tagMatureMrs. Hardison Ch. 05

Mrs. Hardison Ch. 05


*What you treasure defines you so choose wisely *



(Three months later)

Sadri and I got our raises for our new positions. Sadri was gleeful until I explained that one adjustment (small) in the pay-grade wasn't the same as one grade (big). Guess which one the Bitch gave us? Sadri joked about 'who did she have to kill to get ahead in this company?' to which I responded 'Me'. She decided on getting a contract killer; she discovered all she could afford on her salary was a belligerent five year old doing a drive-by on a tricycle with a slingshot.

Sadri and my relationship has also expanded. On Tuesday and Thursday nights we would hit a few bars with some co-workers for an hour. Sadri was cool about it, but several people were unsure how to handle me. I am dating the Bitch so did that mean hanging out with me is good for their career, or something she'd become jealous about? Women have a particular problem with this.

Still things were going well until Friday morning.


We are sitting at the table eating some brand cereal that Gloria likes. She's reading the Wall Street Journal while I'm reading the morning City Section in the Times-Herald. Gloria's head pops up and she looks at me somewhat concerned. Before I can say anything she gets up and runs to the downstairs bathroom. I follow her and hear vomiting.

My first thought is that she's caught a stomach bug. I've heard rumors that something is going around.

"Gloria love, do you want me to make an appointment with the doctor?" I ask. Gloria nods before rushing in for another vomiting session. When she comes back out I wrap my arms around her and take her to the sofa.

It takes some time to get a nurse, but they do agree to see Gloria later in the morning.

"Do you want me to drive you in?" I offer.

"No, you need to get those updates on my desk by two. Don't be late," she commands. "Besides I'm starting to feel better." That doesn't stop her from leaning into me for a while. Really she just looks a little worn down.

Later at work, I do slip by Leslie's desk to make sure Gloria has gone to the doctor and Leslie gives me a thumb's up. Work is so crazy that I can't say I give it too much thought until I come through the door that evening. I walk in and find Gloria there before me, which is odd since she always works late. She is watching TV, also odd, and gives me barely a nod when I walk past. I decide to come back for my kiss once dinner starts.

When I do come back I lean in to kiss her when my danger sense kicks in. She's glaring at me, but not in the 'I'm going to gut you like a trout' way, but more like 'You've done something wrong but don't know it yet' way.

"Babe, what's the problem? What did the doctor say?" I ask.

"Morning Sickness," she responds bluntly. Every man from the beginning of time can tell you there is no good response to this. It is entirely my fault, I can do nothing about this, and running away is not an option.

"Baby, I'm so sorry," I beg.

"The doctor says this could last a few weeks, a month or two, or even for the rest of my pregnancy. A woman of my age... my age... needs to worry about these things," Gloria seethes.

"Gloria there is nothing wrong with your age," I try and explain.

"You're just saying that because you want to have sex me, don't you?" she glares. Again, there is no clearly right answer to this question.

"Gloria I only want to have sex with you if you want to have sex," I hazard.

"We are not having sex tonight," she states forcibly.

"I'll miss that, but okay," I answer which mollifies her somewhat. Right now she's worn down but still wants to be desirable. I've got to balance those two along with the fact that Gloria's default mode is that of a hedgehog. Let's say that getting dinner on the table is a treat. When we've cleaned up and are back around the sofa, I feel there is something I need to check on.

"Gloria, are we still going to the wedding tomorrow?" I inquire. One of my workmates invited me to his wedding months ago, before anything with Gloria happened and tomorrow is the date. I can't say how happy he is that Mrs. Hardison is coming as my date. She isn't Ms. Popularity and I'm sure she's never socialized with her employees.

"I don't know", she grumbles. "I don't relish the idea of being at an affair with a bunch of people who clearly don't like me."

"It isn't going to be that bad," I put the best spin on it.

"They call me The Bitch," she points out, "which hardly makes me believe I'll be welcome... but you can go without me," she allows.

"Screw that nonsense," I insist. "You are my date; my partner and we are going. I mostly do what you want to do so tomorrow we are going to do what I want to do."

"I don't remember that being our agreement," she points out. Sure, it was supposed to be her rules, but was I really paying attention when she said that?

"All we need to do is sit through the wedding -- maybe forty-five minutes -- and make a showing at the reception. It won't be that bad," I promise.

"Well I suppose we can stick around until the presents are opened," Gloria allows. Suddenly I see a problem and Gloria senses my vulnerability.

"I returned the lingerie you brought for the couple, Eddie," she groans. "Seriously, men buy lingerie for men to see women in. I bought them something a little more fitting."

Great, I'm thinking 'blender', or maybe matching wrist watches so they'll never be late to work again. Gloria shifts against me, sits and rises.

"Let's go upstairs," she instructs me. I click off the TV and follow along. I can't help but hold her hips as I watch her climb the steps ahead of me. She looks behind me and smiles knowingly. When we get to her bedroom she starts stripping off her clothes and I do the same while enjoying the show. I reach over to her dresser and hand her a night shirt.

"That won't be necessary tonight," she smiles with a gleam in her eye.

"But... wait, you said we weren't," I babble.

"I'm a pregnant woman Eddie. I'm hormonal and I'm going to change my mind. Get used to it," she taunts me. She saunters over to me and wraps her arms around my neck. She motions to the bed with a flip of her head.

"Now let's get over there and figure out who gets to be on top," she grins. Sure I know hormones can also mean screaming, and crying, and moodiness, but right now they are being good to me. Sue me; I'm a guy.


We are sitting toward the back of the outdoor theater when Gloria tilts her head to me.

"My ass still hurts," she sighs.

"Well, you were the one who insisted we do it in the shower," I respond while rubbing her wrist. Gloria likes anal sex so I give her anal sex.

"You insisted it was a cure for morning sickness," she teases.

"Now you are just making shit up," I snicker. "But wait... you haven't been sick today yet have you?" Gloria thinks about it a moment then shrugs.

"Let's not press our luck," she whispers as the processional begins.

The bride and groom come down the aisle. Women make an analysis of the dress while men scope the crowd because they know their dates are busy. I'm a little too cautious for that because I know that Gloria really does have eyes in the back of her head.

"You would look good in that," I whisper to her.

"I don't know," she responds softly, but she does squeeze my arm. We remain quiet as the ceremony unfolds. In a way I'm grateful that the vows are constrained and the service streamlined. I'm not sure how much Gloria can take, both emotionally and physically. Her enjoyment of the situation intrigues me.

At the reception we pick at the food and make some small talk with some of the couples around us. Thankfully they are family or co-workers of the bride so there is very little stigma for Gloria. She is hardly sterling conversation, but she looks lovely and has a certain elegant appeal. When it comes time for gifts, Gloria drags me from the back of the pack and positions us closer to the front.

Several large presents come first; things like a TV, wine chiller, and audio equipment. A few minor things are chosen next and then an envelope falls to the ground. The bride picks it up and I can see the groom grimace. He puts his best face to it and I have to wonder what kind of loser has sent a card. The bride looks at the contents, looks at them again, then rushes to her hubby showing him the contents as well.

Next thing I know they are coming to us and hugging me and Gloria, while thanking us profusely. For the life of me I can't figure out what has happened until the wife announced that 'we' -- Gloria and I -- have extended their three-day Honeymoon Vacation to the Bahamas, to a whole week. I hug Gloria tightly and whisper to her,

"What the hell happened to you?"

"I asked myself what insane, over the top, irresponsible thing you would do," she responds under the verbal current of the crowd.

"Thanks, I think," I grin. "Now what is the real reason?"

"My husband and I didn't have much of a honeymoon. We planned to have a grand second one but that never worked out," she sighs sadly. I think she is happy that I haven't taken the quick way out. I am not going to cheer and say this Gloria is no longer 'The Bitch', but she's taken a tentative first step in becoming a little more human in the eyes of everyone.

She keeps close to me for the rest of the night until the dancing begins. I can tell that Gloria is a bit bored; small talk isn't her thing. When the dancing starts I take Gloria out on the floor with me after the First Dance. She looks absolutely stunning and I love the way she whirls in my arms and I can tell she is enjoying herself.

One of my co-workers, Adam Gills, comes up and breaks in. I am momentarily taken aback but step aside. Gloria gives me a curious look as Adam sweeps her away. It doesn't end there though. When the next dance comes around, a guy named Scott comes around and whisks Gloria onto the floor.

I take the break to spend some time with a few interesting ladies myself until I am 'broken into' by Gloria who looks a bit cross.

"Don't worry," she whispered into my shoulder. "I'll punish you for dancing with all those other women when we get home."

"What? So you can dance with other men but I can't?" I mutter.

"No. You can dance with any man you want; it is the women I have the problem with," she teases. Another guy comes by to dance with Gloria. This is one of the bride's cousins if I recall and can't be over twenty-five. This has to do wonders for Gloria's ego ... and mine.

The look on Gloria's face is priceless. She examines my own features looking for duplicity of some kind.

"Thank you," Gloria responds, "but I'll keep the man I have for now." He nods gracefully and leaves.

"Have you paid these men to come up and dance with me?" she accuses.

"Honey, I should be charging them the opportunity to dance with you," I counter which causes her to blush.

"Would there be any money in that?" she grins.

"With the right kind of discerning and discreet clientele, I could make a killing," I say between kisses. Gloria smirks.

"What would my percentage be," she plays along.

"Well," I draw it out, "You are the sexiest and strongest woman I've ever met so... twenty percent."

"How about doing that the other way around?" she growls playfully. I spin her around so that I'm pressed against her back and nibble her ear.

"This wasn't what I meant by the other way around," she murmurs.

"Have you ever had sex at a wedding?" I softly speak into her ear. Gloria flinches then rubs up against me.

"You are a bastard," she responds quietly. "We'll get caught and then it will be all over the office."

"Tell me you aren't hot just thinking about it?" I ask. Gloria seems to be mulling it over.

"Let's get some drinks," she suggests as she takes my hand and leads me off the floor.

We are getting some drinks and I catch Gloria looking at one of the exits.

"I can't do this," she whispers. "I'm sorry but I can't; my career." I hug her. Getting caught banging her boyfriend would be ruinous. It is bad enough that she's 'dating' me. The revelation that she's carrying my child will only make things more difficult. She's risked a lot by sticking with me.

Thankfully I have an answer for the problem.

"Well, there is one way around all of this," I inform her. She looks to me expectantly. "Gloria, marry me. As husband and wife it doesn't matter if we sneak off." I pull out the little box and open if for her. Okay, it isn't much of a ring but it is the best that I can afford.

Gloria trembles and looks around. I've been discrete in doing this because I don't want to put her on the spot and I could do without the humiliation as well. She looks down at my gift and picks it up with both hands, tears in her eyes.

"Eddie... I need to think about this," she whispers. This is the second time I've asked her, but this is far more serious an attempt on my part. It wasn't a 'no'.


I'm working on fajitas for lunch when Gloria eases her arms around my waist and rests her hand on my back.

"Hey Honey," I murmur.

"Mmmm..." this isn't her normal response.

"You okay Gloria," I ask over my shoulder. Her slender fingers slip down beneath my belt, teasing my crotch. All I can think is that this is new. She enhances this perception by biting into my back; painful and erotic at the same time. I flick the pan to a back burner before turning around and wrapping my arms around her. Gloria looks up me with a vibrant hunger in her, confirmed by the tongue that licks her lips.

I start to move us to the stairs, but she refuses to move instead working my pants down here in the kitchen. Changing directions I grab the bottom of Gloria's sweat shirt and violently yank it up. This surprises her but I see the excitement burning in her eyes. It surprises me because I'd missed the fact that Gloria took off her bra when she last went upstairs.

I lean down to taste one of her succulent breasts, but she stops me with both hands on my shoulders.

"No," she commands. She hooks her thumbs into my waistband and shifts my pants down to my ankles, letting me step out of them one leg at a time. Before she stands, she leans in and kisses me twice along my shaft and once upon my cockhead.

"No underwear?" she questions me with a smile.

"I was feeling optimistic," I say with some embarrassment. "What is your excuse?"

"My house, my man, my desire," she grins wickedly, "I don't need an excuse."

I start to take her upstairs. Gloria shakes her finger at me.

"I want to do it on the table," she purrs. I don't know what to think; thankfully my cock is thinking for me. I tear off my shirt while Gloria wiggles out of her tight shorts. She starts to get this smug superior look on her face, so I grab her up and toss her onto my hips. Gloria responds by wrapping her legs around my waist, kissing me and running her fingers through my hair.

"Fuck me," she growls into my ear. I drive her ass onto the top of the table, swivel my hips and slip inside her velvety glove. I'm getting ready to tease her. Gloria has other plans; her legs wrap around me, crossing at the small of my back, and pulling me in sharply. Since that is the way she wants to play it, I push up on my toes and slam back down into her. I hope this doesn't give my kid a flat head or something like that.

Gloria and I are grunting and growling like lust crazed animals. I'm not sure where this is coming from but I like it. Too soon she bounces up against my body and screams out my name, as well as a few shout outs to the Almighty. I back out of her and let her catch her breath, but she props up her upper body and stares at me with a dark, hungry look.

Gloria slides off the table and goes onto her knees before me. Her legs are still a little weak but she is more than capable of taking my cock in hand and stroking it.

"Hmmm..." is the noise she makes as she takes her fingers off my cock to her lips. She sniffs her fluids on her hands and takes a lick. She is not in love with the taste of her fluids, but she's not disgusted either.

Returning to my cock, Gloria goes back to tasting it.

"Take it easy," I request. Gloria responds by gobbling down as much of me as she can, as fast as she can. She gags, but refuses to quit until she is able to lap my balls with her tongue, while her throat is tightly engulfed by the muscles in her throat.

"Gloria!" I warn her. "I'm cumming... I'm cummmm..." and I start shooting my sperm down her throat. She gurgles and gargles and gulps as the sperm goes down, but nothing escapes her. I stagger back into a chair and sit down.

"Damn Babe, what's gotten into you?" I gasp.

"What's gotten into me; the appetizer. I'm working up to the main course," she informs me authoritatively. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm the young one in this relationship.

"Food then sex," Gloria instructs me in the day's activities. I grin my approval of the plan, get my pants back on and go back to the stove. Cooking naked can ruin your whole day, trust me.

(Monday Evening)

It's been a long day with Sadri working on the Beta, when I drag myself in around eight. I hurriedly make up some noodles, cheese and bread so that I miss Gloria looking pensive. We are about five bites in when she clears her throat.

"Eddie, I've decided that we are not going to get married."

I hesitate, take a deep breath and nod. It hurts; it hurts bad, but I have to hope this is a battle I can fight and win later.

"I've also decided that when our child is born I'll only have my name on the birth certificate. That way we won't have to worry about parental responsibility," she adds calmly.

I lose focus. I'm vaguely aware that I put my fork down and stand up.

"Eddie?" Gloria asks as I exit the kitchen. I keep walking. "Eddie?" I'm at the stairs when I hear her coming around to catch up. "Eddie." I keep walking. She remains a few steps behind me as I go into the bedroom and start changing.

"Eddie, what are you doing?" Gloria snaps. I meet her gaze but don't dare put my thoughts to words. I'm torn between a sinking emptiness and apoplectic rage. I pull on my jeans, slip on a long sleeve shirt and lean down to put on my sneakers.

"Eddie, talk to me," she commands. At this moment ignoring her is my best option so I take it.

Gloria walks over to me and puts a hand on my shoulder and when I don't respond she tries to force me up so that we can talk. I shrug her off violently.

"Eddie, what's wrong? Talk to me," she snaps. I finish lacing up my shoes, stand and look down at her.

I can't even tell her how pathetic that question is; not right now. She grasps my arm and I yank it away before heading downstairs to get the hell out of here, before I do something I'll really regret.

"Eddie, don't be such a damn child and talk to me," Gloria shouts shrilly. I grab my wallet and keys before exiting. I don't bother slamming the door and I hardly notice her standing there as I walk down the street.

"Sadri, it is Eddie; I need a place to crash tonight? Could you oblige?" I ask over the phone.

"Umm... sure Eddie," Sadri responds. I can tell she's a bit curious, but polite enough for me to come around to it in my own time. By the time I show up at her door she's made up the sofa for me to sleep on. Her place is pretty tiny with two small bedrooms, but only one bed so the sofa is my best bet for a good night's sleep.

"Trouble in Paradise?" Sadri finally breaks down and asks.

"Suffice it to say I'll be moving out and I doubt I'll be back," I confess.

"Ouch; should I expect to be fired next week?" she winks.

"I don't think there will be collateral damage Sadri. She needs one of us to keep the project running," I tell her.

"Well, I'm sorry about that. I thought you had something, really," she consoled me.

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