tagMatureMrs. Johanson

Mrs. Johanson


I'd watched Mrs. Johanson, our neighbor's wife, since I was eleven.

When I was eighteen, I was still in high school. I wouldn't graduate until June, and had 3 months left to go. During the seven years since that time I had watched Mrs. Johanson, a lot had changed. My folks had gotten divorced. (That was hard, mostly because of the fighting that happened before my dad moved out.) And Mr. and Mrs. Johanson had had their share of fights, too. But, they didn't separate. He had left for about 5 months a few years ago, during which time my teenage lust went crazy over the woman next door.

My dad was gone, and my mom knew how hard it could be to suddenly be a woman alone, so she had me go over and help Mrs. Johanson with things like yard work and so on. Mrs. Johanson was grateful to me, appreciative of the effort. She had no idea how much I was pleased to have the opportunity to see her alone!

I'd go over and she'd still sunbathe. (Though, never topless while I was around. I'd sneak up into the old treehouse every now and then and watch. It was harder when I was older, but I still got off every time.)I also found out by accident that, from our roof on the side between the houses, I could see into the Johanson's bedroom window. I was doing some repairs with my dad when I found out, but didn't put that knowledge to good use until about a year later.

I'd go out there and watch at night as Mrs. Johanson would get ready for bed. Or come out of the shower and dress, or change her clothes. The best night was the time Mr. Johanson was away, and she was in bed watching porn off the satellite tv in their room. I watched her play with her massive breasts and masturbate, while I jerked off watching in secret. Oh, how I wished I could do more than watch her!

My wish came true a few weeks ago...

Mr. Johanson was going away for business for about three weeks. So, my mom asked me to make sure and check in on Mrs. Johanson, "Emily", to see if there was anything I could do for her. I was all too glad to agree!

Anyhow, Mrs. Johanson had me working in their back yard, trimming the hedges and weeding and so on. I was working hard, my shirt off because it was a warm southern California day, when Mrs. Johanson, Emily, came out with some lemonade.

I took it gratefully, and noticed that Mrs. Johanson's nipples were sticking out through her top. I assumed it was cold in the house, but I did enjoy the view. She must have noticed me noticing because she blushed slightly. Our fingers touched as I handed her back the glass.

"Thank you, Mrs. Johanson," I said.

"Please, Emily, Jack. Call me 'Emily.' 'Mrs. Johanson' makes me sound so old..."

"Well, alright, Emily," I replied with a smile. "But there's no way you seem old to me."

She blushed again at the compliment, and kind of looked absently at the glass in her hand for a moment before brushing her hair away from her face and smiling back.

"Thank you, Jack! That's very sweet of you to say..."

I meant it. At thirty-something, maybe even early forty-ish, Mrs. Johanson was a knockout. I longed to take those huge tits of hers in my mouth and suck like crazy! And her wide hips, and her legs - I wanted to jerk off as a form of goddess worship, offering up my sticky seed to her, if she'd let me.

"Not at all, Mrs. - Emily. You're quite a hottie, if you don't mind me saying so."

Again, that girlish blush.

"Oh, Jack... You must have a girlfriend or two, don't you?" She looked at me with a strange glint in her eye. Almost jealous?

"No - not really. I mean, yeah, I've gone out with a couple of girls from school. But, nothing serious. Nothing lasted more than a couple of months." Besides, I thought to myself, you've been my secret desire for years... Forget these teenage girls. Yeah, they looked great, some of them. But brainless. Still figuring things out.

"Well, I'm sure you have no trouble with women," Mrs. Johanson said and took the glass away. I noticed that she paused and looked back before going in the house.

I finished the work I had and waited around outside. Usually, Mrs. Johanson would have come out by now to sunbathe or swim. Today, she had something else in mind...

I let myself in the sliding door. The house was pleasantly cool, and it felt good to be out of the heat.

"Mrs. Johanson?" I called quietly. "Emily?"

I heard a sound from the back rooms, from the direction of the bedroom. My pulse picking up, I crept back softly.

The bedroom door was ajar, and I stopped outside, looking through the crack in the door.

"Emily?" I asked again. My throat felt tight and I was nervous and excited at the same time.

I heard a low moan from the bathroom.

Sneaking over, Mrs. Johanson had left the bathroom door open, and I could see her in the bathtub/shower from their huge mirror. She was standing in the shower, running the shower massager over her mound, as I watched. I was in heaven!

Her eyes were closed, and she must not have heard me come in. My cock sprang to attention immediately.

"Do I dare?" I asked myself.

I watched as I debated.

Mrs. Johanson had one hand down, pulling her pussy lips apart, and then focused the massager on her clit. She began biting her lip, and moaning low, like she was trying to hide the sound from someone.

As she began to orgasm, she pressed the shower massager into her pussy while she held onto the top of the shower for support. As she finished, her eyes slowly opened, and I could see her seeing me in the reflection.

"Oh shit!" I thought. I backed away. Not so much embarassed as confused about what to do. How would she handle my having watched her orgasm?

Instead of getting upset, Mrs. Johanson decided to reward me instead...

Pretending she hadn't noticed, Emily turned off the shower and stepped out. She began to towel herself off, humming softly to herself and admiring herself in the mirror. She pushed her boobs together, holding them up and checking herself out. Then she lowered her head and licked one of her nipples. I thought I saw her sneak a peek to see if I was still watching, and she smiled when she saw I was.

Making a little noise, Mrs. Johanson readied herself to come out of the bathroom. I took that as a hint, and snuck back to the living room.

A few minutes later, Mrs. Johanson came out, wrapped in a robe.

"Oh, Jack! I didn't know you were there," she said with an odd smile. "I guess you're through with the yard."

"Yeah," I said. "I was just wondering if you - uh - needed help with anything else?" I was really trying not to be a sleaze, and was sincere about it. But, well, I can't help it if she thought I was making a pass. Maybe I was, subconsciously.

Mrs. Johanson smiled. There was an odd look in her eye. Hungry, but kind of nervous. I guess that was how I must have looked, too.

"Jack," she said. "I could use you for something else..."

My pulse quickened, and my dick began to bulge.

"Oh? What's that, Mrs. - Emily?"

She smiled and came over to me. She looked nervous, like we were on a first date and about to start making out - that kind of look. Taking my hand, she said, "I need your opinion about something."

My opinion? "Y - yeah. Okay, sure, Emily." I swallowed. Her hand on mine felt warm, and I felt mine get sweaty.

"Come with me," Emily said and pulled me along behind her.

My dick was totally bulging in my shorts by the time we got to the bedroom.

Mrs. Johanson paused a moment outside the door, knowing that crossing that threshhold might mean a lot of things.

"Emily?" I asked gently. "I'd love to help..."

That seemed to decide her. Gripping my hand tightly, Mrs. Johanson drew me into her bedroom and closed the door.

"Jack," she said, beginning to open her robe. "I need to know - do you think I'm... pretty?" She turned to me, and revealed that she was wearing this one-piece, see-thru, black lace body suit straight out of Victoria's Secret. It had high, French cut waists, revealing much of her hips and most of her waist. Her breasts were only patrially concealed, the hardened nipples clearly visible through the fabric.

I must have dropped my jaw, and stood there gawking.

"Do you think I still look sexy?" she asked me, smiling at the obvious effect she had had on me. Looking down, she could see my bulge straining to get out of my shorts.

"You know," she said, relaxing and enjoying my attentions, "In all these years you've come over to help me, you've never asked for anything in return." She licked her lips, and stepped close to me. I could smell the clean scent of her skin, and feel her breath on my face. Her hand drifted down, brushing my hard on through my shorts.

I made a small moan, and Mrs. Johanson gasped slightly as she touched my bulge.

We looked at each other. I was unsure just how far I could go. She seemed nervous that I might reject her. She had no idea how long I've wanted to do exactly this!

"Would you be willing to accept a little thank you?" she asked, leaning closer to me. Her lips were almost touching my own.

"Yes, Mrs. Jo - yes, Emily. I'd love it. In fact, I've been dreaming of that for years!"

Emily smiled, her face seeming suddenly ten years younger at my admission. She kissed me, then, gently. It was one of those wonderful, tentative "first kiss" moments. The whole world seemed swallowed up by just that sensation, and the rush of blood to my penis.

Emily's hand began to rub me through my shorts. I could feel her beautiful, full breasts against my chest, the lace scratching a little on my bare skin. I grabbed her ass as I pulled her closer, kissing her more fully.

Mrs. Johanson broke the kiss, looking at me with eyes hungry, but unsure if this was really happening.

"Mrs. Johanson," I said, my voice tight with desire, "I've wanted to fuck you since I was twelve and knew what fucking was!"

Emily laughed, blushing. Her hand stroked my belly with just the tips, making me shiver with pleasure. "Really?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," I said. Her hand slid down and popped the catch of my shorts. I gasped a little, loving every second. "I had my first orgasm watching you sunbathe."

Her eyes smiled, and she blushed again.

I reached up and gently, savoringly, caressed her left breast. I slipped my finger under the strap, and felt her wonderful, hard nipple. She moaned, leaning slightly against me, as I played with her.

"You did?" she asked dreamily, giving herself to her pleasure.

Her hand tugged my shirts down, and I kicked them off. I slipped off my boxers, too, and stood there letting her enjoy my hard dick between us.

"Oh, Jack!" she sighed. Getting down on her knees in front of me, Emily caressed my cock, looking at it wonderingly. "You have grown up, haven't you?" She laughed lightly.

"I have at that, Emily," I said. I wanted her. I wanted her bad! Now. "And I've dreamed of this for years," I said.

Mrs. Johanson made a small moan and slid her lips over the head of my cock.

I was in heaven! Looking down, I watched her as she sucked my dick. She began to work me like she hadn't had any sex in a while, hungry and forceful. I could see her beautiful breasts, and I reached down to play with them as she sucked me off.

I pulled the straps off her shoulders, and Emily paused giving me head just long enough to slip her arms out of them. Her breasts were large enough that the body-suit didn't fall off right away.

"Mrs. Johanson? Please - I want to... I have so wanted to... cum... on your beautiful breasts. May I? Please?"

Emily seemed flattered, and pulled the suit away. It slid down the front of her body, and I could see her cleavage exposed, and her tits just ready for fucking.

"Of course, Jack," she said huskily. "I want you to..."

Oh fuucckk - yeah! Jerking me with her hand, Emily sucked my cock and stroked me until I was about ready to cum.

"Please, Mrs. Johanson! Please! I want to... I want to..."

"Cum on me, Jack!" she told me. She jerked me hard and fast and I came. "Oh yeah - that's it! Cum on me, Jack! Cum all over my tits! That's it!" she crooned as I jizzed all over her huge breasts.

Emily milked my cock, getting every drop out onto her throat, neck, and tits. Then she rubbed my dick against her face. She rubbed my cum into her skin as I stood there, panting.

"My, my, Jack! Such a messy boy!" she said with a smile.

I reached down and tweaked a nipple, causing Emily to moan. It hardened immediately.

"Oh, fuck, yeah... Mrs. Johanson," I sighed.

Emily stood, letting her body suit slip down her legs. I saw her completely naked, her beautiful body just asking to be worshipped in every way imaginable.

"You're fucking beautiful," I said.

Emily smiled, pleased. "Really? Do you really think so, Jack?"

"Oh, fuck, yes, Emily. Fuck yes!"

Emily laughed, a deep, throaty laugh. "I'm glad you think so. I'm very gald to hear it!"

I stepped to her, no longer caring about consequences. "I want you, Emily! I want to fuck you. I want to make love to you, all day long."

I kissed her, hard. She resisted a little, at first, but soon was returning my hungry kisses.

I could smell her wetness, and feel the heat of her against my thigh.

My cock pressed aginst her belly, her hard nipples against the bare skin of my chest, and I pushed her onto the bed.

"Jack!" she said with lust-filled delight.

"I'm going to fuck you, Mrs. Johanson, like I have always dreamed!" I growled and crawled on top of her. Her boobs fell awkwardly to each side, and I straddled her stomach.

"I'm going to fuck you, Emily," I said, looking intently into her eyes.

Emily went quiet, giving herself into my hands, acquiescent to my desires.

Emily pressed her breasts together, and I slid my dick between them. Back and forth, I fucked them. It was better than I had imagined!

"Here, let me help," Mrs. Johanson said, scooting up so she could tilt her head up and catch the tip of my dick with her mouth at the end of each forward thrust. I was fucking her tits and getting head at the same time!

"Mmmmm!" I moaned and kept doing that for a few minutes. But what I really wanted was further down...

Slipping my cock from her tits, I slid down Emily's body until my dick was between her legs. She opened them wider, her eyes on mine, as I slid my cock into her wet pussy.

Oh fuck, did she feel good! Hot and wet.

I bent my head and sucked on her massive breasts, taking her nipples between my lips and flicking them with my tongue.

Mrs. Johanson seemed to enjoy it, tossing her head and moaning, meeting my thrusts with her own.

"Oh please, Jack," she moaned. "Keep it up! I'm going to cum - just keep sucking on my tits!"

So, she liked that, eh? I happily obliged.

I thrust faster, ready and wanting to cum inside her pussy as hard and deep as I possibly could. As I readied for orgasm, I nearly bit her nipples, tweaking them with my lips as I shot my seed inside her.

"Ooooh yessss..." I groaned.

Emily bucked and pulled me tighter, crushing my face against her breasts. "Oh, oh, oh," she made short little gasps of pleasure.

I pulsed my cock inside her, expelling as much cum as I could.

Mrs. Johanson cried. She hugged me aginst her, and I felt her sob.

"Mrs. Johanson? Emily?" I asked, suddenly concerned.

She laughed, and smiled awkwardly, wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes.

"Thank you, Jack!" she whispered, squeezing me and wrapping her legs around my waist, not letting me slide from her just yet. "You made me feel so young, again! And beautiful..."

"Mrs. Jo - Emily - you are beautiful! And so incredibly sexy! Shit, thank you for making my dreams come true!"

She kissed me, and I kissed her back.

The phone rang, breaking the moment.

Reality flooded back in. Was it Mr. Johanson?

Emily slid from me, half rolling on her side, as she reached for the phone by the bed. I enjoyed the view of her body stretched out, her beautiful huge breasts falling in front of her, her ass, so shapely, just begging to be fucked from behind.

"Hello? Oh, hello, Nancy." It was my mother. "Oh, yes - yes, Jack's finished with the yard." My dick got hard again from the sight of Emily's body, and I pushed my cock against her ass, making her giggle.

"What's that? Oh - uhm - well, you see - actually, I'm going to take him out to eat. Is that alright?" Mrs. Johanson reached back to stop me from tickling her with my cock. But she kept her hand wrapped around it, enjoying its hardness, as she spoke to my mom. "I wanted to thank him for all he's done for me, over the years..." she gave my dick a playfull squeeze. "Great! I won't keep him late, I promise! I mean what would people say?" she laughed, and then hung up the phone.

Rolling onto her back, continuing to stroke my cock, she gazed at me with a playfull grin.

"So, I guess we have the rest of the afternoon," she smiled seductivley. "Whatever shall we do with all the time?"

"I have an idea," I smiled and lowered myself down upon her again, kissing her passionately.

End Part One

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