of affection, he was even more surprised by the cushiony warmth of the concealed breasts that swung briefly against him.

Irina straightened up then practically skipped up the walkway towards the house.

Mrs. Ford stepped up to Adam and linked her arms through his as she walked him towards the house.

"Are you ready Adam? I'll just bet you are. And you've been so good too. We'll get dinner going in a jiffy. You just let us girls take care of you while you relax!…" Mrs. Ford teased, playfully tugging at Adam's arms with hers, trying to get him expose his bulging crotch. Adam resisted and they walked up to the house rocking back and forth against each other.

Irina was waiting for them in the kitchen. Adam walked up to the sink and got a glass of water, some of which he conveniently spilled down his shirt front and the top of his pants. And the brief walk into the house had been opportunity enough for his boner to diminish. Her was once again presentable, for the moment.

Mrs. Ford directed him to sit on the small couch in the corner while she and Irina started organizing dinner. There was a message light flashing on the phone and Mrs. Ford picked it up to check. Then she made a call.

"What's up Emily?…Un Huh…Sure…I see…Oh I can come over…Well you won't be long?…Sure it's no problem…No…I'm sure…I'll be right there."

She turned to Irina and Adam.

"That's my friend Emily. She ordered a prescription for little Stevie but she called it in too late to get it delivered. She's all by herself and she doesn't want to take him out because he's kind of croupy. I said I'd watch him. She's only five minutes down the street and she said she won't be long. You two kids can entertain yourselves for half an hour can't you? You can finish getting dinner together or I can do it when I get back. Adam, I'm sure Irina would be very interested in life in America from a man's perspective. With Brad away on business it's been pretty much just us girls around here. "

She moved over to stand in front of Adam. She made a point of standing with her hands on her hips and her shoulders back. Wither her big tits looming over him she smiled down into his eyes and said quietly…"I've got something special for you for dessert."

Then she turned to Irina and said.."Tell him about the wonders of Poland. He's a great listener…"

She waved, grabbed a light coat off the rack and headed out the door. In a moment more the door closed behind her and she was gone.

Irina came around the island and put her hands on the kitchen counter behind her as she leaned back against it. Adam was again startled by the impressive thrust of her breasts beneath her loose fitting shift.

"Adam. You have girlfriend?…." she asked.

"Not just now. I was seeing a girl for…a few months. I really liked her, but it wasn't…somehow it didn't work out. We broke up just a little while ago."

"Do you miss her?"

"Yeah. Sure I do. I guess…" Adam said.

"I have boy friend in Gdansk. For long time. We have, how you say, fun things together."

Adam thought for a moment and offered…"fun times?"

"Yes, we have fun times together. I miss fun times with Jan…" Irina said, moving her hands and idly toying with the button of her dress over her navel.

"Since I visit aunt Lauren here, we talk, we go out. Uncle Brad he come, he go …" Irina said, her gaze now fixed on Adams eyes as she opened the button at her waist and moved her hands up to the one above it.

"But no boy friend, no fun things like with boy friend at home…" she said, opening another button and moving on to the next one.

Adam was sitting there staring dumbfounded. His first impression of Irina had been that she was pretty but quiet and shy. He couldn't believe she was doing some kind of strip tease for him. But she popped another button and reached up for the remaining two.

"You miss girl friend Adam? You miss fun things like with girl friend?…" Irina asked as she opened the second last button and moved on to the one at her throat. Her eyes were twinkling behind her glasses as she waited for Adam's answer.

"Unnn!…Yeah! Sure! Irina…But we never really did… too much!…'

"My boy friend, Jan and me. We do very much. I miss." Irina said, undoing the last button. Then she pulled her shoulders back, gripped her parted shirt dress and slowly pulled it wide open.

"Oh ..my… God!…" Adam gasped.

Irina had the most enormous tits that Adam had ever seen. They were huge pendulous orbs that hung from her chest like bells. That's not too say that they were saggy. They had a wonderful shape, fully rounded and turned up at the end. They were capped by dark maroon aureolae that were the size of saucers. And her nipples were rosy and firm, the size of baby fingers. But these breasts had such weight, such mass, that the slightest movement by Irina, like the way she was now gently stepping towards Adam, made them undulate wildly across her broad chest.

She cupped those giant globes in her own hands to get them under control as she purred…

"You like my 'piersie'? Jan, he like.." Irina said, a confident smile now creasing her lips as she watched Adam's reaction to her little display. He was so excited he hadn't even thought to try and cover the swollen erection that was once more straining under his suddenly too tight pants. And Irina hadn't failed to notice it.

"Your tits? Oh God! You have amazing tits!" Adam croaked, his palms starting to sweat at the possibility of getting his hands on those fabulous jugs.

"We have fun! Jan he like, how you say..'pic moj klatka'.. like this.."

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